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How Home Inspectors Should Inspect The Cooling System - with Bryan Orr

This week I had the pleasure to speak with Bryan Orr - he and his dad operate a large HVAC company in FL. Bryan has a strong background in the heating and air business and shared some great tips on the techniques, tools and methods of how a home inspector can effectively inspect and report on a home’s cooling system. I think you’ll learn something - I know I did. He has a simple approach - listen in to my conversation with Bryan Orr. Catch Bryan online: www.HVACRschool.com He mentioned the Testo 115i and the Testo 605i. Find them at www.Trutechtools.com.


21 Jun 2018

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Questions To Ask After The Inspection

Here are some sample questions a home inspector should be prepared to answer: How much do you charge? What exactly do you look for? How long will the inspection last? When most buyers think about questions to ask a home inspector, it’s usually about things before they hire them. Real Estate professional Bill Gassett  wrote an article titled “Questions to Ask The Home Inspector After The Inspection is Completed”. Today on Open Mic - Charles and I will answer Bill’s 5 questions, we’ll discuss a few of our favorite threads posted on our Open Group and we’ll hope to share information to help you grow your home inspection business. Today’s Podcast is sponsored by The Drone University -  Whether you’re new to drones or a seasoned pilot, they can help you fly safe, fly right & make your business soar! Visit them at www.TheDroneU.com. We mentioned Inspection World in our show. Here’s a link to the event: https://www.inspectionworld.com/ Find Charles Buell in Seattle Washington:  www.buellinspections.com Find Gary Smith in Central Mississippi: www.garynsmith.net JOIN The Professional Home Inspector GROUP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProfessionalHomeInspectors/ Please follow our YouTube Channel and never miss our helpful videos and free unbranded content: https://www.youtube.com/user/todayshomeinspector


14 Jan 2019

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Inspecting Crawl Spaces

Inspecting Crawls Spaces - They’re right up there with attic spaces in terms of “places homeowners don’t or won’t enter”. But they’re super important and when drainage is poor water can hide out there and create mold and if the home’s floor system is leaking that bad air can enter. Listen to my conversation with professional home inspectors Charles Buell from Washington state, Dusty Jameson and Michael Conrad from Tennessee and Energy Expert Brent Loya in Florida talk about inspecting crawl spaces. Catch More Podcasts: www.todayshomeinspector.com/inthehouse Email The Inspector: todayshomeinspector@gmail.com ASK THE INSPECTOR and we'll include your question on the next show! GO HERE: www.todayshomeinspector.com/contact and leave us a voice message!


12 Jul 2018

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My Client Wants a Refund - NOW WHAT

My Client Wants a Refund - NOW WHAT?! First of all, it’s not the end of the world. If you’re in business long enough - sooner or later you’ll be confronted with this situation. What is most important as it relates to this topic? Priority #1 is to SAVE THE RELATIONSHIP with your client. Do you have a SUPER CLEAR refund policy? Is this the first time you’ve ever considered refunding your fee? If so - take a deep breath and look inward. State a refund policy your contract - it’s first step to avoiding refunds...right?...if you’ve addressed the topic already - you’ll be in a stronger position, especially if it’s in writing. Remember priority #1? Save the Relationship with your client. Don’t React First -  By all means - be prompt - but find out why they feel they need a refund. In our profession - that means you’ll want to visit the job. Help them understand - most disgruntled clients want to be heard. DO NOT give them the feeling they are being ignored or disrespected. Remember priority #1? Save the Relationship with your client. Use THEIR insight as a tool to change YOUR perspective.  Unhappy customers can be a goldmine for how you can improve your inspection service. Listen to them, and see the situation as a GIFT to you and NOT a burden. Change your perspective. Remember priority #1? Save the Relationship with your client. Don’t communicate with your client when you’re angry. It’s paramount that you DO NOT communicate with the client when you’re angry - that’s not going to work out well. Acknowledge you’ve received their concern and respond in a pre-formatted email - send it to them right away. Ask your client for details. Have your client describe the situation in writing. They should be a specific as possible. Once in writing you can now investigate. It’s best to repeat their complaint and determine if the request is reasonable. YouTube: www.youtube.com/TodaysHomeInspector


24 Jun 2018

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ScribeWare - Quality Home Inspection Reports - FAST

Dylan is Washington State licensed home inspector #365 and Structural Pest Inspector #65540, and a licensed real estate clock-hour instructor # I 4978. He is also the vice president of ASHI Western Washington - 2017. Dylan has made a business out of his personal mission to advocate for home buyers, homeowners, inspectors, and real estate professionals. Honing his talents from carpentry in his youth to construction and remodeling through college, and eventually establishing a career in home inspection, Dylan understands houses from the ground up. His new book, The Confident House Hunter draws on his experience to help readers make informed decisions in the important process of purchasing – and maintaining – a home. Get the book here: Dylan is educationally certified by Inspection Training Associates (ITA), a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and has performed more than 5,500 structural home inspections. He has been certified as an Energy Star Tune-Up Verifier, and a certified Tune-Up energy audit inspector.


