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Take & Talk Pics is a podcast created for you: the photography business owner. If you are looking for a new resource that doesn't require your visual attention, Rob Krueger brings you just the right tool. 3 days a week Rob interviews photographers from around the world who are real world working professionals. We go over the ups and downs of owning a photography business and you walk away with great stories to learn from and amazing resources!

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Earn While You Learn - episode 212

Earn While You Learn Photo World, there are many occasions throughout a career where you feel a down slump in your business. You work hard and things are going well but for some reason you see the work thin out, the funds slow down, and your "style" just isn't making the cut any more... Many photographers out there use this as their reason to get out of the biz. Especially those new photographers who couldn't get past it the first tie it happened to them. I can recall 2, maybe even 3, times when this happened for me and my business. However, as many photographers who fall apart from this issue there are many more who push past it. Education is a great way to re-invigorate your business or your "style" and put a fresh face on what you are already skilled at. This episode speaks to this specific dilemma and hopefully reminds us to persevere. They key is openness to the future and looking ahead to see how you and your business will fit in. Making the money while adapting to the unstoppable changes that are always on the horizon. In short - how to  Earn While You Learn. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


22 Jul 2016

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Fail Quitting - episode 216

Fail Quitting True failure exists only when we stop trying. An entrepreneur never gives up. Therefore, their “failures” are only learning moments and steps toward growth. (Fail vs Quit is very different) Did you want to be a fireman or police officer while growing up? Maybe a doctor or a lawyer… Did you not become that because you failed or because you stopped trying? So a simple google search had yield me several results and a somewhat poor consistency of information. I searched for what percentage of small businesses fail and then I searched what percentage of businesses succeed. I figured if I could look up some information from both attitude perspectives (negative as well as positive) I would be left with a set of numbers that explained this idea from two sides. I had no idea what I would really find. From, let’s say, more trusted names I pulled information and gathered it into two groups and I am left here laughing at the results. I don’t trust much of what I read online even if the source seems credible I am a little weary. The reality is the information out there is all based on the worst restrictions and qualifications. Unemployment is only based on the last 3 months. If someone is unemployed for more than 3 months it is viewed as a deliberate choice and no longer qualifies for the “hard numbers”. It is the same story here. These sources are all speaking about different time frames as well as different scales of businesses. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


1 Aug 2016

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Undersell - episode 215

Undersell Photo World I have been on the "How To Sell" kick for a while now and I wanted to break down yet another approach. How, Why, and When to Undersell. I know, you hear undersell and think: "Why would I do that successfully?" or "How would that be a good strategy?" First off listen to the episode, I clear up a lot in a short amount of time. Secondly, open up to the idea that there is always a possible success in every approach. That being said I will say building a business with an undersell strategy is a slow rise to a stable business model. I will also add this can be one of the best ways to learning business and building a strong foundation to build from. On a base level, Undersell is when you sell something at a lower cost than your competitors. I dive into the idea of competitors as well. I don't like the idea that we are all to be competing against one another. I don't see the value of being hung up on what others are doing when we should just be doing what is best for our businesses. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


29 Jul 2016

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Time-lapse Photography - episode 247

Time-lapse Photography Photo World I needed a break from all the business talk because at the end of the day my addiction to photography needs some attention as well as my passion for building businesses. Time-lapse Photography is a bit of its own practice. In fact it began mostly by accident and has slowly evolved into spectacular motion pictures. Time-lapse Photography is more simplified than it used to be with the advent of digital. In short it's a series of images being complied into video, for a quick view of an extended time. Hence Time-lapse. There are several ways to make a time-lapse video but the easiest is the automated feature found in most DSLRs and Mirrorless systems. However, the highest quality is making the final video by way of capturing each image individually and edit to your liking. Much more time consuming but the results are stunning. Let's run some numbers: 1 picture every second for 1 minute straight would offer you 60 images to be used as 2 seconds of video at 30 frames per second. 10 minutes of time-lapse for 1 second of video when you shoot at an interval of 6 seconds between shots. Say you want 30 seconds of video and you are shooting at an interval of 1 shot every minute… That would be a 15 hour long shoot to have a frame rate of 30 frames per second. Time-lapse is an investment but the results can be stunning. Check more from Edward Muybridge. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


