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Anyone who tells you women don’t need financial advice specifically for them is wrong. Women, whether they’re the caretakers, the breadwinners, or both, face a unique set of financial challenges. That’s where HerMoney comes in. In her frank, often funny, but always compassionate way, Jean Chatzky takes every audience of women through the steps they need to take today to live comfortably (and worry-free) tomorrow, offering the latest research, expert tips and personal advice.

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Ep 194: How To Be More Productive Than Ever In 2020 

Will this be the year you secure that promotion, land a new job or start your side hustle? Julie Morgenstern is here to tell us how to get there. Julie offers tips for how to get the most out of the hours you have, and shares her favorite tricks for crafting the perfect to-do list. In Mailbag, guidance on credit utilization, employee stock purchase programs, and buying vs. leasing cars.


1 Jan 2020

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Episode 46: All You Need To Know About Sex And Money, But Were Afraid To Ask!

Money and sex. They're the two things couples fight about most and talk about least, so we're turning up the heat with love and relationships expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz, from Married At First Sight, She says there are ways to keep your relationship on track even when your finances are in flux. In Mailbag, financial infidelity and kids paying for college.


22 Feb 2017

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Ep 61: Make More Money With The Penny Hoarder’s Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor, founder and CEO of The Penny Hoarder, had a spending addiction and could not ask his parents to bail him out one more time. So he started gig work, and then he started blogging about how you could do the same. If you've ever wanted to earn some extra money on the side, we've got the skinny. In Mailbag, inheritance, saving for a down payment and retirement planning for the self-employed.


7 Jun 2017

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Episode 48: I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Self-sabotage can be one of the most damaging behaviors in our lives, especially when it comes to our money. Thankfully, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen helps us all get self-sabotage to stand down. She says giving up isn’t failure if it moves us forward — cutting our losses is sometimes the best choice. In Mailbag, what to do with unused gift cards, how long you need to keep the paperwork when you sell your home, and permanent life insurance.


8 Mar 2017

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Episode 39: New Year, New (Richer) You

Tiffany Aliche, "The Budgetnista," is famous for saving $40,000 in two years on a $35,000 salary, and she used that money to buy a house and secure her own financial future. Now she's helping others do the same. In Mailbag, who pays for a wedding, spouses who hide debt, and the best budgeting apps.


4 Jan 2017

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Episode 52: Finding Your Financial Badass With Jen Sincero

Motivational coach Jen Sincero shares the secret sauce that allowed her to triple her income in three months, with tips from her new book, You Are a Badass at Making Money. In Mailbag, student loan defaults, employer pensions and public vs. private school.


5 Apr 2017

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Ep 55: Design Your Life With Bill Burnett

At Stanford University, students wait in line for professor Bill Burnett's course-turned-bestseller, Designing Your Life. You don't have to. Burnett says that if you want to improve your relationships at home and at work, you have to face your problems head on, including the money ones. In Mailbag, negotiating at work, investing beyond your 401(k), and getting a prenup.


26 Apr 2017

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Episode 40: Is Work-Life Balance Possible? Get Rid Of The Guilt, For Good

Work-life wellness expert Samantha Ettus offers strategies for letting go of guilt, and for releasing your inner badass. In Mailbag, we talk about allowances for kids, how much to start investing, and how to get a raise.


11 Jan 2017

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Ep 59: Jill And Jean On Money

Jill Schlesinger, CBS personality and host of the "Better Off" podcast, breaks down markets, investing, health care and why it's all more important if you're a woman. In Mailbag, debt consolidation and what to do with a windfall.


24 May 2017

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Episode 30: The Power Of Positivity

A look at how credit card points and airline miles can help you jet set around the world for next to nothing, and a chat about the power of positivity with Daryn Kagan, author of "Hope Possible," and Trent Swanson, a frequent flyer mile hobbyist. In Mailbag, we talk long-term care insurance and checking your credit score.


2 Nov 2016

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Episode 35: Millennial Money 101

Millennials have had it rough, with a recession and a mountain of student debt, but it's time they got their financial acts in gear. Financial expert Stefanie O'Connell shares how to do just that, and how she lived on $225 a week. In Mailbag, how to add a second credit card to your wallet and Roth 401(k)s.


7 Dec 2016

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Ep 154: Invest Like A Woman

Building off of last week’s “Women With Money” episode that focused on how and why more of us should be investing in addition to our retirement accounts, we’re with investing expert Manisha Thakor. She’s VP of financial wellbeing at Brighton Jones and host of the "true WELLth podcast." We discuss the psychology of investing, the difference between active versus passive investing styles and best practices for working with financial advisors. In Mailbag, we answer your questions on closing credit cards without hurting your credit, whether it's a smart move to help a boyfriend's family with student loan debt and the complications that can ensue come tax time. Plus: Our Thrive segment is courtesy of one of our amazing listeners, Pam, who emailed us a few weeks back after Episode 149, in which we talked about the new rules of resume writing. Her advice will help your resume get seen!P.S. Jean’s new book, “Women With Money,” hits stands this week! Order yours today at WomenWithMoneyBook.com.


