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LivingHomegrown is all about Living Farm Fresh Without the Farm™. Through canning and preserving, artisan food crafting and small-space food growing, you can enjoy the flavors of the season and live a more sustainable lifestyle no matter how small of a space you call home. Hosted by TV canning expert and national PBS TV producer, Theresa Loe, this weekly podcast alternates between solo episodes and interviews with the rock stars of the DIY food movement and each episode helps you live closer to your food.

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LH 115: Making Preserves WITHOUT Canning Them

Sometimes, you might want to make small batch preserves such as enticing pickles, chutneys, jams, or other condiments and NOT "can" them. Perhaps you just have a few extra tomatoes or cucumbers and you need a tasty way to use them up. Or maybe you have an event where you just need a jar or two of preserves to include on the table -- But you don't want to break out the canner. Well, the book featured in today's episode would be the answer in those situations. It's called: Savory Sweet: Simple Preserves From A Northern Kitchen and host Theresa Loe interviews one of the authors (Beth Dooley) about why she and co-author Mette Nielsen wrote a preserving book without any "canning" in it.  You'll learn:  About the freedoms that come from not canning How the book was specifically designed for food gardeners Why small batches allow for more experimentation The challenges of creating a cookbook that works for everyone How to make a Sweet Pickled Winter Squash And you can download a free PDF version of the Pickled Squash recipe that is perfect for the Thanksgiving table. Go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/115 to get the PDF, more links for info and a full transcript of the episode.


22 Sep 2017

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LH 22: Using KonMari to Organize Your Homestead

Learn what the fuss is about with the organizational method of KonMari and how you can apply the principles of the hugely popular book: "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo to your homestead organization. It is NOT just for organizng your sock drawer. Using this method (even in small portions of your homelife), can help streamline all of your homesteading efforts. But you need to decide if this method is for you. So, tune in to learn: What the KonMari Method is and how it works, Why host Theresa Loe was initially skeptical, How she is now using it to work more efficiently, How you can apply it to your basic homestead organization. Visit www.LivingHomegrown.com/22 to get all the links mentioned in the show notes or to download the full transcript of the episode.


4 Sep 2015

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LH 68: Composting 101

Learn all about how to compost in your own backyard. In this week's episode, host Theresa Loe interviews Joe Lamp'l - the host and creator of the television series Growing A Greener World on PBS. Theresa is Joe's Co-Executive producer and they have been working together for over 7 years on the TV gardening series. But in this episode, Theresa brings Joe on the podcast to give the full scoop on how to compost. You learn: The benefits of composting, How it works, Do you really need a composter, What about those weird brown to green ratios, How can we speed up the process and What do we do with the compost we make. Joe also gives the full story of how the PBS show came about and where the garden series is headed (a big change is coming in season 8)! They spend the first 10 minutes diving deep into behind-the-scenes of the garden TV series and then spill the beans on how EASY it is to compost. As always, you can get the full transcript, related links that are mentioned in the episode and a FREE PDF Composting Cheat Sheet to get you started on your own composting adventure. Just go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/68 and everything you need will be right there. 


16 Sep 2016

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LH 56: Tips for High Yield Vegetable Growing

Do you long for more produce from your tiny garden? Do you find yourself with too much zucchini but not enough cabbage? Ever wish you had a better system for growing just the right amount of food? Learn to grow more food no matter how big or small your garden space. In this week's episode, host Theresa Loe interviews Colin McCrate of Seattle Urban Farm Company and one of the authors of: High Yield Vegetable Growing - a new book that shows you how to take your food growing to a whole new level using scaled down farming tips and techniques. In this episode you learn: How just a little planning can make a HUGE difference in your food production, What it means to plant in succession, What is "relay planting", How to calculate exactly how much you need to grow, How to double your crop storage time by harvesting correctly and more. As always, you can get all the links and resources mentioned at: www.LivingHomegrown.com/56 as well as a full PDF transcript of the episode.


11 Jun 2016

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LH 04: Growing Food in Small Spaces

Host Theresa Loe interviews author Andrea Bellamy (Small Space Vegetable Gardens) as they talk about everything from the secrets of beet greens, carrot tops and radish pods to legal and illegal places to grow food. Then Andrea tells the story of her wheat growing project from seed to flour to homemade pizza. More info on how to do it yourself is on the website: www.LivingHomegrown.com/04 Lots of tips on food growing included - plus a Giveaway of the book! This episode is all about growing food when you have little to no garden space and thinking outside the garden plot. But the tips and ideas here will inspire anyone (no matter where you grow) to take food growing to the next level. 


