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Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson shares decades of experience as a hormone and nutrition expert so you can be a healthier, happier you.

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Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson shares decades of experience as a hormone and nutrition expert so you can be a healthier, happier you.

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My favorite podcast

By Polskaklakla - Dec 26 2019
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Thank you for all the wonderful information you provide!


By Bobbi_O - Oct 10 2019
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Always great information! Terrific guests and I want to visit Austin Texas! Keep going strong!

iTunes Ratings

101 Ratings
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My favorite podcast

By Polskaklakla - Dec 26 2019
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Thank you for all the wonderful information you provide!


By Bobbi_O - Oct 10 2019
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Always great information! Terrific guests and I want to visit Austin Texas! Keep going strong!
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Dr. Berkson's Best Health Radio Podcast

Latest release on May 27, 2020

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Rank #1: Thyroid and Iodine with Dr. David Brownstein (#123)

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David Brownstein, M.D. is a board-certified family physician that combines conventional with alternative therapies.  He is the Medical Director for the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI. 

Dr. Brownstein has lectured internationally to physicians and the public about his success in using natural hormones and nutritional therapies in his practice. He and Dr. Berkson are graduates of the University of Michigan.

In this show you’ll learn:

  • Why regular medicine isn’t enough and how and why Dr. Brownstein changed his practice.
  • Why salt is good and which ones are best.
  • Where iodine “lives” in the body and how it protects against cancer and other diseases.
  • The best thyroid blood tests.
  • How Dr. Brownstein tests and addresses issues to find natural solutions for his patients.
  • And more!

Feb 01 2019



Rank #2: Progesterone to protect breasts (#35)

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Why breast cancer survivors and other women may benefit from this 'controversial' hormone found to protect breast and brain health. The ins and outs of progesterone that most doctors don't know. What is progesterone, where do we get it, what threatens it, how does it fight inflammation especially in the brain, how do foreword thinking neurologists use it to treat chronic severe infections like Lyme and Epstein Barr. How does progesterone work in consort with vitamin D. How did it get a bad rap? What is the good progesterone versus the bad progesterone. How might it work along with breast cancer medications for breast cancer patients.

Dec 20 2016



Rank #3: Hormones after 50 with Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)

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Dr. Jack Monaco is a board certified OB/GYN, anti-aging functional medicine MD along with a masters in nutrition. Dr. Berkson and Dr. Monaco were lecturing together at PCCA, sponsor of symposiums for pharmacists, MDs and NPs.

It was a meeting of the minds immediately.

This is a must-not miss show that will arm you with knowledge and hormone power. You get “in on” a masterful dialogue on hormones that will answers many of your questions!

PS: Dr. Jack is known for downloading complex information rapidly, making it very easy and very entertaining to grasp. And to immediately translate into your own life and decision making processes.

In this show you will learn:

  • The hormonal phases of a woman’s life.
  • Who is a candidate for hormone therapy and who is not, and how to help your doctor figure this out.
  • The “good” and “bad” of estrogen.
  • What exactly does estrogen do.
  • How estrogen does different things in different tissues.
  • What exactly does progesterone do?
  • Should women worry about chin hair growth?
  • Should women worry about breast cancer?
  • What is the difference between “synthetic” and “bio-identical” hormones?
  • What is the problem with birth control and how to do it naturally and as safe as possible?
  • What was the “Women’s Health Initiative” and why should we care?
  • What you must know to take hormones safely.
  • What is the difference between “physiologic” and “replacement” dosages that most doctors’ don’t know?
  • Why is it dangerous to ask most doctors about hormones?
  • What are the facts about what is taught in med school about hormones even to gynecologists?
  • Why should women consider hormone therapy?
  • What are the exact benefits of hormone therapy?
  • Heart disease is the number one killer of women of ALL ages, how do hormone therapies prevent this tragedy?
  • Why is it “natural” to consider hormone technologies versus aging “naturally” without hormones.

Aug 03 2018



Rank #4: Super Human: Aging Backwards with Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey (#170)

Podcast cover
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You know how the old saying that the “Two Inevitables” are taxes and aging? Well, what if aging, at least as we know it, wasn’t a given?

This show, with one of the world’s experts on anti-aging. Dave Asprey,  is a super dynamic interview about extending your life. Dave is a genius, agile thinker and you get to hear his effective, distinctive array of science-based anti-aging tools.

Dave Asprey has used specific nutrients and off-label use of medications, to pull himself back from being a 300 lb. extremely unhealthy younger male, to now being a middle-aged much more youthful dynamic incomparable male. He did this by “bio-hacking”. In fact, Dave helped put this term—“biohacking”—in Webster’s dictionary and on our human radar.

Bio-hacking is using tools to hack our DNA so we can improve our genes, moving them toward living longer better.

Dave shares with the world his idea that aging is plastic, that it’s encoded. “If something is encoded, you can crack the code.” “If you can crack the code, you can hack the code!”

Governments like China and Russia are investing in “Anti-aging Technologies” as they realize it gives them tremendous competitive advantage? Why shouldn’t you do the same? This show tells how.