27 Mar 2019

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Ep 153: Women With Money

The tables are turning for women and money—and the roles are reversing in this week’s episode. To celebrate the upcoming launch of Jean’s new book, “Women with Money: The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and, Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve,” Kelly interviews Jean for the very first time. Women have more money and more power than ever before and there’s more coming our way. We talk about the important ways in which we can use our money and our power to make life better for us, for the people we love and for the world. Above all, learn more about Jean—and why this book is more personal for her than any other book she’s written before. We close the show by answering your questions (of course) on paying off mortgages in the FIRE movement, FAFSA considerations for students who take breaks between school, the pros of tax-deductible IRAs and more. Women With Money is available for preorder now on WomenWithMoneyBook.com.


20 Mar 2019

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Ep 90: You’re The CEO Of Your Body And Your Life. Own It With Robin Arzon.

“Know your worth and then add tax.” Robin Arzon, lawyer-turned-health-and-wellness-influencer, is the bestselling author of “Shut Up And Run,” and the VP of Fitness Programming for Peloton. She gets us focused on our health and wealth so that we can make this year our best one yet. In Mailbag, 401(k) rollovers, financial considerations for caregivers and how to prioritize credit card debt with building emergency savings.


27 Dec 2017

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Ep 128: New And Different Ways To Save For Retirement — That Actually Work

The fear that you'll run out of money in retirement is big and real and daunting. Which is why we're always excited to hear about it when someone — somewhere — has a new idea to help us conquer the challenges of making our money last. This week's hero: Morningstar's Head of Behavioral Science, Dr. Stephen Wendel. He outlines how a handful of modest (and specific!) changes, when made simultaneously, can amount to much bigger nest eggs. So, calm your retirement anxieties — and geek out on the research — with us. Then, in Mailbag, we’re discussing 401(k) rollovers, the 5-year rule on Roth IRAs and having a dedicated savings account for healthcare. And in Thrive, how to budget with a cash-only diet.


26 Sep 2018

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Ep 205: Suze Orman On Coronavirus, Your Retirement and Recession Fears

Suze Orman is in the house! The author of ten New York Times bestsellers, is out with a new book, “The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+: Winning Strategies to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime.”  Listen in as Jean and Suze dive into all the market worries surrounding coronavirus and the downturn in the markets, how 2020 differs from from what we saw in 2008, and the danger of getting out of the stock market and not getting reinvested in time to catch the inevitable rebound. In Mailbag, Jean and Kathryn dive into the fees on 529 plans, and discuss new career opportunities.


18 Mar 2020

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Ep 54: Stop Being A Broke Millennial With Erin Lowry

Calling all broke millennials: This week Erin Lowry is here to help you set your priorities straight, get a budget, and tackle your debts. In Mailbag, using credit card points, and staying sane during rocky markets.


19 Apr 2017

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Ep 146: One Woman’s Journey To Financial Independence

Building on last week’s episode on the FIRE movement, this week we sit down with Jamila Souffrant, creator of the blog and podcast, Journey To Launch, in which she chronicles her and her family’s experience towards financial independence. “For most people who hear about FIRE movement it seems overwhelming,” says Jamila. “I like to modify it and say it [financial independence] can mean anything you want it to mean. In my case, it meant I wanted to retire from my corporate job to do work I love.” Jamila is candid on how she and her husband increased their savings rate, modified their investments and managed their accounts together to make this happen. In fact, we all might want to take a lesson in financial togetherness (and respect) from this couple. In Mailbag, we answer your questions on maxing out 401(k)s without compromising your short-term goals, protecting your finances when buying property with a future spouse and funding HSAs. And Jamila’s story has us wondering: Do you feel engaged in what you're doing at work? If not, we discuss new research that can help in Thrive.


30 Jan 2019

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Ep 65: Change Behaviors For Good With Katherine Milkman

This week we're talking with The Wharton School's Katy Milkman, whose research explains why changing our behaviors can be so difficult, and how we can finally make changes. In Mailbag, how to prioritize savings with credit card debt, what to do with old 403(b) accounts and how to handle those sometimes-pricey hobbies for kids.


5 Jul 2017

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Ep 186: Lighting The Path To Savings and Security With The FIRE Movement

Scott Rieckens, author of Playing With Fire, and producer of the recent documentary by the same name, walks us through his journey into the FIRE movement, (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and how he learned to prioritize his spending and saving goals — and how we can do the same. In Mailbag, questions about taking a job you’re overqualified for in order to get your foot in the door, and what to do for health insurance when you’re between jobs.


6 Nov 2019

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