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Our goal is to bring in-depth content to coaches with a combination of interviews, chats, and personal thoughts on the topics that really matter in the beautiful game and elite-level sport. Enjoy and thanks for listening! - Gary

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Jeremy Gunn - Consistency and Clarity

Gary sits down with head men's soccer coach at Stanford University, who has lifted the national championship there in 2015, 2016, and 2017. He also enjoyed a huge amount of success at previous schools UNC Charlotte and Fort Lewis College. Jeremy talks about how he defines success, how he builds a culture around that philosophy, and then how he sustains it. He covers recruitment, goal setting, staffing, team talks, and details every aspect of the program.

1hr 3mins

20 Jan 2019

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Simplicity and Consistency| A conversation with Paul Dalglish

Paul Dalglish joins Gary Curneen to talk about the Liverpool boot room, the challenges of being a general manager and coach, and his views on youth development.


6 Dec 2017

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Damian Hughes | Role of the Leader in a Winning Culture

Gary is joined by international speaker, author and sports psychology consultant, Damian Hughes. As a Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change, Damian has written 3 books, including 'How To Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson' and 'The Barcelona Way: Inside the DNA of a Winning Culture'. They discuss the role of a leader in building, shaping, managing and improving a culture. What role does fear, anger and humor have? They also talk about how to improve awareness as a coach and what ways you can connect better with your players. This podcast is brought to you by WorldStrides Excel.


27 Aug 2018

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Michael Beale | You Versus Yourself

Gary talks new Glasgow Rangers assistant coach, Michael Beale, about player development and a host of topics related to coaching. Mick's work as former Liverpool and Chelsea academy coach and unique experience in Brazil as assistant coach at Sao Paulo, has exposed him to some of the greatest coaches and young talents in the world today. What makes them special and how can we produce more of them?


27 Jun 2018

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Ask Gary: Igniting passion in youth players today

Gary Curneen gives his response to a common problem with youth sports today: the absence of passion and competitiveness.


8 Dec 2017

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Tom Byer | Football Starts At Home

Gary is joined by global youth development expert, Tom Byer, to discuss his philosophy on parents playing the most important role in youth development rather than coaches, how he found innovative ways to communicate his vision in Japan, why it takes ten years for a football culture to embed, and much more. This is a new series of 'culture' podcasts and is brought to you by WorldStrides Excel.

1hr 6mins

9 Jul 2018

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Dr. Fader - The Challenges of Motivating Teams and Individuals

Gary is joined by Dr. Jonathan Fader, a Sport & Clinical Psychologist with 11 years experience in some world class sports environments such as New York Giants and New York Mets. He has just released a new book called 'Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best: Motivational Interviewing in Sports.'Gary wants to challenge his own views on motivation and specifically how it applies to the current state of the game with variables like pay-to-play, scholarships, parent influence, commitment levels, and how they impact our coaching and cultures. November’s Modern Soccer Coach webinar will be on Wednesday November 20 and the topic will be ‘Set Pieces’ We will have a couple of special guests and discuss:- Attacking set pieces- Defensive set pieces- Effective ways to train them- How to scout them in opposition- Zonal v man markingand lots more…The webinar will be FREE to all members of the Modern Soccer Coach Community Platform… you also get access to ALL THE CONTENT on there…a range of webinars, 250+ exercises and weekly content,… go online and take a look… www.modernsoccercoach.com/community


3 Nov 2019

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Dan Micciche | Thinking Outside The Box

Gary is joined by former England, Crystal Palace, Spurs, and MK Dons youth coach Dan Micciche. Credited with the development of England midfielder, Dele Alli, and one of the most forward thinking coaches in the game, Dan describes where his football and coaching philosophy came from, how he helped change England's tactical identity at youth level, and why he brought a 'ball striking coach' into his staff when he was recently first team manager at MK Dons.


19 Jun 2018

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Todd Beane - You Get What You Train

Gary is joined by TOVO Academy founder, Todd Beane, along with Dan Abrahams on the Modern Soccer Coach Roadshow event in First Draft Bar in Chicago last month. Todd talks about producing decision makers from a young age, how boring practices are doing more harm than good, how Johan Cruyff saw the game, and what we can do at every level to change, challenge, and improve. This podcast is brought to you by SportsLab360, a new and innovative online program focused on youth player development from a tactical and soccer IQ perspective. If you haven't come across their program yet, I'd highly recommend checking it out. Perfect for any coaches looking to go the extra mile to enhance the developmental experience for their players.

1hr 1min

11 Feb 2019

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Sacrifice: What Are You Prepared to Give Up As a Coach? | A Conversation with Sarah Lowdon

Gary talks Sarah Lowdon from University of Florida, on what she has given up to work in her dream role with the Gators. She talks about her definition of sacrifice and how coaches today are interpreting it. Gary concludes by discussing the sacrifices he has made and how they have changed throughout his coaching journey.


7 Apr 2018

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Jack Brazil | Inside the Modern Soccer Coach Mentorship Program

Gary is joined by Jack Brazil, a UEFA 'B' Coach who currently works in the Cayman Islands. He is a member of the Mentorship Program and has been under the tutelage of Premier League coach, Nigel Adkins. Jack describes what he's learnt from Nigel, how his philosophy has been shaped, and what kind of environment he would build if he took charge of a Champions League team.


