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So here’s the big mystery... How do real MLMers like us...Who didn’t cheat and ONLY bug family members and friends. Who want to GROW a profitable home-business... How do we recruit A-Players into our downlines and create extra incomes, yet, still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives?That is the blaring question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio...

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110: Make An MLM Social Media Funnel

RIGHT NOW, as of recording this, I still have people auto-joining my downline.   I'm still having people auto-buy my products!  It’s not a showboating thing… I just want you to know that the things I teach you guys on this channel are REAL.  If you’re in the program, Secret MLM Hacks, it's cool to watch you BLOW IT UP!  It's been awesome. MLM SALES FUNNEL AUTOMATION Routinely, we'll get people who have BIG downlines, who are trying to find another program to sell another product… And they'll come join and it gets BIGGER and BIGGER.  IT WORKS It works because:   I’m doing this podcast Of the automation that I put in - Which is the funnels.  This might not be that fast of an episode… Usually, every time I say that it's a bit longer!   But you have to understand…  I've had a few people reach out since I've started doing this stuff here, and they'll be like, "Stephen, my MLM will not let me do MLM funnels." And I understand what they mean… But I just need to tell you guys something real quick.  If you have sold anything EVER, you used a sales funnel. WHO INVENTED THE MLM FUNNEL?  What we have to understand is this whole concept of the MLM funnel... ClickFunnels DID NOT invent sales funnels.  The first sales funnel that ever happened was when a caveman traded a rock for a fish with another caveman.  An MLM funnel is nothing more than a sales message and an offer, THAT’S IT!  Sales message Offer So, when you think about what it is that your MLM has allowed you to do…  You have a SCRIPT, which is a sales message.  And you have an OFFER.   = You have an MLM FUNNEL.  The only reason why the things that I do work so well is because most of the time, people don't build their MLM funnel with very much intent.  They don't do it on PURPOSE.  And because they don't do it on purpose… It doesn't work very well.  Any "a-has" on that?  USING A SOCIAL MEDIA FUNNEL FOR EVENTS  I just finished an event here in Boise called OfferMind, it's my event.  You might have even come to it, which is awesome. We had 600 people come We did about 1.9 million in sales from the stage …. It was awesome! QUESTION: Guess what I used?  ANSWER: A sales funnel.  "But Stephen, you were on stage."  It was a sales message and an offer, therefore, it was a sales FUNNEL.  I was the sales funnel, you understand? What I was doing there was super powerful and it was still a sales funnel.  It's sooo much better when you can take what your MLM has given you and find a way to automate the sales message and the offer.  Does that make sense? FOLLOW THE MLM FUNNEL RULES  The only reason I'm doing this is that I want you to know, if your MLM has said, "You're not allowed to use an MLM funnel," you already are.  When an MLM is like, "Hey, you can't do that."  First of all, follow the rules.  This is NOT a game to try and break the rules with. That's NOT what I'm doing. I'm not encouraging you to do that. I don't do that.  But you have to understand that going on Facebook Live and telling the story of how you first started using your company's product, THAT’S a sales message. Funny enough… They're okay with you doing a social media funnel in that way. BUT the moment you put it on a page that you own, they kinda freak out.  I'm just trying to help you understand that an MLM funnel is broader and BIGGER than most people think it is.  It is not just these ClickFunnels sales funnels.  That's a method.  HOW TO BUILD A SOCIAL MEDIA FUNNEL I just wanted to walk you through a very simple way to build a social media funnel that helps build belief in people who might be doubting whether or not you should do this in your MLM.  So many guys might be like, "Hey, Stephen, my MLM won't let me do this," and I totally get it.  In fact, several people reached out and they'd be like, "My MLM won't let me use a social media funnel." And I'm like, "You already are." I'm like, "How many people do you have in your downline?"  They'll be like, "I have several hundred people in my downline, and we do... I make 10 to 20 grand a month." And I'm like, "Cool, you already are using a social media funnel."  You're already using one, otherwise, you wouldn't have all that stuff.  If you sold anything EVER to anyone, at any price, whether it was free or paid, it was with a sales funnel.  There's a sales message and an offer, which is all an MLM funnel is. The fact we put it on pages is a method. PROVE THAT SOCIAL MEDIA FUNNELS WORK Look at it that way, and start thinking through, “Okay, well, if that's what a social media funnel is, how can I create a social media funnel?"  One of the easiest ways to prove the fact that you're using an MLM funnel is…  Let's say that you have somebody in your upline or corporate HQ (something like that), and they're like, "You know what? You can't use a social media funnel. You know what? We don't want you to do these things with it."  One of the easiest ways you can prove the concept of internet sales funnels works is by using Facebook. PLEASE keep to the rules. I'm NOT telling you to ride the line.  All I'm saying is that most MLMs are okay with you going on social media and talking about the product.  That's actually the beginning of any sales funnel.  THE BEGINNING OF AN MLM FUNNEL There are TWO things you can do on Facebook (or any social media platform) 'cause usually, they're okay with that.  A lot of them DON’T want you to say the name of the MLM and that's okay,  Play by the rules. I do. That's why I've been able to pull it off.  DON’T try to find sneaky ways, don't try to ride the line. All I do is tell the story of when I first started using my MLMs product.  Think back to the day when that started happening for you.  I asked somebody that once, and they're like, "Well, the reason I use the product is that it has the purest ingredients. I needed the best form of ingredients because I wanna be the best human being I can be."  And I was like, "Barf, barf, barf." That is NOT what I'm talking about. Why did you make the decision to start using the product you're using?  You gotta go back. We call it the epiphany bridge. What gave you the epiphany, "Oh my gosh, I need to be using that product"? It was NOT ingredients. It's usually something that's going on in your life.  The MLM product that I use… I'm not gonna tell you the name of it, 'cause I keep it very third-party. I don't want you guys to think I'm selling you.  I'm trying to change the industry as a whole.  THE STORY BEHIND YOUR MLM FUNNEL  On my dad's side, pretty much every guy has or is at EXTREME risk of type 2 diabetes and extremely high blood pressure.  And then, pretty much every guy on my mom's side, have had prostate cancer.  So I'm like, "Well, that sucks. What does that mean for me?"  I take that very seriously, 'cause I'm like, "Shoot, son, I don't want any of that crap."  I remember once, watching my dad go through some surgery. He's generally a healthy guy, but that wasn't good enough.  