1 May 2015

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LH 162: Grow More Food in Less Space

LH 162: How to Grow More Food In the Space You Have Today's episode is an ENCORE episode. What is that you ask? An encore episode is an episode that has been previously published, but it was SO long ago, you may have missed it. This particular episode is packed with useful information that you'll love. Do you ever wish you had more garden space in which to grow food? If you're like most gardeners, you'll find yourself thumbing through seed catalogs, bummed out that you can't plant all that you want to grow. Or maybe you end up with WAY too much zucchini and NOT enough salad greens. Right? On this episode, host Theresa Loe interviews Colin McCrate about using high yield farming tricks (but on a smaller backyard-size scale) to get more food in our backyard space!   You Will Learn: How just a little planning can make a huge difference What it means to plant in succession What is relay planting How to calculate exactly how much to grow How to double your crop storage time by harvesting correctly And SO much more...  As always, you can get ALL the related links by going to www.LivingHomegrown.com/162 and you'll find a full transcript there as well. This episode was brought to you by the Living Homegrown Institute which is a membership site to help you live farm fresh without the farm. To learn more about the Institute and Theresa's free farm fresh resource guide, go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/FRESH to learn more.


28 Sep 2018

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LH 76: Starting an Organic Backyard Farm

Although this podcast focuses on living farm fresh without a farm, many of the listeners DO want a farm or are already farmers themselves. Well, this episode is about one couple who decided they wanted to be farmers. And they wanted to farm their suburban backyard...as a business. Host Theresa Loe interviews new organic farmer, Emily Aarons. Although they are just starting out, Emily is able to share their successes so far as well as 5 important lessons learned. You learn: What made Emily and Andrew decide to be farmers, What sort of regulations were needed, What it means to be certified organic - even in a backyard, The truth about commercial egg labeling, How Emily juggles being a new mom and farmer at the same time, The 5 most important lessons they have learned so far. As always, you can go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/76 for more information, the full show notes, related links and a free PDF of the transcript. 


11 Nov 2016

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LH 141: Companion Planting Veggies & Flowers

LH 141: How to draw in beneficials and pollinators with flowers There are huge rewards when you grow your vegetables and flowers in one space of your garden. In this episode, host Theresa Loe brings on flower farmer Lisa Ziegler to explore exactly how we can use companioning planting to draw in beneficial insects, pollinators and so much more. You will learn:      Which flowers will help your tomatoes and why      How your planting space determines sunflower height      The difference between cool and warm season annuals      How to prevent overwhelm when growing veggies      Why native bees are so awesome for veggies      A different way to do CSA farm memberships      Lisa’s favorite sunflower for cut flower bouquets As always, you can get all the links mentioned in the episode at www.LivingHomegrown.com/141 and you will also find a full transcript of the show and more articles and podcasts for Living Farm Fresh Without The Farm. This podcast episode was brought to you by Theresa Loe's membership program - The Living Homegrown Institute where you learn the skills for a living farm-fresh lifestyle. Go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/PATH to get the free PDF outlining how to have success on your own farm fresh journey.


13 Apr 2018

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LH 136: Big Ideas for Small Backyards and Veggie Gardens

Using Design Principles for Our Smaller Veggie Gardens Just because we have an edible garden does NOT mean it can’t be beautiful. In fact, it should be even MORE beautiful than the average backyard. In this episode, host Theresa Loe brought on garden designer Susan Morrison to talk about some simple design principles we can use to make our backyard space more usable and beautiful at the same time...even our veggie garden space! You will learn:      The biggest mistake most homeowners make these days      Why we may not want a lawn if we have kids      Create ways to make the backyard usable      The 3 W’s of a good design philosophy      The best 2 vegetables for dramatic color in a garden      How to use containers to bring the design together      And so much more As always, you can get all the links mentioned and information about Susan's new book at www.LivingHomegrown.com/136 as well as a full transcript in PDF form. 