12 Oct 2016

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Oversell 2 – episode 211

Oversell 2 The topic is sales strategies. Not in their definition sense but their practical sense. I see three main sales strategies: (1) Oversell, (2) Undersell, and (3) Even Sell. This episode I want to speak more about Oversell… Photo World, I walked through some basic thoughts on overselling more than you need to for your clients. In some cases I have signals that work for me that let me feel comfortable trying to up-sell in certain areas of my services. True “Oversell” is to over promise and under deliver – that is the real definition of overselling. Where you say you can do something just to make the sale and then it turns out you can’t deliver on that. I knew I had to make this a 2 part episode because of how long a topic it was with the first portion but I should clear up that part 1 of this was oversell… when and where to up-sell your business. Rather, up-sell you to your clients. After all it doesn’t matter much what it is you’re selling… They are still buying into you. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


20 Jul 2016

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Interesting vs Interested – episode 214

Interesting vs Interested Photo World, as we build our small businesses into a successful careers we come to many cross roads. Sometimes we get caught up learning and lose our focus when we should have been earning. Other times our social media falls by the way side and we seem to forget there is an audience there. It could just be difficult to maintain a positive habit like keeping up on a blog or it could be tough to stop a bad habit like staying up too late. In today’s episode I want to highlight another strategy for our selling techniques and hopefully offer you the chance to grow based on being honest with your business, as well as, yourself. There is a 100% chance you are not doing one of the following 6 things for your business and you need each of the 6 to achieve the goals of today’s topic. movementmasterminds.com Not updating your portfolio – You must update your portfolio. Every time you have an image that is worthy of your portfolio you need to set that aside for when you do make the changes to your website. At least then you do not need to search for the photographs you wish to showcase. Not aiming to increase your skill set – Staying the same may be easier to do for a week, a month, or maybe a year, but eventually your being the same will fall in comparison to those around you who kept current. Only working your niche – I am all about having a niche, a focused area within your business to give you the path to success. However, growth happens when you set yourself outside of your comfort level and approach what it is you do from a new angle. You are learning digitally – The web is a great resource, heck you are having one pumped into your ears as I speak. Action is the real learning… a YouTube video can only teach you so much. You say no – There are many gray areas in this business life… Should I try it because it is something different even though there is little or no pay? Maybe I should be assisting even when I feel confident in that skill already? Try saying yes every once in a while you never know who you could meet or what you could learn. Unwilling to risk – It is scary when we foresee risk within a situation and many people can’t see past that. Fear is only the negative outlook on excitement… you never know what may be worth the fear. I am telling you these six points because I have already fallen victim to each of them time and time again. Years of failure have caught up with me and I know that the other end of the spectrum is the only reason to work as hard as I can. I have found often, both success and failure come with the same amount of work leading up to them. The ending is just a result of the work being put in. With today’s topic and keeping up on selling to your clients: “Focus on being interesting but more so focus on your potential clients being interested.” – A recent transition for me was my old web site last updated in 2013 vs my new web site updated in March of 2016. My skill set had changed and improved but my selling was based on an old ability. Hard to be paid properly when the clients think they are working with a past version of yourself. Keep up everything, at least in small increments, to maintain increased interest over time. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


27 Jul 2016

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Act Your Wage - episode 208

Act Your Wage Photo World, Your income follows your personal development. That is a nice food for thought, especially if you have been overly stressed out. It's like: "thanks Rob now I have more to worry about." The great thing is we always have that small worry but we also have the power to change any time any where in life. I used to leave my part time job telling those I worked with "I'm going to go home and change my life." It would give them a chuckle but I can honestly say I no longer have a need for that part time job as my photography and teaching is what I get to do for a living. All the while many of them are still there at the same job. There is nothing wrong with that but we get stuck because many of us go Broke trying to look Rich when we should act our Wage. The real quote is: Don’t go Broke trying to look Rich act your Wage. Take it a step further and learn through the bord game by Dave Ramsey called: Act Your Wage Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