30 Apr 2018

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Culture of Accountability | A Conversation with Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson grew up in the Manchester United youth academy and was part of the first team squad from 1997 to 2001. During that time he experienced the environment and culture that dominated the Premier League, the leadership of Roy Keane, and work ethic of David Beckham. Mark shares his views on how that culture was created and what pieces of it we can take into our own environments today.


20 Mar 2018

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David Garcia - Implementing a Possession System with a Youth Team

Gary is joined UEFA A licensed coach and U9-U12 Colorado Rapids Director of Coaching, David Garcia to discuss how youth coaches can coach a possession based and/or positional play system. How should training be structured? What is the role of opposed versus unopposed training? How can we teach players resilience alongside tactics and the game? David discusses all of this, along with his unique coaching journey that took him from New York to Spain to work in full time soccer and develop his philosophy. If you are looking for some reading before your pre-season, please check out Modern Soccer Coach books on https://www.modernsoccercoach.com/shop


13 Jul 2019

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Healthy Obsession | A Conversation with Tiffany Weimer

Women's Pro Soccer player Tiffany Weimer from Boston Breakers joins Gary to talk about her career and experiences in the game. She talks about how passionate she was and still is about the game, what she learned from Europe and top players, and how she hopes to inspire the next generation with her work for Duktig Brand.


14 Dec 2017

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Ally Bain: Coaching Build-Up Play

Gary is joined by Discoveries academy manager, Ally Bain, who as a wealth of experience at both youth and senior levels in UK and the United States. Ally takes the topic of build-up play and gives an in-depth perspective on the following: - Philosophy in possession- Session design- Opposed or unopposed- Dealing with mistakes from players- Measuring a successful build- Sources of inspiration for creativity All of this and much, much more!! Have you checked out the new Modern Soccer Coach Community Platform yet?Launched this month, it is a new concept, specifically designed for all coaches to get access to in-depth work, share new and potentially diverse ideas, and have the option of discussing topics within the game that will change on a daily basis.Coaches who register will have immediate access to over 200 training exercises, all animated and organized into set categories (perfect for preseason planning) but the goal of it is to be more than just a session sharing site so every day you will get fresh new content that will provide context, detail, creativity… some aspects that are missing in social media at the minute.All coaches can register right away for a free two week trial period to check it out…bit.ly/modernsoccercoach


23 Aug 2019

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Kieran Smith - RONDO'S

Gary is joined by Spanish football and training methodology expert Kieran Smith, to discuss one of the hottest topics in coach education in recent years: rondo's. Kieran discusses what it is, what it is not, how it should be implemented, ways coaches can progress them, and mistakes he sees both in theory and practice. They also discuss the value of work ethic in coaches and how that can prevent them from implementing a complex system of play. This podcast is brought to you by Total Football Analysis Magazine. Helping players, coaches, analysts and football fans all over the world by taking the difficult tactical concepts from the top level game and breaking them down into easy to understand explanations.Each month you get over 100 pages of pure tactical analysis and coaching covering topics from all over the globe, including the English Premier League, Italy's Serie A, Spain's La Liga, France's Ligue 1, the Netherlands' Eredivisie, the USA's MLS and many more.Highly commended by both people in the professional game and grassroots level, this is a digital magazine that hits the mark no matter what your level of understanding is.To get 10% off your annual subscription to Total Football Analysis Magazine head over to totalfootballanalysis.com/magazine and choose the latest magazine.By becoming an annual subscriber you get at least two editions free over the course of your 12 months, an exclusive newsletter with analysis that only goes to annual subscribers and an invite to our private Facebook group where you can interact with the analysts and continue your learning.Simply choose the annual subscription option and then the discount code MODERNSOCCERCOACH at the checkout to receive your 10% off in the month of January.Total Football Analysis Magazine - you'll never look at a game of soccer the same way again.


31 Dec 2018

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Ask Gary: Daily Culture Building Exercises?

Andrew Gagliardo, Girls Soccer Head Coach at Cranford High School, quizzes Gary about how to set his team up for success this season.


11 Apr 2018

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Jess Fishlock Interview | Does Winning Really Drive a Winner?

Gary catches up with Seattle Reign and Wales captain, Jess Fishlock. She discusses how she taught herself the game, rebuilding her game in Holland, the best coach she ever had and why, and the challenges today's players face with pressure and social media.

1hr 3mins

1 Jun 2018

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Tim Lees - Re-Evaluating Your Comfort Zone

Former Liverpool, Wigan, and Watford Academy coach Tim Lees talks about presenting his philosophy to Roberto Martinez, how that impacted his views on the game and coaching it. He also talks about his time coaching at St. Louis and compares the youth landscape of US and England. Player development is also talked about at length and much more!


14 Oct 2018

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Culture and Coaches | A Conversation with Donna Fishter

Gary talks with Culture specialist Donna Fishter on how a coach can shape an environment that players can embrace and grow as players, people, and leaders. What should coaches be doing? What should we stop doing? And how do we implement it right away in our coaching? 'Big D' explains all....

1hr 1min

25 Feb 2018

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