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True Calling Project | Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life and Career

John Harrison is a professional psychotherapist and coach. He brings his insight and experience from his former career as a military officer, 9-5 office worker, and his current career as a therapist and coach, in interviews with professionals, psychology experts, and those living their higher potential. Each week you’ll get discussion, stories, and insights on finding your “why”, how to optimize your life and business, and the mental and emotional challenges that can keep you stuck. He and his guests explore the practical and spiritual aspects of engaging in a satisfying career and a meaningful life.

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True Take: The Next Step is Right in Front of You

One of our greatest habits is to look and expect to find all of the answers BEFORE we act. As if we need to have the most information in front of us, be without fear, or have ultimate certainty before we take a chance. We'll never know until we start. We can't. Maybe we're not supposed to. I'm coming close to accepting an offer for my business that 4 years ago I never would have imagined. And the thing is that without taking those first steps to get where I am, this opportunity wouldn't be there for me. Life isn't about finding certainty. It's about living life and that includes the doubts, failures, and uncertainties. And to get the things we're after, we first need to take that step that's right in front of us. Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it here:www.lifemadeconscious.com/category/truecallingproject/


2 Sep 2017

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Ep. 35 - Michelle Meiche: Accessing Our Intuition

Michelle Meiche is a coach and psychic intuitive. She hosts the weekly Awakenings podcast and runs the website SoulPlayground.life where she shares support tools and insights. Today she talks to John about her perspective on intuition at a time where people are collectively shifting to a new paradigm of thought. As analysis and logic leave us struggling to make sense of or control current events, Michelle shares her advice on how you can begin to listen to your intuition through behaviours and 'gut' feelings. She also discusses how this intuition will inform the psyche to make life-enhancing decisions from your soul. "We're all gonna make mistakes, that's part of the way we learn. But if you have that ill at ease feeling, wait: you'll see your intuition will be backed by reality in the real world if you give yourself the time to let it play out." Interested in learning more about the True Calling Project and what I do?  Find out more at www.lifemadeconscious.com Read more at http://truecallingproject.libsyn.com/podcast#GpOmb3Id6FMx80zs.99


28 Aug 2017

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Ep. 21 - Kat Love: Finding Your Purpose

Kat Love is a website designer and strategist dedicated to helping psychotherapists get more clients (she designed my beautiful website!). We discuss struggling to find your purpose, how she ultimately discovered a calling, and how empathy influences her web design. “I was struggling to figure out what I really wanted and who I really am for a long time. Some of the figuring out of what you want to do and what you’re passionate about is only going to happen through experience.” Kat chooses to focus on therapists and helpers because they have been an incredibly positive resource during her journey, and she’s grateful. Her experience drove her to this calling, but empathy makes her good at it. She is able to empathize for her client’s clients because of her time as a therapy client, and this helps her design sites for people who might be in a crisis, suffering, or just stressed out.   One of the questions she will ask therapists is “what do you want your clients to feel when they’re on your website?” The end result is a website that helps psychotherapists connect with their ideal clients, and helps people who might be struggling find the right help. You can learn more about her services at KatLove.com. “It’s not just a business for me – it’s also a mission. I want to help therapists connect with their ideal clients… because I think therapists are awesome and because I know that clients need the help. If I can help that happen, then that’s awesome.” -- Resources: Connect with Kat: KatLove.com | Twitter Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching? Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


27 Mar 2017

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Ep. 26 - Jo Muirhead: Helping People Reconnect to a Sense of Purpose

