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From the Royal Marines to successful Business Owners - Orb Rope Access

Listen to our latest episode to hear the fabulous story of Matt and Julie Lavery, owners of Orb Rope Access, one of the more unusual businesses we've had the pleasure to discuss on Business Extra. FInd out more about Matt's story from being a serving member of the Royal Marines to the highs and lows (pardon the pun) of Rope Access before and during the pandemic and Julie's experience of working on and growing the business in between bouts of furlough and home schooling their young family.FInd out more about Julie and Matt and how Orb Rope Access might be able to help you by contacting them here:Website: https://orbropeaccess.com/Tel:  07813 339 064Email: info@orbropeaccess.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/orb-rope-access-ltd/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/orb_rope_access/


23 Mar 2021

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Growing an I.T. Company in the Pandemic - Tony Swain - IT@93

Tony Swain, founder and M.D. of IT@93 tells us his story, from the launch of his company in the early 2000s to the present day, discussing the changes in technology, networks, cloud and of course, how his business has adapted and thrived during the pandemic.Tony runs a brilliant I.T. company in the North West of England and if you need support you can contact him here.Website: https://it93.co.uk/Tel: 01706 835235


4 Mar 2021

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Phil Collins - SEO, Twins and Lockdown

The first of our new series of the ActionCOACH Bolton Business Extra Podcast features Phil Collins, founder and M.D. of SEO Enterprise, a specialist SEO Agency based in Manchester in the North West of England.Phil has had to really adapt through lockdown, as not only has he had Covid 19 himself, but he's also welcomed new twin baby girls into the family. Listen to his story now.Phil provides free advice and great results for all his clients. Speak t him now to see how he can help your business.Website: https://seoenterprise.co.uk/Tel: 0161 826 1999Email: Info@seoenterprise.co.uk


24 Feb 2021

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SEO Secrets - In conversation with Phil Collins of SEO Enterprise

Phil Collins is the Founder of SEO Enterprise, a successful SEO Agency based in Manchester, UK.In this half-hour interview Phil sets out in simple terms the three key principles you need to follow to build a successful SEO strategy for your website:RelevanceTrustUsabilityand looks at some strategies to avoid.With Google examining over 200 factors when looking at your website, following some key principles can help you to get your ehad around the basics of SEO.SEO Enterprise can be contacted here:Website: https://seoenterprise.co.uk/Email: Info@seoenterprise.co.uk


14 Jul 2020

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How To Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous with Penny Haslam

Our latest Business Extra Podcast features Penny Haslam.Penny is an award-winning motivational speaker, trainer, ex BBC Journalist, Producer and Presenter and Author of the fabulous 'How To Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous.'During the podcast you'l lhear a relaxed and humour look at how Penny got started at the BBC and her journey to becoming a motivational speaker and author. We talk about hosting and sitting on panels, getting on radio and TV, running for Mayor and find out all about Penny's FACE. You'll have to listen to find out more but let's just say, it's a great way to get ready and feel more relaxed when speaking. Penny also tells us where to find some of her resources for free.To find out more about Penny, listen to the podcast then have a look at the websites below and of course, BUY THE BOOK !Bit Famous - Communicate with Confidence The Book WebsitePenny Haslam - Motivational SpeakerListen out for our next bonus podcast over the next day or two.ActionCOACH Bolton - https://bolton.actioncoach.co.uk/


9 Jul 2020

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Build Your Business Value - In Conversation With John Warrillow

Full of gems for any business owner looking to maximise the value of your business. John Warrillow is the master at explaining the eight key drivers that potential acquirers would look for when deciding just how they would value your business.John is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Value Builder System, a unique method of examining your business and identifying the key areas where you can add value.If you want to know what to look for and what pontetial acquirers might look for, then listen to this podcast.Also, as a gift to you, if you would like to take the Value Builder Score Questionnaire, then just click this link and it'l ltake you around 15 minutes to complete. We'll then arrange for a follow-up call to give you the report. https://bolton.actioncoach.co.uk/about/increase-the-value-of-your-business/We also have a Value Builder Freedom Workshop coming up soon. JUst drop us a line at bolton@actioncoach.com to be added to our waiting list.Enjoy the show.


23 Jun 2020

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Re-Think, Re-Invent, Re-Open - In Conversation With Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and founder of the worldwide business coaching community, ActionCOACH. Brad is without doubt, the No. 1 Business Coach in the world.Listen to how he first got started in business, some of the changes he's seen over recent years and his views on the actions business owners need to take while we go through the current pandemic here in the UK.We talk planning, marketing, team, systems and some of the actions his own companies are taking at the moment.Brad has recorded a 10 day, 5 hour programme which UK business owners can access for free by clicking this link: https://www.actioncoach.com/covid19-business-survival-training/You can also watch Brad's latest webinar, Re-Think, Re-Invent, Re-Open on his website here: https://bradsugars.com/blogs/news/re-think-re-invent-re-openBrad SugarsBrad Sugars started the ActionCOACH brand in 1993 in Brisbane, Australia. Today the company is ranked as the leading business coaching franchise by Entrepreneur magazine.ActionCOACH operates in over 80 countries and has more than 1,000 coaches around the world, coaching 15,000 business every week. The franchise has received numerous awards including Fastest Growing Franchise, Franchisee Satisfaction, Best Overall Company and has been named the number one business coaching franchise in the world every year since 2004.Using the coaching strategies that have helped thousands of companies around the world, Brad Sugars and his executive team helped lead ActionCOACH and its coaches to some of its most profitable and best years ever… in the face of challenging economic conditions. Brad Sugars and his team continue to build “business re-education” to new, more innovative and exciting levels.Website: https://bradsugars.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BradleySugars/Twitter: https://twitter.com/BradSugars


3 Jun 2020

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Mind Reading, Hypnosis and more ... In conversation with Aaron Calvert

In conversation with Aaron Calvert. Aaron trained to be a Doctor but had already been practicing magic since the age of 8, and then quickly moved on to hypnosis.He has a successful stage show and production company and has also worked with Channel 4. He is currently focused on helping as many employees and business owners as possible through the stresses and anxiety of the pandemic with his company prescriptionhypnosis.comIf you would like to get in touch with Aaron then visit his website https://www.prescriptionhypnosis.com/ for details of his latest seven day video series and https://www.aaroncalvert.com/ for further details of his stage show which will be back as soon as the pandemic allows.


31 May 2020

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The Brilliant Michael Heppell

Our first podcast features an interview with the brilliant Michael Heppell.Michael is a Sunday Times best-selling author of six books, international award-winning motivational speaker, broadcaster and all-round good guy.Join us as we talk about how to get started in broadcasting, webinars, Lives and the like, how he's helping budding authors to get started writing their first book (he can help you too) and how he told a white lie to get his first ever book deal.We also discuss the Edgers, the winning business leaders he interviewed for his latest book, The Edge, and what they are doing in the current pandemic to ensure they are winning.You can find Michael on his website here www.michaelheppell.com/ and his How To Be Brilliant Facebook Group is here www.facebook.com/groups/HowToBeBrilliant/If you're reading this and listening to the podcast before 11th May then join his pop-up Fabook Group, Write That Book, here: www.facebook.com/groups/WriteThatBookGroup/


8 May 2020

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