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C'Mon Son! The Podcast is hip-hop hall-of-fame inductee and Yo! MTV Raps legend Ed Lover's take on pop culture. Raw, rugged and unfiltered, this podcast gives listeners a break from "the expected," and will leave them wondering (while laughing hysterically), "what the f*** is wrong with Ed Lover?"

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series #4 Episode #38: The Almighty Goodie Mob

Rarely does anyone get all four members of Goodie Mob to sit down and chop up the shits, but we did. :) Enjoy.

1hr 11mins

28 Aug 2017

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Episode #128: Drug Selling Culture vs. Drug Taking Culture | C'Mon Son Roast ft. Kanye, Fizz & More

Following the untimely death of rapper Juice Wrld, Ed Lover vents to his listeners the lack of understanding he faces when it comes to drug rap culture and how deeply it impacts our youth. This week's C'Mon Son! Roast features (AGAIN) Kanye West, B2K's own Lil Fizz, the Golden Globes snubbing Ava DuVernay and "When They See Us" plus Michael Vick haters. Enjoy.


11 Dec 2019

Rank #2

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series #5 Episode #54: Derek "Fonzworth Bentley" Watkins

This fun and upbeat interview gives listeners never before heard stories from Fonzworth Bentley about his work-love-hate relationship with Diddy; his "walk by faith" message from the Man above...plus he shares his insight on the fight for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Of course, so much more is discussed on this week's episode of "C'Mon Son!" The Podcast featuring Fonzworth Bentley. Enjoy.

1hr 5mins

15 Jan 2018

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Episode #45 - Hip-Hop Talk w/Headkrack from Rickey Smiley Morning Show

DISCLAIMER: Due to technical issues during recording, this episode of C'Mon Son! has slight audio issues. The nature of this interview was so good that we didn't want to have to re-record, therefore we're giving it to you as is. Thank you.Ed Lover kicks back and has a one-on-one with rap-radio aficionado, Headkrack from The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.


30 Oct 2017

Rank #4

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series #4 Episode #39: Bun B

Bun B opens up to Ed Lover about UGK, shady record deals and business practices, rumor control about Chad Butler plus so much more. Enjoy!


4 Sep 2017

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Episode #83: Honesty Hour

By now you should know that Ed really, really enjoys simple episodes like sitting in front of the mic and talking to his people who listen and support his podcast. Following the intro of Ed venting about the progress of his podcast - he admits it's not that easy keeping this persistent. But in the great words of Reggie Osse a-k-a Combat Jack... "when it comes to podcasting, consistency is key, no matter what." As we embark on episode number 83, Ed touches on personal issues like his family, staying dedicated to work, family and white privilege. Enjoy.


20 Aug 2018

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series 6 Episode #70: Ed Talks Bill Cosby x Kanye x Culture Vultures x J.Cole

This Monday's episode of "C'Mon Son!" The Podcast comes from Ed Lover going live on his Instagram over the weekend. We ripped the audio and decided to post it because it was that real and we don't want ANYONE to miss this message. Ed talks Tekashi 69, how culture vultures produce "sheep," Kanye, Bill Cosby, plus more. Kick back and enjoy - Ed serves a plate of good soulful talk.


7 May 2018

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Episode #125: Remembering John Witherspoon | C'Mon Son Roast ft. Lil Wayne, Popeyes, McDonalds&More

Our hearts are heavy this week as the comedy community mourns the loss of the iconic John "Pops" Witherspoon. Ed Lover plays back his last interview with John plus plays back his favorite Pop's clips from his Vlad interview as well as an old Entertainment Tonight! interview with the cast of the first Friday. Up on the chopping block on this week's C'Mon Son! - Lil Wayne, McDonald's ex-CEO Steve Easterbrook and the hoodrats who got deadly at Popeyes in Maryland.


5 Nov 2019

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Episode #118: Wood Harris

Chicago native Wood Harris has a familiar face, but he's often over-looked and underrated as an incredible and long-time actor. You know him from Disney's Remember The Titans with Denzel Washington, to the iconic urban cult-classic "Paid in Full" with Mehki Phifer and Cam'Ron, to many more appearances and star roles, and now that he's back and forth between Chicago and LA working on new projects, Harris kicked back with Ed Lover and dropped valuable and cost-efficient knowledge on how to become a successful actor and go to school for the FREE.99 plus so much more!


20 Aug 2019

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Episode #84: Control What You Can Control

Ed finally speaks candidly about being let go from POWER 105 in New York before the take off of "The Breakfast Club." Point is: don't get mad over things you CAN'T control - and "control what YOU can control." Enjoy.


29 Aug 2018

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Episode #124: The Legendary Grandmaster Kaz | C'Mon Son Roast ft. Kanye West

He's the grandest of them all. Curtis Brown, also known as Casanova Fly, famously known as the legendary Grandmaster Caz got his start in the hip-hop world with the one and only Kool Herc, and he gets candid about hip-hop during this week's episode of C'Mon Son! The Podcast. And to close this out, Ed gives a brutally honest opinion during his C'Mon Son rant on the latest opinions from Kanye West.


