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Highly neurotic Cait Chock loves sharing her most mortifying life calamities to make everyone else feel better! She, and her oh so amazing guests, chat about the WORST moments of their lives, laugh about it, and explain how the hell they got through it.

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Overcoming Anxiety Attacks, Not Vomiting, and Learning to Scream with Andy Bustillos

At his worst, Andy Bustillos (UCB Ghost, High Maintenance, Raven’s Home, Trojan commercial) couldn’t leave his house for three months because his anxiety was so severe. Cut to today, he’s performing, nailing auditions, meeting friends…living. Andy is a friggin BADASS in every sense and, look, I’ve admired him for being funny af for a long time, but after hearing just how much he overcomes just to get out, and stay out, of his room, I’m in awe. I had so much fun talking to him, laughing about the personal hell that is anxiety and panic (Personal hell isn’t ‘funny’ but the ability to laugh at the ridiculousness that is our own thought processes helps!), and his ability to look that anxiety in the face and tell it to “suck it” inspires me. And it’ll inspire you. No matter the degree to which you may be struggling, if there is a mental obstacle holding you back, this is a MUST LISTEN!! Managing anxiety is on-going and Andy is a shining example that if you want something badly enough (to perform, go to a show, get a job, etc.) you can do it…dry heaves and all, keep fightin, Badasses! Andy Bustillos is goddamn all over and you need to watch him! Go to UCB Harold Night to see him performing with Ghost. He hosts BYOT at the Inner Sanctum the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00pm and Kaleidoscope at The Clubhouse the second and fourth Thursday of the month at 9pm. He’s also a kickass musician and you need to check him out on Spotify under Bustillos, follow him on Instagram @andybustillos, and see loads more of all things Andy at www.andybustillos.com. Finally, if you want to put together a death metal band HIT HIM UP!! I’m a Disaster is on: Facebook @imadisasterpodcast Instagram @imadisastercartoon Cait on Insta @caitchock Cait on Twitter @caitchock

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24 Dec 2019

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Finding the Gains That Come in Loss with Jeff Whitaker

Jeff Whitaker (Fuck This Week, Unrepresented, Snacks Improv) experienced an insane amount of loss at a time when most people were still getting drunk at college. Losing his mother to Continue Reading →


30 Apr 2019

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A Metal Spine with Will Hines

Even Will Hines (UCB, improv God, author) feels anxious during improv scenes sometimes, and when he does, he pictures a bird with X-ray vision looking down at the stage seeing Continue Reading →


1 Oct 2019

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Popcorn in Bed With Chopsticks with Blake Wilding

Blake Wilding (UCB, comedian, writer) is an icon for many reasons, being funny af is one, and now we can add another reason: he eats popcorn in bed with chopsticks!! Continue Reading →

1hr 20mins

8 Oct 2019

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Recognizing Anxiety, Self Talk, and Sandwich Cum with Mike Lane

Warning, Cait did almost asphyxiate during this recording because she couldn’t breathe between laughs. Mike Lane (UCB, American Princess, Boat Comedy) is fucking hilarious and he talks with Cait about Continue Reading →

1hr 31mins

10 Sep 2019

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Honest Communication and Honesty With Yourself with Kenneth Arthur

Honesty is difficult for a lot of people, be it from trying to spare someone else’s feelings, a fear of rejection, or any other reason, a lack of honesty winds Continue Reading →

1hr 7mins

14 May 2019

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Acts of Kindness, Setting Boundaries, and the ‘Too Nice’ Debate with Gregory Adam Wallace

Gregory Adam Wallace (UCB Queen George, Actor, Photographer) is impressive onstage because of his ability to bring actual emotions to his comedy, making it land even harder. (Credit that to Continue Reading →

1hr 5mins

12 Nov 2019

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Kicking Off the Depression Blanket with Sean Quetulio

Sean Quetulio (writer, comedian) is a comedy writer so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that he’s had his fair share of anxiety and depression. Sean is also Continue Reading →

1hr 2mins

28 May 2019

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Prince, Superlikes, and Managing Anxiety with Brad Varian

Brad Varian (comedian, musician, overall good dude!) by all outward appearances is the coolest, chillest person you will ever meet. And while he IS the coolest, inside he’s not the Continue Reading →


31 Jul 2019

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The Moment You Let Your Parents Down the Most with Jeremy Schmidt

ALL NEW I’m a Disaster podcast episode with the wildly funny and King of Podcasts himself, Jeremy Schmidt!! We all have that moment(s) when we watched our parents (or parental Continue Reading →

1hr 3mins

4 Jun 2019

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Bright Colors, Scheduled ‘Relax Time’, and Pizza with Piera Pizzo

Piera Pizzo (social media maven/digital content creator), with her bright hair, rainbow eye makeup, and kickass assortment of rings is the visual equivalent of pizza: the mere sight of it Continue Reading →

1hr 15mins

10 Dec 2019

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Moth Man, Art Therapy, and Redefining Your Dreams with Mike McLendon

Mike McLendon (Outside Dog, UCB, writer, artist) fits into the role of a ‘fun’ mentor the way Ryan Gosling fits into that friggin scorpion jacket in Drive. It’s something that Continue Reading →


22 Oct 2019

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Holding Back How You Feel About Someone Until You’re Explode Isn’t Fun!! with Eric Pastore

In what is officially the longest, bit-filled, and most open episodes to date, Eric Pastore (UCB, A-Team) sits down with Cait to talk about harboring a crush on a friend Continue Reading →


16 Jul 2019

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Ignoring Your Brain, Belief in Yourself, and Deep Fried Eggs with Mike Christian

Mike Christian (UCB, The Pack) is an introvert who loves being around people, but sometimes it takes him “ignoring his brain” to get out and be a part of the Continue Reading →

1hr 5mins

5 Nov 2019

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The Fear of Being Murdered in a Bathroom with Courtney Sevener

You read that right, we got Courtney Fuckin Sevener on the podcast! Courtney (Thank You, Ten, UCB, Unrepresented) talks to Cait about growing up a ‘scared kid’ and the anxieties Continue Reading →


18 Jun 2019

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Fighting to Find Happiness Through the Worst Year Ever with Charlie Mihelich

After graduating college, Charlie Mihelich (UCB, Donatella, Catharsis) did what he felt he was ‘supposed to’ and went to graduate school. But nothing felt right and every adult he talked Continue Reading →

1hr 15mins

23 Jul 2019

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Just DOING IT and Getting Out of Your Head with Matt Chamberlin

Matt Chamberlin (comedian, writer) is a thinker. He’s considerate, chooses his words carefully, and is a ‘reformed’ over-thinker (oh, but honestly, aren’t we all works in progress on that one?!). Continue Reading →


6 Aug 2019

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Facing Your Greatest Fear with Justin Patterson

Justin Patterson (UCB Rat King, Deuce Ex Machina) used to be so terrified of public speaking he passed out not once, but twice, during two separate presentations. His anxiety around Continue Reading →


21 May 2019

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The Turning Point with Joe Fahey

Everyone’s favorite Papa, Joe Fahey (Mach, Ringo, UCB), blesses us with his wisdom! Joe sits down with Cait to talk about ‘the turning point’, or ‘mental click’, when he realized Continue Reading →


16 Apr 2019

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Getting Out of Abusive Relationships and Re-Learning to Feel with Natasha Chandel

From an early age Natasha Chandel (Kinda Dating Podcast, Comedian, Writer) had the maturity and awareness that most people will never reach. She was an empath for whom, unfortunately, that Continue Reading →

1hr 45mins

13 Aug 2019

Rank #20