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Many know Garrett J White as founder of Wake Up Warrior, a program for married businessmen to live a life of having it all, but few know of his background as a banker. Now, you will be given weekly gold in the form of tools and lessons he taught elite businesses to make money, grow money and keep money.

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Many know Garrett J White as founder of Wake Up Warrior, a program for married businessmen to live a life of having it all, but few know of his background as a banker. Now, you will be given weekly gold in the form of tools and lessons he taught elite businesses to make money, grow money and keep money.

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Move over Grant Cardone...

By ryguy48568 - Apr 05 2018
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This is the BEST wealth creation podcast out there!!

Clear and Concise

By JTD67 - Mar 19 2018
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Well put together and focused.

iTunes Ratings

108 Ratings
Average Ratings

Move over Grant Cardone...

By ryguy48568 - Apr 05 2018
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This is the BEST wealth creation podcast out there!!

Clear and Concise

By JTD67 - Mar 19 2018
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Well put together and focused.
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Rank #1: If You Build It, They Will NOT Come...Until You Market | Warrior Wealth | Ep 003

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In This Week's Episode....PRODUCTION Golden Nugget #1: If You Build It, They Will NOT Come
  • This week we're talking about the first phase of actually getting money into our bank accounts, which segues into the other areas of Warrior Wealth for profit and protection.
  • The mentality that if you build shit, clients will automatically come isn't a reality; it all comes down to Marketing & Sales. Everything that we believe comes down to these two tools linked up to fulfillment on what we're selling, leading Teams as strong producers.

QUESTION? What are you doing to currently secure your power?

  Golden Nugget #2: Mythical ATM Machines and 401Ks
  • As a young man, I didn't know a lot about business, but as I got money, I looked for a place in which to invest. I was always searching for this mythical ATM Machine that would set me free, not realizing that the #1 Asset that I could ever invest in was me.
  • The reality of retirement plans comes down to investing money into other people's businesses, with little return for you. Instead, investments made in yourself and the people within your business will give you a far higher ROI then you'd ever get from various other investment plans.

QUESTION: Where are you currently focusing your ROI?

  Golden Nugget #3: Looking at Ridiculous Numbers
  • After breaking down the amount spent in passive income that comes from investments like stock or real estate to instead hiring another person to help build the business brings a ridiculous ROI difference, you will find people investing in YOU instead of investing in others.
  • Hiring MORE people to bring out the vision that you have in expanding your market has been proven to bring tens of thousands of dollars MORE revenue into your life.

QUESTION: What is one thing that you can see would be a productive move by investing in you?

  Golden Nugget #4: Investing in the Business of You
  • The man who can make it rain controls the game, meaning that by producing leads, you are able to open the gate in which your leads come to you based off of how you have invested in marketing.
  • To become a Master Marketer is comes down to literally declaring it: "I am a Marketer." The way you believe money is and the way you believe life is is driven by the way you react to marketing.

QUESTION: What marketing do you think influenced you to listen to this podcast?


Golden Nugget #5: "I am a Marketer. I am a Closer. I am a Leader, not a Savior"
  • After we declare, "I am a Marketer" we then follow this up with "I am a Closer" in order to present a further possibility by selling something that will help your clients, which then builds your business.
  • These two statements are followed up with "I am a Leader, not a Savior" meaning that I cannot save others. We LEAD people based upon what we've learned and lived. We build wealth on predictable principles based upon our #1 Investment, which is our business.

QUESTION: What is one thing that you're going to do today to be a Marketer, Closer and Leader within your life?

If the King doesn't rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

"Your ability to be wealth comes down to your power to influence and persuade through your ability in Marketing. The #1 Asset you can invest in is yourself. And then invest in people and your own business. "

--Garrett J White

Jan 25 2018



Rank #2: Profiting from Abundance | Warrior Wealth | Ep004

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In This Week's Episode....PRODUCTION Golden Nugget #1: Donating Pinky Toes and The Mindset Angle of Money
  • Your business is a mirror of the power of the person that you allow yourself to be, and the way in which create profit comes down to the mindset that we have about money, which begins with how we were raised.
  • While drinking with my college buddies, we were talking about donating one's pinky toe to science for $25K, and I said, "Yes I would" because of my little to no education about money

QUESTION: What was the upbringing that you had in regards to money?

  Golden Nugget #2: Uncomfortable Having More Money
  • When it came to investing, I learned that once I began making money after reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad I found that I didn't know how to handle money once I've made it, even though I was at one point the largest trainer of Robert Kiyosaki's CashFlow events in the Western United States.
  • After a poor investment of $600K, it wasn't until my recovery years after losing even larger amounts of money, I learned an invaluable lesson of build, loss and rebuild.

