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Peter Andrew Miller - December 1984

At 7:45pm on 9th of December, Tony Miller returned to the home he shared with his brother Peter, in Camden Place, Great Yarmouth in Norfolk on the east Coast of England. On arrival he found the front door ajar. Upon entering the house, he found his brother on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood. He had been stabbed once through the heart. There is a smell that has been described as being “CS gas” or tear gas in the room. Thirty-four-years later, his killer is still at large.


26 Jul 2018

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Victoria Hall - 1999

Two weeks before her 18th birthday, Victoria Hall, known widely as Vicky, was murdered in the early hours of September 19, 1999, no more than a couple of hundred yards from her home in Faulkeners Way, Trimley St Mary, Suffolk. She was last seen by her friend, Gemma Algar, when they parted company at around 2:30am after a night out at the Bandbox Nightclub in Felixstowe. As part of their journey home, the two young women had stopped at fish and chip shop briefly, before continuing to walk home.


8 Nov 2016

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Michaela Hague - 2001

At 7pm on November 5th, 2001, mother of one, Michaela Hague climbed into a Blue Ford Sierra in Bower Street, Sheffield. The driver was a white male, clean shaven and wearing a wedding ring. Bonfire night was another working night for Michaela. Prostitution had become her line of trade to make ends meet.The next time this delicately featured young woman with almond shaped eyes, dark brown hair and an impish grin would be seen, she was semi-conscious and bleeding heavily from nineteen stab wounds to her neck and back. Discovered by a friend in the Spittalfields area of Sheffield, Michaela was able to give a brief description of her attacker to the first policeman on the scene, PC Twigg, who wrote the description on the palm of his hand.


25 Nov 2016

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Part Two- April Fabb - April 1969

April Fabb disappeared from Norfolk on 8th April 1969 - this is part two.


26 Sep 2016

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Eve Stratford And Lynne Weedon - 1975

In March 1975 Bunny Girl Eve Stratford was found by her boyfriend with her throat cut. Police began to hunt for her killer but the case was stalling by the Autumn of the same year. On 3rd September 1975, schoolgirl Lynne Weedon is discovered with serious head injuries following a rape. She clung onto life for a week before succumbing to her injuries. Police in London had two very different murders to investigate, both cases went cold.Thirty-two years after the murders new evidence links the cases for the first time.


7 Oct 2016

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Linda Cook - 1986

Linda left the house where she was living at about 11.30pm on 8 December, to visit a friend in Sultan Road, Portsmouth. It must have only been a brief visit as she was reported as leaving that address at shortly after midnight on the 9th to make her way back South to Linda Gray’s house in Victoria Road North. Roughly twenty or so minutes’ walk along suburban and reasonably well-lit streets.At some time between half past twelve and one o’clock in the morning, Linda Cook was viciously raped, strangled and stamped on. The ferocity of the attack is extremely distressing. Linda had been so violently stamped on that it crushed her larynx, broke her jaw and caused her spine to fracture. The perpetrator had used such force that he left the impression of his shoe on her skin, leading this to be dubbed by the sensationalist press of the time as, somewhat distastefully, The Cinderella Murder.


24 Oct 2016

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Dr Michael Meenaghan

1994 also witnessed the passing of the legendary formula one racing driver, Ayrton Senna on lap 6 of the San Marino Grand Prix, when he lost control of his car as he entered the Tamburello corner at 190mph and hit a wall. Tony Blair became the leader of the Labour Party, the Provisional IRA declared a ceasefire, trading was allowed on a Sunday for the first time and in a rather unremarkable working-class housing estate on the outskirts of Oxford, thirty-three years old biochemist with a post-doctoral research role at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, was murdered with a shotgun blast through the window of his kitchen at around half-past four on Saturday 10th December.


27 Apr 2018

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The Lancashire Ripper Pt2

In 1996 the Greater Manchester Police initiated a special operation called Enigma. Operation Enigma set out to look for a pattern in the deaths of several women who were found murdered between Liverpool and Manchester. Their results were horrifying. Of the two-hundred and seven unsolved murders between 1986 and 1991, seventy were found to be split into twenty-one clusters of activity. Rather than one serial murderer who had killed Linda Donaldson in 1988 and Maria Requena in 1991, they were possibly looking at as many as twenty-one. Music by Russel J White


10 Jun 2018

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PC Keith Blakelock - October 1985 - Part One

The social order of things in the UK had a number of growing problems – unemployment, disenfranchisement from the political system, rising crime and rising tensions between the Police and communities of Black and other ethnic minorities, due mainly to the wide spread use of the ‘sus laws’. This was legislation allowed Police to conduct stop and searches without needing the suspicion of a crime in progress, and despite the ‘sus laws’ officially being repealed in August 1981, the stop and searches continued. Several times during the nineteen-eighties the tension erupted into riots and civil unrest with Bristol, Liverpool, London, Birmingham and Leeds seeing very violent riots. The areas most affected were those communities where crime, unemployment and poverty were rife. The continued focus on arresting Black and ethnic minorities for sometimes petty offenses sparked angry confrontations between the police and angry young black men who felt they were being victimised and harassed.Originally from Sunderland, far to the North of London, Keith had joined the Police force in 1980, first serving in a response team in Hornsey Police station, before becoming a regular beat officer in Muswell Hill, North London. Keith was married with three sons. That morning, PC Keith Blakelock had gone to work like so many other mornings.PC Keith Blakelock had become the third policeman since the formation of the force in 1829 to die at the hands of rioters on the mainland of the UK.


23 Aug 2018

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The Lancashire Ripper - Pt 4

Linda Donaldson had been found dreadfully mutilated and left in a remote field between Liverpool and Manchester, in 1988. Her death was the starting point of a wide-ranging inquiry into the unsolved murders of women across the UK. Many men were considered suspects, but none proved to be responsible. Cases went cold, killers went unapprehended, women continued to go missing and turn up murdered in shallow graves and by roadsides all over the country. In 2011 a new suspect appeared on the radar of Police forces all over the country. Christopher John Halliwell.


6 Jul 2018

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