He needed an extra level of intensity on his health 'cause it's still in our DNA. I remember sitting there, looking at him, and I was thinking. I was like, "How can I avoid this? I don't wanna do that. How do I avoid that?" In high school, I was 35% body fat. I had a double chin, I was working on a triple, I was a big boy and I was getting picked on like crazy.  And I remember I was walking down the hall… Outwardly, you might have seen that I was a happy kid. I was a super nice boy.  But on the inside, I was kind of this train wreck. I remember this moment where I was like, "Enough. I'm tired of being big. I wanna lose weight."  And I lifted every day for the next nine months, I lost 45 pounds, I grew six inches. I went from 35% body fat down to 6% body fat.  So low that it's actually 1% away from considered unhealthy.  As I started growing up, and I kinda kept this habit going. I started competing in sprint triathlons and I got third in the 11th Colorado Sprint Triathlon for my age group, which was pretty awesome. SOCIAL MEDIA FUNNEL STORIES   Do you see what I'm saying? I'm telling a story.  What I would do if I were you is lead that up to whatever product you're selling. You have a story behind why you're using what you're using.  It has NOTHING to do with the ingredients. That's not why anyone buys anything. They buy the story, not the product.  Half the reason why people buy from you is that you inadvertently have told some stories about the product itself.  QUESTION: You wanna make a social media funnel using Facebook?  Here's how you do it.  Tell the story of how you came to use the products you're using right now in MLM. What is that story?  There was a story, not a feature. There's something in your past and there was a moment where you're like, "I don't want this," or, "I do want that" .  Whatever that might be, tell that story.  What happens in the customer's mind is, you begin to open up a gap where they sit back, and they go, "You know what? Things are not as I thought they were." It's really powerful.  What happens is, you open this gap up where there's this window of belief, and they go, "I'm starting to feel open."  They're not gonna say that, but that's what's going on inside their brain, psychology-wise.  "I'm starting to feel like there's a possibility this could actually work for me."  That's the magic of where sale happens. That's the magic of when you finally start talking about your offer, where they go, "I can see myself doing this, why don't I just try it?" That's the magic.  MLM FUNNEL + SOCIAL MEDIA FUNNEL  If you wanna make a social media funnel using Facebook... It's still an MLM funnel.  You tell the story of how you started using the product, and then you’re like, "Hey if you're interested, please reach out, and I'd love to give you a free sample of X, Y and Z." DISCLAIMER: I don't know what you sell, so customize that to whatever it is you're doing. But do you see how you just made a sales message and an offer? A sales message is just a story.  Tell a story Deliver and showed the offer to them Give a little call-to-action. "Hey, reach on out."  That is one of the easiest ways to leverage any platform with a social media funnel. That is an MLM funnel. It's more powerful if you can customize the page the video is on and put testimonials on there.  To the degree, you're allowed to…  You can add:  Some scarcity and urgency  A few other stories Maybe you can have the formulator come on in and tell a little bit about it.  ... You see what I'm saying?  Follow the rules. I'm NOT telling you to go be sneaky or whatever.  I'm just telling you that an MLM funnel is broader than most people believe that it is. That's good news, 'cause if you're like, "Oh well, I don't know that I can use this whole social media funnel thing that Stephen talks about." You already are!  Just do it with a little more intent, automate it and then automate the follow-up.  That's one of the easiest ways to make money.  STAGE SELLING WITH A SALES FUNNEL  We sold a lot of money on stage two weeks ago.  QUESTION: What are we doing these last two weeks?  ANSWER: Following up.  I am over-communicating with my buyers. I'm saying to them, "Hey, how are you doing? What are your goals? What is it do you wanna do? Let's jump on a phone call."  Do you see what I'm saying?  You can automate that (and we certainly will in the future).  Understand that you're already using a sales funnel, and that's one of the easiest ways to make money.  If you're like, "Does this whole social media funnel thing really work?" I dare you to put it to the test. Go tell the story of how you started using your product on social media.  PLEASE don't do the thing where you're like, "Working from home today." Snapshot selfie, selfie, selfie, on Instagram. THAT’S DUMB.  Instead, tell the story about how you started using it and say, "If anyone's interested in a free sample, this is not meant to be high pressure, I just wanna share with whoever is interested." Tell me you don't get some sales from that. Storytelling is an art and science of and in of itself. That takes practice. But just go do it. That's how I started this show. YOU’RE ALREADY USING AN MLM FUNNEL  Just start telling the stories, and get good at telling the stories. When you do it that way, it's super exciting what happens.  You'll actually find that people are excited to buy from you. You know that when you go sell something to somebody, and you walk away feeling like you convinced them? You know what I'm talking about. If you don't wanna feel that when you're selling to people, the answer is to get good at storytelling. Then it makes your offer feel like a gift.  Otherwise, it feels like you're convincing them… "Better hurry. Buy one, get one free by tonight. Better hurry, it's half off before this time." And then they're like... AGHHHH!  They drag their feet in… They know they want it (but they kinda don't) because you kinda pushed them and there's some convincing along the way.  The only reason that happens is that they weren't sold, they were convinced. People like to be sold… They don't like to be convinced. The whole point of this is to bring awareness to the fact that you already have an MLM funnel.  Start thinking through, design and purposefully plan your story. Purposefully plan the offer that you're gonna drop to them. If you're serious about this and you wanna take this to a really cool level, go get the Secret MLM Hacks Program 'cause it's awesome, and that's exactly what we're talking about.  Have fun building your MLM funnel, your social media funnel, even if you can't build an official one yet.  Have fun building the social media funnel and let me know what successes you have from just going and doing that. SECRET MLM HACKS SOCIAL MEDIA FUNNEL  I know it's tough to find people to pitch after your warm market dries up, right?  That moment when you finally run out of family and friends to pitch. I don't see many up lines teaching legitimate lead strategies today.  After years of being a lead funnel builder online, I got sick of the garbage strategies most MLMs have been teaching their recruits for decades.  Whether you simply want more leads to pitch or an automated MLM funnel, head over to secretmlmhacks.com and join the next FREE training.  There you're gonna learn the hidden revenue model that only the top MLMers have been using to get paid regardless if you join them.  Learn the 3-step system I use to auto recruit my downline of big producers WITHOUT friends or family even knowing that I'm in MLM.  If you want to do the same for yourself, head over to secretmlmhacks.com.  Again that’s secretmlmhacks.com. 


18 Sep 2019

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97: [Part 1] MLM Product Funnels: Assets...

