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Find camaraderie and understanding as Knit Picks employees confess to their own knitting triumphs and complete blunders. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, tune in weekly for the further adventures of the gang at Knit Picks and any other knitters we can round up.

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Episode 254 - Stash

Whether you're a person who loves to stash yarn, or a crafter who buys only on a per-project basis, this episode will interest you. We speak to Hannah Fettig of Knitbot, about her app and booklet called "Stashbot", helping knitters understand yarn quantities for each project they're planning. We also speak with Elizabeth, whose stash is so big that it's taking over whole rooms of her house! Find out what she loves about a large stash, how she uses it, and how she keeps it organized.


23 Feb 2016

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Episode 58: Interview with the Yarn Harlot

Kelley, armed with questions that knitters posted to herblog, chats with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.


25 Jul 2008

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Episode 137: Tips for Reading Patterns

Kelley chats with designer Kerin about tips and tricks for reading knitting patterns.


8 Apr 2010

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Episode 25: Knitting in Circles

Double-pointed needles, two-circular needles or one long circular needle? In the old days, you didn’t have the luxury of matching a knitting style to your project or your individual idiosyncracies. Now you can choose classic DPN instructions from books like Sensational Knitted Socks. Try using two circular needles using Cat Bordhi’s Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles or even just one long circular, or Magic Loop, with the help of Bev Galeskas. What are the pros and cons of each method? How do they each work? Is one method really that much easier than any other? When does your project dictate which method you should use? Hopefully, I will shed some light on the questions raised by being lucky enough to have so many options.


2 Nov 2007

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Episode 256 - Something for Everybody

Podcast 256 has something for everybody! We hear from Knit Picks' own Alison Backus about our new collection, "Knits for Everybody", with basic patterns you'll go back to again and again. The sweater pattern from this book is designed by Katy Banks, who talks on this podcast about her design process, and left handed knitting a whole different way. We'll also talk to Vera Brosgol, author and illustrator of the new children's picture book, "Leave Me Alone" about drawing, knitting, and being left alone to do it all.


22 Sep 2016

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Episode 225 - Interview with Megan Goodacre

This week, Kelley had the pleasure of chatting with the wonderfully talented Megan Goodacre! In addition to her pattern collection Study Hall Knits, Megan's long list of knitting accomplishments includes authoring the brand new Idiot's Guide: Knitting! After talking about Megan's inspiration and design process for Study Hall Knits, Kelley discusses the book writing process with Megan and highlights a few of her favorite parts of this wonderful guide to knitting.


10 Oct 2013

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Episode 19:Knitting on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started knitting. And, if you are on a tight budget, there are several ways you can continue knitting a variety of projects.


7 Sep 2007

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Episode 311: Knits, Tips and Tricks

Whether you're brand new to knitting or an old hand, talking about the foundations of knitting can lead to some profound "ah hah!" moments. Time and again we think we've learned all there is to know about knitting, only to be surprised by some little tip or trick from a fellow crafter that totally changes our process.  Lee and Erica start the conversation today by sharing their methods for reading both patterns and your knit fabric! Being able to look at your project and correctly "read" your stitches can help prevent errors as well as give you a greater understanding of general knit construction. We even have a little treat for our left-handed listeners Next, Stacey and Hannah talk about their forays into knitting without looking at their needles! Both frequently knit while chatting or, more recently, while occupying the Knit Picks booth at the recent Quilt Festival Houston trade show. They loved meeting everyone at the show and also realized that they have some good tips and tricks for knitters who want to practice knitting without looking.  Episode Timestamps: 0:00 – Introduction with Hannah 1:03 – Tips and Tricks: Reading your knitting 11:08 – Left-handed knitting 18:46 – Shout out to Quilt Festival Houston 20:55 – Tips for knitting without looking 36:40 – Credits Mentioned in episode: Row Counter The Left-Handed Knitter Lee’s “Asymmetrical Shawl” aka Liy Shawl Hue Shift Afghan Pattern Hue Shift Afghan Kit Emergency Fix Keychain


22 Nov 2019

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Episode 3: Meet Tina Birch, Knit Picks' Vice President

In this podcast I introduce you to Tina Birch, our vice-president. Over the next few months, I'm looking forward to your meeting all of the Knit Picks staff. Each one has their own history regarding how they got started knitting and what keeps them knitting. As much as I enjoy hearing different accounts of challenges met, I'm sure you will appreciate Tina's story as well.After that, I'll review a new book that has got me thinking about summer knitting as a way to prepare for next winter. And, there is a surprising twist to What's On My Needles this week.


11 May 2007

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Episode 5: Embrace your own knitting style

Have you ever had the experience of another knitter telling you that you were knitting "wrong"? Well, a listener asked me to talk about the differences between English vs. Continental knitting and it brought back memories of my own encounters with dogmatic knitters. I decided to use the comparison of knitting styles as a way to highlight knitters' individuality and encourage you to embrace whatever method works for you.


