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What does it take to rise above challenging circumstances and heart-breaking setbacks? Join rapid-transformational life coach and clinical hypnotherapist Stephanie Kwong in deeply honest and vulnerable conversations with accomplished guests who share their stories of personal struggles and setbacks. In each episode, Stephanie draws out the actions steps, practices and habits that worked for them - the very ones YOU can use immediately in your own life to Rise Higher and reach your own pathway up.Find out more at stephaniekwong.com

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EP29: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

You can radically change your life just by changing how you think. Garrain Jones, serial entrepreneur and Transformation Coach, is living proof of this. After being homeless for years and imprisoned in France for smuggling drugs, Garrain uses his personal story to teach people all over the world how to rescue themselves from needless suffering and fear based imprisonment of the mind by getting crystal clear on how to change your mindset in order to free yourself and shape your reality to one that you desire. This episode will transform your life from the inside out. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/ep29

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4 Sep 2018

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EP40: Manifest Your Abundant Life with Jenna Phillips Ballard

Jenna Phillips Ballard, founder of Unicorn University and co-founder of Ascension Leadership Academy, joins me today to do a deep dive into the power of positive thinking, how to shift your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance, and how to own your worthiness and align with your purpose in life. Jenna not only shares her personal journey towards owning her worth to manifest her best, most abundant life, she shares how you can too! Jenna considers herself an “interrupter,” here to help people embody confidence and shift their egos, and she shares her methods, insights, and more in this inspiring episode. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP40

1hr 10mins

29 Jan 2019

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EP55: Releasing Pain & Insecurities with Jen Esquer

Jen Esquer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Founder of Mobility Method and one of the top 50 most influential healthcare professionals, shares her journey from being full of insecurities and not wanting to be seen, to owning her worth and showing up powerfully in a BIG way to help others heal their mind, body and soul. Today we discuss all things self-love, from ways to release comparison and self-judgment, to using your voice to speak up and feeling worthy of receiving. We also drop in about how to intentionally create your reality, and how to heal both your body and mind through certain practices where you are your own medicine. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP55

1hr 12mins

2 Jul 2019

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EP63: Turning Pain Into Your Power with Marissa Brassfield

Have you ever struggled with grief and moving forward in a productive way? Or have you ever wanted to increase your productivity to become ridiculously efficient? If you've said yes to one or both of those questions, then you're going to love this episode with Marissa Brassfield, integrator, storyteller, and secret weapon for visionary entrepreneurs. Marissa honed her skills working under the mentorship of Peter H. Diamandis, serving seven years as "Operations Goddess" at his PDD Ventures. She also co-created Diamandis' annual Abundance 360 executive mastermind and leads the experience and content design for annual January summit. Today, Marissa does a vulnerable deep dive into her personal grief process that she went through when both of her parents passed away within 14 months of each other as she was in the midst of building her incredible career. Marissa shares how this experience was a catalyst to connect with her true authentic self, and how she used work and creativity to move forward through this time of growth and healing. And because Marissa is the Goddess of Operations and being ridiculously efficient, of course we've got her giving some badass productivity tips and how to tap into your own superpower so you can become ridiculously efficient too! For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP63

1hr 12mins

22 Oct 2019

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EP50: Unleash Your Inner Badass To Create Impact with Lisa Bilyeu

Ready to banish self-doubt and start living the life you want? I’ve got the ultra-empowering and badass Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder and President of media company Impact Theory, and co-founder of the billion dollar brand, Quest Nutrition. Lisa shares how she went from housewife to co-founding Quest. She gets raw and real about transforming her insecurities and challenges in the early days building Quest. Lisa is super candid and honest in how she talks about entrepreneurship, hard work and how to create and live a life on your terms. She shares some of the most significant tests and milestones she’s faced throughout her career including her current journey to take care of her health. Lisa also provides an in-depth take on the power of mindset, how to overcome any hardship to be triumphant, confident and deeply fulfilled. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/E50

1hr 15mins

23 Apr 2019

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EP10: Making Dreams Become A Reality

Celebrity skincare expert, Kat Rudu, talks about quieting the noise, following your heart, discovering your dreams, sidestepping fear, and never giving up. Starting and building a business is not an easy feat, and Kat authentically shares all the trials and triumphs of forging her path in the beauty industry and creating her own wildly successful KÁT RUDU Pure Biotic skincare line. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP10

