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Upskill on your cannabis business, finance, and compliance skills! If you’re looking for quick, easy, and value-added information about doing business in the cannabis industry, then look no more. Each episode of Cannabis Business Minds will provide you with valuable tips and insight from industry leaders that you can apply to your own business or career. Hosted by CPA and Cannabis Advisor, Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA.

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Building Multiple Brands in Cannabis

On today’s show we have the opportunity to talk with one of the most widely recognized female personalities in cannabis. According to Inc.com, Jane West isn’t in the cannabis business. She’s in the empire business. With a reach of more than 4.5 million followers, Jane West has appeared on NPR, Forbes, Marie Claire, Viceland, Elle, and many more. Jane is an international speaker, who I had the pleasure of speaking on stage with in Prague in 2017, a mom, an entrepreneur who has built multiple companies. Above all, Jane is a motivator for entrepreneurs and women in the cannabis space.’ Checkout her website: www.janewest.com Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


9 Apr 2018

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How to Launch a cannabis brand through events

Learn how one entrepreneur launched her brand faster you can roll a joint on 420!  Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


9 Aug 2017

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Small, Organic Cannabis Cultivators in Oregon

 As the industry moves toward the cannabis consumer, understanding the different target customers is essential to building a strong brand. Co-founded by mother-son duo, Debbie and Trevor Smith, from Grannie Smith Organix discuss how they carved at a very specific niche.Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


13 Aug 2016

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Are cannabis Retail strategies the same as traditional industries?

On this episode, we discuss the various ways CPG’s manage to get consumers to purchase their products with zero human interaction guiding their decisions, and what cannabis manufacturers and retailers can learn.  Grocery and retail stores have spent millions of dollars analyzing their customers' every move to determine their purchasing habits yet the cannabis industry still can't fully predict consumer buying decisions. Or can they? Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


12 Apr 2017

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How to be successful in the cannabis industry

On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds, we talk with Toni Forge, Esq. about entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and cannabis in the City of Los Angeles.   For over 25 years, Toni Forge has worked as a litigator, managing attorney, state mediator and associate general counsel.  A graduate of Hastings College of the Law and the University of San Francisco, Toni is a leader in compliance and litigation management. She has acted as a chief compliance officer for major Fortune 500 companies and has implemented several compliance programs for global insurance companies.  As a former mediator for the State of Nevada, she possesses exceptional negotiation and mediation skills to aid the client in their ventures.   Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


27 Dec 2017

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2016 Trends in Cannabis

On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds, we talk about what emerging trends in the cannabis industry as of September 2016. The price of cannabis is dropping, tradeshows are on the rise, investors are more likely to do equity backed deals, and mergers and acquisitions in the cannabis industry are on the rise.Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


28 Sep 2016

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Building a Cannabis Extraction and Manufacturing Company

On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds we talk about how strategic thinking, having a talented and strong team, and a good company culture can take your business to the next level. Strategic planning, quarterly meetings, and budgets aren’t just a thing for corporate america, every business owner should be planning and thinking ahead. Our guest on today’s show has dedicated his professional life to medical cannabis.  Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


4 Oct 2016

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Cannabis Banking and Seed to Sale Tracking

Get demystified on seed to sale tracking and learn what the lifecycle/Lineage tracking is – from seed to lab to dispensary. You'll learn about some common misconceptions about seed to sale tracking are, the difference between barcodes and RFID, and the costs associated with seed to sale tracking.  We also talk about some cashless solutions businesses can use.Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


5 Apr 2017

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The Important pillars of Cannabis Operations

What sets great companies apart? Operational Excellence. As a consulting group, we are lucky to see an array of business types, from startup operators to existing and established businesses. On this episode of cannabis business minds we talk about some of the pitfalls, shortcomings, and successes we've seen first hand in the cannabis industry.  Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


8 Mar 2017

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The importance of cannabis intellectual property