25 May 2007

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Episode 4: Wool, from start to finish

First, I need to give you an apology for the brevity of this podcast. This week was filled with activities that kept me away from my taping equipment and computer. Lots of out-of-town visitors, a quick two-day get away with Bob and golf. You will hear all about it in the podcast. My mind has been focused on wool all week. It must be because I have been thinking about buying a new spinning wheel. That led to the podcast topic - the structure of wool fibers, how that changes depending on the breed of sheep and what it means in terms of the finished yarn. Armed with a bit of knowledge, I hope you can feel much more confident choosing wool yarns for particular projects you have in mind.  All the time away from the office gave me plenty of time to knit. And, to reflect on how nicely knitting fits into whatever chaos happens. I was lucky to have a couple of easy projects at hand to accommodate my needs.


18 May 2007

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Podcast 252 - Charity Crafting

Have you ever crafted for charity? In this episode of the podcast, we feature charites that can use your handmade items! "Click for Babies" provides hospitals with purple hats to help protect infants. "Knitted Knockers" provides bra inserts to women who have undergone mastectomies. Podcast listeners highlight ways they contribute to non-profit organizations, and Knit Picks' own Stacy talks about "Helping Hands: Made with Love, Given with Heart", our recent book featuring charity craft patterns. Tune in to this episdode of the podcast, and be inspired!

1hr 8mins

14 Jul 2015

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Episode 224 - Interview with Blogger Lynne of Island and North Country Life

This week, Kelley gets a chance to catch up with her long-distance knitting friend Lynne, author of the blog Island and North Country Life. Lynne leads a very intersting and unique life - traveling the world as a lighthouse caretaker, all the while knitting and spinning no matter where she is headed to next. Hear more about Lynne's fascinating journeys as she recounts her past visits to Deal Island in Tasmania, Australia and more recently, Five Finger Island which is located off the coast of Alaska. Leading a life where change is a constant, Lynne shares her practical approach to knitting, organization, preparation and more!


26 Sep 2013

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Episode 13: Spend some time with Shannon Okey

Now that I’ve gotten comfortable with podcasting, I want to jazz up the format a bit by occasionally featuring interviews with fellow fiber enthusiasts. To get us started, Shannon Okey agreed to be my very first guest. Shannon has an inventive and confident attitude towards all things fiber. Her articles at Knitty.com on hand spinning, dyeing fibers in your dishwasher, and fiber festivals are entertaining and stimulating.


20 Jul 2007

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Episode 122: Comfort While Knitting

Kelley goes over some personal tips for keeping relaxed and avoiding discomfort while knitting up a storm. Regarding a different kind of comfort, Kelley also chats with Knitting Community friends Cheryl, Peggy, and Susan about how online communities have changed their own knitting lives.


18 Nov 2009

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Episode 223 - Getting Out of Your Knitting Comfort Zone

This week, Kelley elaborates on the idea of getting out of your knitting comfort zone. Looking through her past projects, Kelley realized that her projects have become a comforting retreat rather than a challenge to learn new techniques. Hear more about Kelley's goals to help push herself out of her own knitting comfort zone and into new techniques. Next, Kelley reviews a DVD from Anna Zilboorg and a few other books to help inspire your own knitting goals. Finally, Kelley catches you up on her currents WIPs and what she has planned for her upcoming projects.


12 Sep 2013

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Episode 309: Gifting and Color

Summer is long gone and everyone here at Knit Picks has started gearing up for the holiday gift giving season! Our needles are busy casting on hats, socks and stuffies and everything in between. Erica and Hannah share their tips and tricks for managing their project queues throughout this busy season, as well as making sure we all give the perfect gift, every time. Hannah's favorite way to make a stellar gift in no time at all is to pair a basic pattern with a stunning, color changing yarn. In the second segment, Lee and Stacey share their favorite ways to feature these cool color effects in projects. From long gradients to steady stripes, color changing yarns elevate simple projects in a snap. Mentioned in episode: Aloft Twill Mighty Stitch Super Bulky Cedar Box Cedar Butterfly Chroma Worsted Chroma Fingering Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn Stroll Gradient Felici Check out Hannah's mentioned giant squishy knit roly-poly "pill bug" As always, happy listening and happy crafting!


25 Oct 2019

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Episode 128: Stretching Your Knitting Budget

Kelley chats with Kate about clever ways to stretch your knitting dollar.


21 Jan 2010

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Episode 139: New Tools for Spring

Kelley and Tina go over the new tools that have arrived for Spring 2010.


6 May 2010

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Episode 222 - Interview with Kate Haxell

For this week's episode, Kelley had the pleasure of chatting with designer Kate Haxell, author of the book The Knitter's Palette. A resource filled with absolutely functional inpiration, Kate chats about her inspiration behind the book and her fascination with color, yarn, and texture. Follow along with Kelley as she talks through each chapter with Kate to learn more about her facinating take on color and fiber. And if Kate's charming enthusiasm doesn't inspire you, her wonderful tips and insights are sure to have you looking at your stash in a completely new way.


29 Aug 2013

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