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#219: How To Trade Forex In Less Than 1 Hour Per Day

I've got two great bits of information to share with you today. Number one I'd like to share with you how you can trade as a full time forex trader by spending one hour or less looking at your charts per day. I'm sure you'd like to know that. Number two, I'd like to share with you some great news. I am coming to America, so if you are in America or maybe in Canada I'd love to come and meet you. I will be in America in the first two weeks of June in North Carolina and Washington, DC so more about that at the end of this video and podcast.


26 Mar 2017

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#328: How to be one of the few profitable traders?

Podcast: How to be one of the few profitable traders?In this video:00:29 – Why so many traders lose money01:30 – Massive losses from traders01:45 – You need to be realistic02:35 – Seek education03:35 – Trading while on holiday04:45 – Would you like to follow my trading?05:45 – Anything could happenWhy is it that so many traders lose so much money? And more importantly, what can you do to ensure you're not one of those people? This is a very, very important subject. So let's get into this and more right now.Hey, Forex Traders, Andrew Mitchem, here, from the Forrest Trading Coach with video and podcast number 328.Why so many traders lose moneyAnd I want to talk about why is it so many people lose money? And that, that has been as a result of an e-mail that I received earlier in the week from a company called Darwinex. I don't belong to them, but I'm on their mailing list, and they sent me this. And back in 2015, the accounts that they had with them lost 78% of their value. 2016, almost 51%, 2017, 47%, and last year, 2018, 38%. And so far this year, almost 10%.So, a massive loss in the cumulative accounts of their clients. Now, as they said, the results are getting better, which is good, and are still huge losses, by the way. But like they also said on here is they encourage, or want to encourage other brokers to publish their account losses. Because like they said, the other brokers, or a lot of the other brokers probably had far worse losses than Darwinex themselves do.Massive losses from tradersBut think of that, that first year, 78% loss on accounts cumulative. And even today, still massive losses. So, that's not good.You need to be realisticBut you need to be realistic, and I'm here as a real trader to tell you that you need to be realistic. Most people will show you flashy cars and Porsches, and all that type of thing. I don't do that. I'm here trading from home, telling you as it is. And you need to figure out that if you are serious about wanting to become a Forex Trader, as a full-time trader, or just someone that's doing it for enjoyment or a passive income, what is it that you can do differently so that all these other people that can basically put you on the other side to make sure you're one of those few people who are making, not even just breakeven or a little bit of money, but some good, consistent gains? Because ultimately that's why we all do this, isn't it? We're here to become good Forex traders and to make income from it.So, what can you do about it? Well, there's lots of reasons why those people are losing.Seek educationBut what you can do, is you can seek yourself some education. And I strongly believe that that is a very, very good option. But the problem, then, becomes, is when I look around at other courses that I see online, is that while they're systems or they're strategies, that most of them are not very realistic in terms of being able to trade them all the time.I've been doing this for over 15 years. And teaching for over 10. And I'm still doing it, and I still love it, and I still get a passion and a buzz out of it, because it's enjoyable and it's something that I can work in with other things that I do. If I would have sat here, looking at these screens, all day, every day, it would drive me mad. And I would have given up years ago, regardless of making money out of it. But, because of the way I trade, and it's longer time frames, it's less chart time, it's more enjoyable, more reliable, I believe that's one of the reasons why it's realistic.Now, you may have heard, and if you haven't, then I'm going to tell you, and if you have, sorry that I'm going to repeat myself.Trading while on holidayBut on Monday, probably the day you get this video, Monday the 8th of July, I'm heading overseas for just over three weeks with myself and my family. And we're heading over to the UK and Europe.