1hr 1min

6 Feb 2018

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EP11: Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Travis Ross, world-renowned traveling tattoo artist opens up about overcoming a very dark period of his life - child abuse, drug use, homelessness, gang activity, a medical diagnosis of bipolar. Travis shares how he harnessed his internal desire not to fail in order to save himself from his own destructive habits by not only correcting the story he’d been telling himself for years, but also discovering the life-saving power of emotional intelligence, self-compassion and empathy. Founder of The T.R.Y.B.E Movement, Travis helps others find healing by transforming their old wounds, marks, and scars into something beautiful. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP11


13 Feb 2018

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EP66: How To Stand Up When You Get Knocked Down with Chris Norton

When life knocks you down, you always have the choice to stand back up. Today you’ll hear author & speaker, Chris Norton’s journey to stand after a life-altering spinal cord injury that had him lose feeling and movement from his neck down. Chris was given a 3% chance of any improvement, but he didn’t accept that as his fate. He beat the odds, worked his butt off to regain movement and years later he achieved his impossible when he walked across the stage of his college graduation capturing over 300 million views online. A few years after that he conquered the challenge of walking his wife down the aisle at their wedding. Chris shares the behind the scenes of what it took to achieve his goals and the mindset he uses to stay focused on his future instead of staying stuck in the past. Chris’ story and wisdom he gained along his journey to rise are truly inspiring. You’ll hear Chris empowers others to get back up when they get knocked down, and the power of hope, trust and faith to achieve the impossible. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP66

1hr 12mins

3 Dec 2019

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EP17: Activating Your Power To Heal Within

In this episode, we dive in with Lauren Taus, a clinical therapist and renowned yoga instructor, to uncover how she shifted from living in self shame to become the confident, courageous and empowering healer she is today. Lauren shares deeply about her struggle with body image and self love and how that impacted her romantic relationships. We touch on her journey to forgive her mother and when she realized that the power to heal that relationship was inside of her. Lauren gives her best daily practices for rewiring your beliefs to set yourself free. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP17


12 Jun 2018

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EP58: Becoming Alive As Shit with Suzy Batiz

Suzy Batiz, inventor, founder, and CEO of Poo-Pourri, the cult-favorite, all natural before-you-go toilet spray shares her powerful story of how she rose up from some of life’s lowest lows to build a $500 million empire and a deeply fulfilling life. Suzy shares her journey from a dysfunctional family, poverty, sexual and domestic abuse, depression, a suicide attempt and 2 bankruptcies, to embarking on a spiritual sabbatical where she transformed herself and developed internal happiness and abundance. Suzy now lives life on her terms. She follows and does what makes her come alive, and she inspires and empowers others to do the same. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP58

1hr 5mins

13 Aug 2019

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EP13: Heal The Mind, Heal The Body

I’m back! To kick off the Rise Higher Podcast again, in this episode, I’m sharing all about my health challenges over the past 4 months and the 5 key takeaways of growth and practices I used to support in healing my body, mind and soul. If you’re struggling with a health challenge or going through a tough time right now, you definitely want to tune in. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP13


15 May 2018

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EP67: Own Who You Truly Are with Billie Lee

Do you struggle with truly owning and unapologetically expressing who you authentically are? Billie Lee is a woman who knows deep in her soul that being true to yourself and comfortable in your own skin can gift you a lifetime of inner peace and joy. Billie is a transgender woman, activist, and blogger. You may recognize her from her time on the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules on Bravo TV. Billie was born and raised as a boy in a small town in Indiana. It was difficult for her to be who she was with constant bullying and shaming. Today you’re going to hear Billie’s difficult and deeply moving journey of discovering her trans experience, transitioning from male to female, and loving herself even through all the judgment and rejection of society. You’re going to learn how to release shame and create more self-love and acceptance. Billie also shares how she shielded herself from judgment and her steps to discover who you truly are and how to fully own it. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP67 

1hr 16mins

17 Dec 2019

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EP22: Building Self-Trust

Integrative Spiritual Counselor, Creator of Wild Soul Movement, Author, and Host of the popular Truth Telling Podcast, Elizabeth Dialto, drops in about the importance of self-trust to release self-doubt, crippling indecision, the need for approval, and the fear of failure. Elizabeth talks about the soul’s desire versus the ego’s and how fulfillment is the ultimate measure of if we’re in alignment with ourselves. She also discusses femininity, entrepreneurship, and how they work together in her mission to empower women. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP22