Do you ever feel lost or burnt out due to the stress of running a business, or life in general? Jo Muirhead has been there – and now she helps others search for awareness so that they can more easily build a life around their true calling. Jo is an author, speaker, private practice mentor, and rehabilitation consultant. As the director and principal consultant of Purple Co, the Purpose for People Company, she helps people return to work and reconnect to a sense of purpose following injury, illness, or trauma. Jo has a lot of success, and she’s finally built a business that doesn’t cause her to burn out… but only after years of trial and error. During that time, her business suffered as her health declined. Eventually Jo learned that she doesn’t need to run her business based off of anyone else’s template. If we learn more about our values and how we operate, then we can build structures, systems, and schedules that contribute to our own self-care (instead of necessitating care), while still allowing us to grow successful businesses. “You are enough. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone or anything. You’re actually enough – and you’re more than enough – and you’re okay just the way you are. You don’t know it all, but you have the capacity to learn… so go learn.” -- Resources: Connect with Jo: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason Listen to The Art of Manliness podcast Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


1 May 2017

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Ep. 23 - Beth Luwandi: Presenting a TED Talk with Confidence

Beth Luwandi is a psychotherapist, master communicator, host of the Midlife Love Bytes! podcast, and recent TEDx speaker. We discuss the process of creating and delivering a TED Talk, and the message she wants to share with the world. The theme of TEDxGustavusAdolphusCollege was “Life On Purpose.” As a speaker, she was tasked with condensing the science and experiences of her talk into 12-15 minutes, which was later condensed further to 10 minutes, and memorizing the presentation (and, of course, overcoming her anxiety).   If you ever have to give a big presentation, here’s a hot tip: practice it in front of real people! You might feel vulnerable, but the real-time feedback and experience is invaluable. Her talk is called “Stop Talking! How Communication is Actually Ruining Your Relationships… and What To Do About It.” It’s the culmination of years working with couples on love, loss, and relationships.  You can watch it here. You will learn why talking often makes it difficult to establish and maintain a sense of empathy and closeness, and how Beth’s four-step process – Clean, Non-Blaming Communication (CNBC) – can shift your relationship and strengthen your brain. Beth goes into detail on this topic in episode seven of her podcast, too. You can get in touch with Beth, enjoy her work, and learn more about her practice at BethLuwandi.com. -- Resources: Here’s the TEDx Talk:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT1o2esE_88 Start a conversation at BethLuwandi.com Listen to the Midlife Love Bytes! podcast Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


10 Apr 2017

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Ep 32 - Kosta Stoyanoff: Taking Ownership of Who You Are

Today’s guest, Kosta Stoyanoff, isn’t your typical positive speaker. He is the Founder of Uplifted Life, where he tries to remind people that there is more to life than what they have been conditioned to experience, and more to them than they could have ever imagined. We discuss how we can find the part of ourselves that will be essential if we want the world to change, and why we need to look internally – not externally – if we want to create that change. I was first introduced to Kosta through his video, “A Reminder To All Activists.” He discusses why activists need to come from a space of love, compassion, gentleness, and kindness. Who you are is more important than the fists in the air, the rallies, or the posters. If you are angry, resentful, and full of toxicity and you are trying to change the world, you’re not part of the solution – you’re part of the problem. Some will argue that we have to resist loudly and aggressively if we want change, and his own ideas about activism have received some resistance. However, if we look at the negative things happening in the world, they are happening because of fear, exclusivity, and insecurity. It’s a symptom of me against you; competition. We are always looking externally to solve the problems in the world, but we rarely consider that we might be part of the problem. It’s feels a lot easier to point a finger and blame something else than it is to look inside, take some ownership, and begin addressing your own level of consciousness and awareness. The funny thing is… you can’t actually change anything externally. The solution to any problem comes from within. You have the most influence over your own personal state of being, which will then ripple out and affect the people and things in your life. You may not be able to change the world by yourself, but you can still become the highest version of you; the most loving version of you. Then you can lift up the people around you. If we can understand that, then we might be able to create lasting positive change.   “Take ownership of who you are. You will receive and you will experience the way you choose to look at life – and the way you choose to look at life is either from a perspective of fear, insecurity, and separation or from a space of love, compassion, caring, connection, and courage.” -- Resources: Learn more about Uplifted Life: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube “A Reminder To All Activists” Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