7 Jul 2019

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#198: 4.6% Account Gain Per Month for 69 Months

Podcast: 4.6% Account Gain Per Month for 69 MonthsIn this video: 00:30 – Traditional methods of making a return on your capital are not working now 01:10 - Bank rates are negative in some Countries 01.56 – A massive +0.05% Interest Rate Gain is effectively going backwards. 02:30 – Daily Trading Suggestions make +4.6% per month gain on average. 03:35 – Learn and Earn at the same time 04:50 – What is this knowledge worth to you? 05:06 – Get started with my free course – click the link belowYou can't rely on the banks or traditional investment methods to make a good return on your capital any longer, so let's talk about that and more right now.Hi Forex traders! Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach. Welcome to video and podcast episode #198.Traditional methods of making a return on your capital are not working nowIn today's video and podcast I'm going to be talking about why you cannot rely on banks and the traditional methods of making a return on your capital any longer. You just cannot do it, and there's things you need to do to change because- You think about banks. Traditionally a lot of people were making 5, 6, 7% per year on their savings in a bank and some people could survive like that. They're happy like that, you see it as quite a safe investment. The bank's not really or probably shouldn't sort of go under. Your money should be safe. It's a reasonable return for no risk.Bank rates are negative in some CountriesBut that's a number of years ago now, and just to illustrate that we're getting bank interest rates around the world dropping all the time. In some countries they're now negative.To highlight that fact I've just received a letter here from Lloyds Bank in England where I still have a bank account. It's my very first bank account when I was a child. They've said on here that my annual interest rate, my gross interest rate before tax is going to go from 0.25 and the 8th of December this year they're going to reduce it to 0.05%. That's gross, that's before any tax or fees et cetera. 0.05%. Luckily it's a positive, but it may as well not be. That's just not exciting.A massive +0.05% Interest Rate Gain is effectively going backwards.As an example, if for some reason you wanted to have £100,000 with Lloyds Bank in this account, I can't like it, after the 8th of December, they're going to pay you a massive £50 in interest, that's gross, in a year. On a $100,000 account. That's just mad. There's just no point in having your money there because by the time you adjust for inflation et cetera, it's just- it's going backwards isn't it.Daily Trading Suggestions make +4.6% per month gain on average.What can you do about that? Well of course as a Forex trader to me for cash flow and for higher returns, Forex is the obvious answer. Just to give you some examples if you had copied my daily trading suggestions, as a member and as clients and as so many people do, from January 2011 through to today at only half of 1% risk per trade. That's 69 completed months. If you'd risked half of 1% on each of the trades that I post you would have been up 315% on your account today. That's with monthly compounding, so at the end of the month you take your total and your compounding that with .5% risk. 315% in those 69 months, it works out an average of 4.6% gain on your account per month. Now that's from doing nothing else than just a five minute a day job for copy paste exactly what I say. You take all the winners, all the losers, et cetera. Five minutes a day.Learn and Earn at the same timeThat's the simple side of things, but as I'm posting that information not only of course am I putting it out there for myself and for my clients to earn from. From the client's perspective it's a learning tool as well. Because it's all well and good to say I'm going to copy and paste Andrew and make 4.6% average per month just from one time frame chart. That's fine.


9 Oct 2016

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#310: The Best Way to Become a Successful Forex Trader