QUESTION: What lessons have you learned from LOSING money?

  Golden Nugget #3: Money is a Belief System
  • We all approach money from the belief system of abundance or scarcity, but once we see it as a game, we'll be able to solve more problems for more people more frequently and remain in a state of abundance.
  • The ironic thing is that some are extremely uncomfortable with having large amounts of cash sitting inside of their bank accounts, choosing to rather live in scarcity because it was a familiar place to be.

QUESTION: Do you look at money from a mindset of scarcity or abundance? Are you OK with large amounts of cash sitting in your bank accounts?

  Golden Nugget #4: The King's Cash
  • There are different kinds of profit:
    • 1) The Kingdom Cash: Gross Revenue within Business
    • 2) The King's Cash: Take Home Money
  • Selling more does not equal more money and profit. There's a fundamental flaw in which businessmen believe that they keep what's left over after paying all of the other expenses. We look at money differently that's sitting inside of our kingdom and the money sitting in our personal King's account.

QUESTION: Do you pay yourself first or last, seeing yourself as your #1 Asset? Why?


THE KING EATS FIRST!   Golden Nugget #5: I Am Valuable
  • In order for ridiculous amounts of return to occur within my life, I have learned to determine what amount I'm going to take out each month for myself FIRST and put it in what we call The Vault, which we'll talk about in the next episode.
  • You are a BUSINESSMAN, and the world revolves around your courage, commitment and courage to take the risk and opportunities to get paid.

QUESTION: What is ONE THING that you are going to do today to apply 'the king eats first' principle into your life?

When in a state of abundance, we are able to solve more problems for more people more frequently.


Quote of the Week:

"We were trained and influenced about the patterns we see the topic of money based on how we were raised and what kind of community we grew up in. Money is an idea and a concept that ultimately pushes us to a place of power to produce in the first place. And yet, if you operate from a place of scarcity and lack, it erodes the value of yourself, trusting others instead."

"Abundance becomes this possibility that money is more of an idea than it is as an actual thing. It's a Game of numbers and a belief system that creates value for other people, solving problems, consuming more profits for more people more frequently. Solving more problems for more people more frequently will make scarcity no exist in your life." 

Feb 01 2018



Rank #3: Protect the Vault | Warrior Wealth | Ep 009

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In This Week's Episode....PROTECTION Golden Nugget #1: Building Your Kingdom is Connected to Purpose
  • This is about Legacy. This is about creating a life that matters. This is about leaving bread crumbs for your children so that they can do it better than you did. It's about protecting the life you have built. If Profitability becomes the standard inside your business and inside of your life, then the possibility to live your Purpose is unleashed.
  • When you have no Purpose, there is no desire to protect that which you build and that which you say you hold close to your heart. Hopeless men cannot lead. Broke men cannot lead. Men without money will struggle to lead. The Voice cannot lead you when you do not have the resources to be used.

QUESTION: What actions are you going to take today to get connected with your Purpose?

Golden Nugget #2: Don't Be a Cheap Bastard
  • When to spend money and when to save money is a balancing act. If you have learned how to make money, at some point you have to see your life and investing in the experiences and legacy with your children, as worthy to invest in.
  • You might be the guy who blows all of this money so he doesn’t have enough to take care of his family, or you are such a tight bastard that you devalue your Queen, won’t pay for the fucking ballet lessons for your kids, and end up being served divorce papers by your wife during your vacation because you've shown your wife and family that they aren't worth shit.

QUESTION: When are you going to start investing in your life: in your wife, your kids and yourself?

Golden Nugget #3: The Queen Has to Live and Thrive
  • I had never included my wife in the 'King Eats First' principle, which was not only causing chaos in my marriage, but was not creating an element of safety or security for my wife. This led me to this idea of  creating utter safety and stability for my wife by wrapping her up in a bubble of protection instead of exposing her to the elements.
  •  I started putting money into an account every single month that my Queen has complete control over. It's literally the 'fuck off' account,  and it's also the stability account because at any given time she can open up the app on her phone and recognize that even though I am making a lot of ‘crazy' moves in business, she knows that back home she has fuck off money. One of the best business decisions I have ever made.

QUESTION: What are you getting from this conversation right now?

Golden Nugget #4: The Castle Must Have Protection
  • Cash is King in business. The business must have a vault and you’ve got to raise the floor in sustainable cash in the business. The business cannot continue to redline every month and your teams must know that you are not redlining. You have to get to a place where cash reserves exist for the business
  • You are going to make decisions inside your business to build a movement that sometimes requires great amounts of cash.You need to make these moves without being in paranoia and scarcity. Do you currently have a vault of cash in your business that is not touched but is simply in play, protected from lawsuits and scrutiny, that sits in a situation that protects the business and your future?

