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Public Trans is a new podcast for trans people by trans people. An informal conversation between your hosts, Mac and Ave, Public Trans talks about what it means to be trans in the public eye, taking the structure of your morning commute. Through the Morning Cup of Gender, the Commute, and the Platform, we talk about the questions we often ask each other, such as: how do you pass if you don't identify as a binary gender? How do we raise children with or without gender? What challenges does the modern dating landscape confront trans people with? What are the failings of mainstream androgyny?These questions raise different issues for trans people with varying gender identities, and though we attempt to explore the intersection of identity with these issues as much as possible, we acknowledge our viewpoints can be limited. That is why The Platform ends every episode. The Platform is a section of our show dedicated to contributions from our community and serves as a space for trans people to contribute their voices and thoughts about our episode's topic.

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This week on Public Trans, Mac and Ave take on ScarJo's latest casting controversy, and discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of trans media representation. Interested in Public Trans-endorsed books, movies and comics? Check out our reading list on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for an interactive list of media we love that features trans people.


22 Aug 2018

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