We have a very special four-part series that we're doing here... And this is gonna be part ONE. It's gonna be dripped out over the episodes here. VERY stoked for you guys to be here. We're gonna dive into MLM product funnels. One of the biggest questions I get asked is, "Stephen, you focus quite a bit on the recruiting side. Why don't you talk more about the product sales side?" And the reason is that I've found is that if somebody is able to recruit, the same principles apply and they are transferable over to selling the product itself. If I can get someone to be auto recruiting, selling the product, it's the same principle. It's very, very easy to go do it. If they can only sell the product, though, a lot of times it's harder for them. I don't know why it seems that way. Maybe it's not true, but it seems that way. If I can get them to recruit, the product side's pretty easy. I wanted to do a four-part series teaching you guys how I do my MLM product funnels and how I would design that for yours. How to design these MLM product funnels so that you can auto sell. It's the same model I've used in other industries, as well, and it's the reason it's so powerful. MLM PRODUCT FUNNELS If you’re in Secret MLM Hacks, you saw me go into this a little bit. And it's one of the benefits of being in the Secret MLM Hacks program. When I start seeing that there's a spot-check training needed, I wanna dive into that. I'll create the program. Then, I step back to see what are they not understanding. Okay, cool, let's go make training specifically on that. I decided to take this one piece out of it and say BOOM, here it is, because it makes me really, really sad... MAD that this is not mainstream. And a lot of times people are super afraid of doing this. I know why, and I'm gonna talk about it right during this very first session. It's because they're afraid of Facebook and saying things like MLM or their product name or they can't say the name of their product online. That's fine. I'm not saying to break that rule. Or they're like, "Hey, I'm not allowed to drive traffic to my distributor checkout page." Then don't. What I'm about to share with you and teach you is such a big deal. Take the environment as it is. Accept it, and then, do something about it. But most of the time, people were like, "I won't do it because I can't do x, y, z, online." Then find another way! That's what this series is about. It's four parts and this is part ONE of the series. We're gonna go dive into a little bit about the environment scenario. The reality that MLM's in, in regards to the Internet, and does it work, can it work, will it work, why will it work if it does? I want you to see a lot of the realities that are in there. MLM PRODUCT FUNNELS DISCLAIMER! Full disclaimer, full disclosure with this, I'm NOT a lawyer. I'm not a legal person. I'm not your MLM. Hopefully, everyone feels disclaimed. This is a  15-minute lesson that will really help you understand some of the scenarios and environments that we're really in and how I don't try to break the rules or be sneaky. I just accept it and do something about it. I think it's gonna be powerful for you to take notes on this. There was a guy on the show a while ago. What was cool was that he's like, "Yeah, I took those "principles you were talking about," and he's like, "I took my team volume from $8,000 dollars a month "to $130,000 a month," or something like that. I was like holy crap, I thought you doubled. You went from $8,000 to like $130,000 in team volume and it was only three or four months using these types of principles. It's really powerful. If you guys wanna learn how to do this stuff for real, full time, all out, go get the program at secretmlmhacks.com. This should give you a taste, as well. So you can see what it will be about. I'm gonna share with you guys the secrets on how, honestly, us Internet marketers play the MLM game. I love MLM, obviously; otherwise, I would not have created this. But we don't play it, probably, the way you've been taught. TRADITIONAL MLM PRODUCT FUNNELS How is it that traditional MLM teaches you to sell supplements? If you're like, "Hey, Stephen, I still wanna talk to friends and family." That's fine, what I'm teaching you how to do here is not talk to them if you don't want to. Once you run out of your warm market, what do you do? Auto recruit. Personally, I've had five, six people join us in the last two days. I do what we're teaching you. I have a huge issue with people on the Internet when they're like, "I'm gonna teach you how to do x, y, and z," and then, you find out they're not actually building a downline. I don't wanna learn from them; I wanna learn from the person who's doing it. Who's in the weeds with me and just further down the road. That's why I'm going and doing this stuff, and that's why it's been so fun. So how do you sell supplements in the traditional method? The traditional method of doing that is friends and family… If it works, I'm not saying it's bad, but…   SELLING IS LIKE A DRAG RACE Have you ever been to one of those car races, like a drag race? I grew up in Denver, Colorado in Littleton, and there's this really cool drag race, a famous course. It's probably about 15 minutes from where I grew up. It was right on the side of this mountain. It's super cool. What was crazy is you could see in the evening times, as these drag cars would take off, the fireball coming out of the back of these cars. You could see the glow of it just on the highway. I mean, you could see when stuff was going down on this drag race course; it was really cool. So let me ask you a question real quick... Let's say I have a drag race car verse a Prius. Who's gonna win? It's actually a matter of time, isn't it? To answer this question, technically, they're both gonna hit the finish line. Who's going to win is a matter of TIME. What I'm trying to tell you here is there's nothing wrong with selling the way that MLM traditionally teaches you to sell a product. The issue comes in with TIME.   THE ISSUE WITH SELLING IS TIME There are three kinds of time and there are three kinds of costs. #1 Actual money cost #2 Time cost #3 Repeatable time I only focus on repeatable time activities. I only wanna spend that kind of cost. What I go do is I build a funnel, and now, I don't have to do all the traditional ways that MLM teaches you to sell a product. Can you sell a product like that? Yeah, and huge multimillion dollar people have gone in and they've made a lot of money that way. How many, though? This is the other thing that I wanna share with you guys on this. So there's speed. How fast does it take me to go and do it? Will I actually get to the finish line? Yes, in a Prius, totally. I'm gonna get to it. But I'm gonna get dominated by the drag car. There's one other major aspect to this…   Think about this… Let's take artists, for example (just keep with me here in just a moment while I do this). Let's say that I take an artist… It's one of my favorite examples ever on why I do it the way I do… HOW DO TRADITIONAL MLMS MAKE SALES? I have NEVER gotten on the phone to sell somebody, I have never. I did two MLMs back in my old life before I ever really got good at the Internet part of it, and I did a few of these strategies. But I haven't done these strategies or what traditional MLM teaches in five years. I don't do: Home meetings Hotel meetings Phone meetings I don't do any of that stuff. I'm not throwing rocks at it if you choose to do it. I'm just saying, weigh the costs on this. I only want the highest leverage activities. Those will be the things that I get good at: High leverage activities. Stuff that is low on my time, high on duplicatable time, and stuff that I can at least break even on my ad costs. That's what I want, that equals the very scenario that I'm going for. Low time on my side to create. Duplicatable time, so it's really high leverage. But then I can at least recoup on ad costs, so then I can spend more money than most MLMs do on their ads. I'm gonna teach you guys three very simple product funnels. I use this same thing in several other industries. This is a super easy way to create funnels, product funnels specifically, and it might shock you. The Secret MLM Hacks course goes in and teaches a lot about recruiting and it talks about products, as well. A lot of things we talk about for recruiting actually apply to product funnels and product sales. Which is why I focus so heavily on recruiting first. HOW DO ARTISTS MAKE SALES? Let's say we have an artist... How talented to do you have to be get paid really any kinda money as an artist? What skill level do you have to have in order to get paid as an artist? A LOT. You gotta be a four or a five in order to really start making money. And even then, it may not be that much money. Now, let's do nothing else, but change the vehicle. *This* is why this is such a big, big deal. Let's change the VEHICLE. I'm not gonna add any more skill levels. I know a lot of you guys like, "Man, this seems like a lot." It's not that hard, it's just new. So you just keep sticking with it. Let's say I'm going to learn how to teach people about how to be an artist on the Internet. I'm gonna sell some information about HOW online. What skill level do I need to have at this vehicle in order to