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Episode 66 - The most SharePoint Episode EVER!

Our first real episode of the year! Just AL and Rod, getting excited about SharePoint. We nearly fainted after seeing all the coolness being released for SharePoint. We talk events, the new SharePoint Modern features being added as of last week and as always, the usual news, more news and then Rod does he stuff about Flow or PowerApps or whatever he talks about.


30 Jan 2019

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Episode 65 - The Panel on 2019 predictions - Special Feature

Kicking off this year, we rounded up, well almost had to pay our guests to come on the show to discuss what is in store for 2019, the year of the pig. Who better to do predictions about the direction of all things Microsoft than Warren Marks (The Heckler) and Brandon Botes (Man Crush Monday). Suffice to say, Rod and AL did well to keep this episode under 900 minutes.


22 Jan 2019

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2018 Bloopers - All the little things

For those who do not know, at the end of every episode, Rod adds what he calls the blooper. Its the little things that we may say on the show that he edits out so that the listeners only get the quality that Rod deems necessary. This is a compilation of the best bloopers of 2018. Give it a listen and then go find the other bloopers at the end of most episodes! Welcome to 2019 people!


16 Jan 2019

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Episode 64 - Our Year in Review - Its not your grandfathers SharePoint

And just like that, 2018 is over. #SadPanda. Also, in a rare coincidence, Rod and AL got to record this episode together in person!!We take a walk down 2018's memory lane and cover what we felt were the highlights of 2018.


9 Jan 2019

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Episode 63 - Erica Toelle - The Puerto Rico edition

We continued to abuse AL in his travels and got him to sit down with Erica Toelle at SharePoint Saturday PR. AL and Erica talk Records and Information Management and also grabs Erica's views on where the Microsoft world is heading. As always, we cover all the latest news. This week we looked at some cool Teams dev stuff and also the v2 of the SharePoint Migration Tool. And Rod does his Flow (meh) things.


11 Dec 2018

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Episode 61 - Jace Moreno - The Teams Guy

We flew AL to the mothership!! Who are we kidding, he was just there, in Seattle, so we sent him out to do stuff. Anyhow, he tracked down the guy driving the Teams Dev conversation, Jace Moreno. Jace shared with us his thoughts about where it is all going. Teams that is. And then the usual News stuff with a new take on Rod's original segment, now called The PowerShell Power Hour (In 4 minutes).


20 Nov 2018

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Episode 60 - The DevOps Ninja, Ruaan Erasmus

For the first time in the history of 2GAS, we have a non-SharePoint guest on the show. The DevOps Ninja/Surfer, Ruaan Erasmus. We chatted to him about his view of the developer world. Not that AL understood a word he said.We carry on covering the news from Ignite and also talk about the new org wide Teams functionality. Rod apologizes for the sound. Now that one arm is firmly holding his baby, only one hand gets used for editing.


16 Oct 2018

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Episode 59 - Ignite Recap - Soo much of Awesome!

We are happy to announce that our host, Rod Modlin is the proud father to a baby boy, hence the delay in usual programming. We wish him all of the best, in this new sleep deprived world he now lives in. Back to the program. Our resident traveller, AL, headed to this years Microsoft Ignite to grab all the news about SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Azure, etc and we cover all of them in this weeks episode!


9 Oct 2018

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Episode 56 - Heather Newman - The Glitter Episode

A year in the making, we finally, finally managed to track down Heather Newman for this weeks show. Apparently, not even a blizzard could stop her from delivering everything that's fantastic about SharePoint and Office 365! You are our 2GAS Maven!We also talk all things new to SharePoint Online this week as well as some more feature parity between Skype and Teams. AL and Rod are still fighting over PowerApps and Flow. Will it ever end??


16 Apr 2018

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Episode 55 - Liz Sundet - Hub Sites are here!

We are celebrating Women in IT this month and second up is Liz Sundet. All we can say is WOW! This woman has 4 lifetimes of accolades, certificates, etc. She plays over 9 instruments and then still drops some mad SharePoint and Office 365 skills and is now learning BI. We are not worthy!We also talk hub sites, the Common Data Service, Guest Access for Planner, Teams retention policies and Rod ONCE AGAIN schools us on all things PowerApps and Flow, and much much more.


