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Episode 03 – My Feet Hurt

Well friends, I can say without hesitation that this is our best episode yet. This week we talk about feet – if you plan on walking 4 million+ steps, somewhere along the way, your feet are gonna hurt. Join in with Saina on the Pacific Crest Trail and Kimchi on the Appalachian Trail, with guests 3D, Dennis, and Storybook. Just a reminder – we are on iTunes so be sure to check us out and leave us a rating. Feedback and comments are always appreciated! Music provided courtesy of Baby Gramps. -Gizmo


8 May 2015

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Episode 04 – What’s in a Name

Trail names – are they the symbol of a new identity, a silly nickname, or a waste of time? We ask a bunch of hikers – and ourselves – and come to no consensus. For myself, I think that the name you call yourself can be very powerful, but the same way that you must Hike your own Hike, you must Name your own Name. In addition to trail names, we get some trail updates from Kimchi and Saina. Check out the links to their blogs on the right sidebar if you’re looking for more stories from them. We end our episode with an interview with Max Heap, who has beautiful things to say about the trail, but neglects to tell us where his trail name came from. If you would like to share your own trail name story, I would like to hear it! (Or just opinions, I’m into those too.) If I get enough of them, I’ll cut a special episode. You can send me a recording at soundsofthetrail (at) gmail (dot) com. If the written word is more your style, I’d still like to read it, so drop it in the comments. Music provided courtesy of Baby Gramps. -Gizmo


15 May 2015

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Episode 2-01 – Hyperfreedom

Sounds of the Trail is back for the summer thru-hiking season! In this podcast episode we introduce some of our new correspondents who will be attempting thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail in 2016. We get to hear about their reasons for thru-hiking, some of their hopes, and some of their fears. Is that a random twinge of the the knee or is it…? Next week we’ll be hearing from our Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail hikers as they get started. Thanks to Smiley 501, John Malusa, and Jesse Silverman for help with the new intro.


9 May 2016

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Episode 25 – Getting Inspired

Sounds of the Trail is transitioning to an off-season format. In this week’s podcast we shift our focus to the third trail in the Triple Crown, the Continental Divide Trail, and get inspired by some youtube videos. Special Guests Liz and Bryan (along with Bumblebee Tuna and Toni the Tiger). During the hiking off-season Sounds of the Trail is switching to an every-other-week release schedule. Sounds of the Trail is planning on sticking around for a second season of thru-hiking podcasting in 2016, so stay tuned for more info on that. Music provided courtesy of: Baby Gramps


25 Nov 2015

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Episode 06 – Thru-Hiking Will Ruin Your Life

What happens to someone when they become a thru-hiker? At the end of it all, what does walking thousands and thousands of miles do for you? It turns out, it ruins your life. In this episode we get to hear from three thru-hikers with over 12,000 miles of trail experience between them, as we find out what happens to a thru-hiker after the trail. Check out the Real Hiking Viking’s website and 3D’s website for more information about them. What has thru-hiking done to/for you? Like always, we’d love to hear from you. Music provided by Baby Gramps. -Gizmo

1hr 4mins

29 May 2015

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Episode 05 – To Duo or Not To Duo

Thru-hiking is hard work. Are partners a help or a hindrance? We have interviews with three different couples talking about life on the trail when you are in a partner-ship, romantic or otherwise. What’s the secret to a successful partnership? (Dirtnap tells us it is keeping your farts to yourself.) Tune in for the rest! If you have been having trouble listening to the podcast on an iphone, please let me know if this episode works. If not, you should be able to listen to it through iTunes without any problems (See the link in the right sidebar). Don’t forget to leave us a review! Music provided by Baby Gramps.


22 May 2015

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Episode 22 – Making It Happen

Thru-hikes are a hugely physical undertaking that take a lot of time and a lot of money – or at least the ability to forego earning money. A lot of people ask – how do you make a thru-hike happen? We have no magical secrets to share – but we do have some thru-hikers share stories about their own journeys on the Appalachian Trail. Young, old, and in-between, the trail is for everybody. Special guests Spicy Guy, Bluebird, Hakuna Matata, and Sock Ninja. We delve dangerously close to “overly inspirational” territory in this podcast, but I don’t care. You need to listen to this. Check out Kimchi’s photographic work (and maybe even buy a print) HERE. I am going out of the country for about a month for work. I’m going to try to keep the podcast going while I’m gone, but I can’t make any promises. I’m packing my microphone just in case. -Gizmo Music, as always, provided courtesy of the inimitable Baby Gramps

1hr 6mins

1 Oct 2015

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Ep 2-03 I didn’t know…

Thru-hiking season has officially begun! All our correspondents are out on trail, finally finding out what trail life is all about, and what they didn’t know before they started. This podcast fills us in on the reality vs the expectations. Special guests: Mishap, Shortcut, Spoony, Knees, Bacon, Fruit Snax, Boyardee, and Splinter.


26 May 2016

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Episode 26 – Origins of a Thru-Hiker

Where does it all begin? How do you grow up to become a thru-hiker? We get to hear from Rock Ocean as he interviews Kimchi and Par 3, from Gizmo, and even from Gizmo’s mom as we explore our origins as thru-hikers. Also, we have a big announcement – Sounds of the Trail is looking for 2016 trail correspondents. Interested? Check out our page and JOIN US. Music courtesy of Baby Gramps.


