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Venturi’s Voice brings you conversation with leaders from various technology disciplines - data, cyber security, development, cloud, infrastructure, business intelligence and more… Each week you will be able to relate, take inspiration and action the business education from our compelling guests. Outside of technology we tend to cover; career progression, influences, best practices, leadership, talent, recruitment and the inspiration behind our guest successes in career and life! Inspired by Joe Rogan, The Art of Charm and TED talks. www.venturi-group.com/podcast. 855958

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Routes to CDO, there’s more than one path - Jason Foster

Jason is Co-Founder & CEO at CynozureJason has spent the last 15 years defining, shaping and executing strategy for information management, BI, enterprise performance management, big data and analytics solutions to support organisational transformation. Jason also runs his own data podcast Hub & Spoken:https://cynozure.co.uk/hub-and-spoken-podcast/CynozureCynozure’s mission is to help individuals and their organisations access, understand and leverage data by finding those nuggets of data that can truly improve your business in a way not previously possible.PodcastOn the show Andy asks Jason about his route into a career in data and they continue to talk about the breadth of disciplines within the data sector. They also discuss the importance of having a CDO in the C-suite and when and how you should hire a data professional (if you even need one).


14 Feb 2019

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Building discipline throughout your career - Omari Rodney

Omari is Chief Product Engineer at yoti.A hacker at heart, Omari has been tinkering with computers and code since he was thirteen. He started his career as a web developer but as the years went on his passion migrated towards product engineering and strategy. Working on solutions that provide new ways for people to interact with the digital world is what makes Omari tick. Omari has worked across the entire business spectrum; from technical product development to database management. He has a broad set of technical skills and the entrepreneurial acumen to apply them in a way that’s in line with a company’s wider business goals. He uses those skills on today’s podcast to discuss building software teams and how computer games and DJing kept him focused on his career.Show Notes:0.29 Professional career breaks.4.29 Taking a disciplined approach to business.5.54 Developing good habits for business when growing up. 7.41 Remaining focused throughout your career.9.52 Traits of great software engineers. 11.18 Omari’s approach to team building.13.41 The best team building environments.15.38 Embracing and celebrating failure.17.31 Are technical teams under more pressure now?19.30 Becoming more commercially aware as a technical person. 21.45 Moving into management.24.44 Staying hands-on in a management position.26.12 Keeping up with evolving tech.29.32 Detecting false opinions online.


29 Jun 2018

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Discussing Dev-Sec-Ops - George Crosby

George is the director at Cogito Group. Growing up around his dad’s carbon fiber business George was lucky enough to be introduced to computers at an early age. He went into finance straight out of university and he worked in engineering roles for the best part of 3 years. He then spent the next 4 years building up a company from scratch which wasn’t his own. It was in this where he learned a lot of the skills he talks about on the show. He really enjoyed the challenge of growing a company so decided to found his own and do it himself. From this decision, Cognito Group was born.


13 Dec 2019

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UX & Product Design: Getting into the psychology of the user- Alex Reekie

“I see UX like a function of product design because it’s less about the look, feel and structure of a product and more about behaviours and getting into the psychology of the user” Alex is the Head of UX/ UI and Product Consultant at WM Reply. Alex believes UX is a function of product design and he has spent most of his professional life combining the two disciplines. With a background working for companies like; Satago, Comet & Millermedia7 he is an expert in bringing together UI, UX and Product Design. And in doing so, making something far greater than the sum of its parts. An expert at bringing together teams, Alex can communicate a company’s goal to various departments in a way that drives greater cohesion. He has a sharp eye for web design which he uses to dissect the inner workings of Facebook’s business model on this show. Show Notes:0.32 Peer-driven behaviours.6.06 De-centralising the internet.12.56 Commoditising creatives. 19.01 The UX & UI talent pool.23.14 Diversifying your skill set. 27.02 Staying with a company for too long. 31.08 The automation & AI movement.34.38 Making sure your work challenges you.


29 May 2018

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Talking coding and framework - Mohammed Khan

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Mohammed Khan, CTO of virtualisation and cloud EMEA at Netcracker. They discuss all things coding, explaining things in simple but not simplistic terms and Devops.


