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Trailer Park Boys Presents: Park After Dark

Hang out with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles in Ricky's kitchen, smoking, drinking and talking about whatever the hell pops up in their f***ed-up brains! Watch the video version at www.swearnet.com

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Episode 39 - Best F**kin' Christmas Ever

There's double dip chicken fingers for dinner, a sh*t-ton of weed, awesome presents under the tree, and a stolen inflatable Santa. Time for a DECENT nine-day Christmas party in Sunnyvale! There's even a visit from a f**ked little elf!


25 Dec 2019

Rank #1

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Episode 41 - 2020, the Year of the Hindsight

The Boys have recovered from their holiday partying and are good to go... except for one! Will his new one-a-week fruit diet get him healthy? The Boys discuss the dangers of flying with weed, the Australian bushfire disaster, and some DECENT news from deep space. Also: on (or off) the f**kin' menu - camel burgers and butter yogurt!


13 Jan 2020

Rank #2

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TPB in Quarantine - Episode 5

Ricky and Julian have been going crazy in lockdown but TV studio engineer Bubbles is f**kin' on it! Bubbles has a Coronavirus kitty update, and Ricky ponders Tinder hookup advice from Dr. Fauci. Also: Is Jacob a super-intelligent alien who can build space ships? And can they sell him for $$$ to Elon Musk?


4 May 2020

Rank #3

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Episode 38 - Chicken Fingers and Two Giant Weiners

Ricky's planning to get f**ked out of his header and cook up some awesome chicken fingers for Christmas! But before that, the Boys have to investigate an unusual anatomical anomaly... what in the F**K?!? Also: Bubbles is the handsome judge in a new game called If You Had To!


23 Dec 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 36 - Guess the Sauce

Honey mustard, ranch, or hot as f**k?! Bubbles dips Randy's mystery meats and guesses the sauce in Ricky's game! The Boys also play Would You Rather, discuss dinosaur p*ss and WD-40, and Julian gets something extra in his Rum & Coke!


9 Dec 2019

Rank #5