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Every month for 30 years, Kenneth Copeland has sought the Lord for a special message and delivered it to his 300,000+ Partners and friends through a personally written Partner Letter. This letter encourages and equips Christians around the world so they can walk in victory every single day. Now, Kenneth Copeland also shares this letter on this audio podcast, expanding on the teaching as he reads. Visit kcm.org/partnerletter to download the original letters as well as free ministry resources.

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716 - Breaking The Worry Habit

Breaking the worry habit. In this month’s Partner Letter, Kenneth discusses: How believers in Nigeria have taken God at His Word—and created a new middle class. Why worry is one of the worst sins a believer can commit. How—specifically—you can be delivered from the habit of worrying, and The process Kenneth Copeland uses to give his cares to God—once and for all. In addition to this expanded audio teaching, follow along and take notes by downloading the printed Partner Letter and free bonus materials at kcm.org/partnerletter/716. Jesus is Lord! Kenneth Copeland Ministries


21 Jun 2016

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