:Podcast: The Best Way to Become a Successful Forex TraderIn this weekly video:00:22 – How you can become a successful Forex trader01:10 – We teach how to trade in real time02:17 – We show you how to trade from the right hand side of the chart02:27 – #1 - Daily Chart Trades03:26 – #2 – Live Weekly 2 hour long webinars04:07 – #3 – Client’s Forum Site05:17 – If you’d like our help with any trading issuesWhat's the best way for you to learn how to become a successful forex trader? Let's talk about that and more right now.Hi, forex traders, Andrew Mitchem here from The Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 310.How you can become a successful Forex traderNow we're gonna talk about how you can become a successful forex trader and what is the best way for you to learn how to do that. They say everybody's different, everybody learns in different ways. Of course, some people are visual, some like to do things themselves, some like to read. Many, many different ways. But I firmly believe that what sets us apart as a forex education company is that first of all, we're real traders. I'm making this video and podcast. I'm not home in my office with my screens behind me here. I'm a real trader doing this day in, day out. And have done so for 15 years. So that's a really important point. We're not set in some office in London, or New York, or Sydney, or somewhere with call centres. We're not that at all. That's far from what we are. We're real traders. So that's the first thing.We teach how to trade in real timeThe second thing is is that because we're real traders, we teach people how to trade the way that we trade in real time. And I think that for you as someone who's learning how to trade a strategy is absolutely critical. And that's what sets us apart. You see, we've got three different ways of teaching our clients how to trade our strategy in real time. You can go online, and you can see videos, and you can see screenshots of the perfect trade, and someone's highlighted this trade, and it's working just beautifully. You notice how it does that. It always works beautifully. But the problem is that you as a trader, you get to understand the strategy, and you get to learn it, et cetera. You pay for it. And you cannot make it work in real time. That becomes the problem. And the issue there is that hindsight, everybody's multi, multi millionaires. Simple. And the problem is that you have to learn to trade in real time from the right hand side of the charts without any of that hindsight. Without any of those losing trades. You've gotta trade the perfect trade every time. But how do you find it?We show you how to trade from the right hand side of the chartAnd so that's what makes us different because we teach that trading from the right hand side of the chart because that's what we do ourselves. Three different ways that we help our clients with this.#1 - Daily Chart TradesThe first one is that we place data chart trades on our membership site for clients to follow along. We analyse the data charts each day. And between 5:15 and 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, so that's about 15 to 30 minutes after the day the candle opens the new day, we place specific trades based on the daily charts for our clients to follow. So it's all in real time. The market hasn't even started to move yet at that time of the day. We're saying these are the trades that we're looking at, giving all the reasons for the trade set up, plus we are giving the exact entry and exit levels for people to follow along, learn from, and also to earn from. But the most important part of that is the learning because it's learning to train your eye in real time from that right hand side of the chart without any of the benefit of what might happen next or hindsight. So really important. That's a daily occurrence. You get that five days a week.#2 – Live Weekly 2 hour long webinars


24 Feb 2019

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#347: Becoming a Better Trader in 2020

Podcast: Becoming a Better Trader in 2020In this video: 00:25 – 2019 has been an excellent year01:01 – We post our daily trades every day of the trading year01:50 – Other trades posted on our forum site and taken on our webinars02:10 – How you can learn to take these trades by yourself03:16 – Now living in Nelson03:40 – What can you learn from your 2019 trading year?04:22 – We aim to create good Forex traders04:54 – Use the next few weeks wisely to help better yourself05:27 – We wish you a fantastic Christmas and happy New YearWhat can you take from your trading year to help you become an even better trader next year? Let's talk about that and more right now.Hey traders, Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach with the last video and podcast for 2019.2019 has been an excellent yearNow we've had a really good year, both personally and through the Forex Trading Coach and of course through our many thousands of clients dotted throughout the entire world. Had a fantastic year.The last few months have been a little bit tougher, but with trading you've got to take the bigger picture. Always look at that. Don't worry about the last two or three trades. Always look at the bigger picture. And so this video is about what we've done and also what have you done, and what can you either get help with or what can you learn in order to make 2020 a really great year for you trading wise.We post our daily trades every day of the trading yearSo here at the Forex Trading Coach, every single day of the trading year without fail, we have posted our daily trades on our membership site. We've done that for years, but this year was no exception. Every single day around 5:30 New York time; PM when the daily charts close, we post our daily analysis. Now, if you did nothing else than just copied our daily trades this year with only half of 1% risk per trade, like very, very minimal risk, all the stop losses, all profit targets, you'd be up around 24% so far.We've got another week to go, end of today and all of next week, but we're around 24% right now, which when you consider that's purely one time frame, very low risk trading. That is very, very good.Other trades posted on our forum site and taken on our webinarsNow on top of that, of course we post trades on the monthly charts, the weekly charts and on our breakout strategy that we have and all our forum site, we post trades all the time as do other clients. And our live weekly webinars, we're always taking trades on those. But just the daily timeframe, 24% for the year to date, pretty outstanding.How you can learn to take these trades by yourselfAnd so it's what you're learning from that is not only the gain of that monetary gain, it's what you're learning education-wise of how to take these trades.Why to take these trades, what trades to take, what to learn from them, where to put your profits and stops, all that type of thing. So really good. On the Forex Trading Coach website itself, free information has been posted free to everybody every single day as well. Strength and weakness analysis where we're looking at different currency pairs going strong or weak for that upcoming day every day without fail this year we have posted that analysis as well.And it's what we're about, we're about consistency about quality, consistency, low risk, high reward to risk. But for you to help you with your trading, that free information that is there and even if you're not a client, free information is there. Of course clients get more and they get specific trades and to do with the strategy. But for everybody else, there's free information there. There's of course our ebook, our calculator, our webinars that we have, which by the way are on demand as well in there. So lots and lots of information to help you.Now living in NelsonFrom a personal point of view. We've moved to Nelson in the South Island just l...