QUESTION: What steps will you begin taking today to move away from a place of paranoia and scarcity and into a place of Abundance?

Golden Nugget #5: The Mega Vault Backs Everything
  • The Empire Vault or The Legacy Vault: This is the life and the breath of your Empire and Legacy. It is the red hot core of everything that exists. It is what fuels the war. The war is won by those who have the most advanced weaponry and the ability to support and sustain their military forces. It requires money.
  • Building a movement is risky business because that means you are going to piss people off, and when you piss people off they attack. It’s not if, it’s a guarantee. Be willing to take a stand for something and guess what will come to your front castle door? An army to fight you.

QUESTION: What is inside your Mega Vault?

A Warrior King knows how to Make the Money, Keep the Money and Grow the Money.


Quote of the Week:

"As men, we have lost the ability to have tokens and symbols that remind us of our codes, values and honor in our own lives. Most of us operate our day to day lives with very little to remind us of what we’ve been called to do. The Warrior’s Way is a belief system. It sits at the core of all my businesses. And inside of that code, the external expression of that as a man, a provider and a King comes down to three kings: Make Money, Keep Money and Grow Money."

- Garrett J White

Mar 08 2018

1hr 12mins


Rank #4: Dollars Follow Value | Warrior Wealth | Ep 008

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In this week's episode Garrett is back from vacation and ready to share new insights on the topic of Profit from his experiences in Maui as well as the experiences from his past to shape the way in which he approaches making money now. It requires looking at profit from a different angle of making money and understanding its impact in our lives through the concept that dollars follow value instead of the other way around.

The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....PROFIT Golden Nugget #1: The Business of Profit
  • The ultimate purpose of all business is to make a profit. In order to pull anything off inside of business, you have to actually give a shit about being profitable, and you must also be comfortable with the idea of being extremely profitable.
  • The only game that exists is this rising, shifting experience of taking what was once a luxury and creating it as a necessity - expanding your standard for profitability inside of your business.

QUESTION: What was once a luxury for you that has now become a necessity?

Golden Nugget #2: Growth and Expansion
  • Why do I keep pushing? The purpose of my life is to expand. The purpose of my life is to grow. It will never be enough. It’s not about the money, it’s about the growth.
  •  If you do not have large stockpiles of cash inside of the vault, and if you do not have recurring revenue coming in consistently every single day and every single month into your business - continually expanding the riverbeds - then what you are is a slothful businessman.

QUESTION: What's inside your vault?


Golden Nugget #3: The Discomfort of Profit
  • There was a time when Garrett found all sorts of ways to give away and waste his money, finding ways to guarantee that he wouldn’t take home much money even though the business was doing well. He was uncomfortable with the idea of sitting on top of high level profitability in his business.
  • The discomfort of profit becomes the constriction and suffocation of profitability. You will not continue to push if you are uncomfortable with the results of pushing - which is getting paid.

QUESTION: How has being uncomfortable with profit stifled growth in your business?


Golden Nugget #4: The Greatest Enemy to Profitability
  • The fact and reality is this: when you don't come from much, it pushes you to produce and fucking hustle. Once you begin to build, you arrive at this second problem: abundance -  where your 'fight or flight' mechanism is shut off.
  • The greatest enemy of profitability is being ok with the status quo. Your company begins to implode itself out of boredom or you begin to destroy your business and life out of boredom. You begin operating from a weird, twisted sense of protection that no longer forces innovation and expansion.

QUESTION: What are the roots of your experience with money?


Golden Nugget #5: Profitability Linked to Value Created
  • Dollars follow value, and your value is the ability for you to solve problems for people. If you want to deliver more value, you have to solve more problems more efficiently for more people. The end. It is not rocket science.
  • People need simplicity. Speak to them in real talk terms around problems and painful consequences and pleasurable possibilities. Present many case studies that demonstrate how to go from pain to possibility. Results are inarguable.

QUESTION: If you were to expand the profitability inside your business, what would you actually have to do? What is the one big thing that must change inside of your business to maximize your profits?

If the King doesn't rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

"Are you comfortable with being profitable, with being ok and unapologetic with the amount of money you spend, the lifestyle you live, the businesses that you build, the direction that you’re going, no matter if it means that the circle of influence that you’re currently with does not understand you, does not support you, and will not get you to the place you want to go - and know that you've got to let them go?"