17 Apr 2019

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Moving to a more collaborative work environment - Aubrey Stearn

Aubrey is Head of DevOps at Arcadia GroupAubrey counts DevOps amongst her biggest passions. Her past experiences have seen her working for the likes of likes of Pizza Hut and Travel Lodge. Aubrey enjoys reducing the friction between development and operations, especially the SRE model that emerged from Google. Aubrey is a massive advocate of creating a company culture that is supportive and innovative. She hasn’t always led a team this way though. She used to evangelise ‘cutthroat’, target driven methods to get her team’s projects completed on time. In her own words:‘for those who knew me by another name, I am immensely sorry for being a massive asshole’ Aubrey discusses why she changed her attitude for leadership on today’s show. Show Notes:0.29 Being a member of the software development club.4.47 Collaborating with tech talent.7.15 Celebrating failure.9.28 Creating career paths for technical people.13.46 Reducing bureaucracy and increasing innovation. 18.20 Dress down in the office.25.46 The pressure to perform. 28.16 Staying ahead of innovations in the tech space. 32.01 Getting excited by Kubernetes.


31 Jul 2018

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Balancing your soft skills and technical skills in data - Isaac Josephson

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Isaac Jospehson, the SVP of Data Platform at Viacom. On the show they discuss how to create consistency across your team. Andy asks Isaac how he deals with disruption. They also chat about balancing your soft skills and technical skills. Isaac tells Andy how he quantifies the ROI of a data team.Isaac Josephson is an executive with two decades of digital media experience building products and businesses for best-in-class brands. Prior to Viacom, he was on the product leadership team at Audible - Amazon's audiobook division. There, he oversaw the company's primary web, mobile web, and mobile app experiences.Show Notes:1.07 Having a sense of purpose in business and a vision.3.13 People care about outcomes and thinking about the bottomline.5.03 Creating consistency across your team to ensure your aligned with your business's goals.6.27 When you look back at your career do you chuckle at some of the behaviours you undertook at work?7.50 How do you navigate disruption in your sector and look forward and plan for what’s coming next?9.30 You naturally gravitate towards things that interest you.10.39 Is it necessary to place yourself in tech hubs like London and New York to truly be successful in your career?13.29 What are some of the key traits you think are essential to be successful in your career?15.03 Are softer skills now essential in the hiring process?16.06 You can teach the technical side of a role but you need to see your company from a macro perspective.17.10 The product management mindset.19.47 Managing people within data and everything really being a people problem.21.15 What do try and continually learn and strive to be good at?22.31 Has it been difficult for you to learn the hard skills around data?23.41 Having the belief in yourself that you can figure stuff out.25.00 Data leadership and the journey data is on.28.44 Do you think that Data is fully understood outside of the data department?31.51 Quantifying the value add of Data and do you feel confident you can directly quantify the ROI of a Data team.


18 Apr 2018

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IT support: Transferring tech support skills to a career in management - Liam Williamson

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Liam Williamson, the Manager of IT systems at Lithium Technologies. Liam chats to Andy about the challenges and rewards of working in IT support. They discuss Liam’s transition into management. Talk also turn to how technology is constantly changing the working environment. Liam has over 10 years experience in IT support within the commercial and private industries including 1 year of deputy team leadership, backed by a 2nd class computing degree. In all of Liam’s roles, he has built rapport with everyone he works with, from junior members of staff through middle management and traders, to CEO’s, MD’s, Partners and Equity Partners.Show Notes:1.10 Working on support desks. 3.29 Does working in support make you figure out more efficient ways of thinking.4.57 Did your support mindset benefit you when you moved into management? 5.53 Figuring out how to be a manager.9.14 Your approach and attitude to management.11.31 Liam’s background and career development.14.16 When you think about what you’re working on what technologies have impacted your space the most?19.52 The technology space evolving and keeping up to date with the latest tech. 22.45 Technological evolution requires a cultural change.24.04 What are your hopes and aspirations for your career?


