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Highly neurotic Cait Chock loves sharing her most mortifying life calamities to make everyone else feel better! She, and her oh so amazing guests, chat about the WORST moments of their lives, laugh about it, and explain how the hell they got through it.

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Overcoming Anxiety Attacks, Not Vomiting, and Learning to Scream with Andy Bustillos

At his worst, Andy Bustillos (UCB Ghost, High Maintenance, Raven’s Home, Trojan commercial) couldn’t leave his house for three months because his anxiety was so severe. Cut to today, he’s performing, nailing auditions, meeting friends…living. Andy is a friggin BADASS in every sense and, look, I’ve admired him for being funny af for a long time, but after hearing just how much he overcomes just to get out, and stay out, of his room, I’m in awe. I had so much fun talking to him, laughing about the personal hell that is anxiety and panic (Personal hell isn’t ‘funny’ but the ability to laugh at the ridiculousness that is our own thought processes helps!), and his ability to look that anxiety in the face and tell it to “suck it” inspires me. And it’ll inspire you. No matter the degree to which you may be struggling, if there is a mental obstacle holding you back, this is a MUST LISTEN!! Managing anxiety is on-going and Andy is a shining example that if you want something badly enough (to perform, go to a show, get a job, etc.) you can do it…dry heaves and all, keep fightin, Badasses! Andy Bustillos is goddamn all over and you need to watch him! Go to UCB Harold Night to see him performing with Ghost. He hosts BYOT at the Inner Sanctum the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00pm and Kaleidoscope at The Clubhouse the second and fourth Thursday of the month at 9pm. He’s also a kickass musician and you need to check him out on Spotify under Bustillos, follow him on Instagram @andybustillos, and see loads more of all things Andy at www.andybustillos.com. Finally, if you want to put together a death metal band HIT HIM UP!! I’m a Disaster is on: Facebook @imadisasterpodcast Instagram @imadisastercartoon Cait on Insta @caitchock Cait on Twitter @caitchock

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24 Dec 2019

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