2 Mar 2018

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LH 97: How to Grow The Best Blueberries at Home

If you have wanted to grow your own blueberries but thought it was too hard, this is the episode for you. Yes, blueberries have specific requirements. BUT...if you know the tricks, it is easy to have success! In this episode, host Theresa Loe interviews Lee Reich - a well-respected author and authority in fruit growing. Lee knows a thing or two about blueberries. In fact, his PhD is in blueberries! In this episode you learn: How growing blueberries is easier than you think, The pros and cons of each type of plant, The exact formula to adjust your soil pH, The secret to creating the best soil, How to best prevent birds from eating your harvest, How to prune each type of blueberry plant, The trick for knowing when your blueberries have the best flavor...and no...it has nothing to do with color! As always, you can get more information at www.LivingHomegrown.com/97 including links and a full transcript of the episode. 


28 Apr 2017

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LH 43: Growing Food in Containers

You don't need a lot of land to grow your own food. In this week's episode, host Theresa Loe interviews Julie Chai - former senior editor at Sunset Magazine all about getting started with edible plants in containers. You learn: What you can and cannot grow in containers, Why you don't want to use your garden soil, Key tips for bountiful crops, How to judge when to water, And tricks for making your own tomato cages. As always, you can go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/43 for a full transcript and links to all the things mentioned in the episode.


20 Feb 2016

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LH 126: Sourdough Starter and Heirloom Flours

How to make sourdough bread using heirloom grains - And make an Onion Jam Recipe to spread on that fresh baked bread! This is an important episode and I could not be more excited to share it. Here’s why… When we take the time to do things like make our own breads or ferment our own yogurt, we are not only creating incredible flavors – we are also connecting with our food. But…When we take that connection a step further by investigating where the base ingredients for that food comes from…then, we are participating in the story of our food. That deep dive is what this week’s episode is all about. I brought on Sarah Owens, a James Beard Award-winning author, baker, and organic gardener. We look at the art of making sourdough starter from the seed in the field to the delicious steaming bread loaf coming out of the oven. We look at the whole story and the importance of good ingredients when it comes to our health and that of our planet. But hey - we didn’t even scratch the surface of this big topic! And I’m sure this episode will leave you wanting to hear more. But fear not – I plan on having Sarah back soon. In the meantime, you’ll learn all about sourdough starter, heirloom grains, and even onion jam.  OH MY! You will learn: Why conventionally grown wheat is actually pretty scary What is it about sourdough that’s so good for gut-health Why heirloom, stone-milled flours are better for us How should you store stone-milled flour for best results What exactly is a subscription-based artisan microbakery The difference between yeast-water sourdough and traditional sourdough How foraged ingredients can be nutrient-rich What makes onion jam so darn addictive As always, you can get more resources, a FREE PDF recipe from the book and links at www.LivingHomegrown.com/126 and you can get a full transcript of the episode.


23 Dec 2017

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LH 02: How To Make Yogurt - The easy way

Learn all about making yogurt at home, how to get different flavors and textures and how to make it without any special equipment.


17 Apr 2015

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LH 123: How to Build Awesome Organic Soil at Home

The best organic gardening practices for building our soils Our soil is the foundation for everything we do out in the garden. And having an understanding of how it works is hugely important. If we are better stewards of our soil, we will have healthier plants, fewer pest problems, and a happier earth. In today’s episode, host Theresa Loe brings on Mark Highland, who is also known as the Organic Mechanic. Mark knows a lot about soil and organic gardening because he runs the company with the same name: Organic Mechanics Soil. Learn how our soil works and how we should care for it an organic way. You will learn: Why “big picture” thinking is key to all organic gardening The difference between conventional and organic fertilizers Why deer are more attracted to synthetically fertilized plants Why organic matter makes for healthier plants The key practices that make all the difference in soil building Why you should avoid the tiller at all costs Why we need to wait after a storm before weeding What makes bugs attack conventionally grown plants more than organically grown As always, you can get all the information mentioned in this episode at www.LivingHomegrown.com/123 including a full PDF transcript of the episode.


24 Nov 2017

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LH 87: Simple Organic Gardening Hacks

In this episode, host Theresa Loe interviews author Shawna Coronado about simple organic gardening tips that we can do to save money and time. The tips range from practical time-savers to clever ways to reuse and repurpose items for gardening. You learn: How to use empty wine bottles in the garden, Why rotisserie chicken can lead to greenhouse growing, A shortcut to saving tomato seeds, How to grow edibles from kitchen scraps, The secret to sprouting potatoes, The magic of manure tea and How to reuse cooking water. As always, you can go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/87 to get all the links mentioned and full transcript to the episode.