make a good amount of money? It's the exact opposite! That's why it's such a big deal. What skill level do I have to have in order to start making money teaching people how to be an artist? Not that high. But what kind of revenue do I have the potential to earn? It's through the freaking roof! It's gonna take like half a lifetime for me to get good at the artist thing, and then, get paid hardly anything. CHANGE THE SELLING VEHICLE Or what I could do is just change my vehicle and learn how to sell. Let's take the traditional methods that MLM teaches about how to sell a product. We have the family and friends thing, parties, there's a lot of methods. Let's say I'm a new MLMer. What skill level do I have to have to start making a little bit of cash in this game? I gotta: Overcome a ton of mental barriers Learn the script Learn about the product Learn about how they can buy Here's what the form looks like If they do SmartShip or like a monthly auto-ship program versus a one-off Learn about the promotions going on Learn about some of the events that my MLM has going on THAT’S A LOT. You gotta have a pretty good amount of skill level. And how much money do you honestly make for a while? Let's just be completely honest about this. How much money do you actually make for a while? There was a lady who reached out to us; she was so excited. My wife and I were in college and she was like, "Stephen, my gosh, guys, you have to come." She was excited, she was on social media, and she goes, "Hey," so imagining that she's typing with her thumbs, "Guys, I'm so blessed to be in my MLM. We've been here for three years now, and now, we're making $50 a month. We paid for diapers through our opportunity." I was like, $50 after three freaking years? That is a sucky vehicle. But if I change the vehicle, suddenly I flip the whole model. This is why this is such a big deal. THE SALES VEHICLE MATTERS Some people don't even make anything, but they've spent all this time. They've learned how to sell, but they're in a sucky vehicle. What I'm trying to share with you guys here is there are way better ways. I'm gonna teach you guys, specifically, three ways to build a very, very simple product sales funnel for your MLM. I wanna teach you guys this, 'cause it's a model that I've used in lots of other industries, as well. AND IT WORKS! This first one here... I can go and I can execute it and not be amazing at it. The amount of leverage between these two strategies is ridiculous. Remember the drag car versus the Prius? We're talking about speed. A million dollars is a million dollars. But a million dollars you gather in a day is very different than a million dollars you gather over 50 years. Time is what measures wealth. I don't wanna be hooked into this vehicle. This thing that everyone teaches in MLM. It's network marketing, therefore, I have to network face-to-face. NO YOU DON’T! There are three different kinds of costs. I'm not gonna spend my personal, one-off time to go sell somebody. I just refuse to do it. I don't know how to code. What I'm teaching you here, anyone can pull it off. This just is a very different way to think about MLM over all. LEVERAGE MLM PRODUCT FUNNELS Hopefully, that's making sense to you so far. What we're doing here is so different. Not just from a recruiting standpoint, but from a product sales standpoint. There are three different methods. Leverage, leverage, leverage. The magic word: LEVERAGE. I don't know that much about the MLM product that I sell. What I know is: It's awesome It helps a lot of people I get paid every time I sell it I have not focused on the skill of understanding the science behind the product. I don't care about what it is as long as it's ethical. As long as it's moral, as long as it truly helps people, as long as the company's awesome, I don't really care. What I care about and what my focus and my obsessive focus is on is this piece... HOW DOES IT SELL? Your job is not to become a mad scientist genius over the product. That is not what sells stuff, your job is to obsess over the HOW it sells. You don't sell things by barfing technobabble about your product over people. That's not how this game works. That's not how sales in general works, not just MLM. MLM SALES REALIZATION I had a very stark, slap in the face realization with this. I was doing door-to-door sales and it was my second summer. I was selling pest control, and I loved it. About halfway through the summer, I was the number two salesman who was a first-year. I was doing really well, I was doing two to three sales a day. We were making more money than I've ever seen in my entire life. About halfway through the summer, I started going and knocking in these neighborhoods. I started getting questions I had never had. It was pest control, so they would ask questions like, "What's the chemical compound behind this?" I don't know if I knocked on a neighborhood that was like just a group of mad scientists or whatever, but they wanted to know those kinds of things, and none of them bought. What happened was I got distracted. Instead of studying my craft as a salesman, (you are in sales in MLM), you don't own the product, you don't own your position even, you own NOTHING. You have no say, no rights, nothing legally, at all, in your MLM. In one snap, they can take you out of it. I'm not saying that to freak you out, it's just a stark reality of network marketing, MLM, direct sales, whatever you call it. What I shouldn't do is try to understand the product so deeply that I'm trying to affect it. What I'm really trying to do is study the HOW on how it sells. SECRET MLM HACKS MLM PRODUCT FUNNELS That's what Secret MLM Hacks is about. Why do people buy from you? Meeting the opportunity and the product, that's what Secret MLM Hacks is about. It's not about like, let's go be a genius. It's about what makes things sell. How do they sell and how does the sale actually happen, and how can you automate that with that third type of time? That's really what this is about and why I wanted to do this stuff with you. I don't want anyone to get uncomfortable. So I'm not gonna tell you the name of my MLM still, but you can reach out to me personally. So what happened, though, in pest control, I went and I started learning about the pest control. I started learning the chemical compounds that killed ants. I started learning the most random stats ever. I remember thinking, “I can't wait for the next person on the door to tell me, "But does it do this?" Because now, I know enough to barf all over 'em, all these cool science facts. Then they'll buy from me.” And you know what's funny? We almost went bankrupt. My sales went from two to three sales a day to two to three sales a week. I wasn't selling anymore. I was just capturing the easy lay down sales. I started going around and knocking these poor neighborhoods, just being honest. I hope no one gets offended by when I say that. They were poorer neighborhoods and lower income housing neighborhoods. They would pay for the first or second service, and then after that, just cancel the contract on us. I lost over half my accounts before four months had even gone by and it was one of those powerful, but painful lessons. WHO ARE YOU SELLING? I wanna clearly understand the WHO. A dream who. I wanna understand the dream customer. I don't want somebody who I have to hold their hand 24/7 inside my downline. You shouldn't either. I'm not trying to sell somebody who needs the opportunity, "Oh, Mr. Jones across the street, he's having a rough time right now, he needs this opportunity," NO! I'm building a business, not a life coaching business. The WHO that I'm trying to recruit, the WHO that I'm trying to sell my product to matters a ton. And so my funnels, both for the product and recruiting. They don't just sell, they also filter. They are there to keep the wrong person out. Once I know the WHO, I start studying HOW to sell them. The MLM is gonna be the one delivering the product. My entire focus is the HOW. How do I sell them? I don't sell my stuff cheap, and I do that on purpose. Can I be real with you guys for a moment here? I have your permission to be forward? If someone can't even afford a $100 product in their life, it is a signal of the problems they have not solved in their lives.   Is that some spiciness there? LEARN MLM PRODUCT FUNNELS Please remember to rate and subscribe. Hey, I know it's tough to find people to pitch after your warm market dries up, right? That moment when you finally run out of family and friends to pitch. I don't see many uplines teaching legitimate lead strategies today, though. You see, after years of being a lead funnel builder online, I got sick of the garbage strategies most MLMs have been teaching their recruits for decades. So whether you simply want more leads to pitch or an automated MLM funnel, head over to secretmlmhacks.com to join the next free training. There, you're gonna learn the hidden revenue model that only the top MLMers have been using to get paid regardless if you join them. You're also gonna learn the three-step system I use to auto recruit my downline of big producers without friends or family even knowing that I'm in MLM. If you wanna do the same for yourself, head over to secretmlmhacks.com now. Again, that's secretmlmhacks.com.