12 Jun 2017

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Ep. 16 - Matt Pascarella: Turning Interests Into Career Options

You don’t have to follow a specific path in life. You definitely don’t have to follow a path that makes you unhappy. Matt Pascarella is working on second career goals, podcasting and mountain guiding. These are his goals for a simple reason: they make him happy. He believes the world will be a better place if we focus less on what we should and shouldn’t do, and focus more on what makes us and the people in our life happy. Matt’s new podcast, Hazard Ground, features veterans sharing inspirational and motivational stories about combat, service, and resiliency. He co-hosts the show with Mark Zinno, sports talk radio host and Army veteran. Matt’s soon-to-be new career, mountain guiding, is appealing because it allows him to share the happiness and goodness of nature with others. He is getting certified through the American Mountain Guides Association, while holding down a full-time job. Both ventures share a similar challenge: you have to get started. Sometimes you are more of an obstacle than the mountain. Identify your passions, figure how to monetize it, and try your best to add more positivity into the world. We can all forge a happier path (and make the world a better place while we’re at it). Resources: Listen to Hazard Grounds: iTunes | Stitcher | Facebook Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


20 Feb 2017

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True Take 025 - Relax. You're Going to Piss Some People Off.

Being afraid of pissing people off might be the #1 dream killer of all time. I was reflecting this week on how overly cautious we can tend to be (me included) when it comes to not wanting to possibly offending someone else. As if going through life solely to be polite can get us what we need...or be able to become what we were meant to become. Conflict is a part of life and relationships. We can't run from that or simply appease. When we are going after what we want our actions might hurt other people. But that doesn't mean it's always our problem, or our fault...or a bad thing. When we all show up as ourselves, we might piss each other off. But is that always a bad thing? Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes or find it here: www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/category/truecallingproject/


9 Jun 2017

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Ep. 25 - Tiffany McLain: Finding Your Healthy Money Mindset

Tiffany McLain is a licensed therapist and the mind behind Hey Tiffany. It’s a site that helps therapists launch their private practices, with a focus on first-time entrepreneurs and first-generation college graduates. Tiffany wants to help people who are trying to do something that their families have not done before; people who want their own income stream, a flexible job, a good lifestyle, and to give back. A lot of people struggle with money, and not just acquiring it. Many people, particular those of us who are called to help others, have a fear around money… and that’s not a healthy relationship. You can’t start any venture, or help people, if you don’t have the right resources. “Fear is the number one obstacle that comes up around money.” Therapists shouldn’t feel guilty about, or afraid of, charging fees. It’s not a zero-sum game where you do better and, as a result, everyone else does worse. In fact, making more money means that you can reach more people, do more good, and have a greater impact. The other part of developing a healthy money mindset is understanding that it’s okay to spend money. You have to invest in yourself and your practice if you want to grow and reach more people. “It’s okay to be afraid. Most of us are afraid! If you can find someone who is doing the thing you want to do and invest in them, you’re going to be just fine.” Tiffany was kind enough to create a special resource just for you in the True Calling Project audience. You can find this free resource at www.heytiffany.com/truecalling. -- Resources: Connect with Tiffany: tiffany@heytiffany.com | Facebook Pick up an exclusive, free resource at heytiffany.com/truecalling Ask Tiffany: A Video Series for Therapreneurs! Pick up your own Five Minute Journal Check out Tiffany’s favorite podcasts: Smart Passive Income Online Marketing Made Easy Selling the Couch Practice of the Practice Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