26 Jul 2018

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Multi-Inspection Companies 101

Whether you are planning a 2 man team or growing a large multi-inspector group listen to our pros share inside tips and helpful advice. Reuben's Blog: structuretech1.com/blog/ Catch Chris Murphy: www.houstontexashomeinspection.com/ Keep up with Charles Buell: www.buellinspections.com/ Reuben's Presentation at inspection world (as mentioned in the show) can be found online at ASHI Inspection World Presentations: softconference.com/ASHI/ Follow us: www.todayshomeinspector.comSunday OPEN MIC - Multi-Inspection Companies 101 by Today's Home Inspector is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


16 Jun 2018

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You Need an Edge

My one minute shot of advice and opinion - I called it my "ad-inion"! Thanks for listening - subscribed yet? Please be my guest - it highly appreciated and hope you visit often!

19 Jan 2019

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Heating and Cooling Maintenance with Bryan Orr

Bryan Orr says: The HVAC School is a free, online community that compiles and shares the best, most applicable HVAC/R training material we can find. We source from real technicians who work on equipment everyday to keep the content from getting stale. We publish a weekly podcast, daily tech tips, resources, quizzes, videos and more…. We love to share his knowledge and this episode is no different. The conversation speaks to techs but in plain and simple language fit for homeowners, inspectors and anyone interested in learning how to save money and stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In this episode Bryan talks about: Checking the charge completely 02:22  Superheat and Subcool Checking Evaporator Coil Inspecting the filter Looking for wire rub outs Checking the drain line and drain pan Checking capacitors and contactors And Much More… Catch this original episode here:


4 Aug 2018

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5 Ways Competition is Good For Business

Innovation Competition leads to innovation. If you’re the only inspector in your area it’ll be difficult to improve. And if you’re working in a crowded market, you won’t succeed by doing what everyone else does. Healthy competition encourages change. Customer Service Home inspectors offer similar products - they compete for customers. Improved customer service leads to loyal followers and the best marketing in the marketplace - word of mouth. Complacency Competition shakes off complacency. If your inspection company is consistently trying to innovate and better itself, you’ll be encouraged to push yourself - leave complacency to a rock. Understanding Your Market Competition forces you to focus on your core audience. Inspectors target local markets and your competition will encourage you to better understand that setting. Education Watching your competitors do well can teach you things about your business. Their practices will provide you with valuable insight into the state of the market, and help show you what works – and - more importantly - if pay attention - what doesn’t.


21 Jan 2019

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Home Inspectors and The Home Energy Score - with Brent Loya

Developed by the Department of Energy, the Home Energy Score provides information about a home’s energy use. Similar to the MPG rating for a car, it reports the home’s efficiency  on a simple one-to-ten scale, where a ten represents the most efficient homes. The inspection needed to provide the data is performed by home inspectors. Brent Loya has been presented with the Innovation Award for 2018 by the Department of Energy and he and his company IDENERGY helps inspectors become assessors. Obviously - as a homeowner - What if my home scores a 2? What next? Let’s address the politics…It’s still voluntary...right?...this type inspection is elective. Last month a Massachusetts Senate bill introduced to “mandate” the energy score was killed - citing  the requirement would interfere with the real estate market… add cost and complicate an already complex transaction could "stigmatize" certain properties target homeowners who cannot afford certain upgrades/repairs and...raise constitutional privacy concerns Proponents of the bill argued: “it's a consumer protection issue" automakers were once strongly against miles-per-gallon stickers on cars. providing information and incentives to button up the housing stock would provide broad economic and environmental benefits and would help lower-income homeowners who pay high energy bills When marketing the service - how do you pitch this inspection service? How do we stay out of the weeds of the political battles? FIND AN ASSESSOR I’ve taken the course - how do I get hired? I’ve seen the Find an Assessor map on the DOE website. But when I click on each state I see a link an inspector association or a state power association. I noticed the links are set up as a partner? Talk about the network of partners. Can a home inspector be a partner? IT’S NOT A “FOR SALE ONLY” PROGRAM You’ve finish an assessment - now what? You can market this program to existing home owners as well. WHERE’S THE MONEY? How can a homeowner pay for the repairs? Are there funding options? Energy Score Website https://betterbuildingssolutioncenter.energy.gov/home-energy-score Senate Bill that was killed: https://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/06/panelists_mass_home_energy_sco.html


24 Jun 2018

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