29 Oct 2019

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Episode #98: Ed Attempts to Clarify 2Pac & Stretch Rumors

You can hear in Ed's voice in this podcast episode how determined he is to clarify the dynamic between his late long-time best friend Randy "Stretch" Walker and Tupac Amaru Shakur, both men who were tragically killed and can't speak for themselves when it comes to their friendship. In case you're unfamiliar, Stretch and Pac met on the set of 'Juice'...Ed Lover was on set as well and the trio were inseparable at a moment in time. Rumors surfaced after Pac's incident in 1994 at Quad Studios in Manhattan that Stretch had something to do with it - and Ed swears on his life - it's not like that. Listen now for Ed's side of the story.


4 Feb 2019

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Episode #96: Most Hated - Trump & R.Kelly

Ed Lover goes public with his sentiments about long-time associate R.Kelly; he also gets some Trump talk off his chest. Comment below and subscribe.


14 Jan 2019

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series #4 Episode #32: Gossip with Bossip!

Bossip.com aims to be "the premiere destination for African-American celebrity news and gossip,” so since they've recently released their television show on WEtv, it's only fitting we bring in some of our close friends at Bossip to talk fake news, man-handling all that juicy gossip and of course, life at Bossip now that they've jumped into TV land with "Bossip on WEtv." On-Air:Jason Lee "Jah" (Associate Editor)Dani Canada (Associate Editor)Ronnie Jordan (Comedian)

1hr 2mins

17 Jul 2017

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series 6 Episode #68: The Central Park Five - Raymond Santana

Famed director Ava DuVernay recently announced via social media that she's casting for her latest directorial project on Netflix about the "Central Park Five," one of the first cases to use meticulous DNA testing that led to the exoneration of five wrongfully accused teenagers. The five-part series will focus on each of the Harlem teens at the center of the story: Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise. Ed Lover sat in-studio with Raymond Santana as he tells his side of the incident, his view of the justice system today, being coerced by the police as a young teen and if his payout from the city of New York compensated for what he went through after five years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. Enjoy this week's episode of "C'Mon Son!" The Podcast, featuring Raymond Santana from The Central Park Five. “In their journey, we witness five innocent young men of color who were met with injustice at every turn — from coerced confessions to unjust incarceration to public calls for their execution by the man who would go on to be the president of the United States.” - Ava DuVernay


23 Apr 2018

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series #5 Episode #52: No Need To Be Bitter, Don't Let Them Steal Your Shine!

Heavy episode this week on C'Mon Son! The Podcast. Ed Lover keeps it real with his listeners, no interviews. No specific topic. Just Ed talking to his people. Shoutout to the podcast family, Reggie a-k-a Combat Jack. We love you good brother. As always, listen and comment below.


19 Dec 2017

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Episode #95: Kid Capri

Ed Lover sat down with long-time friend, Kid Capri during his Chicago stop and discussed everything from Funkmaster Flex, to today's hip-hop, to the slow demise of radio DJs. Much more was talked about, so zone in and listen.

1hr 2mins

7 Jan 2019

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Episode #82: Shifts In Hip-Hop

Three very valid points were discovered this week during the recording of Ed's podcast:- BIG REALITY: we need music programs back in schools. - SOLID FACT: Shifts in hip-hop are inevitable. - THE FUTURE: The next generation/shift in hip-hop could be negatively influenced due to the lack of music-driven programs (and the history of instrumentation/music) in our schools. Listen and tell us if you agree/disagree.

1hr 7mins

13 Aug 2018

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series #5 Episode #53: Exponential Living with Sheri Riley

With new year's resolutions manifesting, C'Mon Son! The Podcast wants to help our listeners stay on track of becoming a better version of themselves in 2018. Personal development fuels career growth, so trusting yourself, knowing yourself and living your best life can yield a life one never even knew existed; and to help you achieve those goals this year is our guest for the week - Atlanta's (and Kentucky native) own empowerment enthusiast, author Sheri Riley. Nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work (she literally finds out this week if she won but we went ahead and claimed her victory for her), Mrs. Riley opens up with Ed Lover about how we aren't living out our full potential because we keep spending 100% of our time on only 10% of who WE really are. We hope this episode can add value to your new year. Enjoy. "High achievers believe if they keep pressing toward their professional and career goals, their personal lives will eventually take care of themselves. But it doesn't work that way..."

1hr 14mins

8 Jan 2018

Rank #19

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C'Mon Son! The Podcast Series #3 Episode #28: LaTavia Roberson Talks Destiny's Child [+] More

Destiny's Child will forever be remembered as one of the world's most successful girl groups. But with every group comes its demise. LaTavia Roberson speaks with Ed Lover in this unfiltered, uncensored interview about her [but not limited to] life trials, addictions, abuse plus more. Enjoy.


19 Jun 2017

Rank #20