In this powerful dialogue between colleagues and friends, you learn:

  • What is biohacking?
  • How you might live longer but do it much like you did in your 20’s.
  • How to use nutrients to keep your tissues and brain younger longer.
  • Which off-label medications “turn on” your brain mitochondria and immune system healing powers, so your lysosomes can clear “pro-aging gunk” out of your cells.
  • You will learn what lysosomes are, and how and why to take care of them.
  • You will learn exact tools to be rich in energy. Energy is everything. Energy is the true currency of life.
  • That it’s not how long you sleep but how well you sleep. The Keck School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society looked at over 1 million adults 30 to 102, how they slept and their mortality rates and those that slept 6.5 hours lived longer and those that slept 8 hours a night died earlier from all causes!
  • Atypical sleep improving hormones and medications!

Dr. Berkson asked Dave, “How can you say in the book that you will live to be 185 years old?” 

Dave answered, “At least 185 years old!”

Dave then explains, in detail, exactly how he is living toward that reality every single day.

Dr. Berkson read Super Human at least three times, underlining many pearls guiding us toward a safer, younger future. She proclaimed, "Super Human is one of the best reads I’ve devoured in years".

This is “must-hear” show and a “must-read” book, perfect read for those wanting to know how to be the best that they can possibly be. Super Human has almost 500 peer review citations. It’s based on research but comes from that unique virtuoso Asprey special deep dive.

Biohacking is not just for the ultra-rich or CEO’s of Google - but for you and me. This book should be on your shelves and the information guiding your purchasing of supplements and prescriptions. This year, for the first time, there will be more people on Earth over the age of sixty-five than under the age of five. We need biohacking. You and I need this information and need to take actions based on it.

Do not miss out on this show or book! And don’t miss out on all the other very cool and life enhancing tools from Dave Asprey from Bulletproof mold-free coffee to the best eye-glasses for sleeping and computer use Dr. Berkson has ever used.

Be your best by tuning in, and allowing Bulletproof and Dave Asprey to buttress up your incarnation.

Guest Resources & Links

Books: Super Human

Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life

Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster - in Just Two Weeks

The Bulletproof Diet: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Your Energy and Focus, and Upgrade Your Life


Apr 09 2020

1hr 2mins


Rank #5: Embryo Donation and Adoption and Snowflake Babies with Kimberly Tyson (#59)

Podcast cover
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Embryo Donation and Adoption and Snowflake babies. This is a podcast about options. Having more options for yourself and/or gifting more options to others. Kimberly Tyson is from Snowflakes, the first embryo donation and adoption company in the world. Nightlight® Christian Adoptions had already been finding forever families for children since 1959 through domestic, international and foster adoption services.  In 1997 they took this to another level for so many to make their dreams come true. Nightlight established the world’s first human embryo adoption program, the Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program. By applying the best practices of adoption to embryo adoption, families with remaining frozen embryos are able to select a family who will adopt their embryos and then hopefully give birth to their adopted child.  In 2017 Snowflakes celebrates its 20th anniversary and the births of over 500 Snowflake babies. If this show might help you or those you love, share it and pass it forward. Fascinating and pragmatic to the max, this show may change the lives of many. Kimberly Tyson, Marketing and Program Director

May 11 2017



Rank #6: Jack Monaco MD - Confessions of a gynecologist gone hormonal, not postal (#68)

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We think if we have hormonal problems, we sensibly need to see an endocrinologist or gynecologist. But it turns out, today, that not many people, even doctors, get hormones right. Dr. Monaco explains this stunning reality in medicine, in-depth.

Very few doctors have been trained in how to assess for hormonal imbalances, how to treat, how long to treat, and to appreciate the emerging broad swath of hormonal protective actions that occur all throughout the human body. Too many doctors practice extremely antiquated medicine, especially in terms of the world of hormone therapies.

Hormones are not just about sexy or reproductive actions. They are not just about issues in middle or later age.

Just a few examples: 

  • Testosterone protects against premature death in males.
  • It also protects against prostate disease.
  • It protects against heart disease in women.
  • In both genders hormones are major brain protectors.
  • Estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, even oxytocin, all, in both genders, help ward off depression, anxiety and even dementia.
  • DHEA makes your skin look shinier and younger.
  • Melatonin fights cancer, not just insomnia.
  • Estrogen receptor beta signals protect against breast and prostate cancer.
  • In contrast, receptor beta signals in excess, promote heart disease.
  • Thus, hormones must be in optimal ‘goldilocks’ ranges.
  • Laboratory norms based on populations of regular people are often not the best way to assess the best hormone levels for you and me.
  • Many women are told after a hysterectomy, to only take estrogen, never progesterone, as they don’t have a uterus. Wrong! Old ignorant thinking. Still practiced. Who loses out? You!

Many women’s ovaries after any abdominal surgery don’t work as well, yet these women rarely have their hormones tracked, or replacement considered.

Dementia is on the rise. Bioidentical hormone replacement should also then, be on the rise. Why? Hormones protect our brain. They even tamp down susceptibility genes, like APOE4 for Alzheimer’s, meaning they really protect the brain. The Department of Neurology at UCLA is reversing mild to moderate cases of dementia (in 3 to 6 months!) and what is one of their major tools? Hormone replacement!