On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds, we talk about the importance of protecting your intellectual property with Luke Zimmerman. Luke is my cannabis mentor and a co-speaker at the Euro American Cannabis Conference in November 2017. Luke Zimmerman, Esq. LL.M is the founder and principal of The Law Office of Luke S. Zimmerman APC. Luke assists entrepreneurs in the emerging cannabis industry and helps them protect their intellectual property. A core mission of the Law Office of Luke S. Zimmerman is drug policy reform, which is why Luke volunteers on the Clemency Project 2014. Luke currently splits his time working with clients in Oregon and California, as well as nationally on trademark issues. Luke obtained his undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of Oregon at Eugene and then graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego California, as a member of the Pro Bono Honors Society. His interest in international trade and investment law led him to the Netherlands where he obtained a Masters of Law from the University of Amsterdam. The focus of his master thesis was the effect of bi-lateral trade agreements on the harmonization of intellectual property standards, provided through the World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights(TRIPS). His experiences living in Amsterdam and observations of the paradigm shift surrounding cannabis lead Luke to believe that the end of cannabis prohibition would be the future of The United States.Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


22 Nov 2017

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Starting a Cannabis Security Firm

Terry Blevins discusses his previous work in law enforcement as a police officer working in Maricopa County, Arizona to now providing security for the cannabis industry and how he has been actively educating government officials regarding the realities of legalization and decriminalizationSupport the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


13 May 2017

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Cannabis regulation with the REGULATORS!

Listen to this episode with the head of Communications for the California cannabis regulatory authority of their thoughts on cannabis regulation in the 6th largest economy in the world.  


5 Apr 2017

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The Good and the Bad of Cannabis Entrepreneurship

On this episode of cannabis business minds, we talk with cannabis Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Direct Cannabis Network, Adelia Carrillo about entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry.Direct Cannabis Network is the leading digital B2B news networking highlighting the latest tech, entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the cannabis industry.Adelia is a voice for the upcoming startups and uniting the cannabis business community. Adelia's roots are in the corporate and consumer electronics industry. Adelia's passion for technology, startups, and innovation has been a key strength in her transition into the cannabis space. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and meditation. She is engaged to Ali Fakhri, a serial entrepreneur who is also in the cannabis industry. They currently reside in San Diego, California.For more information on Adelia Carrillo or Direct Cannabis Network, you can visit. www.directcannabisnetwork.com Twitter/Instagram: @_dcnetwork_ / @missadeliaSupport the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


12 Mar 2018

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California Bans with Jacqueline McGowan

If you are like most people in the US, you might be thinking, "What do you mean, there are bans on cannabis businesses, I thought cannabis was legalized ?", and you would be correct.  However,  local governments have the right to tax and regulate, or outright BAN cannabis businesses as they see fit.


19 Apr 2017

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Cannabis in Latin America

On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds, we talk about the medical cannabis industry in Latin America. Chile, Colombia, Uruguay all have some form of a regulated cannabis program, and Costa Rica currently has an initiative to legalize and regulate medical cannabis. Want to get a piece of the Latin American market? Listen to hear how you can!Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


5 Aug 2016

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Getting Insurance in the Cannabis Industry

On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds we talk about insurance. With the results of the election, 9 more states have legalized some form of cannabis regulation, opening up the market even further. Insurance can be a daunting subject, albeit an essential one. Can you find insurance for your cannabis company, and are the premiums going to be massive? What can be insured, and what cannot? In an effort to better understand the misconceptions that surround the insurance industry.Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


11 Nov 2016

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Raising Capital from the first license holder in Canada.. and a Peek Inside the Male Psyche

She is a serial startup founder, skilled at survival, stress management, and team building. She is both the first Transgender Publicly traded marijuana company CEO and the first female one – Thunderbird Biomedical Inc (now EMH.v) was the 5th licensed Federally sanctioned Medical Marijuana company in Canada (and one of only a handful on the planet). Renee built the core team, created and executed on the business plan and raised $3.7 M in funding then took the company public ($25M Valuation at IPO)… She then went on to use this insight to create a diverse workforce with strong female leadership across the HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc. organization. Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)

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20 Sep 2017

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Cannabis Packaging and Compliance