17 Jul 2018

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EP62: Speak Your Truth and Trust Your Journey with Meghan Asha

In this episode, the CEO of FounderMade Meghan Asha joins me to discuss the power of speaking your truth, positive perseverance, and how to dull the voice of your inner critic to reach your highest potential. Meghan discusses her journey from being unsure of herself and not feeling like she belonged, to speaking her truth and building a multi-million dollar company. Meghan is all about following the love, learning to live with (but not be ruled by) your inner critic and first and foremost the power of positive perseverance. Her reminder and first hand example that being human for that matter is meant to be messy and imperfect is an important one. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/ep62

1hr 2mins

8 Oct 2019

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EP41: Reclaim Your Power with Drew Canole

In today’s episode, author, transformation coach and founder of Organifi Drew Canole joins me shares his powerful journey toward self love, forgiveness and elevating his frequency which led to his abundance and true fulfillment. He has overcome insane obstacles--from a painful childhood being abused, to being bullied, to an unhealthy relationship with food, to finally breaking through and harnessing his personal power to achieve incredible success. Drew shares numerous insights and ways to release any toxicity the world has engrained in you and how to reclaim your power to live an intentional, purposeful and deeply fulfilling life. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP41

1hr 9mins

5 Feb 2019

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EP43: Heal Your Past, Live Your Purpose With Sarah Pendrick

Sarah Pendrick, self-love advocate, community influencer, life coach, and empowerment speaker, joins me in today’s episode to expose the doubts and fears we all have, and pinpoint how to step into authenticity and purpose instead. Sarah shares her journey toward creating the empowering GirlTalk Network, and how rising above her personal doubt and healing her past led to self-acceptance and a huge amount of success! She shares the powerful qualities she consistently embodies that has grown GirlTalk into a massive global brand, that you can embody too. Sarah’s here to help you find your true self, live in alignment and fully live your unique purpose. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP43

1hr 5mins

5 Mar 2019

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EP14: Have A Vision Bigger Than Your Fears

Listen in as entrepreneur and celebrity chef, Sam Udell, shares how she broke all the rules to launch her WholeSam food truck and her career as a chef for celebrities at just 22 with no formal training, just a lot of risk taking, passion and learning how to cook from YouTube. Sam shares the keys to her success and what keeps her moving forward during moments of setback and challenges of growing her business. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP14


22 May 2018

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EP28: Falling In Love With Your Fear

What’s your relationship with fear? Is fear your friend? Or do you resist, suppress, or feel that you need to beat or conquer it? If you think fear is an emotion you need to resist, suppress, overcome, or get rid of because it’s “bad,” get ready for that to shift as World-class athlete and Fear Expert Kristen Ulmer shares how society’s focuses on “winning the war” against fear is what’s causing pain, anxiety, depression and dissatisfaction in our lives. Kristen shares her four-step Art of Fear method that will help you broker a better, more accepting and loving relationship with fear so you can quickly and permanently resolve problems associated with fear and anxiety, once and for all. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP28

1hr 13mins

28 Aug 2018

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EP59: The Art of Making Anything Happen with Steve Sims

Are you ready to bust through your fears to make you’re dreams a reality? Steve Sims, is the real life Wizard of Oz, founder of Bluefish, the world’s top luxury travel and lifestyle concierge firm, and author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Anything Happen, joins me to discuss his path of becoming an incredibly successful entrepreneur with a star-studded client list. He makes his clients’ wildest dreams come true, from getting married by the Pope in the Vatican, singing on stage with Journey, being serenaded by Andrea Boccelli, and connecting with powerful business moguls like Elon Musk are just a few of the many projects he has worked on. Today you’ll hear some of Steve’s badass tips, practices, and strategies to help you break down any obstacle to turn your dreams into reality. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP59

1hr 15mins

27 Aug 2019

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EP18: Choose Wonder Over Worry

In this episode, author, artist and speaker Amber Rae drops truth bombs left, right and center! Amber shares how she made the shift from living her life the way she was "supposed to" to finding her truth and purpose. She connects where worry, fear and panic were coming up for her and how she utilized those feelings and emotions to develop a deeper understanding of herself, and how you can too. Amber reflects on how she created a new relationship with worry, practiced compassion with herself, and chose wonder to set herself free. She teaches us her three steps to "worry better" so that you can start making your magic happen. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP18

1hr 1min

19 Jun 2018

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