13 Jul 2016

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Business Overdrive - episode 206

Business Overdrive This day and age our businesses really are a 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year job. We have little to no excuse as to why we can't get back to an email, return a phone call, or at the very least text someone. I know we all prefer different forms of communication but we are to connected for excuses. What does this have to do with our business? Well, our business is connected 24/7 to everyone and anyone who could be directly or indirectly a possible or current client. That means we have the pressure of our business weighing on our shoulders and looming over our every move. In short... We are working all the time. If you remember my Better Branded Business episode I went into how your business should be working for you and not you for your business. Especially during those times when you can't or shouldn't be working. Like while you are asleep or when you're on vacation. (Thank you "out of the office" automated email). So how do we combat this habit to be working all the time or 24/7? I go over it in this rather short episode... Short because I have too much work to do to be bothered by this other work. :) Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


8 Jul 2016

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Listen Don't Speak - episode 207

Listen Don't Speak As a man I am all too familiar with the fact that women assume I do not know how to listen... okay not just women, my assistance always tell me I never listen. My parents have said I don't listen as well. There is no time like the present to change for the better. See, I thought I was doing fine listening, but hearing and listening are very different. I have found through my listen don't speak exercises I have booked more clients, turned out more work, gained more followers, and accomplished more work than I have in recent years where I couldn't listen. There are countless ways to speak on how helpful this can be for things like sales. Sitting with a possible client and listening before trying to push a sale. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


11 Jul 2016

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162 Eli Temchin

Eli Temchin Today’s featured guest is Eli Temchin Eli, is a fine art photographer who reached out to me for a free coaching call back on the 29th of January. Since that time Eli and I have done a segment of coaching for his business. I can fill you in on the experience but it would be better from Eli himself. Artist Statement My name is Eli Temchin. Welcome into the way I see the world. Nowadays, it seems like people are walking around in a haze. Or, glued to a smart phone and not paying attention to what's around them. What is all around you, no matter where you are? BEAUTY. What is beauty? Technically, beauty is the quality present in a thing or person: shape, color, sound, etc that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, behold. Here are a few images from everyday that show beauty in every way. “The more often we see things around us – even the beautiful and wonderful things – the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds – even those we love. Because we things so often, we see them less and less.” - Joseph B. Wirthlin Beauty isn't always what you see, but sometimes it's what you don't see. It's the scene within the scene that I look for. It's the depth of an image and the inner beauty that I challenge you to see. SHOWINGS AND AWARDS Multiple First Friday Showings in the Crossroads Arts District. Various galleries in Kansas City, MO. E-Review: The Permanence of Change: Eli Temchin. Written by Steve Brisendine March 12th, 2011. Writer’s Journal Magazine: 3rd Place Photography Contest winner. May/June 2005 issue. w: elitemchin.com Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here! 2015 © Take&TalkPic


6 Apr 2016

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163 Whats In My Bag part 8

Whats In My Bag part 8 I'm finally moving on to the next section of my bag. THE CAMERAS! I still have some glass to go over but that is for another day. This first camera is not a pro level body but it serves it's purpose well. I originally purchased the camera to sell off an old Nikon D70s and have this new one as a backup to my Nikon D300 (also gone). I am talking about my Nikon D7000. I found myself mostly using it for the video function. Although, the video quality is nothing to write home about compared to the video capabilities of today's DSLRs. The D7000 is a cropped sensor camera (DX) with 16.2 megapixels. I wasn't opposed the the camera when I purchased it and it was perfect for what I needed at the time and the price was about $1200. That may seem like a lot of money for some but as a pro this camera was more than fair for what you got. I especially like the dual memory card slots. Great for shooting RAWs on one and backup JPEGs on the other. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here! 2016 © Take&TalkPic