Do we hear about this much? No. Why? Because the scientists are UCLA are reversing dementia without big drugs.  They are using nutrients, herbs, diet and hormones. That won’t work. Because medicine has become a lot about drugs. A profession that hands out drugs. And casts suspicion upon drugless therapies.

If there are more inexpensive but helpful, effective answers, like nutrients and hormones, those often aren’t recommended. In fact, a doctor may lose his or her position in a team practice if they recommend these tools to their patients. Even if they know they work, are less expensive and have less dangers. Why? Medicine is drugs. The doctors write the scripts. But you are part of the issue, too. If you keep going to the trough and keep getting more drugs, you too are contributing to this enlarging, dangerous and unprecedented problem.

To age without hormone assessment and individual replacement, is to miss out on this personalized medicine that is amazingly protective on so many levels. Women don’t realize that many women on bioidentical hormone therapies have less risk of breast cancer, not more.

Hormones are as close to anti-aging miracles as you can get. Many of the symptoms of aging, like aches, pains, poorer memory, wimpier muscles, getting fatter, getting old lady and man voice, losing lung power, and more, are greatly due to hormonal waning. And can be reversed, rather rapidly, by hormonal replacement.

Alas, too many doctors don’t realize this perspective or wide range of actions of hormones. They do not see hormones as “preventative” or “treatment” tools. But just because they don’t read or know about the vast literature that substantiates this viewpoint, does not mean they’re right. Or that you should lose out.

Dr. Monaco shares how he went from a baby delivering, New Jersey raised, tough guy, softhearted gynecologist, to a bioidentical hormone and integrative physician.

Dr. M is in a team practice with a world famous integrative cardiologist, Dr. Mark C. Houston in Nashville, Tenn.  Dr. Monaco lectures worldwide on how hormones protect against heart disease, a major killer for both sexes, as we grow older.

Dr. M trains doctors in how hormones protect us against many ills often regarded as inevitable, but which often are results of email freeze from hormonal signals. And these issues are often rapidly fixed, if treated by a smart foreword-thinking doctor like Jack!

Jul 20 2017

1hr 23mins


Rank #7: The Unappreciated Stomach Cell And Why You Should Care (#4)

Podcast cover
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Nature put more mitochondria--energy production factories--inside parietal cells than most other cells in the body. This is because the actions of the parietal cells for digestion, as well as hormone health and detox, are critical to achieve unstoppable health. Learn how and why to take care of these important health players.

Aug 04 2016



Rank #8: Alzheimer’s disease: treatment for reversal and prevention with Dr. Dale Bredesen (#135)

Podcast cover
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A mind is like a parachute. It works best when open. But what if your mind is closing down?

This show is about cognitive decline, one of the worst cases being Alzheimer’s disease, with an interview of the scientist and medical neurologist who is successfully reversing and preventing this brain disease and keeping parachutes open.

In this extraordinary show you will hear from a doctor who has published 226 peer review articles on the brain and dementia:

  • What are the 5 sub-types of Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Why do most Alzheimer meds fail?
  • How 1500 doctors trained in Bredesen’s techniques are reversing Alzheimer’s (and related cognitive decline diseases) within 2 to 6 months in mild and moderate cases.
  • How amyloid is the brain’s effort to protect itself and what you need to figure out is what is attacking the brain.
  • What is true brain plasticity and how to build it.
  • What “builds” brain and what “breaks” brain and how to live, eat and track your brain health to keep it healthier.
  • Why taking a “cognoscopy” is as important as a “colonoscopy” and how and where you can do this yourself and track your mentation.
  • How Ayurveda play’s into Dr. Bredesen's dementia theories.
  • How hormones play a role.
  • How metals and toluene are brain toxins.
  • Which specific fungi and bacteria are brain “breaking”?
  • Where to purchase your own ketone monitor.
  • How exactly does the ApoE4 gene make your more susceptible to Alzheimer’s and what can you do about it?
  • How to buy a book that summarizes all these steps.
Guest Resources & Links


Book on Amazon: The End of Alzheimer's.

Recent Study:

Social Media Apollo Health:

Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:

May 24 2019

1hr 8mins


Rank #9: Farshid Sam Rahbar MD: Whole-Person Approach to Digestive Care (#79)

Podcast cover
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Dr. Sam Rahbar heads the Los Angeles Gastroenterology and Nutrition Center. Dr. Sam is one of the few gut docs that incorporates anti-aging & functional medicine together with an integrative holistic approach focused on digestive care. His practice embraces mind & body, lifestyle & nutrition, identifying and treating inflammation, infections, immune system issues, toxic burdens, allergies, hormone balancing, and most importantly, optimizing gut integrity.

There are not a lot of gut doctor’s like Rahbar. In this 1.5 hour in-depth show Dr. Sam shares a number of his rare clinical pearls.