Mar 01 2018



Rank #5: Focus the Frame | Warrior Wealth | Ep 011

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In this week's episode of Warrior Wealth, Garrett has you consider that when it comes to your business ventures, not everyone  you talk to should be involved in the conversation of what you’re selling - that everyone is not a fit for the product, service or experience you are offering to the marketplace.

The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....PRODUCTION Golden Nugget #1: Reserve the Right to Refuse Service
  • Our ability to take a message forward to the marketplace demands and commands that you and I understand that not all products, services and experiences that we have to offer the marketplace are meant for every single person who may come in contact with that message.
  • In my world, the single greatest move that we made in business is that we figured out who were the 98% of the marketplace that we didn’t want shit to do with. In fact, we send individuals to our competitors on purpose because they’re just the kind of assholes we don’t want here.

QUESTION: When it comes to the game that you’re offering, have you deliberately created a strategy to keep most people out?

  Golden Nugget #2 Who Is Your Ideal Client?
  • Inside of our willingness to say no, we actually produce an opportunity for us to figure out who to say yes to. It’s not just our saying no that’s crucial, it’s the ‘who do we say yes to’ game. In order to say yes, it requires us to know that client - to know who we are actually speaking to. It requires us to passionately study the individuals we are saying yes to.
  • It takes time, it takes commitment and it takes focus to recognize that the only way you can truly say yes or no is to absolutely know the individual that you are reaching out to. Ask yourself: What do I need to know about this person? Do I know about their pain and understand what it is they are going through?

QUESTION: In your marketing, how are you speaking directly to your ideal client or prospect that you desire to have in your business consuming the products, services and experiences that you offer?

  Golden Nugget #3: Speak to Their Pain
  • You must figure out how to describe your ideal client's problem in a way that makes the biggest difference in and creates the biggest distinction between "here’s who we are and here’s who everybody else is." The Problem Process is linked to a pain that no one is talking about.
  • If you can speak to the painful consequences outside of the primary problem, realizing that inside the intertwined games of Body, Being, Balance and Business one area cascades over and effects every other area of their life, you have some serious opportunity to gain leverage on that customer as a potential prospect and buyer inside of your process.

QUESTION: When is the last time you had a conversation with your clients that goes beyond the surface level problem, actually talking about the short and long term consequences of that problem across all areas of their life?

  Golden Nugget #4: Do You Give A Shit?
  • The long term success of being inside the Business Game is to actually be in love with the space that you take a stand in. If you don't, more often than not you will find yourself uninspired to take the action necessary to not only say no to people, but being able to say yes to the right people and commit to building a business that actually matters - one that brings Purpose.
  • If you believe in your product and service, and if you believe in what you do, then you are obligated to do everything in your power to market that at the highest level you possibly can and to service the highest number of people that you possibly can. The End.

QUESTION: What might it look like if you built a business that matters to you and that has you waking up in a way that excites you?

  Golden Nugget #5: You Must Be In Alignment
  • The packaging and positioning of where you are in the marketplace ultimately drives the kind of people who are attracted to you. The products, services and experiences inside of my businesses are created for a specific type of person. Our marketing and price points reflect that, making perfect sense to the person it's designed to attract, while weeding out those for whom it is not a fit for.
  • You must take a stand for who you are, who you represent and who you are going to serve. The moment that your positioning is out of alignment with the people, the problem and the process that you’re serving and creating - that is when chaos begins.

QUESTION: What is the ultimate positioning that you are deliberately playing out and are committed to in your business in the marketplace?

Quote of the Week:

"This is an emotional game. There’s this piece inside of everyone that doesn’t not like to say no. We also don’t like to say no to someone who is showing or demonstrating that they are interested in what we’re providing, yet this is exactly the behavior that will guarantee and affirm failure for you or I inside the game of production: when we allow everyone to think they are a prospect; that everyone we discuss the message with is ultimately someone who should buy. Some of the worst transactions you will ever make as a businessman, is taking money from people who are not a fit for what you do."

Mar 22 2018



Rank #6: The Challenge of Being a Businessman | Warrior Wealth | Ep 010

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Power is a hard concept to grasp when we don't learn how to fight for it. Garrett tackles another week on Power inside of the strategy to gain Wealth in admitting that it's a Challenge to be a man, especially a businessman that has to support not only himself but hitting payroll and increasing the money that he's made in the first place. Fortunately for us all, his background in the banking industry has given him tools to face the pressures of being a businessman that is focused on accumulating wealth.