24 Apr 2017

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Ep. 27 - Sharon Martin: Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Sharon Martin, LCSW, is dedicated to helping busy adults and teens in Silicon Valley manage stress in order to promote peace, balance, and happiness in their lives. In today’s episode, we discuss how self-esteem and negative self-talk affect this balance and happiness, and how people who work with children can foster a positive sense of self-worth in the next generation. We all tell ourselves a story about ourselves, which is impacted by the messages we hear every day, and this self-talk influences our sense of self.   Because the messages other people tell us influence our story, we often end up defining ourselves based on other people and a sense of relative achievement… but that is a quick path to negativity. Our sense of self has to be driven by what feels right, not what the outside world says is the right thing. Of course, this isn’t always easy – life is distracting, and the people in your life might contribute to this negative self-talk. On top of that, negative self-talk often tells us that we’re alone and isolated, so help seems that much farther away. There are some small mindset and lifestyle shifts that can help you build a positive belief system that makes life work for you. Recognize that everything you believe isn’t true… and some of your beliefs, messages, and values originally came from other people. Explore who you are, outside of what other people say. You don’t have to do specific things to prove your worth, and you shouldn’t have to prove your worth to receive love. Understand that failure isn’t the opposite of success – it’s part of the learning process. Don’t be afraid to take a risk in the future because of what happened in the past. If your environment has a negative effect, surround yourself with different people. Practice self-compassion in the face of negativity. There’s nothing inherently wrong with you because someone doesn’t like you or disapproves (and there’s nothing inherently wrong with them, either). Accept that you can’t control everything and, therefore, can’t be the cause of every problem. “There’s something very human about wanting to fit in, wanting to connect, and wanting approval from certain people… but that can’t be the driving force. There has to be something internal that feels right.” -- Resources: Connect with Sharon: Website | Facebook | Twitter Read Sharon’s Happily Imperfect blog Pick up Sharon’s new eBook: How to Set Boundaries Without Guilt Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


8 May 2017

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True Take 006: Am I Too Old to Start Something New?

Is it too late to start a new venture or career at this stage of my life?  When is a good time?  Is there a perfect time?  When allowing ourselves to imagine something new, our minds tend to tell us the reasons we can't.  One of the most common blocks we can run into is age and perceived timing.  However, there really is no perfect time to do anything.  There is just time.


12 Apr 2017

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True Take: The Illusion of Professionalism and the Imposter Syndrome

What is professionalism?  Is it the words we use?  How we say them?  Etiquette? Expected behaviors in professional environments?  Is it what we wear?  Many of us are forcing ourselves into a box and parameter that we "think" is the way we should behave and speak.  When we are constantly trying to be something we're not, the imposter syndrome comes up in us.  Are we doing the right thing?  Are people going to accept and appreciate us?  What if we identified our own sense of what being professional means?  Respect for self and others.  Compassion.  Honesty.  Being real.  Because we know we value those things.  Authenticity is professional.  Respect and being true to ourselves and our values is being professional.  Not meeting some societal standard and "playing the game" so we "fit in".  Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it here:  www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/category/truecallingproject/


29 Jun 2017

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Ep. 28 - Frances Harvey: Letting Go and Allowing Others to Help You Expand

Frances Harvey is a Professional Certified Coach targeted directly towards therapists and mental health clinicians, providing support, advice and all manner of help so they can reach their goal of running a successful practice and business. In this episode, we talk a lot about the idea of letting go. We all know that trust is important in so many aspects of our everyday lives, so how do we put this to use in our businesses? And what are the benefits? It may be a daunting task to ‘let go’ and open yourself up to trust, being vulnerable, but many times, that’s when we are fully able to allow the new to come into our lives and businesses. “Make a list of everything on your plate. When you go to do that task, ask yourself “Should I be doing this? I know it needs to be done, but should ‘I’ be the one doing it?”” Frances believes that therapists are simply called to do what they do, and that being able to successfully run a business around that calling is essential. In spite of this, many therapists lack the knowledge, skill or time to maximize their success. This is where Frances comes in, offering solutions to these blind spots. France’s first questions when starting a consultation are: Who is the therapist as a person. Not as an entrepreneur or a therapist- who are they personally? What the therapist feels their greatest asset to the business is and how they are taking care of themselves. What steps can we take to maximize that care and get back to the original ‘calling’ that Frances feels all therapists have. It is because of this style of interaction that Frances can dive deep into not just the processes, but the mind of the therapist, and whilst she does utilize practical techniques, such as delegation of tasks, returning the therapist to their True Calling is of paramount importance. -- Resources: Connect with Frances: Website | Email Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