Dr. Rahbar specializes in sleuthing out “stealth infections” that distract or occupy your immune system away from doing its main job, which is protecting your health, and especially your gut. Dr. Rahbar explains why he invented his new Pacific SIBO Breath testing to have more quality control (which many breath tests don’t have).

Dr. Rahbar won both the Patient’s Choice Award and the Vitals Compassionate Doctor Award. Less than 3% to 5% of the nation’s physicians are given these honors, which are based on patient satisfaction, bedside manner, follow-up attention and effectiveness.

Berkson and Rahbar met when they lectured together at the A4M’s gut module training, part of the 2 year certification program for MDs to get board certified in functional natural medicine. Berkson and Rahbar share heart plus smart conversations to help you help your gut.

Order SIBO kits:

Oct 27 2017

1hr 20mins


Rank #10: Dr. Stephanie Seneff (#44)

Podcast cover
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DR STEPHANIE SENEFF Senior Research Scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Dr. Seneff explores the intersection between biology and computation, with an emphasis on human health and the environment. Dr. S discusses on this show: toxic chemicals causing micro-nutrient deficiencies, such as pesticides making us manganese deficient which then promotes mitochondrial dysfunction, autism and even cognitive decline. Dr. S. goes into depth on glyphosphates (Roundup) as being a pivotal cause of the rise of autism spectrum, gluten issues, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ALS, and even supports a new perspective of adverse consequences of vaccines. Dr. Seneff explains that non-veggie gel capsules of most supplements contains robust levels of Roundup as it is fed to the animal sources these capsules come from. Dr. Seneff is especially interested in combating diseases with wise, organic food choices. She shares what she eats (or rather her husband cooks, lucky duck). Seneff says that sulfur doesn't get enough respect. It is our micronutrient, hormonal and neurotransmitter Uber, transporting and maintaining healthy reserves of nutrients throughout the body. Dr. Seneff has authored 24 peer-reviewed journal papers over the past few years on these topics. She's been called a controversial scientist and a genius. Seneff and Berkson go at a speed that requires you to have full focus, inspires awe, enjoyment and lots of helpful info. She explains that Roundup might be the main reason why the US has astronomical health care costs. Glyphosate gets into proteins, by mistake, in place of glycine. This has huge adverse consequences throughout the body, damaging methylation, rinsing folate out of tissues, and partially explains the epidemic in opioid drug abuse. This chemical is scattered throughout your supermarket cart, in your your kid's crackers, cereals, and even inorganic garbanzo beans. Listen and really learn!

Feb 03 2017



Rank #11: COVID-19: In Light of Historical Pandemics, the Health of Planet Earth, & What We Can Do! (#168)

Podcast cover
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We are at war with the virus that causes the new viral illness, COVID-19.

In this show you hear Dr. Berkson’s theory on the “Gaia Principal” and taking a look at “root cause” of escalating pandemics.

In this show you learn:
  • Four portals of entry of the coronavirus.
  • Suggested tools for prevention in high-risk and low-risk persons.
  • Suggestions for once infected.
  • What is a virus is.
  • Discussion and controversy on this virus and NSAIDs.
  • The main time-frame for human pandemics and how many have died.
  • How pandemics are increasing.
  • What this means for Mother Earth and for each one of us.
  • Why we need to prioritize values of “humanity” and “future generations” more than money and power.
  • Issues with kits, government response, fatality rates and why.
And There Is More!

You will hear exact steps to “flatten the curve” (todays COVID-19 mantra) with specific ways to maintain your immunity.

You learn what sugar does to your immune system and for how long.

We share specific dosages of anti-viral nutrients.

You will hear the names of two new promising drugs that may help halt this coronavirus, and how the underlying mechanism of how they work overlaps with melatonin.

How melatonin may be a critical player to help you stay well.. and why. (I wrote an entire chapter on melatonin in my book, Safe Hormones, Smart Women.)

How the virus binds to ACE2 and the controversy of ACE2 receptors and hypertensive medications.


Stay calm. The stress hormone cortisol is immunosuppressive.

We are being asked by the “isness” of this viral reality to live “community” consciousness more than “personal”.

We are all in this together.

Let’s get the message right.

Let’s support the leaders that tell the truth, not manage the truth.

Take Note:

Twenty-percent of U.S. COVID-19 deaths so far have been aged 20 to 64. Kids can get it. They may not die but may be at risk of permanent tissue damage. You can have the virus without symptoms or only digestive ones.

Learn how viruses have consciousness and evolve just like we do. Thus, symptoms and treatments may do the same. 

You will learn the “two aspects” of this virus that make it different than what humanity’s immune systems have seen before.

This dangerous virus is here for a while, but our fates are not locked in.

In this show you learn how to take more mastery of your fate.

Want More?

Go here to read Dr. Berkson’s in-depth article on COVID-19: how the virus acts and integrative natural answers.


See my in-depth article on Coronavirus for an indepth listing of my sources. In addition, some background facts came from The Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) WHO-China-Final-COVID-19-report.