  The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....POWER Golden Nugget #1: Hope. Dream. Believe
  • One of the hardest games to explain to an employee is that you have to be a special kind of crazy to want to run a business. Every morning when you wake up, there’s this fucking shit show that begins in your mind with thousands of stories of fear, doubt, worry and stress about all of your financial responsibilities and commitments.
  • In his younger days, the two major financial commitments going on inside of Garrett’s world that he would stress about and lose his mind over, were his $20 cell phone contract and his $40 gym membership contract. Six months into the mortgage game with a negative financial IQ, Garrett eventually hits rock bottom inside a tiny cubicle where he hears the voice of Robert Kiyosaki through his shitty little headphones giving him the message of "hope, dream, and continue to believe."

QUESTION: How have your financial responsibilities and commitments changed through the years?

Golden Nugget #2: Perspective and Capacity
  • Perspective is the only thing that gives us the power and the tools that we actually need. That it is our responsibility: to stay in a powerful perspective that gives you and I the opportunity to actually continue to create. My capacity and my perspective are directly correlated: there is a symptom and there is a source, and there’s a correlation between them that I am seeing.
  • Most businessmen are limited by what they can see as a possibility. In order to change your perspective - in order to change what you can see and in order for you to paint a possibility that does not currently exist inside of you today - you have to actually shift the perspective that you have that is empowered by the power that you experience.

QUESTION: What do you personally do to shift your perspective?

Golden Nugget #3: Be-Do-Have
  • Who you’re being, ultimately empowers what you are able to do, and what you’re doing ultimately delivers what you’re having. Your being is 80%-90% of your success in your doing.
  • What I’m having today vs what I was having as a PE teacher; what I’m having today vs what I was having as a mortgage broker; what I’m having today, is in direct relationship to what I’m doing.

QUESTION: How is who you are being affecting what you are having and experiencing in your life and business?

Golden Nugget #4: Your Sleeping Patterns and Morning Routines Mean Everything
  • When men ask me how to lead with more power inside of their business,  I ask them about their morning routine and their sleeping patterns. These two things will have some of the greatest impacts inside a man’s business and life than you could ever imagine. Fatigued men make fucking shitty decisions
  • Your nervous system affects everything. It is arguably the tree of life inside your body. Your heart, brain, and nervous system are all connected must have sleep. Creative flow comes from a body that is rested, and when it's not you become a fucking lunatic inside the war of the game.

QUESTION: How ruthless and lethal is your morning routine? Do you even have a morning routine?

Golden Nugget #5: Take Mental Shits With the Stack
  • Your purify your mind by getting all the shitty thoughts out of it. It’ s like taking a mental shit. When you go bed at night and then wake up in the morning, your mind is filled with shit. It doesn’t have truth in it. Most of you when you wake up go straight to social media and your mind is using all of that shit in its paranoid state to create fucking chaos in your mind.
  • I use a tool every morning and I take a mental shit - literally. I get all of my negative thoughts out. I just vomit them. I type them up, I let my rage, anger, frustration and stress out in this strategic game of about 47 questions, and at the end I am done taking a shit and I have a clear action to take.

QUESTION: Figure out what you need to do in order to get some Power in the morning - and then begin doing it.

If the King doesn't rise, the Kingdom dies! 

Quote of the Week:

"It’s very simple. If you want to produce more, you must have more power. If you want more power, you must have it all - which means, you must hit your Core 4 every single morning before you hit the door to go to war. You must take a shit through the stack, and attack with the stack the issues and triggers of your day every single morning. You must sleep well, and you must have a morning routine that works every day of the week."

-Garrett J. White

Mar 15 2018



Rank #7: How to Maintain a Powerful Emotional IQ | Warrior Wealth | Ep 006

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In This Week's Episode....POWER Golden Nugget #1: Businessmen Are NOT Normal
  • To become a successful entrepreneur, businessmen are not normal in how they approach the perspective of making more money, keeping more money and growing more money.
  • Garrett will be grateful for the rest of his life from learning about how to approach money after reading the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and the influence his game Cashflow had on his life as well as the lessons that he learned as a participant in Dan Sullivan's Strategic Coach that divides entrepreneurs up according to the amount of money they make.

QUESTION: What perspective do you currently have regarding making money?


Golden Nugget #2: The Exposure of Building Billions
  • While Garrett heard Robert Allen share his Vision to build a life worth billions of dollars, he realized that he hadn't seen himself bigger, exposing the limited perspective Garrett had.
  • He learned that the amount of money that he was making is directly linked to his perspective, therefore what he believed in based upon his experience that his vision could only be so big. He learned that when attending business events, the information may be in the room, but the deals happen in the hallways.

QUESTION: What is your overall vision? Where do you want to be in 20 years?


