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Cyber security is now an accountant’s professional obligation

Sponsored podcast: In this episode of the Accountants Daily podcast, we discuss the ever-growing issue of cyber security for Australian accountants, and the legislative triggers that mean putting risk mitigation strategies in place is no longer optional. Joined by Karen McDonald, Associate Director of Professional Risk at Accountancy Insurance, editor Katarina Taurian examines what a cyber security threat looks like in 2017, and how accountants can protect themselves and their clients from a data breach. www.accountantsdaily.com.au


17 Nov 2017

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Artificial intelligence and how it will shape the accounting sector

In part two of this special episode of Accountants Daily Insider, brought to you by the Governance Institute of Australia, the general manager of policy and advocacy at the Governance Institute of Australia, Catherine Maxwell; the principal of PKF Australia, Kym Reilly; and the director of people and advisory services at EY, Mathew Ronald, once again join host Sarah Kendell to further delve into the findings of the Australian Ethics Index survey. They will discuss how the accounting sector fares comparative to other professional associations in Australia, the role that culture plays within an organisation, and the importance of dealing with “bad apples”. The panellists also discuss artificial intelligence within accounting, how AI will integrate with human roles, and the impact that it will have on ethics within the sector.


6 Dec 2019

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What the tax and accounting job market looks like this year

Large firms are shaking up their recruitment policies and the jobs market in Australia has hit a wall, but there are still major opportunities in tax and accounting for smart candidates. In this latest Accountants Daily podcast, we chat to senior consultant at Brewer Morris, Toby Tank, about the tried and tested methods to success for accountants looking to further their careers in 2018. Toby also talks through some cultural wins and barriers that you could face on the career ladder in the age of #metoo, social media and a less sticky workforce.


20 Apr 2018

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Are accountants ethical?

According to recent data, banking and finance professionals are publicly perceived to be the least ethical professional service in the country. In this special episode of Accountants Daily Insider brought to you by the Governance Institute of Australia, host Sarah Kendell is joined by the general manager of policy and advocacy at the Governance Institute of Australia, Catherine Maxwell, PKF's principal, Kym Reilly, and Mathew Ronald, director of people and advisory services at EY. The panel break down the key findings of the Governance Institute's Ethics Index for 2019 pertaining to banking and finance professionals, suggest reasons for public distrust in the financial services sector, and provide advice for accountants to improve their ethical perceptions.


29 Nov 2019

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Foreign residency tax adherence under the spotlight

In this episode of Accountants Daily Insider, HLB Mann Judd partner Peter Bembrick joins host Katarina Taurian to unpack why, in the lead up to the election, a focus is being placed on foreign residency tax law. Peter will explain the benefits of being a non-resident for tax purposes, yet also reflect on the traps that people can fall into as a result. He will explain what can trigger a “red flag” and raise ATO scrutiny for your clients, and discuss your responsibility to those who may be “playing with fire”. Peter will also reveal the areas where people tend to make mistakes and the implications that these mistakes can have for anyone who has an investment property in Australia or other non-property-based investments.


1 Feb 2019

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Impending change to education requirements

In this latest episode of the Accountants Daily Insider podcast Terry Braithwaite and Katarina Taurian discuss the soon to be introduced education requirements which are set to impact those offering financial advice in coming years. They will look at the implications that these changes will have for those both new to the industry, and those who already have extensive training and experience. Katarina will also share her hopes and what we can expect to see in the upcoming budget.


31 May 2018

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Accountants Daily Australian Accounting Awards Finalist Showcase – Business Advisory Firm of the Year

With the Accountants Daily Australian Accounting Awards 2020 set to occur as a live broadcast event Friday June 19, we are bringing you a series of podcasts showcasing the finalists across a multitude of categories. In this episode Accountants Daily editor Jotham Lian, is joined by platinum partner of the awards Brendan Wright, CEO of FAST, and two finalists who share how they are feeling having gained recognition as part of the upcoming awards.


21 May 2020

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A first look at JobKeeper rulings, guidelines and practice statements

On this episode of Accountants Daily Insider, the senior tax counsel at The Tax Institute, Professor Robert Deutsch, dissects the ATO's recently released guidance material regarding the JobKeeper payment scheme. Bob and host Jotham Lian break down Law Companion Ruling 2020/1, Practical Compliance Guideline 2020/4, and Practice Statement Law Administration 2020/1. Bob explains how each statement provides more clarity around government support, reflects on the overarching concerns of members at the moment, and shares some advice to practitioners on navigating the current crisis.


8 May 2020

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How to prepare to sit the FASEA exam remotely

With all face-to-face FASEA exam sessions replaced with online exams as a result of COVID-19 and the bill to extend the 1 January 2021 compliance deadline in limbo, many advisers are expressing concerns about passing the test in time. On this episode of The ifa Show, host Sarah Kendell is joined by Joel Ronchi, the principal consultant of myIntegrity in Practice, a training organisation that specialises in preparing advisers for the exam. Joel outlines some of the concerns he's been hearing from advisers around sitting the exam remotely, what is driving the trend of fewer advisers passing over time, and how advisers can adequately prepare themselves for taking the exam in the coming months.


1 May 2020

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How accountants can look after their mental health during the coronavirus crisis

The economic impacts of COVID-19 mean that many accountants have become unemployed or inundated with new work, both of which can put an immense strain on one's mental health. Renowned wellness expert Graeme Cowan joins host Jotham Lian on this episode of Accountants Daily Insider to share his personal experience with mental illness, how he became involved in creating R U OK?, and his most trusted resources for COVID-19 information. Graeme provides some practical tips for accountants in navigating their own difficult circumstances as well as the emotional distress of their clients, and outlines his technique for effectively working from home.