10 Feb 2017

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LH 32: Gardening With Chickens - Interview with Jessi Bloom

Learn the secrets to having both a productive garden AND a flock of chickens at the same time. In this episode, host Theresa Loe interviews author and award-winning landscape designer Jessi Bloom about her popular book: Free Range Chicken Gardens - How to create a beautiful, chicken-friendly yard. You learn: Some of the surprising benefits of having chickens (and we don't mean the eggs), How many chickens is "just right" for you, How to design your garden so everyone is happy, What you should know about chicken manure before you use it and MUCH more. As always, you can get more information at www.LivingHomegrown.com/32 where you will also find a full PDF transcript of the podcast and the PBS episode featuring Jessi on Growing A Greener World TV.


21 Nov 2015

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LH 75: Creating an Epic Edible Garden

Learn the simple steps to creating the edible garden of your dreams - beautiful AND delicious. In this episode, host Theresa Loe interviews edible landscape designer/author Stefani Bittner about how listeners can transform their garden into an epic food garden. You learn: The simple steps to getting started, The #1 thing you MUST do to ensure food safety, Why you shouldn't plant next to an old fence post, Why swapping out can make all the difference, Which edibles make great screens, Why you shouldn't eat the edibles between stepping stones, Fun edibles that are also stunning in the landscape, What to consider when planting in the front yard and more. As always, you can go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/75 for a full transcript and links to much more information. 


6 Nov 2016

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LH 59: Backyard Beekeeping 101

Keeping your own bees may sound thrilling and romantic -- But actually, there is A LOT to this important hobby. If you ever thought about being a beekeeper OR if you would just like to learn more about the importance of bees and the people who keep them - then this episode is for you. Host Theresa Loe interviews experienced beekeeper Karla Delong of Mountain Feed and Farm Supply. Karla shares all the good, the bad and the exciting things that a beginning beekeeper should know and consider before diving in. You learn: The importance of bees and how backyard beekeepers are making a difference, Why local bees are superior (no matter where "local" is for you), Is it possible to be an "organic" beekeeper, The 4 areas of care in beekeeping, The special qualities every beekeeper should possess (or strive for), Is it really okay to keep bees in the city, Can bees be kept on a balcony, Why wine corks are so important for us to have in our gardens and so much more! As always, you can get all the links mentioned and more at www.LivingHomegrown.com/59 as well as a full transcript of this episode.

1hr 8mins

2 Jul 2016

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LH 106: Preserving with Dry Storage and Dehydration

If you are looking to eat local and in-season during the winter months, then you should be preserving some of the harvest now. The harvest can come from the farmer's market or your own backyard. Of course, you can break out the canning jars and put food up that way. But there are other methods that are super easy and preserve a lot of food at once. Today, host Theresa Loe brings on author Barbara Pleasant to chat about two such methods and whole lot more.  In this episode you learn: Which produce is best for cold and dry storage, Different ways that you can save foods in a dormant state, What it means to "cure" a pumpkin, The best pumpkin to grow for flesh and seed, How to prevent powdery mildew with a common kitchen ingredient, Which tomatoes are best for drying, Should you Steam veggies before drying, and How to store foods after dehydrating. As always, you can go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/106 for the show notes, transcripts and links to more information. 


14 Jul 2017

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LH 159: How to Be A Better Food Gardener With Science

LH 159: Using Science to Improve Flavor & Food Production In this episode, host Theresa Loe brought back author Dr. Lee Reich to make us a better gardener…using science! When we fully understand the reasons behind the gardening techniques, we are better equipped to handle any problems that come along. And in this discussion, you'll learn the real reasons behind why we need to do what we do.  You will learn: How ethylene really works to ripen our tomatoes Why some fruits should never be picked early The 3 benefits of organic matter in our soil The real truth about drainage in flowerpots How to improve the flavor of certain fruits  The secret to keeping your seeds in long term storage And SO much more...  As always, you can get all the links mentioned at www.LivingHomegrown.com/159 as well as a full transcript of the episode. This podcast episode was brought to you by the Living Homegrown Institute - which is Theresa's membership site. Here you have access to an entire library of classes on everything from growing heirloom tomatoes, straw bale gardening and raising chickens to fermenting food, beverages, making yogurt and more. To learn more about all of Theresa's classes and membership, go to www.LivingHomegrown.com/courses to join the waitlist.


1 Sep 2018

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