7 Jan 2016

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Episode 30 – Before and After

In this episode we get to hear from two hikers at two different points in their thru-hikes – the Before and the After. Special guests Sandpiper and Buff. We also include some very dubious info on water treatment – I personally recommend a filter. Music by: Baby Gramps I’m getting back on the AZT this afternoon, but I’ll be back in May to officially launch our second season! – Gizmo


31 Mar 2016

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Ep 2-04 The Finite Life

With just one life to live, why spend it walking around the country, being hot, cold, thirsty, hungry, and tired? In today’s podcast, we ask some hikers what is the best part of their thru-hiking day – the part that makes it worthwhile – and they tell us what keeps their spirits up despite the blisters and the hemorrhoids (ouch!). Our trail correspondents are starting to pick up trail names, so you’ll hear some new names with the voices you’ve already been introduced to. I’m working on an update of the About Us page which will be up soon and should help out with keeping all the names and voices straight. Special Guests: Raven, Goofy, P.S., Storytime, Patriot, and Chance.


2 Jun 2016

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Ep 2-07 The Elephant on the Trail

Mt Whitney marriage proposals, injuries, and goats as wedding guests… this episode has it all! But one conversation that often gets left out of trail talk is the stickier subject of race in the thru-hiking community. Well, today we talk about that too. The subject of hikers of color has been making the rounds on the online community, so we took the chance to address it head-on, with the firm belief that nothing helps understanding more than sitting down and listening to each other. Don’t understand what the hullabaloo is about? Take a listen! Big thanks to special guest Double Sprainbow. If you’re interested in hiking and you’re a person of color, go ahead and check out the Hikers of Color Facebook Page.


28 Jun 2016

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Episode 20 – A Little Bit About Gear

In our continuing attempts to be neither educational nor informative, we have an entire podcast episode about thru-hiking gear that fails to provide any real useful information. What kind of gear do you need to thru-hike? Depends on who you ask. Special guest Chia Pet and many others. Music by: Baby Gramps


15 Sep 2015

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Episode 13 – A Little Too Much Information

Hikers are gross. Deodorant, daily showers, and fresh undies all stay home during a thru-hike. This episode delves deeper than maybe we needed to know into hiker hygiene. TMI, you might say. Special guests Popsicle, Nettle, Briar, and Seahawk. We have a new instagram account, so if you’re interested in seeing what our contributors, interviewees, or just the scenery looks like, check us out @soundsofthetrail, or here. A couple listeners notified us last week that we were having some technical issues with our iTunes/Stitcher/RSS feed. Thanks for the heads up! I think we have it resolved. -Gizmo Music by: Baby Gramps

1hr 7mins

26 Jul 2015

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Episode 21 – The Maine Thing

This week’s podcast revolves around one Maine thing – the people and places of Maine. We get to hear from thru-hikers, trail angels, and trail Maine-tainers (heh heh) working with the Maine Appalachian Trail Club. Special Guests are Pain Wizard, Scout, and the MATC. What have YOU done to support your trails today? Check out the Maine Appalachian Trail Club if you want to support them. Do you want to support all your trails, and not just Maine? Then please consider telling your congressman! Go to Who Is My Representative, find out who is representing you, and then TELL THEM that we need trails! If you live outside the USA, you probably have trails too! Go help out. Music by: Baby Gramps

1hr 1min

21 Sep 2015

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Ep 2-06 You and Your Meat Suit

Your most important piece of hiking equipment? It’s your meat suit, that ol’ body of yours that’s doing the work to get from place to place. In today’s episode we talk about the effects of thru-hiking on our bodies… and our minds, because that’s part of our body too. We also have two interviews with former combat veterans hiking with Warrior Expeditions, who talk about how thru-hiking is affecting them. Special guests: Yours Truly, Push, Bare Bones, Slim Jim, Helton, and Sage. Music Attributions:Go Tell It On The Molehill (Doctor Turtle) / CC BY 4.0 andSongs For The Dawn Of Peace (Leon Lishner) / CC BY-SA 4.0

1hr 8mins

21 Jun 2016

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Episode 19 – The Dog Show

Sounds of the Trail finally covers our most requested topic: thru-hiking with dogs. We hear from three different dog owners on the challenges and rewards of thru-hiking with a dog. We also get to hear from our fellow thru-hiking podcaster, Ratatouille, who produces Trailside Radio. Special Guests: Oyster, Joan of Arc, and Sleddog. If you haven’t checked out Trailside Radio, you should! Check it out here. Music by: Baby Gramps. Thanks Baby Gramps!


7 Sep 2015

Rank #17

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Ep 2-02 More Introductions

We’ve heard from our Appalachian Trail correspondents, but it’s time to meet the rest! In this podcast episode we get to hear from our 2016 Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail correspondents. From the night-before-the-trail jitters to their motivations for getting on trail, we get to know them a little better.


17 May 2016

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EP 2-10 The Great! Outdoors Pt 2

What’s so great about the outdoors anyway? It’s worth one more podcast at least, so we re-visit the topic in today’s episode. The best part of being outdoors, true love, and a community too good to leave behind – it’s just cool to be in the forest.


15 Aug 2016

Rank #19

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Ep 2-05 Getting Acquainted (With Yourself)

Being on trail is a great way to get to know… yourself. From the gross to the profound, our correspondents and fellow hikers discuss what they’ve learned so far from their time as thru-hikers. Big thanks to Audible for supporting our podcast! Get a free 30 day trial at audible.com/hikertalk. Special guests: Magic Mike, El Tejano, Rafiki, and 2%. Check out El Tejano’s blog here.


8 Jun 2016

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