15 May 2017

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True Take: The Myth of "I Don't Know How"

Technology is ruining our excuse that we use that says "I don't know how to do it" or "I don't know where to start". Knowledge is not something that is separate to be kept from us and guarded by the select few. No, you are just scared or insecure or not ready. And there is nothing wrong with that. Better to face fear and learn from it than hide behind the false notion that there is some source of knowledge out there that you're not privy to that is keeping you stuck. It's not that "we don't know how", we just may not know "yet". Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes or find it here:www.lifemadeconscious.com/category/truecallingproject/


22 Jul 2017

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True Take 017: The Introvert Excuse

As a introvert myself, I'm going to call out all the other introverts that use introversion as an excuse to hide. While there is nothing wrong with being an introvert, it can provide a slippery excuse to maintain a quiet voice, a muted personality, or even a depressed and miserable state of being. Introverts gather their energies from being reflective and having times of solitude or being around similar people. Here are some reasons that introverts use the "introvert excuse" when minimizing their message or presence. 1. Being afraid of being seen as cocky or arrogant. 2. Feeling as though they don't have "sufficient knowledge" about what they wish to express. 3. Introverts tend to be analytical in nature and therefore can be acutely critical of themselves and their beliefs. However, many introverts are not actually introverted in nature when talking about, expressing, or creating the things they most believe in and affiliate with. It's ok to be an introvert but don't let the excuse of being an introvert allow you to continue to suppress your message, gift, or creative nature. The world needs it. And honestly, that's bigger than your fear. Someone needs to hear what you have to say. Even if you don't believe it. Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/


5 May 2017

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True Take: The Next "Big Thing"

It's easy to get sucked into the newest idea, theory, or practice. What happens when we don't get what we expected? This summer has taught me a good lesson on expectations and why we should be wary of "turning points" and the revelations outside of ourselves. Everything is an internal process whether we like it or not. And many times those needed lessons are not fun, exciting, or comfortable. Subscribe to the True Calling Project on iTunes and find it here:www.lifemadeconscious.com/category/truecallingproject


28 Jul 2017

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True Take 024: How Can We Authentically Connect with Others?

What is it about relationships that we find so rewarding?  What kind of people do we gravitate towards?  Is it their words?  Is it their advice?  When we have a good, solid, friendship or relationship, and connection with someone what are they doing that makes it so?  What can we focus on in our relationships to enhance our connection with others?  Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it here:  www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/category/truecallingproject/


29 May 2017

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Ep. 10 - 7 Positive Mindset Shifts for a New Year