Golden Nugget #3: Meeting Yourself Much Older
  • Garrett had a custom portrait painted for him that he has in his man cave that looks like an older version of himself, giving him continual inspiration to see himself from a higher perspective of where he wants to be 20 years from now
  • When a man loses his vision, he loses perspective. And when he loses perspective, he loses power. He uses his experience with college football as an example of what happens when we lose our vision after not being clear about our perspective. The mindset of prevention is very similar to a man that doesn't want to lose. In that state, the businessman will lose every time.

QUESTION: Who would you have to become to carry out your Vision?


Golden Nugget #4: Back and Forth from OC to NYC
  • Garrett's vision has a desire to grow that produces more wealth than any perspective of power that comes from having a vision that consumed him after seeing a condo in NYC that he knows he will have, like the home that he has in OC because he knows that it requires knowing who he has to become to make that happen.
  • If our vision is weak, our power will also lack continuity, which will continue to occur until you are willing to invest in yourself as your own #1 Asset, sharing your Vision with others that you trust to make your Vision become their Vision. When we are clear as a man that takes a stand, elite people will follow. Otherwise, you become the #1 Liability instead.

QUESTION: What is preventing you from seeing your overall Vision? Where do you still lack perspective?


Golden Nugget #5: Experiencing the Pain of Being Completely Destroyed
  • There's an arrogance that comes with not having the perspective of loss, which is why Garrett trusts men that have experienced the pain of seeing their business fall to the ground and learned how to rise back up through gaining a clearer perspective and vision. Only you can be the container for your power and vision to execute with courage.
  • When you take your profits and invest it into your OWN business, you are investing in something you give a shit about because you're the Visionary for the company. All of that comes down to perspective through your Emotional IQ of dealing with growth, leadership and money.

QUESTION: What is your Emotional IQ behind the power that you have inside of your business? How is that different than your current Financial IQ?

When a man loses his vision, he loses perspective. And when a man loses perspective, he loses power.


Quote of the Week:

"My perspective is the limiter of my power and possibility. The most successful businessmen you will ever meet are men who have invested in perspective. They don't pay people to solve problems for them; they look for perspective. The amount of money that is made is directly linked to perspective and vision. Your power is lacking because your vision is weak. My vision sets the frame that gives me power to justify the investments that I make to invest in me as my #1 Asset."

Feb 15 2018



Rank #8: Protection Sets Up Production | Warrior Wealth | Ep 012

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This week’s episode of Warrior Wealth has been lifted from the Warrior archives and features clips from the Warrior Wealth Summit in 2016 where Garrett dives into the topic of Protection, and how your Power actually sets up your Protection.

The following topics will be discussed every month:

Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....PROTECTION Golden Nugget #1: Create, Stabilize and Maintain
  • What is attainable and sustainable so you can stabilize your fitness and be doing some really cool shit at 60? At 80? What can you create so that you can stabilize and maintain your marriage? I tried a thirty minute sit down with my wife to have a serious conversation. We created one day of that. Couldn’t stabilize it, couldn’t maintain it. After twelve minutes we weren’t sure what to talk about.
  • Who gives a shit if you live the Warrior’s Way and can create, but you can’t maintain it? For the first time in my life, I am bridling everyone. We have this board of ideas of cool shit we could do, but we don’t do.  And for the first time in my life I am interested in stabilizing, maintaining and Protecting the systems and protocols of my life across the board: my body, my money, my income streams and my marriage.

QUESTION: What plans and systems do you have in place to stabilize and maintain what you are creating?

  Golden Nugget #2: Let Go to Protect
  • I’m saying no to shit so that I can be present. There are people I distance myself from because they erode and are viruses to my Purpose. They’re not bad people, they’re just not people I’m choosing to be around because they erode my ability to maintain.
  • There are certain belief systems I have divorced myself from because they don’t give me Protection, they make me weak. There are habits I have dropped because they don’t Protect, they destroy. I’m tired of a life of being the guy who burns his business to the ground every five years and starts all over again.

QUESTION: What habits and belief systems do you need to let go of that are making you weak and don't offer you Protection?

  Golden Nugget #3: Nix the Build and Burn
  • Every time you burn your shit to the ground, you get older and more fatigued and it becomes less desirable to start over. When you start to care more about the life you’ve created, you also start to care more about the people around that life that are part of it with you.
  • For the first time in my life, everything is clean and paid off and I realize I don’t want to make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. I don’t want to have another seven year cycle where I build really big and then spend another seven years into my fifties trying to rebuild, and then burn again and restart the cycle all over again in my sixty’s.  Now I create, I stabilize, I maintain and protect because I have stronger purpose across the board.

QUESTION: What steps do you need to take to stop playing the Build and Burn Game?