16 Jan 2018

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Hiring, culture & career - Ryan Giles

Ryan is the Senior Director of Talent at Pendo.ioRyan went to university at Brigham Young in Utah where he studied history whilst working as a systems administrator. His job at uni gave him experiences fixing computers and maintaining networks etc. After his bachelor's, he got a Masters in Business and he started working in HR where he worked at American Express. American Express took Ryan to England and he worked in their Brighton HR office. He realised he wasn’t a big company person he wanted to work for smaller businesses. From there he moved careers and went to work at LinkedIn as their HR lead. As LinkedIn got bigger he left HR and became a salesperson for a year. After this, he moved to a startup called Mobile Iron where he was the Head of Recruiting. It was in this role, he found that recruiting was his true passion. Ryan spent a few more years working as the Head of Recruiting at various Startups before landing at Pendo.io.


6 Nov 2019

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Volunteering, community and mentoring with Salesforce - Nitzan Marinov

Nitzan is a Senior Salesforce Systems Manager & Information Security Lead at The Challenge Before working with Salesforce Nitzan worked as a software developer and project manager for various companies, including outdoor advertising, several software houses, and a stock market trading training company.Most of her career has been based around the database application space and that made the transition to Salesforce the most logical step.Nitzan started her Salesforce career volunteering for a charity. She was eager to work more closely with the platform and found a lot of support, knowledge, and careers advice in the Salesforce community. She’s also a mentor and came on the show to chat about her community work, volunteering and mentoring with Salesforce.


29 Aug 2019

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How automation is making human labour more valuable - Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar is an entrepreneur, investor and adviser with a two-decade career in technology. He runs the highly-cited newsletter, Exponential View, which covers the societal implications of technology and is a totemic source for the investors, entrepreneurs and policy-makers. Azeem is the Senior Advisor on AI to the CTIO of Accenture. Azeem also advises breakthrough entrepreneurial firms, including Kindred Capital, Onfido, Ocean Protocol, as well as the Harvard Business Review.Show Notes:00.30 Automation is making our lives busier.01.23 The behaviour patterns needed to make automation a success. 03.49 Why human behaviour is so difficult to change. 7.24 Viewing technological change through the lens of a journalist.15.21 Azeem’s motivators for moving into tech.20.33 Will coding be a requirement for individuals in the near future? 26.17 Making coding accessible for everyone.


23 Aug 2018

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How Blockchain & Crypto are driving a fintech revolution - Greg Hawkins

Greg Hawkins is the Chief Technology Officer at Starling Bank.Starling is a mobile-only current account that gives people full control over their money and data. Greg is bringing his customer’s finances into the present with an app that harnesses the full power of modern tech. Moving beyond the traditional confines of an app and cash card, Starling makes financial management effortless and empowering.In essence, it’s a bank that doesn’t look much like a bank at all.Greg joined Starling as the Head of Engineering before progressing to CTO. Working during a period of rapid expansion, Greg has relied heavily on agile methodologies. He combines his agile mindset with his proven track record of introducing change and improving development practices.This has made him a one-stop shop for advice on managing teams in an agile way, Fintech app development and the disruption Blockchain is sowing in society.        Show Notes:1.05 Learning to code.2.45 Technology as a solution to real-life problems.4.18 Making better business decisions.5.42 Broad understanding vs niche understanding in tech.8.01 The sharing economy in tech.10.54 Choosing a career path as a technical person.14.17 How external factors can change your perspective on work.15.55 Getting your first management position.18.50 Vision in business.21.34 Why changing culture is difficult.  23.24 Current state of affairs at Starling Bank25.42 The value in office location.27.36 What banking will look like 5 years from now.30.39 Why constant innovation is now a necessity.