Mar 21 2020

1hr 27mins


Rank #12: Get Un-Confused About Food with Dr. Robin Miller (#75)

Podcast cover
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Dr. Miller is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and also trained with Dr. Andrew Weil as an Integrative Medicine Fellow at the University of Arizona. She is currently Medical Director of Triune Integrative Medicine, an integrative medicine clinic in Medford, Oregon.

Miller blogs regularly for, an interactive health and wellness website founded in conjunction with Dr. Mehmet Oz, where she serves as Executive Advisory Board member. Robin is also a medical reporter and regular correspondent for KOBI-5, the NBC affiliate in Southern Oregon as well as a regular guest on the Dr. Oz show.

As Americans scramble to jump onto lunar cycle eating with the Moon diet, or the South Beach or Keto or Paleo diets, or whatever other diet du jour is trending, i​ntegrative medicine physician Dr. Robin Miller says,​“Ditch the fads and look to your gut to get you toward your goals of health, happiness and weight loss”.

Dr. Miller shares​: the top 5 secrets of longevity, how to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, specific mushroom and exact dosages for some cancer protocols, tricks for improving Parkinson’s disease, a powerful independent risk factor for heart disease that can be increased on certain Paleo/Keto diets, the benefits of “scream cream” to enhance the female orgasm and how to obtain this, gene tests that tell you how you metabolize macro-food elements such as carbs or pharmaceuticals, the benefits of coffee versus tea, and a lot about the truly extraordinary benefits of dancing.

During this dynamic, yet warm and informative conversation, Miller and Berkson soon figure out that not only are they both from Chicago, they both are west coast swing devoted ballroom dancers. Learn how dancing effects the microbiome!

During this in-depth conversation, you learn so much practical nutritional information, while at the same time you also get to witness these two doctors forge an authentic girlfriend-ship. Fun!

  1. Millers’ newest book:  HEALED: Health & Wellness for the 21st Century
  3. Websites:

Sep 25 2017

1hr 21mins


Rank #13: Hormone mimics damage your gut micro biome & 7 steps to protect yourself (#19)

Podcast cover
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Our toxic soup is attacking our gut bugs, and thus our overall health. Intestinal gut bugs (microbial flora) are in constant communication with our immune system, hormones and brain. If we are toxic, flush with endocrine disrupting pollutants, many of our systems can go south. Take action.

Oct 18 2016



Rank #14: Re-Post: 15 Belly-Fat Busters (#156)

Podcast cover
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Go to for an in-depth article on this topic.

When it’s fat or real estate, it’s all about location, location, location!

Where your fat is located on your body, affects your overall health, your brain structure and function, and even your ability to be mindful… or not.

In this show you learn plenty of facts and fiction about fat cells.

Fat has more functions than we thought.

  • Fat stores excess calories so you can mobilize the fat stores for energy when you need them.
  • Fat releases hormones that control metabolism (metabolism refers to how you burn calories as energy, or store calories as fat).
  • Fat protects organs.
  • Fat acts like Jekyll and Hyde depending on where it lives, what type of fat it is and how many of them are there.
  • Hormone altering chemicals love fat.  Pollutants that mascaraed as hormones, can hide inside fats cells making them act physiologically nasty. Dr. Bruce Blumberg has labeled these endocrine disruptors that especially make for unhealthy fat cells, obesogens.

Fat cares about location.

Not all fat is created equal. Where your fat “lives” modifies it’s function.

  • Visceral fat lives inside your gut surrounding your organs.
  • Subcutaneous fat lies under your skin.

Mounting evidence shows that fat lying deep within the abdomen is more perilous than the fat you can pinch with your fingers on your underarm, inner thigh and even on your belly just under your skin.

Fat that lives right underneath your skin, that feels relatively soft and that you can pinch between your fingers, is called subcutaneous fat.

In a healthy person, you should have a bit of fat under your skin that makes up a bout 90% of your fat stores.

The remaining 10% — called visceral or intra-abdominal fat —lies outside of your easy reach, beneath your firm abdominal wall. This fat fills the spaces surrounding abdominal organs like your liver, intestines, spleen and others. Visceral fact can also be found inside your omentum. This is an apron-like flap of tissue that lies under the belly muscles and blankets the intestines. The omentum gets harder and thicker as it fills with fat.

As women approach middle years, their proportion of fat to body weight increases often more than this happens in males.  Their belly enlarges. Fat storage starts to thicken the torso, fill up under the armpits, and thicken the waist, especially in the back.  

Even if you don't actually gain weight, your waistline can grow by inches as visceral fat pushes out against the abdominal wall.

Fat is biologically active. It releases hormones that affect our health.

Subcutaneous fat releases healthy hormones.

  1. Subcutaneous fat releases the hormone leptin. When leptin is released in optimal amounts, it acts on the brain to suppress appetite (to help you not over eat) and even helps burn stored fat throughout the body so you don’t get fat.
  2. Subcutaneous fat also releases adiponectin. Adiponectin protects the body against diabetes and heart disease by regulating how the body processes fats and sugars. Adiponectin also is a powerful anti-inflammatory molecule, especially protecting the linings of blood vessels.
    • Adiponectin is made a bit by visceral fat, too, as long as there isn’t too much of it. But adiponectin production falls severely as visceral fat volume increases.
    • As people become fatter, they make less adiponectin. This increases their risk of diabetes, heart disease, dementia and the list keeps growing.