Golden Nugget #4: Hire the Right Tax Team
  • After my hefty tax bill was wired to the government in 2015, my desire to produce and create came to a screeching halt for a day or two and I realized I needed to learn how to play this game. I invested 50K in a team to protect what I fuckin created. Within the Tax Code, only five to seven pages are written on what you have to do; the rest of the Tax Code has been written to tell you how to not pay taxes - legally.
  • They told me: You’ve had the wrong guys on your team. You’ve been having people deal with the five pages; we’re going to have you deal with the other hundred. We’re going to do it legally and we’re going to show you how to protect it. They make it easy for guys like you to feed the economy. They use tax to manipulate the economy, and it’s deliberately built for you to circumvent paying tax so that you can pour money into the economy and force things to move and change. Tax is a game of manipulation of economy.

QUESTION: Where across all areas of your life would hiring the right team help protect what you've been creating?

  Golden Nugget #5: Warrior Wealth
  • Inside of My Warrior Wealth there are these two ideas of Production and Protection. These two concepts overlay each other in a big way. In Production: I’m a marketer, I’m a closer, I’m a leader not a Savior. In Protection: I’m my #1 Asset, my business is my #1 Investment. For me, here’s what the game has become: For the first time in my life after years of investing in myself,  I can honestly count on me: With three seconds left on the clock, I fuckin take the shot every single time now.
  • What are you committed to changing abut the investment in you: in Mindsets, Skillsets, and Purpose? If you are your #1 asset, what are you committed to doing to protect and to expand your mindset? What are you committed to doing to protect and expand your skillsets as a Producer?

QUESTION: What are you doing to deepen, expand and clarify purpose through: Mindset, Skillset and Purpose?

I'm my #1 Asset and my Business is my #1 Investment.


Quote of the Week:

"I look at how exhausting it has been to take my marriage from where it was to where it is today. There is no battery life left in me to even consider doing that again. Yet the energy to maintain it and continue to grow it into prosperity doesn’t take a lot; it just takes a little bit of conscious thought every day."

--Garrett J White

Mar 29 2018



Rank #9: The Formula | Warrior Wealth | Ep 013

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You get access to a closed-door training from  the 2017 Warrior Wealth Summit in this week's podcast that focuses on The Formula: Facts + Feelings + Focus = Fruit. What does this all mean? It's a powerful formula that creates a purpose-driven life. And when we have Purpose, we have relevancy, which brings forth incredible power. The key is to implement it into your life consistently in order to obtain the greatest results.

The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....POWER Golden Nugget #1: Where Are You At Right Now?
  • I have eliminated so much waste in my life in conversations of collision with other human beings because I put a timer on it. I’m listening and listening and then just cut people off. I’m like awesome, sounds great, where are you at right now?
  • Most human beings do not live right now. They jump back and forth from the past into the future - shit I did yesterday, shit I’ll do tomorrow. They are ignoring 'now' thinking they can obtain some amazing target and blessing from heaven that will miraculously show up in the future with no change now.

QUESTION: Where do you live and operate your life most often from: the Past, Present or Future?

Golden Nugget #2: Facts and Feelings
  • The present moment is your fulcrum. If you do not have the facts, you have no leverage. The man who has the most facts about what’s really going on controls the entire negotiation every single fucking time. My facts will always trump your fiction.
  • We have to clear the game of their feelings, and to do this you've got to get the feelings out of the person you are talking to. If you try to nail someone to the wall with just the facts and they have not released their feelings about the facts, they will hate you and they won't see the facts.

QUESTION: What facts in your life must you get really clear about?

Golden Nugget #3: No Stack?  No Attack
  • We get triggered into future fantasy or past pain. Past pain begins to distort future possibilities. The only way out of this for me is by doing a Stack, which is a series of structured questions written out as a purpose-driven journal entry. This is one of the most powerful tools inside of Warrior, so when I get stuck in fantasy, everyone else around me becomes a target, as well, because they enter my fantasy thoughts.
  • The piece we have to engage with inside of ourselves is that you have to murder the fantasy in you. If you cannot murder the fantasy inside of yourself, you have no right to lead because you are a madman leading people to a very dark place. North Korea is a perfect example of this.

QUESTION: When was the last time you journaled about something that was bothering you?

Golden Nugget #4: The Fruit and the Chasm
  • The ultimate game is for you to gather the facts on a person:  the facts about their fruit in the past, the facts about their fruit in the present, and the facts about the fruit they desire in the future. Everything begins with the facts. The fastest way to pull someone out of their past is to get them squarely present in the future by getting them squarely present in the now. You cannot grow from your past by looking at your past.
  • Once I have done these two things - closed up the past and brought in the present and the future - what I’ve opened up is the Chasm. The Chasm is this void, a giant pit that exists between today and tomorrow, and there is a foundation under all of this which you must provide for each individual, and that is Focus.