19 Jun 2019

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70: The 3 Ways To Grow Your MLM...

What's going on everyone? It's Steve Larsen and you listening to secret MLM Hacks radio. So here's the real mystery. How to real MLMers like us, who didn't cheat and only bug family members and friends, who want to grow a profitable home business how do we recruit A players into our down lines and create extra incomes. Yet still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives. That's the blaring question. And this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to secret MLM Hacks radio. What's up guys hope everyone is doing fantastic and I hope that you're recruiting, and all of your selling efforts are going well. I've actually got a really cool thing to share with you guys today. Now when I first was in my very first MLM. Right? Things didn't go as I wanted to. I'm sure we've all been there before. You know, I was new I didn't know what the heck I was doing. And I didn't know oh gosh, what was that? That was like five years ago. I didn't know really ... how should I say this? I knew how to talk to people. And I actually know how to get a lot of people interested. One of the things that was really good at and I was gifted at, was getting people interested in the thing that I was talking about. And I would do it to a lot of relationships. I would do it to people who are around me all the time. And I knew how to future sell. I knew how to get people excited. And a lot of you guys listen to this episode and this podcast, you guys are probably the same. You know how to right, get people pumped. You know how to get people excited. The issue is that for me at the time, I just ... I mean, it was like every three months there was a new idea I was getting everyone excited about. And so after a while I was like this pattern, and everyone was like, "Hey, what's the thing? What's the idea the flavor of the month? What's the flavor of the quarter this time Stephen," And I'd be like, "Shut up. This is amazing. It's absolutely incredible," and it was get a little defensive about it. Well, I wanted to go through and actually show you guys ... I got to be sensitive here. Okay? Please understand, I'm being sensitive. But there's been one ... there's been a person that reached out in the past little bit here and this person was ... I don't even know how to describe this. Blaming their ... they're placing all of the responsibility of success on my shoulders, right? They came in, they got the secret MLM Hacks program. They came in and they said, "Hey look I don't want any homework." I was like, "Okay that's kind of weird." First of all, I'm not giving you homework I'm giving you stuff to build your business. Like second of all please you're going to need to drag me along the way here, and my brain ... guys my brain about exploded. I think I had a little mini conniption inside my noggin, and I went nuts. And I was like, "I will not drag you. I will not drag you." And you know I proceeded to let this individual know why. I have brought 1500 people through the process that I sell inside of secret MLM Hacks okay? A lot of people. And and what's funny is, it's not the same process as what I do in other companies and things like that. But it's very similar. There's some similar concept, similar core things. And what's funny is right of those 1600 a lot of people became millionaires. A lot of people became hundred thousandaires and tons of people made money for the first time out on the internet ever in their life. And it was exciting, and it's really cool to see that. I know this works as that's the reason why I get so passionate and frankly defensive over the thing that I sell. And I just got to say first off, like if you don't feel really defensive over what your MLM sells, when someone gets like mad about it, you're probably selling the wrong thing. Right? I stand so firmly behind ... my name is so attached to what I do. I love it. I love what I do and I know it works because I'm a product of my product. Does that make sense? And it's cool to buy from people when they're a product of their own product. Because there's passion behind it. So I'm trying to hold my tongue here for the sake of the fact that this episode's going to be on iTunes until I die. But I was mad guys. I was livid with this individual because they started accusing me of ... I don't even know. It was kind of all over the place and I felt defensive. And I immediately thought in my mind, "Well, it's okay that I'm feeling defensive because I know it works." Like right? If you don't get really ... I'm not saying defensive in like a really negative way. You know, it's not like I just went nuts on this individual, I didn't. But, I really wanted to and I felt that way, and I had to hold my tongue. I frankly had to go ... I mean like stand up and get away. I had to do other things for a while. I literally could not be even near my desk for a little bit because I was so mad about it. So happened last night and it drove me nuts. So number one anyways, if you are not passionate about your product, it's going to be really hard for you to move forward on this thing. I'm not even talking all about what I want you right now. But I just want you to know that like ... all right? If you have a hard time being passionate about your thing, the cool thing about passion is this when someone can tell that you're passionate about your product, when you're passionate about the MLM that you're in. It actually makes up for and fills up gaps for your knowledge when it comes to script writing, and how to close people and stuff like that. That stuff matters. That stuff matters to go study. But if you don't know that stuff, raw pure passion is a fantastic side step of knowing those things. Raw pure passion, just straight excitement. Remember, there's a product once one of my buddies wanted to buy, and I was like, "Dude this so cool, how does it work? He's like, "I don't know but it's cool." I was like, "Okay and I bought it," it was really expensive. Why? Not because there was a great close, but because it's of the raw pure passion. If you have that for your thing, it makes it so much better. So anyways, don't be nervous though when somebody gets mad at you or comes out and says like, "Hey, you're a fraud," or whatever. It's going to happen whatever. Anyway so when I first started the MLM game, I don't know why I got sidetracked on that. When I first got started in the game I started out ... oh, this is why. I started having a lot of conversations like that, right? Where I was like, "Hey, here's my product. Here's my MLM thing. Here's what here's the thing I'm going for." And people would get ... you know they'd start throwing the attacks. Here come the arrows. Like, "No, it's awesome because of this. Well because of this. And instead of me getting really good at dodging arrows, I decided that I would just start changing the person that I was pitching. And you guys know that's one of the major things that you learn how to do inside of secret MLM Hacks, the actual program. You learn how to change the person hearing your pitch. You also learn how to automate hearing your pitch, right? You learn how to ... and the reason why we go through this is because of this right? This right here. I want to tell you something. I think I was ... this is I don't know maybe four years ago. I was studying, I was studying, I was studying, I was trying to figure ways to grow companies and I ran across this really neat thing. I think it's by Dan Kennedy, I think so. I think, I'm not sure