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Directors Notes is an interview podcast dedicated to independent filmmaking in all its wondrous forms, lengths and styles. The show digs deep into the what, how and why of the world's best filmmaking in the only way that counts - by hearing directly from those talented individuals who have successfully taken their ideas from concept to screen.

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DN350: Nico Edwards Documents a Treacherous 8,000 Mile Pacific Voyage Through Ice & Wind in ‘Sea Gypsies’

Nico Edwards' debut documentary follows 16 crew members aboard a 120ft sailing Ketch as they journey through some of the most treacherous seas on earth.

4 May 2017

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DN365: Isabella Eklöf Exposes the Rot Beneath the Glitzy Veneer of Power & Money in Unflinching Debut ‘Holiday’

Isabella Eklöf discusses 'Holiday', her unflinching depiction of the control and sexual violence lurking beneath the glitzy veneer of power and money.

30 Nov 2018

Rank #2

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DN337: Jaco Van Dormael Preaches the Gospel According to God’s Daughter in ‘The Brand New Testament’

Award winning Director Jaco Van Dormael joins DN to discuss why his irreverent forth feature ’The Brand New Testament‘ isn't about religion.

15 Apr 2016

Rank #3

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DN336: Asaf Korman Delves into the Heart of Unhealthy Symbiotic Relationships in Sibling Drama ‘Next to Her’

Israeli director Asaf Korman joins us on the podcast with feature debut ‘Next to Her’, an intimate and very personal look at the themes of co-dependence and unhealthy symbiotic relationships.

10 Mar 2016

Rank #4

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DN356: Dustin Guy Defa Weaves a Whimsical Tapestry of New York Stories in Ensemble Feature ‘Person to Person’

Dustin Guy Defa shares why we had to wait 6 years for his second feature and how short films paved the way for his ensemble New York story.

21 Dec 2017

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DN335: Hanna Polak Unearths the Treacherous Journey of Life on a Moscow Rubbish Dump in ’Something Better to Come‘

Oscar-nominated Director Hanna Polak reveals why she dedicated 14 years of her life to tell the story of Yula, a young girl who grew up on Europe's largest garbage dump, in the heart wrenching vérité documentary ‘Something Better to Come’.

23 Feb 2016

Rank #6

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DN346: Chasing Asylum – Eva Orner

Eva Orner’s documentary exposes the repugnant, inhumane ways the Australian government treats asylum seekers and its attempts to hide these atrocities.

8 Dec 2016

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DN367: A Deep Dive into ‘Burning Cane’, Phillip Youmans’ Debut Feature Which Made Tribeca History

Phillip Youmans joins DN to discuss the experience of taking on multiple production roles for his Tribeca winning debut feature 'Burning Cane'.

6 Nov 2019

Rank #8

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DN354: An English Boxer Fights to Survive a Brutal Thai Prison in Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire’s ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’

How director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire brought the brutal reality of an English boxer's life in one Thailand's most notorious prisons to screen.

26 Oct 2017

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DN342: After Love – Joachim Lafosse

Joachim Lafosse discusses how he depicted a couple's acrimonious separation and divorce through the use of long fluid sequence shots of domestic hostility.

4 Nov 2016

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DN366: Hari Sama Returns to the Hedonistic Days of Mexico City’s Post-Punk Scene in ‘This Is Not Berlin’

Hari Sama talks to DN about heading back to the post-punk days of sexual liberty, outsider art and drugs which helped shape him in 'This Is Not Berlin'.

2 Nov 2019

Rank #11

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DN343: Indivisible – Edoardo De Angelis

Edoardo De Angelis explores themes of individualism and sororal symbiosis in his tale of singing siamese twins who discover the possibility of life apart.

10 Nov 2016

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DN338: Sheep & Sibling Strife – Grimur Hakonarson on his Cannes Winning Feature ‘Rams’

A film filled with deep humour and an even deeper humanity, DN sits down with Icelandic Director Grimur Hakonarson to discuss his Un Certain Regard winning feature ‘Rams’ .

8 Jun 2016

Rank #13

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DN362: A Troubled Imposter Tries to Find Her Way Home in Christina Choe’s Psychodrama ‘Nancy’

DN speaks to Christina Choe about her debut psychodrama 'Nancy' and the difficulties of bringing stories led by complex female protagonists to screen.

8 Nov 2018

Rank #14

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DN363: Sara Colangelo Tracks a Destructive Spiral of Obsession in Feature Thriller ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’

Sara Colangelo joins us to discuss her process for working with actors, the advantages of a Netflix release and why directing shouldn't be a dictatorship.

15 Nov 2018

Rank #15