7 Apr 2016

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Savings Plan - episode 246

Savings Plan Photo World when you run your own business it doesn't matter when it comes up or in what aspect the conversation takes place... most of us, when we start out, do not like to talk money. That could be one of the worst offsets to a secure savings plan for a infant business. When I sit down with clients I have absolutely no fear to talk about how the money works. This confidence emerged after six years in business as a professional. Six years living in fear of that one five letter word. One thing we all want more of, feel we have too little, and can't seem to stretch far enough. Money. There are literally dozens of episodes I could do in highlight money's role in a small business. I tango with several of the topics involved from taxes, to loss, paying your bills, and having a savings plan. Regardless of your photographic genre or even your business for that matter... We must step back and look at the year as a whole before we begin understanding our fiance. This episode may just be the key. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


10 Oct 2016

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Why Should You Blog - episode 245

Why Should You Blog Photo World as you can tell by the title I am going to totally sell you on the idea of why should you blog. Okay, not really but I am going to talk about the purpose and operations behind how a blog works. The true conversation is about good business practice, showcasing your talent, and hoe to obtain a free or cheap marketing funnel. It is a lot of information to be crammed in a 10 minute episode but when it comes to blogging it's pretty simple. There are many reasons why you should blog. However, and I know this first hand, there are countless reasons to give up on a blog. It isn't as exciting because the investment of time is greater than most people are willing to give and results are not as instant as most would like. That being said... Blogging is a long term investment but the payoff can be amazing. Listen to the example story of a friend of mine I share in today's episode. She went from doing pictures as a hobby to a six figure business in only one year. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


7 Oct 2016

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Build Your List - episode 244

Build Your List That's right Photo World, you need to build your list. That is your email list. Think of the countless emails you receive that are of little to no value for you, but there is one email every so often that keep you as a subscriber to that list. Now, you don't have to bombard people with nonsensical emails day in and day out. However you may find a use for the list over time. Some will tell you to make a few lists that fit into categories like most likely to buy, least likely, and somewhere in the middle. My view is collect all emails and compile a list of possible for sales. At the very least if you build your list you could always come back to it when the time is right. In this episode I discuss when the right time might be to use your list. Anyone and everyone is a candidate to be considered. If you are able to acquire an email at any point then you are a step closer to a possible "yes" for your product or service. You have to consider any contact or inquiry is the halfway point to a "Yes". In other words gaining someone's email address is a "maybe" to buying your product or service. You never know what you will do in the future so build your list in the present! Happy Shooting!


5 Oct 2016

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All Work and No Play - episode 243

All Work and No Play We often feel like there's too much to do. To many things on our plate and we can't catch up; so much, that it seems our business, our career, our supposed passion is all work and no play. Just like anything else in life there is a time and place for everything. It's my belief that all work and no play should be observed from time to time. However, it's draining on the mind and the body to live life this way.   What is "play"? Well that could be up for debate but the way I view it is: something of interest to you, worth the investment, and worth the time, but shifts your focus away from your work. The average person is asleep for 33% of their life time. The average person is working for nearly 56% of their time during a 45 year span, but averaging another 33% of their time thought their life time. That leaves a life time average of 34% of your life time is glued by the other 66% of occupied time. All to have not much more than 1/3 their lives at play. This doesn't account for being sick, making improvements around the house, the time spent traveling or commuting to your job, attending special events for others, and a plethora of other things. So what time do you really have at play in your life? Shouldn't we work that much harder to open up the gap between work and play?   In this episode I share a story of how all work and no play can kick start a career. In short I took a $40,000 loan and went debt free in 1 day. Just like an overnight success it didn't really happen overnight, but I was able to take care of that loan with just a bit of time and a lot of hard work. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