either Gary Halbert, I can't remember anyway. But there were only three ways to grow a company. There's only three ways to grow a company. Number one, you can get more customers, right? Number two, you can get your customers to pay more, right? Or number three, you can get your customers to pay more often, right? That's really it. Get more customers, you can get your customers to pay more cash, or you can get customers to pay more frequently, right? Maybe through some continuity thing. And that's really the holy grail of MLM. They're on auto ship, right? That means you're paying frequently anyway. So, those are really the three ways. So number one, let's say this. Okay, let's I want to get more customers, right? Well, number one, one of the things you can do is stop pitching everybody, which is completely different than what your upline will tell you to do. But by pitching everybody that is nothing more than a bloodbath for your psyche and for everything that you're going to be going through and experiencing. Right? So you're getting more customers. We call those acquisition funnels, right. I'm going to acquire customers, how can I get more people in the door? And funny enough, the majority of businesses focused just on that. I mean, business in general, right? It's just focused on just that one metric. How can I get more people in the door? Well, there's actually more ways to get cash. There's actually more ways to grow a company than just more people. Let's look at the other two. Right? Number two, right? I could get customers to pay more, right? We call this monetization funnels or how do I monetize my existing customer base? It is infinitely easier to get somebody who's already paying you to start paying you more, right? It's easier to get somebody start paying you more money than it is to go find a new person, that's all I'm trying to say. Right? It's so much more expensive, right? And an actual number proven basis and it's a fact. It costs you, far more cash to acquire customer than it does to get a customer to pay more money. So what's interesting is if you want, like sit back and start looking to the people who purchasing in your down line right? Either people who are inside your opportunity or people who are purchasing from you. If they've said yes to you one time, the second yes is so much easier. Go back to them and see what products they're not consuming from you and go offer them those products. That mere act right there of getting existing customers to pay more cash, right? Is how big companies blow up so often right? If you look at like a GORA publishing, what's fascinating is, a lot of their very first products that a new customer ever sees, it's a low ticket, it's just meant to get somebody in the door, it's just meant to get the first small yes. Then every single product, every single interaction, every single publication that, that person once they are a customer, every single thing that are consuming turns into ascending them, right? How can I ascend? How can I ascend? How can I ascend? How can I get you to pay me more cash, right? How can I get you to the next level? How can I get you to consume another product? And so when you start thinking through that I mean, look at your down lines, look at the people who are inside, what could they be also purchasing that would be a benefit to them that they're not purchasing. And make that a campaign right? Rather than just the campaign of, "Let's get more customers," there's a campaign around, "Let's just get our customers to pay more." Anyway, hopefully this is helpful so far, okay. There's a lot of companies ... not many companies focus really, really heavily on that and have an actual process in place to do that. Imagine if you were to do that inside your MLM. All right, the second thing oh sorry, the third thing, right? Get customers to pay more frequently right? In an MLM, and in your down lines, getting somebody to get on auto ship. Getting somebody to pay you month in and month out, right? That's a pretty powerful concept. That's a really ... it's extremely powerful thing to go do. And so there was obviously a huge focus on that. So if you look at the three of them, right. Getting someone to pay continuity, acquiring more people or the actual monetization ... just get ... of those three, the second one, right? So let me read it again. So you can number one acquire more customers, which the standard pitch to distributors is talk to everything as a harpy. Talk to everyone all time which is a huge way of pain right? So number one you could acquire more people. Number two you can monetize the existing people or number three you could get the existing people to pay you frequently. Get on auto ship, maybe get on a support program for other things. Some kind of ... even a little mastermind things like that, that's a super popular way to do that. But anyways of those three it's number two that people really don't do that much in the MLM space, right? So I would encourage every one of you guys to build somewhat of a campaign. A process, an event if you will, that's on purpose, that's timed to get somebody to start paying you more money, right? And say yes to that next product. Say yes to that next thing. So you can actually increase the cart value of each customer coming in, anyway. So this is kind of a tactical episode. Hopefully this is okay though. If you look at the customers, right? So more customers, get them to pay more, get them to pay more often. I like to look at those in two different areas. Number one, what's the funnel? Meaning what's the sales arm? What's the actual process to get somebody in place for that and most people don't build a specific funnel with intention just to acquire people. That's what you learn inside Secret MLM Hacks. So that's one area I like to look at things. The second area is on the business side, right? How does my business ... can my business actually handle more people? And what's funny about that is, I don't think many people ask that question for a long time either. Where they can acquire a lot of people, but the business can't handle more people, right? If you are the major linchpin in your entire down line meaning, seven layers down, all the leaders are still pointing up back to you, you're doing it wrong. Because what that's going to do, is it's actually going to make you ... that's how MLM doesn't duplicate right? It doesn't duplicate that way. If seven layers down everyone's like pointing back up to Stephen, "Look there's Stephen, Stephen, Stephen, Stephen." And then it's finally me, right? It doesn't work that way, all right? I have in essence not created leaders underneath me. So number one, can I acquire people? Number two, can my business handle it? So I like to put a process to both acquire and then a process to handle the actual people coming in. Does that make sense? So for example, I might have some funnels and some processes in place to acquire people but then once they're actually in, I'll have some funnels and some processes in place to train them automatically, which I do, right? And then when somebody joins my down line, I actually have a system that is in place, it is the same for every single person that way when I see my entire down line doesn't get something, I can go back and just change the process right? Upgrade the process. See where the process doesn't work, the automated process that way it removes me. I don't marry my down line, all right? They're still getting incredible support. They're getting far more from me than any other person in my entire MLM. I know that, they