Visceral fat cells, in comparison, secrete unhealthy molecules and hormones.

  1. Visceral produces proteins called cytokines. These can trigger and maintain low-levels of unhealthy inflammation. Excessive inflammation is an independent risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementias and other serious chronic conditions.
  2. Visceral fat also produces a precursor to angiotensin, a protein that causes blood vessels to constrict, blood pressure to rise, and increases the risk of stroke.
  3. Visceral fat sets the scene for insulin resistance, another risk factor for many diseases as well as symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, out of control hunger and brain fog.

How to tell if you have too much bad visceral fat?

  • If you have a pot belly you most like have excess visceral fat.
  • If you gut protrudes past your breasts.
  • If a woman’s waist is over 35 inches.
  • If a man’s wait is over 40 inches.

Your belly/your brain.

One study followed 6,500 members of Kaiser Permanente of Northern California, a large HMO (health maintenance organization), for an average of 36 years, from the time they were in their 40s until they were in their 70s. They tracked who got dementia, and compared this to their belly fat.

Those with the biggest bellies had the higher risk of dementia compared to people with smaller bellies. The link was true even for people with excess belly fat but overall of normal weight.

How does belly fat cause brain damage?

  1. Leptin: Excess belly fat can cause leptin malfunction. This can cause issues with cognition, memory and hunger control.
  2. RBP4: Researchers at Harvard have discovered that, compared with subcutaneous fat, visceral fat secretes larger amounts of retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4). Excesses of this molecule increase insulin resistance. As the volume of visceral fat increases, so do levels of RBP4.
  • This connection is so predictable, researchers are developing a blood test for RBP4 as a way for physicians to accurately measure an individual's amount of visceral fat.

Belly fat can be confusing. It can be both visceral and subcutaneous. It’s not easy to know exactly how much of your gut fat is killing your brain and your future. At the moment, the only way to determine which of your belly fat is subcutaneous or visceral, is by CT scan. This is expensive. And creates huge radiation exposure .So the test of RBP4  mentioned above, is promising, but not yet available

Did you know there are 3 types of fat cells: white, brown and brite (beige).

  1. White fat. This is stored energy. When you cut calories, you tend to loose white fat cells. When you add more exercise expenditure to smaller portions, you tend to loose more white fat cells. Most of visceral fat is white fat cells.
  2. Brown fat. Brown fat is now thought to be more like muscle than like white fat. When activated, brown fat burns white fat. Brown adipose tissue contributes to your body’s core temperature maintenance through a process called non-shivering thermogenesis. Lean people have more brown fat and more non-shivering thermogenesis. Children have more brown fat than adults and it helps keep them warm. Cold weather promotes brown fat synthesis. Studies show that in Boston in the wintertime, brown fat is more active, and this stimulates metabolism and burning of calories.
  3. Brite (beige fat) is brow fat marbled within white fat. Brite fat regulates energy expenditure and fights against obesity.


White fat can turn beige. Beige fat can revert back to white fat. Conversion factors depend upon how you eat, move and the balance of all your hormone family members. For example, underactive thyroid or testosterone can be tamping down your metabolism and play a role into your types of fat cells.

  • Obesity = occurs when you have more white fat than the other types of fat, from consuming more energy than you use, or having unhealthy hormones and nutrient status (hormone depend on nutrients to keep you health).
  • You can fight obesity = by eating less, moving more, and eating more fishmeals or taking essential fatty acid fish supplements.
  • Why? Fish oil helps you make more brown and brite fat, which ups your ability to burn calories.

The “Browning of White Fat” (white fat turning beige).

Exercise promotes the release of an exercise hormone called Irisin. In 2012, Bruce Spiegelman, PhD, a cell biologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, dubbed this exercise hormone as "Irisin," after Iris, the Greek messenger goddess. Spiegelman said that exercise “signals” your body to maintain healthier weight.

You make the choice to exercise. As you exercise, your activated muscles produce and release irisin. Irisin promotes brown fat cell production within white fat cells. This is browning of white fat, by exercise through the middleman of irisin.

More browned white fat means your metabolism increase. You burn more calories. It’s less difficult to maintain a healthier weight.

Irisin has multiple benefits.

  • Promotes white fat browning.
  • Triggers neurogenesis (the growth of new neurons), especially within your brain.
  • Increases the expression of BDNF(brain-derived neurotrophic factor).
  • Activates genes involved in learning and memory.
  • Lengthens telomeres (tips of DNA). The longer your telomeres, the more you fight off disease, aging and premature death.

