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A podcast for coffee roasters. This is NOT an introduction to start roasting coffee, but for people who already roast coffee. It's about all the different ways of doing it. The coffee roasting process is very complex. The taste is affected by so many things. It's difficult to control completely. Different roasters use different ways to control the process: the time, the color, the smell, the bean temperature - and the possibilities are increasing with new technology.Made by Therese Brøndsted from Denmark. She has a Master degree in Food Science and Sensory evaluation. She has been roasting coffee since 2014.

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#9 Geisha part 1

When you buy specialty coffee you quickly notice that the most expensive green beans are Geisha coffees. This botanical variety got famous from the farm The Hacienda la Esmaralda in Panama. Since Geisha have been planted at many farms in different countries – and still priced higher than other good coffees. That made me wonder: How good are they ? How different are they ? Are they worth the price or are they hyped ? This is part 1 in a series about Geisha. Read about the cupping with 12 Geisha coffees at http://coffeenavigated.net/geisha/ Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net


1 Aug 2018

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#10 Geisha part 2

Geisha coffees are more expensive than other green beans. This is part two in a series where I explore how different Geisha coffees are. This time we look at green bean Geishas and talk about the different Geishas on the marked. I am talking to roaster Samuli Marila at The Coffee Collective roastery here in Copenhagen. Coffee Collective has a long experience with Geisha coffee. They have been buying Geisha from the Peterson farm since 2009 and now they also sell a Geisha from Bolivia. Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net See pictures at http://coffeenavigated.net/podcast/episode-9-geisha-part-2/


14 Sep 2018

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Sip 1: cooling the beans

Roaster Mike Costaney has sent me this voice memo. He did an interesting experience with the taste in different cooling of the roast. Mike Costaney is roastmaster at Booskerdoo Coffee in New Jersey, United States. These short installments with audio files from you listeners – I will call them “Sip” instead of “episodes”. Like in a sip of coffee. Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net


17 Jul 2018

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Short message, June 2018

Just a hallo to say that I am working on new episodes at the moment. And then I tell about a roasting problem I had – and how I solved it. It could be great if you also would make an audio recording about some roasting troubles you have had and how you resolved them. If it’s a good audio file, I will be happy to post it in this podcast. Send the audio file to: podcast@coffeenavigated.net


29 Jun 2018

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#8 Roast degree

The very light roasts are worlds apart from the darker ones roasted to Second Crack. Light roast is a very small part of the marked and strange to most coffee drinkers. But many coffee people loves it. An american coffee roaster was surprised to hear in this podcast that a roast could be stopped before the First Crack is over.  In this episode I talk with him about the differences. His names is James Simon. We did kind of a cultural exchange: he tried a light roast on his roaster … and I tried roasting to Second crack. James Simon has been roasting coffee for 12 years in the family business Almost Heaven Desserts and Coffee in West Virginia, USA. Link to list of differences between light and dark Made by Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net


7 Dec 2017

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#7 Sample roasting at bean importer

Kaya Caretta is roaster at the bean importer Nordic Approach in Norway. This is only sample roasting: each batch is 100 grams and the roaster is a small Probat gas-roaster. It’s very different from roasting 120 kilos as Kaya did in her former roaster job. Daily she roasts more than 40-60 new coffees … apart from their coffees in stock. I was curious on how she roasts the many different coffees – and what differences she sees in the many origins. We talk color change, smell, blue smoke, weather change and the mysteries of how coffee beans are different. And of cause I ask: how do you decide when to stop the roast ? Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net


17 Nov 2017

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#6 Four roasters at a competition

Here in August we had the Danish Roasting Championship. I made interviews with some of the roasters. In last episode we heard from one competitor. This episode is with four other roasters: Theo Maitre from Sigfreds Kaffefabrik Jonas Gehl from Prolog Coffee Bar Francesco Impallomeni from Nordhavn Coffee Roasters Kenneth Kastberg from MokkaHouse Again I ask them about how they decide to stop the roast. But we also talk about development times and much more. Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net


1 Oct 2017

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#5 Listening to the beans cracking

Back in history before you had a temperature probe in the roaster you could listen to the crack and look at the color of the beans. This episode is about listening: counting seconds from the start of crack. It is a mix of my own background in coffee roasting and roaster Mikkel Selmer from La Cabra. I had already planned this episode when we had Danish Roasting Championship last month. Here I had opportunity to make short interviews with the participants in the competition. Mikkel Selmer was one of them and his way of roasting just fitted in to this episode. And then I have a soundbite with James Hoffmann from his YouTube channel – with his permission. Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net


19 Sep 2017

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#4 Drop by temperature

Do you go for more acidity or more body in your roast ? How do you roast a Kenya for a light espresso ? And how do you present your beloved coffee for the ignorant customers ? Tony Jacobsen own a coffee shop and roastery in Trondheim, Norway, Jacobsen og Svart. As in episode 2 and 3 I interview him about how he decides to stop the roast. And then he got some crazy weather changes that affect the roast. Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net


18 Jun 2017

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#3 Drop by color

This episode is about stopping the roast at a certain color. We are at a roasting course with Morten Münchow from CoffeeMind. But Morten don’t just focuse on the bean color to make a good roast. See photos at http://coffeenavigated.net/roast-by-color/ Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net


10 Feb 2017

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