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"I LEARNED IT ON A PODCAST" -- This podcast is for anyone interested in learning about the latest eLearning technologies.- Rodney B. Murray, PhD, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

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RPP #185: RedShelf - Interview with Greg Fenton

Click the Title to Play or Download. Interview with Greg Fenton, CEO & Co-Founder of RedShelf. We discuss the RedShelf e-textbook platform offering more than 1 million digital titles including study tools from most publishers at a significant discount. We discuss:How Redshelf got started Greg Fenton, RedShelf CEOHow they compete against Amazon Free student access because of COVID-19Which publishers they work with (almost all)How they deliver publishers' ebook content  Features make e-textbooks better than print (read aloud, flashcards and study guides)Student's desire for hard copy textbooksReading e-textbooks offline Faculty authors options to self-publishBusiness model (student and institutional purchase)Future directions including "inclusive access"LinksRedShelfFree Access to Digital Textbooks Amid COVID-19 Outbreak ​Podsafe music selectionGymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie Duration: 31:43

15 May 2020

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RPP #183: Academia Next with Bryan Alexander

Click the Title to Play or Download. This special edition is a wide-ranging talk with Bryan Alexander, author of Academia Next, about the futures of higher education. Bryan is a futurist, researcher, speaker, and educator. His focus is on the future of higher education, especially under the impact of technology. We discuss:Dr. Bryan AlexanderTeaching at Georgetown UHis new book, Academia NextEDU scenarios in 2035 and longerTechnologies with largest impactNext-gen learning environmentMixed/extended realityGamificationTechnopanicOpen educationInfluence of science fictionQuantum computingGeriatricsSocial trendsPolicies and politicsCyberwarfareFuture jobsLinksAcademia NextThe Future of Education Observatory Future Trends ForumPodsafe music selectionDon't Doubt ur Vibe by Elon "EDM" MuskDuration: 46:16

20 Mar 2020

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RPP #180: Learning Technology Entrepreneurs

Your browser does not support the audio element. Click the Title to Play or DownloadThis special podcast is a recording of a panel discussion, Learning Technology Entrepreneurs: Case Studies from Concept to Market. This was recorded at a unique joint meeting of the PA/DE/NJ Distance Learning Association and the Venture Café located in the University City Science Center in Philadelphia, PA. The meeting featured a moderated panel discussion of Learning Technology Entrepreneurs sharing their personal journeys from initial concept to bringing their product/service to the learning marketplace.Moderator: Louis Stricoff, Executive Director of PADLAPanelists:Michael Eiseman, Founder of Learn by Hand, LLCEthan Keiser, Founder of Study TreeShaunak Roy, Founder & CEO, Yellow DigMustafa Sualp, Founder & CEO, AEFISLinksRPP #159: AEFIS - Interview with Mustafa SualpRPP #158: StudyTree - Interview with Ethan KeiserRPP #151: Algebra By Hand - Interview with Michael EisemanPodsafe music selection"Fly Fly Fly" by singer/songwriter Adrina Thorpe - Influenced by Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos, and ColdplayDuration: 56:55

21 Feb 2020

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RPP #184: Bongo - Interview with Josh Kamrath

Click the Title to Play or Download. Interview with Josh Kamrath, CEO of Bongo. Bongo offers Video Assignments and a Virtual Classroom that power experiential learning, assessment, and feedback. We discuss:Josh's background and evolution of BongoJosh Kamrath, CEOHow did Bongo get startedNot just web conferencingPutting knowledge into actionStructured video assignment workflows Peer review and assessment  Auto-analysis using AI and machine learning  Integration with the LMSHow they are different from competitorsSentiment analysis in the development pipelinePodsafe music selectionAurora Borealis Expedition by Asher FuleroDuration: 37:17

20 Mar 2020

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