How often do you wonder, what are the active ingredients in this delightful meal I’m having? For many Americans, knowing what is in the food or medicine we are consuming is a huge component of our purchasing decisions. Whether it’s gluten-free or non-GMO, to 100mg of Vitamin C - packaging and labeling are huge components of our consumer needs. There are a number of agencies that are tasked with regulating packaging at the federal level. The Food & Drug Administration regulates food and drugs, the US Department of Agriculture regulates agriculture, meat, and poultry, the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau regulates Wine, Malt Beverages, Distilled Spirits. And so, the question many of you might have, is who regulates cannabis packaging? The answer is pretty simple until it is federally legal,  the states regulate cannabis packaging. Cannabis packaging requirements vary by state to state, although there are definitely some common nuances to each state. For example, some requirements include: clearly labeling all products as a cannabis or marijuana product and making sure that the active ingredients THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids are included on the label Ensuring that the packaging cannot be attractive to children, A warning label that might say, GOVERNMENT WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS CANNABIS, A SCHEDULE I CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE.   One lesson I’ve learned while working in the cannabis space is that regulation and business doesn’t necessarily see eye to eye. Last year in the state of Oregon, Cannabis operators were required to go through several hurdles and changes as it related to packaging their cannabis products. The result - time and money wasted. On this episode of Cannabis Business Minds, I interview Bill and Rick from Dank Creative. Dank Creative is a full-service graphic design firm located in the heart of the Green Mile in Portland Oregon. From concept to creation, Dank Creative is all about helping companies achieve their business goals. Dank Creative has over 40 years of combined experience in brand development, packaging, print, advertising, digital photography and graphic design.   This episode is jam-packed with some key takeaways on the Oregon cannabis market as well as learning why packaging and labeling can make or break your brand.   This podcast was recorded prior to the Emergency Regulations in California being released.


7 Dec 2017

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The lawsuit of the cann-century: Gorilla Glue

When it comes to legal budgets, this is truly a David and Goliath story. Multinational Adhesive Corporation vs Internationally Acclaimed Cannabis Genetic Company.   Let’s start with the basics: Gorilla Glue Adhesive Corporation is suing GG Strains, the creators of Gorilla Glue #4, #5 and #1, in Federal Court in Cincinnati Ohio for Dilution, Trademark infringement, Cyber Squatting and 2 other counts of trademark infringement. To be honest, I wasn’t very surprised to hear of such a lawsuit. On the face of it, why would someone name their strain after a federally trademarked product? I WAS surprised to learn that it is by no means unheard of. For instance, Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap, or Delta Airlines and Delta Faucets. They coexist, because they are not competing in the same industry. What makes this instance any different? Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


31 May 2017

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What's the Difference between Sales and Marketing?

If you had to invest money into sales or marketing to grow your business by 10 x, what would you do? Invest in a sales solution or branding and marketing? On today’s episode of cannabis business minds, we’ll hear from two experts in the fields of sales and branding to answer the age old question, do we brand first or do we sell first? And.. HOW do we sell and brand right? On today’s show, we have two top women in the field of sales and marketing. How did we meet, the good old facebook comment section when one of our guests asked, what is more important, marketing or sales. Representing the sales side, we have Joanna Sapir, who is a Business Strategist and Coach, Commander-in-Chief of the Ginger Army, and a competitive Olympic-style Weightlifter. She has been a teacher and mentor her whole life from the classroom to the gym floor and now to businesses across the world - helping health & wellness practitioners and coaches that are skilled at their craft and passionate about what they do build successful and sustainable businesses. Connect with Joanna at: joanna@joannasapir.com  Representing the marketing side, we have Kalah Haley, who is an entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder of Saint Rock Media, a full-service digital agency servicing clients across Colorado in Aviation, Financial Services, Auto and Real Estate. She specializes in brand strategy and running killer Facebook ads. Kalah is an early investor in blockchain technologies and is the subject of "Kalah Haley" a daily YouTube series documenting her experiences as a business owner and investor. When Kalah is not running her business, she is training and competing in Mixed Martial Arts and hosting her podcast "Girl Fight Talk". Connect with Kalah at: kalah.haley@saintrockmedia.com. Support the show (https://scr.ck.page/products/cbm-podcast)


21 Mar 2018

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