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The Lotus Health Institute is making available a free podcast series that will consist of interviews, exclusives and excerpts from Dr. Robin Murphy's lecture series.The Lotus Health Institute is dedicated to the highest standards of clinical homeopathy as taught by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) in the 6th Edition of his book “The Organon of Medicine,” written in 1810.

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Homeopathic Case-Taking Timeline-Never Well Since

This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Women's Health Care" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy introduces the Homeopathic Case-Taking Timeline and importance of the "never well since" keynote.Women's Health Care Introduction to women's health care, casetaking, repertorization and potency selection. Includes a review of common hormonal imbalances with the menses, pregnancy and sexual functions, sterility and infertility, amenorrhea, problems during pregnancy, (morning sickness, miscarriage), problems during labor, fibroids, mastitis, ovarian cysts, vaginitis, dysmenorrhea, varicose veins, toxemia, PMS, breast tumors, and cancer. Also a review of various rubrics in Kent's repertory with updates and additions which pertain to women's health care.https://www.lotushealthinstitute.com/store/index.php/cd-seminars/women-s-health-care.html


19 Jul 2014

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Benefits of Using Low Potency Remedies

This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Comparative Materia Medica" lecture CD set. Dr. Murphy speaks on the Benefits of Using Low Potency Remedies in Homeopathy.Comparative Materia Medica A study of remedy groups with comparisons and keynotes of Calcareas (Calcium), Natrums (Sodium), Kalis (Potassium), Ferrums (Iron), the Mercuries, Acids and Snake Venom's. Synthetic Prescribing is also discussed as a technique of prescribing and understanding homeopathic remedies.https://lotushealthinstitute.com/store/comparative-materia-medica.html


10 Sep 2010

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Xenobiotics, Alkalinity and Toxicity

This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Natural Remedies for Chronic Diseases 2" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy speaks on Xenobiotics, Alkalinity and Toxicity.Natural Remedies for Chronic Diseases 2: Natural Health Philosophy, Natural Detox Methods, Homeopathic And Natural Remedies For Allergies, Adhd, Asthma, Arthritis, Bowel Diseases And Sinusitis. Medicinal Charcoal For Detoxification And Healing. Castor Oil Therapy. Homeopathic Remedies, Herbal And Food Tonics.


18 Oct 2011

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Homeopathic Prescribing and Medical Drugs

This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Homeopathic Prescribing"Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy speaks on Homeopathic Prescribing and Medical Drugs.Homeopathic Prescribing: History and principles of homeopathy. Homeopathic prescribing methods including case taking and case management, potency selection and repetition of dose. Various schools and levels of homeopathic prescribing are reviewed. Comparing Hahnemann and Kentian prescribing methods. Hahnemann's Organon, acute and chronic prescribing, constitutional, isotopic prescribing, LM describing, organopathic, psychological, synthetic, tautopathic and materia medic. https://www.lotushealthinstitute.com/store/index.php/homeopathic-prescribing.html


5 Jul 2012

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Homeopathy and the Paradigm of Health

This podcast is an excerpt from the 1993 Emergencies and First Aid lecture from Dr. Robin Murphy's Seminar Series and Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course.Here Dr. Murphy talks about Homeopathy and the Paradigm of Health.Emergencies and First AidEmergencies and First Aid Introduction to homeopathic emergency prescribing. Topics include the treatment of injuries, sprains, wounds, allergic reactions, food and chemical poisoning, animal and insect bites. Differentiates the use of remedies for burns, sunstroke, frostbite, dehydration, physical and emotional shock, rape. Also, acute pain, broken bones, surgery, drug overdose, coma, and asphyxia. Reviews Emergency chapter from the Homeopathic Medical Repertory by Robin Murphy.https://www.lotushealthinstitute.com/store/index.php/cd-seminars/emergencies-and-first-aid.html


8 Dec 2012

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Schools & Myths of Homeopathy

This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Children's Health Care" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy briefly speaks about different schools of Homeopathy (Hahnemannian, Kentian, etc.) and prescribing myths.Children's Health CareChildren's Health Carec overs problems at birth, conditions of infancy, childhood diseases, sore throats, ear infections, respiratory problems, bedwetting, worms, abused children, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, the vaccination issue, case taking and general children's remedies.https://www.lotushealthinstitute.com/store/index.php/cd-seminars/children-s-health-care.html


1 Apr 2011

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3 Things To Return To Homeopathy - Dr. Robin Murphy, ND

This podcast is an excerpt from a Homeopathy lecture given by Dr. Robin Murphy in India in 2004 at the Centre for Advanced Study in Homeopathy. Here he talks about three things he'd like have returned to modern Homeopathy.http://www.lotushealthinstitute.com


11 Jul 2010

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Dr. Robin Murphy Interview - 10.25.09 Virginia Tech - Part 2

This podcast is Part 2 of an excerpt from an October 2009 interview of Dr. Robin Murphy, ND on Talk at the Table on WUVT-FM at Virginia Tech University. Here Dr. Murphy talks about his experience, Homeopathy Philosophy and Qi Gong.


1 May 2010

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Cell Salts History and Philosophy

This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Twelve Cell Salts" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy briefly introduces some history about Dr. Schuessler's (Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler) cell salts and homeopathy then continues with the philosophy of prescribing the cell salts.Twelve Cell Salts: The history and clinical uses of the twelve cell salts. How to prescribe the cell salts as constitutional remedies and mineral tonics. Homeopathy and the tissue remedies. Diet, health and nutritional topics are also covered. The various cell salts and herbal remedies used in combination are reviewed. Biochemic materia medica: Calc-f., Calc-p., Calc-s., Ferr-p., Kali-m., Kali-p., Kali-s., Mag-p., Nat-m., Nat-p., Nat-s., and Silica.https://www.lotushealthinstitute.com/store/index.php/cd-seminars/twelve-cell-salts.html


27 Jan 2011

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Dietary Harmony and Food as Provings

This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Dental, Mouth and Throat" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy discusses the dietary harmony and food as provings.Dental, Mouth and Throat Comparative Materia Medica of dental remedies. Clinical and Repertory review of teething difficulties, toothaches, dental surgery, TMJ and jaw disorders, bruxism, cavities. Discusses remedies for amalgams and their removal. Mouth and throat disorders, thrush, strep and herpes infections, adenoids, tonsillitis, laryngitis, speech problems. Reviews dental, mouth and throat rubrics from the Homeopathic Medical Repertory.https://www.lotushealthinstitute.com/store/index.php/cd-seminars/dental-mouth-and-throat.html


3 Jan 2018

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