6 Apr 2018

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Episode 54 - Swetha Sankaran - Teams, Hub Sites, Azure Information Protection

We are back to regular programming with our first guest, the formidable Swetha Sankaran. AL caught up with her at this years MVP Summit. What a great inspiration she is to all women who want to get into Information Technology. As always, we cover the news, and this week we talk about new Teams updates, Hub sites finally rolling out and a ton of AL's favourite stuff, Azure Information Protection. No Blooper at the end of the show though...


26 Mar 2018

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Episode 53 - Last of the no interviews - Teams and Planner

Its the first month of the new year (Cos Jan was v2 of 2017) and Microsoft is still churning out quality updates. Will it ever stop? Al and Rod cover new Teams updates, much to the horror of generic users. They delve into cool Planner features and Office 365 for Education. As always, Rod pushes the boundaries of his friendship with AL through tons of PowerApps and Flow stuff. Catch AL and Rod live from Tech Summit in Cape Town this week.


12 Feb 2018

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Episode 52 - The hardest show to edit - And OneDrive!

We didn't think they would last beyond episode 30. It's official, 2 guys and SharePoint have 52 episodes in the bag! Here's to another 52! Anyhow, back to regular programming, Rod and AL talk about the new OneDrive Files Restore, Bulk Metadata editing for SharePoint Online, some guidance information for Teams and Rod continues to do more PowerApps things. Apparently it annoys AL. Thank you one and all for listening to the show!


23 Jan 2018

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Episode 45 - Ignite 2017 Announcements

Just AL and Rod this week, but they cover soo much!! Skype, Teams, SharePoint 2019, Hub Sites, Machine Learning, Bing for Business. We got tired just typing this out. Both AL and Rod are prepping for SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg and we will be doing some schweet live streams and recording at the event. So keep checking out our Twitter page for more info!


13 Oct 2017

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Ignite Podcast - 2 Guys And SharePoint - Metalogix And Content Panda

Yes, we were at Ignite and we did a show at the Podcast center!! How awesome is that! Gran the video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_aloDyzUdw&t=26sSo the story goes as follows: We managed to get the CEO of Metalogix, Trevor Hellebuyck and Heather Newman, the CMO of Content Panda to talk about the impact of Teams on traditional content management. As always, some news, this time announcements from Ignite. AND much much more!


10 Oct 2017

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Episode 38 - Matthew Hughes - Microsoft Inspire Recap - New O365 Apps

Episode 38, the Londoner, Matthew Hughes is on the show. AL spent the week with him at Microsoft Inspire. They chat about how media influences purchasing and his business partner Adam King takes us through his experience with the Microsoft Community. We cover the breaking news from Microsoft Inspire, including the new Microsoft 365, the new partner program and the new Business Premium Apps being released for Small Businesses, and much much more.


17 Jul 2017

Rank #16

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Episode 31 - We finally did a short Podcast. BUILD news and more

Wow, so our goal in the beginning of this Podcast show was to create shorter, more "condensible" shows. And after 30 shows, we managed just that. No guest, Just Odd and AL talking about the latest and greatest news from Microsoft. We cover all the innovations from the recent BUILD conference, OneDrive updates and a ton of other cool stuff.


17 May 2017

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Episode 8 - More SPS - Port Elizabeth

After finishing our event in Port Elizabeth, we caught up with speakers, Matt Hughes and Vlad Catrinescu and chatted to them about all things SharePoint. Plus our usual news updates, etc.


1 Nov 2016

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Episode 70 - 2019 Retrospective - 2020 News

This is your captain speaking. The 2 Guys and SharePoint ship has docked and the boys are back!! In this weeks episode, they take a look back on 2019, what was good, what was bad, what they enjoyed and what the did not. They also talk about 2020, and as always, cover the latest Office 365 announcements. Plus!! Rod has brought back the "PowerShell Commandlet of the week"! Super exciting stuff!


16 Feb 2020

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Episode 69 - D'arce Hess - SharePoint Bumper News

Another Fortnight, another episode. This could actually work. (AL snickers in the background). AND finally after repeat and failed attempts, we managed to get D'arce Hess on the podcast. (4th time lucky). AL chats to her about the shift in User Experience in SharePoint and what she is doing currently. As always, we smash out some news because this is a SharePoint show afterall. Hit the subscribe button people, you know you want to.


15 Oct 2019

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