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The PT Entrepreneur Podcast with Danny Matta brings you interviews and insights from top physical therapy business owners. Topics range from starting and running a cash physical therapy practice to creating digital products and even physical products. The PT Entrepreneur Podcast gives you an inside look of the minds and businesses of some of the most successful physical therapists today. No empty fluff.... just actionable, helpful information you can use TODAY.

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Ep224 | 3 Big Takeaways From Our Staff Retreat

On today's episode I wanted to talk about why it is so important to me and our business to enjoy a staff retreat.  Why do we spend a lot of money and give up patient volume to get away for a couple of days?  We do this because not only can we focus on our business goals, but more importantly it helps us improve the culture of our business.

17 Sep 2019

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Ep254 | Personal Finance 101

On this episode of The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast, we are talking personal finance.  I had a lot of family in town over the holidays and I was able to have some interesting conversations with my in-laws and how everyone has different approaches to personal finance.

31 Dec 2019

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Ep178 | The Future Of Physical Therapy With Kelly Starrett and Doug Kechijian

On episode 178 I am joined by Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD and Doug Kechijian of Resilient Performance Systems.  We discuss and get into the future of Physical Therapy and where we see it going.

9 Apr 2019

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Ep225 | One Tweak To Improve Workshops

If you are not running workshops, I highly recommend you begin holding them as soon as possible.  Today I discuss the biggest mistakes I see people committing when holding their own workshops.

19 Sep 2019

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Ep244 | How To Get To 10K A Month By Month 3 In Business

Today, we are discussing a strategy of how to get to 10K a month in revenue by month 3 of being in business.  Again, like recent episodes, the topic of this episode was spawned from recent interactions at our recent mastermind event here in Atlanta.  Listen along and I will run down the steps and what route to take to accomplish this milestone in your business.

26 Nov 2019

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Ep196 | 3 Barriers To Starting A Cash Practice

What I discuss on today's podcast episode are the top 3 reasons I see people drag their feet on deciding to start their own cash based practice.  If you are interested in learning more about starting a practice head to https://www.physicaltherapybiz.com/masterclass.  This training includes my 5 step process that I use to start practices in almost any niche.

11 Jun 2019

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Ep256 | Side Hustles and Podcasting With Brandon Erwin

Today I am excited to be joined by my brother-in-law, Brandon Erwin.  We talk everything to do with side hustles, getting out of your comfort zone, and how beneficial a podcast can be to becoming a thought leader within your community.  Enjoy!

7 Jan 2020

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E154 | The Most Important Marketing Information You Need To Know

If you are a PT or other type of clinician and own your own business that 2 things that are most important to your success is your sales and marketing systems. So on this weeks episode I dive into some nitty gritty marketing theory in an effort to help you get more business and grow your practice. If you haven't yet make sure you book your free 45 minute business assessment with me.

15 Jan 2019

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E162 | 5 Steps To A 100k Cash Practice

This episode is to address a question I get from pretty much every new practice owner I work with: how do I scale up to reach 100k in revenue. I personally believe that you should be able to get to this number in less than 6 months by following these 5 easy steps. Location, location, location Price effectively Reinvest in the right things Get out of the office Effectively ask for referrals and reviews Tune in to get all the nitty gritty on these 5 steps. If you are in front of a computer make sure you get over to the PT Entrepreneurs Facebook Group and watch the companion video for this episode.

12 Feb 2019

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Ep188 | Living Your Purpose And Passion

Are you doing something everyday that gives you personal satisfaction that then allows you to spend the time, energy, and resources to go and become the best in the world at something?  If you're not going down the rabbit hole to become the best at what you do then you are probably doing the wrong thing.

14 May 2019

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Ep280 | The Keys To Success In Clinic and Your Business With Toko Nguyen

Welcome back, everyone, to another episode of the PT Entrepreneur Podcast.  Today, I finally get a chance to get into a conversation with someone that I have a lot of respect for and that is Toko Nguyen with the Institute of Athlete Regeneration in Houston, TX.  I really enjoyed my conversation with Toko today and I know you will too. Reach out to Toko: Via website: https://www.iareducation.com/

31 Mar 2020

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E152 | How To Get More Ideal Clients

On episode 152 my good friend Yves Gege is back on the podcast to talk about how to get more idea clients. Yves currently runs a pretty big (and growing) practice down in Charleston, but it wasn't always that way. Tune in to learn from Yves why being a generalist never works, and how to specify your message to your target demographic in order to get more ideal clients. If you like the info your heard on this podcast, make sure you head over to physicaltherapybiz.com to learn more about the business of physical therapy.

8 Jan 2019

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Ep194 | The Top 5 Lessons Learned From 5 Years In Business

On episode 194, I am joined by my wife, Ashley, as we discuss the 5 lessons we have learned from running our own business. We discuss how much we have learned and how little we knew about business.  One of the key takeaways from this episode is you constantly have to be evolving and willing to learn to be able to grow in business.

4 Jun 2019

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Ep274 | How To Pay Off 180K In Debt And Build A Multiple 6 Figure Cash Practice All In 5 Years With Jeff Bitter

Today's episode features one of our very own Mastermind members, Jeff Bitter.  Jeff owns a practice called Custom Fit Concierge Medicine and Health located in Chicago, Illinois.  Jeff shares his very interesting story of how he dug himself out of the all too common financial debt hole that so many of us find ourselves in after school.

10 Mar 2020

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Ep265 | The Two Ways To Get Rid Of Debt

Today we are talking about the one thing we all love, and that is... debt!  What I wanted to do was offer my two paths forward on how to get rid of this debt.  Getting rid of debt was one of the best things I have ever done and most of the debt I had was from student loans as I imagine that is what most of your debt is as well.  You can hide from it and pretend it doesn't exist, or you can take steps to systematically get rid of it.

6 Feb 2020

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