15 Dec 2019

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#232: What It Takes To Be A Good Forex Trader

Podcast: What It Takes To Be A Good Forex TraderIn this weekly video: 00:30 – You must have a passion for trading 01:44 - Controlling your emotions 02:22 – A willingness to learn and change 03:33 – Be dedicated to trading 04:10 – Develop a strategy that works for you 05:02 – You have to give this some time to work 05:43 – How can I help you? 06:07 – A very high success rate for clients – here’s why 07:07 – Click on the link below to find out moreWhat makes a good Forex trader? Let's talk about that and more right now.Hello Forex traders. It's Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach video and podcast number 232. In this video, I'd like to explain about some of the main points you need to have in order to be a good Forex trader, so let's get into it.You must have a passion for tradingNumber one, and I think this is so important, very often overlooked. You need to have a desire to want to trade. You have to have a dedication to trade, but you have to have a passion for trading. It has to be something that you really want to do. Don't just get into Forex training because you've heard somewhere or read online it's a really good way of making some easy money. It will not work for you if that's the reason you're in it. If you're in it for a get rich quick idea, don't do it. If you're in it because you're a gambler, don't do it.If you would like to become a Forex trader and genuinely have an interest in the markets, an interest in understanding how they work, an interest in making money, of course, but investing and being a good investor, then the Forex market is perfect for you. You have to have that approach up front. You have to have that genuine desire to know what's happening in the market. I think it's really important, often completely overlooked because everybody always jumps into the strategy first. You've got to really sort of enjoy it. You have to sort of look forward to trading each day. When it gets to the weekends, I'm disappointed I can't trade. I look forward to Monday mornings. For most people, Monday morning is about the worst thing that can happen to them because they have to go back to their job again. It's all about having that enjoyment in what you do.Controlling your emotionsYou have to be able to control your emotions. It's really important. You are dealing with money. You are dealing with life. Price action moving, sometimes things can be very, very slow. Other times things could be happening very, very quickly. You have to be able to control yourself, control your mind, understand what you're doing, be very level-headed about what you are doing because ultimately when you're trading with money, emotions do come into it. Again, when you're trading with strategy and you're trading with the unknown and you're trading with probability, because that's ultimately what we're doing, you have to be able to control your emotions and not react in a bad way to the market or what's happening. That's the first two points.A willingness to learn and changeThe third thing that you need to do, you have to have a willingness to learn. You have to have a willingness to change and a willingness to adapt to the market because market conditions do change over time. You have to have a willingness to, not just be completely rigid. Yes you have to stick to rules and yes you have to have a plan, and you have to be able to stick to rules and stick to a plan, but at the same time, as the market changes, you have to be able to adapt. Give you a great example, just yesterday, I held a webinar with clients. We took some trades on the four hour chats. Now, more recently, the four hour chats haven't been showing that many good trades, but this last week, they've been showing some excellent trades.Whereas I've been trading a lot off the daily and the 12 hour chats more recently, but this past week, less trade. You adapt to what's showing at the time in the market.


9 Jul 2017

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#294: Can you really make money with a small Forex account? (PART 1)