17 Apr 2020

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How the second stimulus package affects small businesses

The government this week announced a second economic stimulus package worth $66.1 billion to help support Australians through the financial crisis brought on by COVID-19. Tax leader for Australia at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Michael Croker returns to Accountants Daily Insider with host Jotham Lian to break down the new regulations targeted towards SMEs. Michael provides his insights into the technicalities around calculating tax-free cash payments, the insolvency relief measures for company directors, and the somewhat controversial temporary early release of superannuation.


27 Mar 2020

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Unpacking the government's economic stimulus package

Amid the ever-changing landscape of a global pandemic, it's a critical time for accountants to reach out to clients who need support and keep them informed. On this episode of Accountants Daily Insider, host Jotham Lian is joined by Michael Croker, tax leader for Australia at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, to delve into the government's economic stimulus package and the ATO's response to the coronavirus crisis. Michael explains how the package will deliver support for business investments and provide businesses with cash-flow assistance, and outlines the additional state measures that are set to take some pressure off tax requirements.


20 Mar 2020

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Digital transformation changes as a vehicle for improving client relationships

According to director at LMS Advisory Alexander Laureti, policy changes are a great opportunity for accountants to review and improve relationships and processes with their clients. In this episode of Accountants Daily Insider, Alexander joins host Sarah Kendell to discuss the implications of upcoming changes in the accounting space, including the transition from AUSkey to myGovID, the implementation of Single Touch Payroll and the imminent rollout of e-invoicing. Alexander shares his insight around timing such transformation projects, the feedback he's received from clients in response to the changes, and the challenges and opportunities he foresees for the industry in the year ahead.


24 Jan 2020

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How accountants can better support struggling SMEs

On this episode of Accountants Daily Insider, George Morice outlines the key issues that accounting firms and their small business clients will be facing in 2020. The accounting director of Prime Partners joins host Sarah Kendell to shed some light on how accountants can support their struggling business-owner clients, the importance of technology in increasing productivity, and why his firm is providing complementary strategic resources for SMEs seeking growth. George also explains how firms can future-proof their businesses, why adding value and bettering client relationships is the most critical aspect of a successful practice, and how accountants can play a role in helping their rural clients rebuild in the aftermath of Australia's bushfire crisis.


17 Jan 2020

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Preparing the industry for big challenges in response to the Australian bushfires

With the devastating bushfire crisis currently gripping Australia, 2020 is predicted to be a turbulent year across all industries and the accounting profession will not be exempt from these challenges. Director of Smithink David Smith joins host Sarah Kendell on this episode of Accountants Daily Insider to share his insights into the types of issues that accounting firms might face in attempting to rebuild from the impact of the fires. David also emphasises the importance of a strong digital marketing strategy for accounting firms, suggests how business owners can combat the challenge of recruiting and retaining employees in the industry, and provides recommendations on the most beneficial new initiatives that accountants should consider in 2020.


10 Jan 2020

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Embracing technological change in the industry

2019 has been a period of technological transformation in the accounting industry, and according to general manager at MYOB, Blake Collins, it's only going to expediate in the coming year. Blake joins host Sarah Kendell on this episode of Accountants Daily Insider to provide insight into how accountants can optimally embed technology into their businesses; what firms can do to prepare for the transition to myGovID; and how new tech platforms will enable a simplified, more efficient way of working for accountants.


20 Dec 2019

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Positive psychology and its application in professional services

Traditionally, clinical psychology focuses primarily on the faults, failings and weaknesses of patients in order to effectively treat psychological disorders. Positive psychology represents a shift away from this deficit approach to one that concentrates on emphasising strengths and happiness as a means to mental wellbeing. On this episode of Accountants Daily Insider, chief happiness officer at The Happiness Institute, Dr Tim Sharp, joins host Jerome Doraisamy to outline the key benefits offered by positive psychology, explain the generalised principles that professionals can implement in their daily lives, and reveal how he personally adopts this model of psychology in his own life. Dr Happy breaks down the difference between popular psychology and positive psychology as represented on social media, debunks the common misconception that so-called negative emotions should be avoided, and suggests the importance of using flexible methods of thinking in different circumstances.


13 Dec 2019

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The push towards paperless accounting

With the introduction of digital requirements such as Single Touch Payroll, accounting practices are being encouraged to embrace the paperless movement. However, not all firms are enthusiastic about the inevitable switch to digital. In this episode of Accountants Daily Insider, the strategic partnerships manager of Receipt Bank, Christopher McColm, shares his insights with host Sarah Kendell about how accounting firms can change their attitudes towards going paperless, talks about the importance of empathy for historical businesses that have already been through abundant change, and addresses the widespread misconception that accountants might lose revenue due to technology replacing so many aspects of their role.


25 Oct 2019

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Unpacking the rising regulatory burden facing accountants

CPA head of public practice Keddie Waller joins us on this week's episode of Accountants Daily Insider, speaking with host Sarah Kendell on the rising costs and regulatory burden for accountants providing holistic advice. Ms Kendell talks about the complex regulatory regime that currently exists, why the accountants' exemption is not the answer, and some recommendations to ease the burden on accountants.


18 Oct 2019

Rank #19

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The SG amnesty is back and here’s why every business should take note

BDO partner Ben Renshaw joins host Sarah Kendell on this episode of Accountants Daily Insider to discuss the resurrection of the SG amnesty bill. Mr Renshaw details key dates to take note of, explains why even businesses with the best intentions might make mistakes, and explores how the introduction of single touch payroll will give the ATO greater visibility over non-compliance than ever before.


4 Oct 2019

Rank #20