27 Apr 2018

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GDPR, team building and the onion model - Klaas Ardinois

Klaas is CTO at AzoomeeKlaas has years experience in delivering bespoke software projects for firms in various industries. During this time he has built up significant experience in coaching and supporting Agile development teams and building lean organisations across the globe. Klaas puts emphasis on open communication and building the right value at the right time. His main goal is to deliver value in a fact based, predictable approach.AzoomeeAzoomee is a fun learning platform for kids aged 5+. Available on any mobile device, a subscription to the award-winning Azoomee app gives families unlimited access to premium games, videos, and activities in one place.Their mission is to make screen time meaningful for every child in the world. Azoomee is building the world's largest library of games, videos and educational activities based on 21st Century skills like online safety, the world around us, problem-solving, technology and creativity.PodcastSecurity and GDPR take center stage in this podcast. Andy ask Klaas about the measures Azoomee have taken to protect customer data. A large part of the show is also dedicated to hiring and Klaas tells us what he looks for in potential employee’s. He also tells Andy about his onion model, which is his way of looking at the layers of a project and career progression.


1 Feb 2019

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Retaining staff and routes into IT Infrastructure - Usman Hamid

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Usman Hamid, Head of infrastructure services at the BBC. On the show they discuss how companies can use innovative ways to retain staff. Andy asks Usman about how he got into a career in infrastructure. Usman also chats about his management style and recruitment process. Usman is a highly experienced, ITIL certified, multilingual Senior IT Leader, with expertise in delivering effective business critical IT solutions across both the private and public sectors. He also has a proven track record of leading business improvements on a global basis. He has been working in the ICT industry for over 14 years, and has played an integral role in identifying solutions and driving forward change on both a national and international basis. This has resulted in improved business efficiency and significant cost savings.Show Notes:1.07 What’s the typical path into infrastructure and how did you get in to infrastructure?4.18 Technology and music.6.10 Discussing non traditional and unique routes into technology. 13.03 Employers incentivising candidate beyond salaries.16.01 Driving cultural change in legacy companies.20.03 How infrastructure is becoming like wifi.22.48 We need to know how best to utilise technology as opposed to knowing how to use it.27.40 Taking the step up to management and the recruitment process.31.53 What direction do you see infrastructure heading in the coming years.


26 Jan 2018

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Blogging about tech and leadership in the technology industry - Adam Gill

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Adam Gill, the CRM at Totaljobs group and the founder of Sirius.Red. They discuss Adams blogging career and how blogs can help with one’s creative processes and problem solving. They also discuss transitioning into management and the importance of team dynamics. Show Notes:1.09 Had you always planned to write a blog? 2.32 Does writing a blog help with your creative process and solving problems?4.21 Blogging as a tool for articulating difficult concepts.5.51 Getting management ideas from your blog creation.7.30 Do you take inspiration from your team when writing your blog?8.49 What was your initial transition to management like?13.58 What’s your current management situation now? 16.46 The importance of team dynamics when managing a business and a team. 19.18 Continual learning and the rapid pace of change in technology.21.42 Have you always subscribed to an agile methodology?23.53 Do you consider yourself a technologist and what technologies are you most excited about.


2 Feb 2018

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Extra data please, no pineapple. Chatting to the CIO of Dominos - Barry Wiech

Barry is CIO at Domino’s pizza UK. Barry has had a varied career working in finance, FMCG, manufacturing and, most recently, pizza. He spent 5 years as the chief information officer at Domino’s in Australia before moving companies only to return to the fold early last year. After 6 years at Parmalat Australia he is now the CIO of Domino’s UK.Domino’s, along with many other companies, is reacting to the changes brought about by data. Utilising data to its full potential is what separates good and great companies. Barry is responsible for ensuring Domino’s is getting the most out of its technology and data. Show Notes:0.32 Finding talent that can help you achieve your business goals.4.36 Ensuring compliance with GDPR.7.16 Scoring some free pizza.9.08 Domino’s the data company?11.41 Using company culture as a vehicle to roll out change in a business. 13.48 When did companies become all about the data?16.18 How has the CIO role changed over your career?17.42 The software talent gap in the UK.20.37 Why is there a software skills shortage in Britain?22.41 Automation gives us the time to spend more time on business strategy?25.08 Next-gen tech: The digital workspace.28.34 Working in a ‘happening’ workspace.29.47 Creating a collaborative work culture.31.48 What keeps getting you out of bed every morning?34.46 Finding a scene of purpose in your work.36.10 Advice for those starting their data careers?