Podcast: Can you really make money with a small Forex account? (PART 1)In this weekly video:00:23 – Trading with a small Forex account01:06 -  Can I make money successfully?01:30 – Why do so many people lose money?02:30 – Keeping it simple is usually the best way to trade03:18 – Learn how to trade first04:35 – The size of your trading account right now is irrelevant05:10 – Invest in yourself05:32 – Excellent trades taken live for good account gain07:34 – Next week’s video and how you can profit from the Forex marketCan you really make money with a small Forex account? Let's talk about that and more, right now.Hi, traders. Andrew Mitchem here, the owner of The Forex Trading Coach, with video and podcast number 294.I want to talk all about trading on a small Forex account, and can you make it as a small-time Forex trader?Trading with a small Forex accountNow, I made a video along a similar subject line around two years ago, and it's had an enormous amount of hits on YouTube. It's had about 108,000 views, and lots and lots of comments, so I thought what I'd do is I'd split that subject up into more detail and cover it over this video and podcast, and also next week's video and podcast. Why? Well, it's obviously a very important subject, with so many people wanting to find out more about it, but it's also quite a large subject, so probably more than just one episode.So let's start at the very beginning. With a small account, people want to know, can I make money successfully? Now, the answer is yes. The problem is, most people don't know how to do that.Can I make money successfully?And I say the answer is yes, and I'm saying that with confidence due to my experience. I've been trading Forex for 15 years full-time, been teaching for almost 10 years. But the problem is, is as you know, and as I've repeated many times, the stats out there tell you somewhere between 90-95% of all Forex traders lose money, and that's probably absolutely true.Why do so many people lose money?Now, there's a huge number of reasons for that and we'll cover the reasons now, and then on the next episode we'll cover how you can overcome those.But some of the reasons, and in no particular order, would be, really, a lack of strategy, a lack of understanding of the market, a lack of understanding of good money management, a lack of discipline as a person, a lack of understanding of what type of trader you are or wish to be. Are you a technical trader, or a fundamental trader, or a bit of both? What timeframe charts do you like? Where are you going to put your stop loss? Where's your profit target? What type of trades are you taking? Are you going to take reversal trades, continuation? Are you using indicators? Are you using no indicators? Are you using just price action? Are you going to trade just before the news? Just after the news? What is it that you're going to do?The problem is, is that unfortunately, most people don't know their own answers to that. I can tell you, in all honesty, with many years of practical experience, keeping it simple, like the KISS approach, is generally the best one. So you don't need to have lots and lots of strategies.Keeping it simple is usually the best way to tradeYou don't need to have lots and lots of indicators and lines all over your charts. Now, some people say to me, "Hey, Andrew, why are you saying that when your charts behind here look really complicated?" Well, the fact is that they're not. I have some clever software that alerts me, alerts my eye to certain candle shapes that I'm looking at, and then I mostly use horizontal support resistance lines, pivot points, and then I've got a couple of other indicators that come lower down in my priority, to add some confirmation. So you don't need to clutter your charts, and that's what works for me and works for my clients.So coming back to the reality of it, can you make money? Well,


14 Oct 2018

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#244: How to become a good trader quicker

Podcast: How to become a good trader quickerIn this weekly video:00:24 – How I can help you shortcut the learning process 00:44 – Brand new to trading Forex? 01:13 – Frustrated with Forex and it’s not working for you? 01:38 – Why my course will help you learn quicker 02:32 – A live 2 hour weekly webinar – watch me trade 03:28 – Watching and learning from a trader in real time is invaluable 04:03 – How much is that worth to you? 05:00 – Get on board with us and shortcut your learning processHow can you shortcut the learning process to becoming a good Forex trader? Let's talk about that and more right now.Hi Forex traders, it's Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex Trading Coach Video and Podcast #244.How I can help you shortcut the learning processI want to talk about how I can help you to shortcut the inevitable otherwise long process of learning how to become a good Forex trader.I get traders join my coaching course for a variety of reasons. I'll give you the two ends of the spectrum.Brand new to trading Forex?I get clients who are brand new to trading. People who have not really had any experience in trading, but they want to learn the right way first time. They value their investment in themselves, they value knowledge, they value education, and really they want to learn the right way first time without wasting all these hours and all this money by going through the process that the vast majority of people take. That's one end.Frustrated with Forex and it’s not working for you?The other side of the spectrum would be the frustrated people, people who join the course out of sheer frustration. They've been trading for a long time, bleeding money, pulling their hair out, and it's going nowhere for them. They're about to give up in trading, and nothing works. So you get those two ends of the scale, and everybody else in between.Why my course will help you learn quickerLet me give you some tips of why I believe my course will shortcut the learning process for you. Each day ... This is real trading things, because on top of the strategy I'm talking here, you get the overall strategy, and you have to have a strategy that works across time frames, any time frame. Doesn't matter where you live in the world, it doesn't matter what currency pay you trade, et cetera. We have that. On top of that, each day of the trading week I post specific trades in advance of the market moving so you can look at your chart, using the software that I've got behind me here which you'll have a copy of as a client, and see what I'm taking on the daily charts and why. In advance of the market moving. If the trade is profitable, fantastic. If it's not, it's not. But it's about the process of learning to train your eye to see what we're seeing and why.A live 2 hour weekly webinar – watch me tradeOn top of that, each week we have a live 2 hour webinar that you can attend. It's basically a recording on one of my screens behind me here, and I'm trading on live accounts and you can see me trading, talking for two hours about what I'm looking for at that time and why. To give you an example, I received an email just this morning from a client called Alf. Alf's been with me just over one week. I'll read you his email, it's a quick email, "Andrew. Thank you for the webinar last night. I did not participate, but I sat in the background taking it all in. It soon became apparent to me as to why I am losing trades and money. I'm taking too many risks. It became apparent to me that everything had to line up before you would take a trade. It was a bit of an eye-opener for me, but I've taken it on board. Thank you once again, Alf." That just came through to my email this morning.Watching and learning from a trader in real time is invaluableTo give you some perspective there is that Alf has seen someone trading, going through the thought processes of what I'm looking for,