In-depth article at Berkson’s Blog:

Nov 29 2019



Rank #15: Brownstein MD Show 2: Thyroid (#32)

Podcast cover
Read more

Why thyroid disease is undiagnosed, why you might go to your doctor yet not get the right care, why the epidemic of thyroid disease, the pros and cons of taking iodine replacement, the correct dosages, the organs involved, the link of iodine deficiency with both types of diabetes and cancers, hormone fear and misunderstanding, why you should know about this information for issues from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. With family practice physician, author and integrative doctor Dr. David Brownstein

Dec 12 2016



Rank #16: Hormone Balancing Guru, "Flipping-50" Expert Debra Atkinson (#153)

Podcast cover
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Debra Atkinson is in amazing buffed shape at 55 years of age. She has trained half a million women, who are part of her community, how to exercise for less time with bigger benefits. Debra has designed specific exercise techniques that are very easy to follow, to “treat” bad estrogen dominance, elevated androgens, and more! Debra is called the Hormone Balancing Fitness Expert —specializing in exercise, foods and mindfulness to help women over 50 be their very best.

Nov 08 2019



Rank #17: Dr. Joseph Pizzorno - The Toxin Solution (#52)

Podcast cover
Read more

Dr. Pizzorno and Dr. Berkson have been colleagues since the 1970's, so this discussion unfolds as rich in facts but sincerely warm-hearted between two long time natural healers. Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is a thought leader in functional medicine and is now a paradigm shifter in environmental medicine. Dr. Pizzorno was founding president of Bastyr University, one of the prestigious naturopathic colleagues in the US. 

Dr. Pizzorno has been practicing, teaching and guiding this naturopathic field since the 1970’s. Dr. P is also president of SaluGenecists, a company that develops tools for clinicians to discover root causes of disease and then be able to pick the best individualized effective treatments based on the patient’s personal physiology.

 Dr. P is also Editor-in-Chief of the well respected Integrative Medicine, A Clinician's Journal.  In this podcast Pizzorno and Berkson are discussing his new book The Toxin Solution. Too often, people can go through the trouble of performing detoxification protocols, but find themselves worse off afterwards by not doing the detox protocol right. What does this mean? There needs to be adequate "organ' preparation, effective identification of specific toxins and exact modalities to liberate them from hidden reserves, and most importantly, and effective clearing of these toxins out of the body. Too many detox programs liberate toxins but don't address these other components. People can go through all that effort and come out less well. Dr. Pizzorno shares, from a clinician's point of view, that many diseases can be completely eliminated, from rheumatoid arthritis to Alzheimer's, by practitioner monitored in-depth detoxification protocols. And then of course, living more cleanly afterwards. Dr. P tells the mesmerizing story of the oil field workers that first got his attention and led to his research. He explains that the human body requires enzymes to perform cellular activities. Nutrients or nutritional supplements “feed” enzymes, while in contrast, most pharmaceuticals “kill” them. Natural answers such as detoxification methods make so much more sense in the long run to eliminate disease, rather than the use of medications that mostly address symptoms but don’t help or intend for the person to get over that disease. These doctors discussed side effects of some over the counter meds like acetaminophen. This rinses glutathione out of the body. Glutathione is a major supporter of detox enzymes. When this is rinsed out of the body, the body is at greater risk of disease, infections, and many worse things than the headaches you grabbed this medicine for in the first place. People who take acetaminophen regularly and live on a golf course, for example, have a harder time processing the chemicals used on the greens and are much more prone to serious health issues. We now live in a toxic soup. No one is immune. You cannot shop yourself out of this mess and regulatory actions can't happen fast enough. So as clinicians, we need, as Dr. Pizzorno emphasizes, to offer answers to help people get over serious illnesses once and for all. Often expensive meds have adverse serious side effects that, on top of the illness in the first place, make the person feel worse in the second place. And do not eradicate the illness. 

And more shocking is that many of these meds, at the physiology level, can actually make people worse, by rinsing out nutrients, damaging enzymes, blocking critical pathways, and more. Dr. Pizzorno loves to motorcycle with his wife Laura through the countrysides of the many places he is sought after to speak around the world. At Dr. Pizzorno's website,, he has provided a plethora of information to help you understand the critical role of how the toxin issue must be addressed by all of us. We can't keep putting our heads in the sand. For example, lactating mom's download 40 to 80% of their lifetime chemical load to their infants. This is contributing to increases in serious childhood illnesses. What’s one answer? Get tested and detoxed ideally prior to conception. Berkson has been calling for Green Pregnancy for years.  This warm, insightful and factoid filled discussion between colleagues and old friends, highlights that detoxification must move mainstream. Dr. Pizzorno’s book is a guide to show you how, but he recommends that you work with physicians who also know how. This shrinks the playing field. If you ask your regular doctor they will most likely not know about the role of toxicity in your health issues. As Roger Williams PhD used to say, “It’s human to be down on what you aren’t up on.” Get up on this amazing information on detox to stretch your understanding of its critical role in total healing. This podcast gives you a window into “this new medicine.”