Either we’re asleep or we’re awake. Either we’re consciously aware of something or we’re not. But we don’t become awake from reading books or having conversations. We wake up when we experience things, and we experience things differently based on our mindset. Mindset Shift #1 – Don’t Get Wrapped Up in the Things You Can’t Control. I don’t necessarily think politics is the problem, I just don’t think it’s the solution. Other individuals will not solve your problems or improve your life. Mindset Shift #2 – Loving & Accepting Every Experience Accepting the fullness of an experience will allow you to see the good in the bad, and it will help you learn to love every present moment. When you’re doing things you don’t particularly like, you can learn to love them because you know those things serve your greater purpose. When we experience hard times, we tend to quickly judge those as bad experiences. When we make that snap judgement, we miss the bigger picture of what we’re experiencing. Mindset Shift #3 – Being a Victim Vs. Being Victimized We’ve all been victimized. We’ll be victimized intermittently throughout the rest of our lives. The difference between being victimized and being a victim is that being a victim is a role we assume, and it is a role that sheds responsibility for the circumstances we have been given that have been out of our control. What is in our control is our ability to react and be proactive Mindset Shift #4 – Don’t Waste Energy on Can’t If you want to find an excuse to not do something, you will always find an excuse. Excuses can be real – that doesn’t mean you have to focus your energy and attention on them. It’s a choice to find reasons why you can’t or reasons why you can. In almost every situation, there are reasons for both. Mindset Shift #5 – You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers to Start As a therapist, we often feel that we need to have all of the answers before we can help solve someone’s problems. But the reality is we can’t. We’re never going to have all the answers. You don’t need to be the ultimate subject expert to start anything, because that’s all subjective. The answers that you need to apply aren’t necessarily coming from other people’s information. Your answers come from your experiences. Mindset Shift #6 – Don’t Be Afraid to Show Up When you try to meet other people’s expectations, you can’t fully show up. You can’t be the thing you think other people want. Not everyone will like what you do, but there’s plenty of people who will embrace who and what you are. You have to understand and recognize what you show up as. If you show up, you have to understand that there’s value in that. We want to see people and things that are true and aren’t hidden by an agenda. People love authenticity, whether we realize it consciously or not. Mindset Shift #7 – Embrace Stoic Philosophy “The single most important practice in stoic philosophy is differentiating between what we can change and what we can’t.” –The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday Stoicism helps you look at the neutral nature of the universe. It responds to what you put out there. I truly believe the world will start to change when we all start recognizing what we have internally as valuable, and when we recognize that the things we put out into the world are valuable. Act. Do. Try. Don’t be afraid of failing. Resources: The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living by Ryan Holiday “What Is Stoicism? A Definition & 3 Stoic Exercises To Get You Started” Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


9 Jan 2017

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True Take: Making Our Values Our Responsiblity

Was talking with a good friend of mine last night about the state of the world, government, business, economy. It's not our boss, the government, the corporations, our neighbors, our lack of money, or anyone else's responsibility to live through our values and take action...except for us. We have this addiction of blaming our circumstances for our inability to create what we want and not being able to live through what's important to us. The blame game keeps us stuck and in resistance. And in resistance there is no creation of new. Just playing the same broken game. We're better than that and more than capable. Anything that says otherwise just keeps us stuck, subservient, and playing small. Be the change. No, literally. Be the change. Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it here: www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/category/truecallingproject/


28 Jun 2017

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Ep. 8 - Lanie Smith: Art Therapy, Ecopsychology & Curing Chronic Burnout

Lanie Smith is the owner and founder of Integrative Art Therapy and Registered Art Therapist. She is on a mission to reduce the chronic burnout that is common for so many women, parents, helpers, and healers using the power of art, nature, and the creative process. You don’t have to be artistic or have any art experience to benefit from art therapy. Lanie didn’t discover art until she was 18-years-old. Everyone has a creative side, some of us just lose touch with that part of ourselves as we go through adolescence and become more self-conscious. “This isn’t about you being the best or the worst artist. We’re not judging it. We’re just using a non-verbal style of communication here. This is just another outlet for you to express yourself.” Embracing creativity can help change behaviors that are reinforced by ourselves and society, and these behaviors can cause us to push ourselves and burn out.   You can embrace creativity in any part of your life – it doesn’t have to involve putting pen to paper or paint to canvas. You can be creative in the kitchen, at work or even in your closet. There’s no limit to the number of ways that we can be creative. “You are enough. Regardless of how overwhelming things might seem, whether you’re starting a new practice or you’re a new graduate in school or a parent with multiple kids, you are enough.” Lanie and her practice are a much-needed force of welcoming and warming in an over-worked world. Learn more about Lanie and her practice at IntegrativeArtTherapy.net and learn about her new project, a couple’s retreat with her significant other, at TheHeartMattersRetreat.com.   Resources: Integrative Art Therapy The Heart Matters Retreat Interested in learning more about how I can help you through coaching?  Find out more at www.johnharrisoncounseling.com/individual-coaching/ Production & Development for True Calling Project by Podcast Masters


26 Dec 2016

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