QUESTION: What questions do you ask your clients to gather facts about them? Are they effective?

Golden Nugget #5: Focus
  • The #1 challenge that people face coming out of fantasy is the ability to focus. Amidst the chaos that is happening all around them, how do you actually get someone to focus? Once we set a big target for them, we bring them back to today and ask them: What is the first thing you could do today?
  • Part of your goal when you get someone to the ledge of the chasm is that you have to be the lunatic that gets them to jump. You as a leader have to lead them to the edge with the facts, the feelings and the fruit - with a vision on the future - and then have them jump.

QUESTION: What experiences have you had when you were frozen on the ledge afraid to jump?

If you cannot murder the fantasy inside of yourself, you have no right to lead because you are a madman leading people to a very dark place.


Quote of the Week:

"You only take them as far into the Chasm as you have the skills to bring them back out."

--Garrett J White

Apr 05 2018

1hr 5mins


Rank #10: Strategic Seduction | Warrior Wealth | Ep 014

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We've dipped into the archives for this week's episode of Warrior Wealth where you get access to a closed-door training from the Warrior Wealth Summit that focuses on the all important but oft times neglected topic of Marketing.

The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....PRODUCTION Golden Nugget #1: Diamonds in Your Own Backyard
  •  Back in the day when I was running live mortgage events with 500 people in attendance, my team would gather their information, we would highlight the ones we could do mortgages with, and then we’d toss the rest. What I was essentially saying was go ahead and shred the resource for two years that would have sustained our fucking business.
  • You are really excited about doing a Facebook ad campaign, and let's say you have 700 clients from the past 3 1/2 years. What are you doing with them? "But we’re really excited about a fb ad campaign." Shut the fuck up. What are you doing with the 700 clients right now? Are you even talking to them?

QUESTION: What does your internal marketing system look like?

Golden Nugget #2: Direct Response Marketing
  • Direct Response Marketing is marketing that commands or demands a response. It's a Call to Action. We don't send anything to our clients or put any type of promotional material or information out that has not first been thought out as to the response that we are requiring or expecting from the piece that we are sending.
  • Direct Response is an attitude of: I do not put out a message without a 'something to do' at the end. A ‘something to do’ is an attitude that changes the way you think, but it’s not always “buy my shit.”  There is no message sent without a clear Call to Action: Click This, Do This, Think This, Try This, Go Here, Consider This.

QUESTION: How can you use this Call to Action inside of your marriage?

Golden Nugget #3: Frame It
  • When communicating your message, regardless of the modality that you use, the art and the science of it are the same - frame it. Here's what that looks like: 1) Position the problem, 2) Paint the Possibility, 3) Insert the Path - I can get us from here to here, 4) Pitch  - you’ve got to have the balls to be a leader who is ok with telling people to do shit.
  • If you’ve  done this correctly, people won’t feel manipulated when  you tell them what to do to get access to what they want, that you’ve helped them clearly see what they want by positioning the problem, paining the possibility, inserting the path. If you don’t have the balls to tell people to do shit, they’re not going to do it, and then you’ll be frustrated because you still won't have the result you were looking for.

QUESTION: Have you mastered the art of the Frame?

Golden Nugget #4: The Marketing Dirty Work
  • Everyone talks about wanting to do ads. If you don’t have clarity of what the fuck you’re trying to say, it doesn’t matter how much money you dump into advertising because nobody’s going to listen to you or give a shit with what you have to say.
  • Once I know that a certain path is the one I’m supposed to take, I fucking burn anything else as an option. Marketing has been no different for me. I hired four marketing coaches all at the same time. At the end of the day, they knew that the best way they could help me was to open up space for me by asking the right questions. Why are we so successful? Because I had clear answers to these questions.

QUESTION: Are you clear about the message you are sending?

Golden Nugget #5: What Is Your Number?
  • I had been in business for so many years and had never once considered that I could actually go buy a ticket to buy my ideal client; that if I could figure out the messaging and put the dollars with it, that I could actually go reach out into the marketplace and I could buy a client and bring him home. And then when I wanted some more, I could do it all over again.
  • Knowing what a client is worth to you and knowing how much you’d be willing to pay to get that client, gives you courage as a businessman because you’re no longer sitting in a game hoping  that people will show up.

QUESTION: What are you willing to pay for your ideal client?

If the King doesn't rise, the Kingdom dies!


Quote of the Week:

"You are a hunter in the game of marketing. If you are willing to hunt, if you’re willing to figure it out - game over."

--Garrett J White

Apr 12 2018