Mar 21 2017

1hr 10mins


Rank #18: Dr. Alan Gaby MD - Minerals (#40)

Podcast cover
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Internationally acclaimed nutritional medical expert. Dr. Gaby speaks on magnesium, oral vs. intravenous, controversies surrounding IV use and why the misunderstanding, how stress makes magnesium rinse out of the body, the difference between alternative and allopathic medicine, the role of Vitamin C in viral diseases, the environmental attack on Vitamin B6, the rise of fairly new Vitamin B6 deficiency diseases, the role of nutrients vs. dietary intervention (you can't take a lot of expensive and sophisticated nutrients and expect them to help without positive dietary changes), and why is it so difficult to find doctors that truly respect, understand and implement "natural" answers. Dr .Gaby discusses the reality of "sugar addiction" demonstrated by fascinating animal model experiments. Sugar cravings are real when consuming a relatively higher refined carb diet.   Dr. Berkson and Dr. Gaby have been life-long colleagues. They did their 1st rotation in integrative medicine together with Dr. Jonathan Wright (the father of bioidentical hormones) in 1977. They've been learning, respecting and laughing together ever since. Get Dr. Gaby's new book Nutritional Medicine at

Jan 10 2017



Rank #19: Ozone with Dr. Frank Shallenberger and Dr. Berkson (#122)

Podcast cover
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Dr. Shallenberger is known as the "Godfather" of Ozone. Dr. Shallenberger's certification Course on Ozone Therapy is the oldest and most comprehensive Ozone Therapy course in the Western world. Shallenberger has been giving this course every year since 1991 and has trained thousands of practitioners from all over the world.

In this show you will learn:

  • What is ozone?
  • What are the different ways it is safely delivered into the body?
  • How ozone effects or reboots mitochondria.
  • The different health issues that are treated with ozone.
  • The use of ozone for pain.
  • Dr. Berkson’s healing eye journey using ozone. This is based on Dr. Menendez’s work. In several studies, Dr. Menendez and her colleagues were able to show a consistent improvement in patients with macular degeneration and visual field loss, using ozone therapy alone. Ozone therapy – all by itself (no drugs, supplements, or foods) – consistently enhanced both visual acuity and visual field.

Jan 24 2019

1hr 4mins


Rank #20: Pomegranates - Unique Medical Food (#132)

Podcast cover
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Pomegranates are as close to a miracle food as Mother Nature gets. Pomegranates protect your heart, safeguard your estrogens, “sensitize” insulin receptors better than many diabetic drugs without nasty side effects, slow down aging, and fight cancer.

Pomegranates fight against lots of bad stuff.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-bad cholesterol
  • Anti-heart disease
  • Anti-kidney disease
  • Anti-cognitive disease
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-obesity
  • Anti-carcinogenic

Pomegranates support a lot of good actions:

  • Pro-nitric oxide availability and levels
  • Pro-kidney health
  • Pro-blood vessel health
  • Pro-heart health
  • Pro-bone health
  • Pro-immune supportive
  • Pro-mitochondrial support
  • Pro-brain protection

In this show you will learn exactly how pomegranates protect heart health:

  • Makes APOCIII genetic glitches work better.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Lowers Oxidized Cholesterol
  • Makes cholesterol less dangerous and less sticky.
  • Boosts enzymes that keep blood fats healthier.
  • Reduces size of plaque (atherosclerotic lesions).
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce Blood clotting
  • Increases nitric oxide
  • Treats angina

You’ll discover that allparts of pomegranates contain healthy plant compounds.

  • The reddish kernel(referred to as a pomegranate “aril”), and
  • The whitish seed corein the middle of the kernel where the distinct oiland fiber
  • Pomegranate juicecontains all of these components, though it contains more available sugars then chewing the arils whole.

Hard to conceive that pomegranates contain a one-of-a-kind omega fatty acid, omega-5 fatty acid. No other plant on earth contains this special compound. You will hear what omega-5 fatty acid does for the human body, including liver, brain, breast and prostate tissue.

It is rather stunning to realize that numerous scientific articles conclude that pomegranates are type-2 diabetics best friend. Why?  Because Punicicacid, the main ingredient of pomegranateomega-5 seed oil, is a “peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma” agonist. This means it signals insulin receptors. Yet, unlike synthetic insulin signalers, such as the diabetic family of drugs called thiazolidinedione’s, pomegranate oil has no nasty side effects.

Pomegranates also fight insulin resistance..

You will hear a discussion on pomegranates as an “Adaptogenic Food Estrogen” and how consuming pomegranates regularly effects sex steroid hormones, such as estrogen.

Pomegranates also fight cancer. The compounds in the arils fight tumors cells as well as inhibit cancer stem cells. It's cancer stem cells that cause most of cancer recurrences.

Pomegranateseed oil blocks most (90% inhibition) of proliferation of ER+ laboratory breast cancer cells (called MCF-7cells, first harvested from a nun and then cultured continually in experimental cancer labs all over the world).

Pomegranates cause 54% of cancer cell death in ER- breast cancer cells (MDA-MB-435).

Pomegranates are strikingly kidney protective and reduce both renal and heart complications in kidney patients down the road.

After this show you will know exactly what a pomegranate aril is, where to get it and how often to consume it. And you will realize the few pomegranate contraindications.

This show is jammed packed with “food as medicine” facts! Also, don’t miss Berkson Blog on pomegranates coming soon, too, at

Apr 25 2019