1 Oct 2017

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#191: How to trade in 10 minutes a day or less

Podcast: How to trade in 10 minutes a day or lessIn this video: 00:29 – On holiday in the South of France and made +2.2% account gain this week 00:39 – 10 minutes trading per day and clients can copy the same trades 01:23 – You don’t need to be glued to the screen all day 01:43 – The USD/CAD has fallen well this week 01:55 – GBP weakness continues. How to look for suitable opportunities 02:48 – Continuation and reversal patterns 03:40 – High reward:risk trades 04:30 – A bigger gain in 1 week than the French banks will pay in 1 yearIf you'd like to know how to trade in just 10 minutes a day or less, find out more. I've got some great tips for you.I'm Forex Trader's Andrew Mitchem, The Forex Trading Coach. Today is Friday the 19th of August and I'm on holiday in the beautiful South of France, as you can see behind me here. Beautiful villages, great place to look around.On holiday in the South of France and made +2.2% account gain this weekNow I've been here for the last week and this week I've made 2.2% on my accounts so far and that's from just 10 minutes work once per day, trading just the daily charts.10 minutes trading per day and clients can copy the same tradesFor my clients they could copy exactly the same trades or have copied exactly the same trades and done just as well, plus, of course, they could be taking trades on other time frames as well. The 2.2 is just from me taking just 10 minutes work once a day in the evening over here, which is the 5PM close of New York charts. It shows what can be done. You don't need to be glued to your charts all the time. You can travel, you can be here on holiday. For me, on the other side of the world with my son, having a great time looking around, and in the evening looking through the daily charts, placing a trade and then just letting the market do its thing.You don’t need to be glued to the screen all dayFrom there, what can we learn? Well on the chart, first from that we can learn, as I've mentioned, you don't have to be glued to the screen all day, because so many people think that they have to be tied to the charts. That's fine if you like those shorter time frame charts but you don't have to do that all the time. Far less stress by trading longer time frame charts as well.The USD/CAD has fallen well this weekOn the charts we've seen the US/Canadian dollar falling this week. We've also seen a little bit of strength in the Aussie dollar and the New Zealand dollar, so the commodity currencies have shown a bit of strength.GBP weakness continues. How to look for suitable opportunitiesOne thing I did want to mention is earlier in this week or the last few weeks, as you know the British pound's continuing to fall and fall. It keeps dropping. However, earlier this week I actually took a buy trade-in. I suggested to clients a buy trade-in and I suggested freely available on my website to look for buy trades on the British pound pairs earlier in the week. In particular I took a trade on the British pound/Australia dollar. It made fantastic profit and it was a kind of a reversal trade because the pound/Aussie and the pound against all currencies has been falling quite a lot.It looked like it was bottoming out and I took a reversal trade, as in after the downtrend had occurred, looking to buy it back again. Because it was against such a massive previous trend I was aware that it was a slightly higher risk trade but it was also a reversal trade against, I suppose, the longer-term trend.Continuation and reversal patternsBy exiting the way that I teach and the way that I trade, it meant I was out of the trade full profit. Now as I've looked at the charts just before I made this video, the pound/Australian dollar's now starting to fall away again and all the pound pairs are now starting to turn around. Later tonight my time, on the close of the daily charts, I'll probably be looking at a sell trade on the p...