3 Oct 2016

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Giving Back - episode 242

Giving Back Photo World I offer a free coaching call. Scroll to the bottom of this page if you are interested. One thing I do for every call is get to know you and your business. Following the call I give a thank you gift for having done the call. I don't want to share everything, but highlight 1 point on the gift. Giving back to your community. In the episode I read word for word how I view this point and what I include in this gift. In short I have found giving back to your community does many things and it is different for each of us. It can be for a feel goof feeling, maybe to help out for a cause you believe in, or just to show that you are motivated to be a part of your community. Whatever the reason giving back is a beautiful thing. Take it one step further and incorporate your skill, talent, and passion for photography and creatively look for ways to overlap your photography work with community service. Perhaps you could do photos for a local animal shelter so they have quality images. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


30 Sep 2016

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Cost of Doing Business - episode 241

Cost of Doing Business Photo World there is an old saying: It takes money to make money. That saying is so true and truer still when it comes to marketing. Marketing is one of the costs of doing business, in fact, it is the largest cost of doing business. In today's episode I break down three marketing strategies I have tried over the past few years. Admittedly, over one dozen attempts at marketing have taken place for Rob Krueger Photography and most have failed miserably. A few have been successful and have become the new standard for all future marketing. Photo World you have everything to risk when you start marketing your business. It can be costly... at first. Hopefully, those trial and error tests of marketing will open up the opportunity your business needs. One marketing avenue I had used was Google ads. My experience wasn't typical but I confidently feel it is a valuable option for most photography businesses. I have had my own ups and downs when it comes to marketing and today I only discuss the idea of paid marketing. a brief mention to word of mouth as well as social media marketing is worth remembering. The fact that we have a free (social media) option for marketing our businesses is brilliant. On the one hand that is part of the reason the market feels saturated at times. However, saturated markets is a myth. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


28 Sep 2016

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Rule of Thirds Pricing - episode 240

Rule of Thirds Pricing Photo World, making up what you do with your pricing is hard enough. I spent years, with trial and error, figuring out an efficient way to make life easier when it comes to talking money. I have created a rule of thirds pricing... Have a set pricing for your customers Define who your customer is and how you would charge them Give appropriate breaks to the right people I have broken my customer base into 3 main categories, hence the rule of thirds. One has three sub categories within it. You'll have to listen to get the who scoop. If you have been having trouble determining your pricing for new customers, family, friends, referrals, or repeat clients maybe this episode will help you. I know when you’re starting out it seems more important to just book the work or sell the art just for the sake of doing so. Newer photographers often make the mistake of taking what they can get and breaking their own pricing rules. These simple rules I have laid out will help guide you to a more successful pricing structure and a good path to improving your own pricing model in the future. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


26 Sep 2016

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People Person - episode 239

People Person There is no rule in business that says you must be a people person but I like to lean on logic when I question these types of things. In a truly logical sense, in every career or job, in every industry, there are people involved. Either you are getting something done/created for other people or you are having work done for you. Your business really revolves around the idea that someone is on the other end of just about everything your do. With that, being a people person could just be the most important skill you develop for your business. I will say when I got started as a photographer people were the one subject I never wanted to deal with. However, I had a benefit most don't get; I was able to watch a pro photographer in action. Not just a pro photographer but one who was already in business for 20 years when I started working for him, one who was an excellent people person, and one who genuinely knew how to interact with others. I learned how to be a people person. Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


23 Sep 2016

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Network Time - episode 238

Network Time Photo World it is time to get back to business. Admittedly, the show has been struggling these past few weeks and the content has suffered. However, you still mean a great deal to me and I want you to know there are many great things to come. That being said it is time to get back in gear... it is time to talk business. If you recall I had a few episodes focused on the startup of a photography business and how to go about doing that. This is a continuation of that track. When I started I would say my greatest failure was never networking in my industry. I always thought networking was about talking yourself up and trying to impress those around you with your successes. I know now that is a horrible way to network. If you don't believe me, try it. Talk yourself up to everyone around you and then star to listen for everyone talking about you. Not in a good way but talking about how annoyed they are with you. Or look at it from the other side. Think of those people who always have to one up you. Not a fan right? Happy Shooting! Get your FREE business coaching call with Rob! Sign up for one of the last few spots here!


21 Sep 2016

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