know that. But I am not the one doing the training personally each time. Why would I not just put it on a video? You know what I mean? Is this making sense? So acquiring, all right. I'll put a process in place to acquire and a process in place to train so that my business can handle them. Let's think about ... that's from a recruiting standpoint. But think about how that might work also for actual product sales sign. Now think about ... so that's category number one, let's get customers, let's get more customers. Category number two is, let's get customers to pay more frequently. I'm sorry pay more. Let's get customers to pay more cash. Let's increase the average cart value of our current customers. Let's get them to buy something else. So let's think of that like, is there a funnel that pitches? Is there a process that pitches existing customers, all right? To join the next level? Maybe your MLM ... and let's say that's from a product sales side. What if it's a business opportunity side, though? What if people have the opportunity to purchase the next rank above them or something like that? And you get a cut of that? Well, do you have a process that's the same every single time to pitch somebody from one level to the next? Or a process in place to pitch somebody once they buy their first product of yours? Pitch them on to the next product, does that make sense? So you got a funnel, that process to ascend people. Then you also have a funnel, a process for your business to handle those people. Does that make sense? It's a double sided coin. That's the reason why I am going through this real quick. Not enough just to sell, not enough just to have a great funnel, you have to have the systems in place. Okay? Then the third category right is continuity basically right? It's monthly auto ship. So the frequency. How can I increase the frequency someone's paying me? All right. Do you have a funnel that pitches somebody on paying you more frequently? Do you have a business operation in place? Do you have a process in place to handle people paying you more frequently? That make sense? Anyways, I know that, that was kind of a tactile episode, but I just wanted to go through that, right. Because one of the things as I was talking to this lady that was realizing, I was like, "This lady made it through my process, meaning my funnel sells people but it also filters people." You know, somebody who's not a good fit, I don't want the embarrassment for them to come in and then say like, "Oh, man, like that was really rough." Does that make sense? "Oh man like ugh," right, and then that makes an awkward conversation. Just like when you recruited that person who probably shouldn't be in your down line, that's in your down line, you all know who I'm talking about? Okay, we've all been there, it's totally fine, right? It's an awkward conversation eventually when you bring somebody ... and I did that my first MLM I brought in this person and I realized, "Oh my gosh, this person ... where did my funnel break?" Because this person made it through and they should have been cut out. Not that I'm trying to be mean. We're on different scenarios in life. Anyway, I hope this is helpful to you. I hope it's making sense what I'm saying here also, right? The funnel, the processes, they sell people but they also are your protector. They're the protector for you. So as you think through, start thinking through, "Hey, should I get more customers? Is that the model I'm trying to go for now? Or am I trying to take my existing customers and get them to pay more? Or am I trying to take my existing customers to get to pay more frequently." Just choose one at a time, don't go for all three at once. That's murder. But, that's what I would do though. And as you start thinking through the process that you want to go handle, think it there. Right? Number one, two or three. Get more customers, get them to pay more, get them to pay more frequently. One of those three. Start thinking through, "Okay, what's my process to acquire more and number two, how does my business handle that growth? Do I have things in place for it?" And when you start treating it that way, what's cool is that means you're actually treating your MLM business like an actual business owner would. And it puts you in places, and puts you in scenarios that other people in your up lines and down lines have not been before. Because, you're actually operating like a company, right? Not just like a solopreneur. I've never seen a rich solopreneur. I haven't. It takes a team. It takes some processes around, it takes some systems around them. Right? And that's how it works. And so if you're having a hard time scaling, and you guys are like, "I'm not selling like I want to be," Is it a funnel problem? Or is it a business operations problem? Okay, okay, cool. Well, are you trying to ... just one at a time, not all three or not two, just one. One at a time, are you trying to get more customers, are you trying to get customers to pay more, are you trying to get them to pay more frequently? And start thinking through that and only choose one at a time, look at it from the funnel side and the business side. Anyway, I feel like I said the same thing over and over again. But because I'm trying to pound it in. This is the reason why my stuff is crushing it, just so you guys know. That's the reason why my students in Secret MLM Hacks crush it, all right? That's the reason why my down line crushes it. It's because we don't just take it from the traditional MLM side, we are putting inside and we're coupling it with other practices for how things work best and sell best on the internet. And still leave the entrepreneur time to breathe and enjoy the cash they're making with the processes they put in place. Anyway guys, hopefully that's helpful would love to hear more of your questions. I think I've got a lot more questions you guys have asked. go to secretMLMHacksradio.com and you guys can ask any question you'd like. There's a green button on the bottom right, click the button and it will record your question straight off your browser and email the audio file to me. Also feel free to check out SecretMLMHacks.com and actually watch the next free web class we've got going on there. It's fantastic. It's rocking the boat a little bit. I know that, very aware of that. And if you are kind of tired of kind of the traditional ways to grow MLM and you want to use things like the internet, and automation and it's been around for a little while now, and people are telling you not to use it, go ahead and jump on over and you can see how it works best for your MLM, and your scenario. There's no pitch I'm not even telling you the name of the MLM that I'm in. I never will, because I don't want anyone to feel like there's any pitch happening. So anyway, I hope that that has been helpful to you. Excited to have you guys over there and please feel free again to rate and subscribe in my opinion this is the greatest MLM podcast that is available on iTunes and I want iTunes to know that. And so your reviews help me tremendously especially in this new age as we apply good tactics, to a great business model called MLM. Guys, thank you so much and I'll talk to you later. Bye. Hey thanks for listening. Please remember to rate and subscribe whether you just want more leads or automated MLM funnels, or if you just want to learn to get paid more for your product. Head over SecretMLMHacks.com to join the next free training today.


12 Jun 2018

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48: WHY My MLM Auto-Systems Work...