21 Aug 2016

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#218: How to Identify High Probability Trade Setups

And I'm gonna be discussing with you, and sharing some tips and ideas of helping you to look for higher-probability trade setups. Trade setups that are gonna work in your favour far more often than they're not going to. You see, the problem is with a lot of traders, is they don't have a strategy, and they don't really understand the market.


19 Mar 2017

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#269: Becoming a Full Time Forex Trader

Podcast: Becoming a Full Time Forex TraderIn this weekly video:00:25 – Living the dream and becoming a full time Forex trader 01:10 - Client becomes a full time Forex trader after seeking a mentor 02:10 – A lot of dedication and back testing to prove the system to himself 02:52 – Making 5% return on trading account per week 03:46 – Watch the interview with Imre 04:21 – Be realistic about your trading expectations 05:25 – The hard work pays offWould you like to quit your job to become a full time Forex trader? If the answer is yes, this video is for you.Hey, traders, Andrew Mitchem here, the owner of The Forex Trading Coach, video and podcast number 269. Got some really exciting news to share with you.Living the dream and becoming a full time Forex traderWould you like to live the dream? Would you like to work from home and work from anywhere, quit your job, become a full-time Forex trader? Because that's what most people who get into Forex want, don't you? That's what most people really aim for. And it can be done.Now, I know it can be done because I've had many clients do that, but just this week I've interviewed another client who has taken that step to becoming a full-time Forex trader. He's quit his job, his name is Imre Gams, he lives in Toronto in Canada, a real, nice, smart, intelligent, young man. He's worked for Google, he's worked for Apple, so he's right up there with being a very smart guy.Client becomes a full time Forex trader after seeking a mentorHe took my course back in August of 2017, some eight months ago, and I interviewed him, and I asked him what the process was that he went through. He's been through Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he's been a fencer, as in the sport fencing, he's done many things in his life that he's always sought a mentor for, because he's seen it as a shortcut to success with a good mentor.So, he did some reviews, he found my course a while ago, joined last August and basically has been very thorough with everything he's done. You can hear the interview. It's on my homepage. I'll put a link below this video. It's 38 minutes long. It is highly, highly recommended if you watch the entire thing. There is so much you can learn from that video, even if you just want passive income from Forex, but just watch the entire video. Take your time, grab a coffee or a cup of tea or something and sit and watch the whole thing.A lot of dedication and back testing to prove the system to himselfImre started back in August 2017, went through the course, he's been dedicated, he's asked questions, et cetera, like a lot of people. But he's done extensive backtesting on the course, he had huge confidence after doing extensive backtesting, and then a few months ago he decided to quit his job and go live.Now, a few weeks ago he started sending me emails of some of the money withdrawals he's taken from his account, from his live trading. Very, very, very impressive figures. Not going to reveal how much. That's private information for him. But it's well into the six figures that he's withdrawn just this last quarter.Making 5% return on trading account per weekAnd as he said to me, "I've made more in the last quarter than I made in the entire last year." And he's now, as he said, living the dream. He's working from home, he's making around 5% return on his account per week with very low-risk trading, very low drawdowns, and only about one hour of actual trading per day.He is spending more time with his continued learning, his self-development, his self-education. His whole knowledge-base is constantly growing, and he puts time and dedication into that. He's spending a lot of time each day with backtesting, looking at different ways of trading my strategy, different timeframes, et cetera, so he's constantly learning, constantly evolving, but actual trading no more than one hour per day. A 5% return per week on average.


21 Apr 2018

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