6 Sep 2018

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Putting your tech career development at the centre of your career in data - Hilla Pedramparsi

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Hilla Pedramparsi, interim head of data at Gamesys. Hilla is a senior IT professional with a strong development background. He possesses an outstanding record of formulating technical strategies to meet business objectives. On the show he chats to Andy about the ever evolving role of a data professional and a person's tech career development . They also discuss how to extract the most value out of your data sets and why you need to instigate a cultural change in your company to place it on a data driven footing. Show Notes:1.06 Hilla’s background and career progression.2.38 What is a bigger challenge, the size of a data set or the complexity of it.4.11 Was it a big advantage for you learning how to decipher Data sets before technology got so advanced you didn’t need to anymore. 6.05 How difficult has it been for you to stay ahead and stay relevant in technology?7.30 Do you find you have enough time to keep skilling up in your professional life. 8.07 Always being willing to learn.10.08 Being a technical person with an understanding of the macroeconomics affecting the business you’re working for. 12.45 The role of a CDO and a data team.16.57 Determining the value of data. 19.58 Implementing a data team into your business needs a cultural shift in your business.23.34 Will the role of a high level data person ever stop evolving?25.05 The excitement around data.26.13 The variety of different backgrounds present in a data team and data as a creative discipline.28.14 What do you hope to see in the coming years in your career and in data.


22 Jan 2018

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Coaching, mentoring and sponsorships - their role in building a successful career - Alan Grogan

Alan is an Executive Partner and Service Line Leader for Advanced Analytics, Cognitive Solutions, Data Platforms, Internet of Things and Watson Healthcare, at IBM Global Business Services, UK & Ireland. Alan spends his time helping clients and colleagues embed Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and IoT into business decisions and processes in order to unlock the potential to combine all data – internal, external, structured, unstructured, voice and visual. In doing so, the service line he leads delivers insights and solutions that transform how IBM's clients make decisions, re-engineer/automate business processes, and contemplate new revenue and business models.IBMIBM is a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. Restlessly reinventing since 1911, they are the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, with more than 380,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.PodcastCoaching, mentoring and sponsorships. What’s the difference? Alan and Andy pick apart these three forms of training on this podcast. Andy also asks Alan about graduate hiring and they discuss career development and when its the right time to move companies


30 Jan 2019

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Business transformation: An IBM case study - Andy Brierley

In this episode Andy Davis talks to Andy Brierley, the Vice President of IBM. On the show they discuss how IBM has developed from a hardware manufacturer to a services provider. They also discuss business transformation more generally. Talk also turns to Andy’s background and motivations. Andy is the Vice President Of Technology Services at IBM. He has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Business Process, Enterprise Software, ITIL, IT Service Management, and IT Strategy. Show Note1.13 How do you stay relevant as a company and a business? 6.43 How closely do you have to work with the technical people inside IBM.12.57 Outsourcing IT platforms.14.37 How much project management is required in your role and how is your team comprised?17.45 Andy’s background and career development. 24.44 How big a role does corporate culture play in keeping you motivated.


12 Jan 2018

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Helping the C-Suite execute data strategies to gain competitive advantage - Samir Sharma

Samir is a data strategy and analytics expert and currently founder and CEO at Datazuum.Samir works with companies to help create and execute data strategies. His current clients include; high-end luxury, retail, aerospace & defense, government, postal, telecoms, banking, utilities, insurance, mutual Insurance, and media. He advises board members, the C-suite and directors on how to get the most out of their datasets. Samir loves to use data to tell stories. Seeing clients extract value from data is a real motivator for him. Show Notes:00.35 Connecting with people using podcasts.05.34 Hiring talent that is committed to growing professionally.09.17 Taking a disciplined approach to work.12.53 The benefits of podcasting. 19.13 Samir’s background and career progression. 26.17 Did you ever get frustrated with the corporate world?31.02 Taking your business from idea stage to full time.35.34 How the people around you can help you succeed.


14 Aug 2018

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