Hey, I hope you guys are doing great. I've got somewhat of a fast episode for you today, but this is a powerful lesson. Look, I used to do door to door sales, and a lot of you guys know that. That I was a door to door sales guy, and I wasn't bad at it, and I was a telemarketer as well. I chose to do those things on purpose because I wanted to be able to go through experiences that would teach me how to sale in high pressure environments. I wanted to learn how to sale in environments that ... Frankly, I wanted to get uncomfortable. Which was a weird thing for me to realize that I needed to go do, but in order for me to grow and get out of my shell I had to do that. So I went and I started doing door to door sales. I started going, and I wasn't bad at it, like I said. In fact, I was the number two first year salesmen for like half the summer. Then there was this experience I had that completely ruined me. One day I was driving out to the area, and I was with a bunch of other guys. We were in my buddy's it was either a truck or SUV, I can't remember what kind of car. We were driving out and there was all these billboards on the highway. If I've told this story before just kind of bear with me. There's an aspect to this that I think you should hear. We were driving out, and all these billboards on the side of the highway. Then suddenly I had the thought hit me, hard. This was my exact thought. Isn't it interesting that I am driving out to convince people to spend money, who woke up and were not planning to spend money today versus people who call these billboards off the highway are trying to get information on how to buy. I was like that's interesting. That's very, very interesting. You guys ever heard the term, prospecting pushes while marketing pulls? I was basically prospecting. Door to door wise I was prospecting. I was going door to door prospecting this thing, and that's the reason I don't like to go to the mall. I'm not telling you not to do that. I'm not telling you to not sale ways that you've proven to go do it. If you're a master at home parties awesome. I'm not, and I don't want to learn to be. That's part of the reason why though. Is because, prospecting pushes and marketing pulls. Right? I want to be able to market and kind of pull people along who are already in motion. What I did though is a kind of actual door to door thing. What I did though is I remember I was kind of ruined the rest of the summer. I went back home after the summer, actually before I went home I started placing all these ads all over the internet. I started placing these ads out, and I started saying things like hey here's our ... I basically put our pitch, the same pitch that I was giving the people on the doors I put in ads on free classified sites on the internet. I didn't realize that I actually was breaking some laws by doing that, but I was just taking action. I had to take them down after a while, but what was crazy is my phone started blowing up, and I was getting phone sales like a beast. More sales than I typically was averaging in a single day were just coming to me. My boss was like, "How are you doing that?" I was like, "Dude, I literally just placed these ads out on the internet. Oh my gosh this is crazy." I was ruined though. I was ruined. I had to take them down, and I couldn't stop, but there was this opened fleet window of just all these sales coming, and these sales coming. I was like, "Oh my gosh. What is this?" It ruined me, because I kept walking around thinking I know that I could sale today, but how did that happen? How can I replicate that? Was that just a fluke? I mean, it happened so quick, and there was all these people, and I got tons. It was like holy crap. So I was ruined the rest of the summer because I was like there's a different way to do this. How do I do this? You can use the internet for this kind of stuff? I was so new, I was so green. This was four and a half years ago. When I first really started to learn about funnels, sales funnels, and the internet, and things like that. Anyway, I've never forgotten that. I went on to go learn how to place different ads in different places, and how to communicate to a bunch of people at once rather than just one on one. Fast forward a little bit. So Russell Brunson and I run an event currently right now called the FHAT event, Funnel Hackathon. Okay? For three straight days we basically help someone set up the funnel, and business, and structure, and sales message, and offer to get them from zero to seven figures. That's the whole event, and it's kind of high ticket, and it's a ton of fun. It's three days long. We really don't let people sleep much, and it's awesome. We had this realization though. We were prepping for one of these, and he gets onstage and teaches a while, I get onstage and teach a while, we'll get on together we teach a while. That's how it happened in the last one anyway. Then he leaves, and then I pretty much take the full second day almost, and then almost the full third day. It's a lot of fun. We go from 9:00 AM to midnight. It's a long day. It's a long day to be on stage, long day to be on, long day to be turned on and be in on mode, presenting mode the whole time. I really like it. We were planning for one of these events, and we had done it many times, but we were just refining. We were making things better. We had this epiphany. We had this realization while we were preparing that one of the major reasons why we were being so successful with this stuff was because, what we had learned how to do was instead of selling one to one ... This is super key you guys. Oh my gosh, what I'm about to say here can change your entire MLM for good. This is the reason why ... I know why I'm being successful with this. I know why my funnels work. I know exactly ... It's not an accident. I know exactly what is pulling people to me, and I know exactly why I'm able to still breath. I know exactly why I'm still able to live, have time, do things that I'd like to. I know why. I know exactly why they convert, and why, why it's being successful. Which is worth way more than being successful by accident. Here's why. It had to do with this realization, I don't know how many months ago this was it was a while ago though, we were preparing for one of these events and we had this realization that the reason we were being so successful was because we had learned how to sale one to many, instead of one to one. That's the reason I don't like to go do hotel meetings, it's the reason I don't like to do talk to people at the mall moves, or talk to people ... I'm not good at those things. They stress me out. I'm actually not that amazing person to person. I'm fine onstage. It's funny enough, I actually am more relaxed on stage then sometimes one on one. It's not that I don't want to meet people, or that I don't like interviewing people, I do. I love that stuff, it's awesome, but for some reason face to face I don't know what it is, it's my personality. I'm not shy, but I'm more comfortable on stage in front of a ton people than just one on one. Which is interesting, because selling one to many is the whole thing that I teach people how to do at that event. The type of presentation that allows the entrepreneur to do that. All I've done, all I do with my actual down line is I teach them how to sale one to many. How to pitch one to many, how to be prospecting, how to be marketing one to many. Instead of one to one, instead of thinking through the two or three people that you could get into your down lines. Do you know the average person only pulls in like, I heard the stat was like 2.3 people in their whole MLM career ever? Holy smokes. Guys I pulled like 20 people in in my first week. Why ... And I'm not bragging. I am not bragging. I'm just trying to prove to you that what I'm talking about works. Then they all went out and they recruited people. I have no idea how many people are actually in my down line, it's a lot already though. Which is awesome. It's just so cool. Why? One to many. So you got to start thinking through yourself like ... Here's one of the easiest ways to start thinking through a one to many presentation. You've got to include some automation behind it. I'm not telling you to become a tech guru, or tech whiz. Will it help? Sure, because everything is technology now, but you don't need to be. The first time that I ever put a one to many style pitch out there, I didn't realize I was doing it. I stumbled on it. There was a course that I was putting online, and at first I was making people buy it, but I thought like how interesting if I just made this thing for free. What I did is I took these videos ... And I know that some of you guys are from those early days and you've been following me that whole time, and I appreciate it, and that's awesome. What I did though is instead of making them locked, I actually just made them available to everybody. Funny enough, weirdly enough I was testing a few concepts at the time without actually being in MLM at the time. I had left my first one. You could say I was between MLMs, but I was testing some concepts. This was probably three years ago. Yeah, three and a halfish, three years ago, somewhere around there. Anyway, I released them, and I put them out there. What was funny is at first no one saw them, because they were still like a paid thing. I think. It was so long ago, and I've built so many funnels and pages, and lived on the internet so long that I'm trying to get the story straight. Regardless of timeline, all I did is I put these things, I made them public on YouTube instead of hiding them, instead of making them unlisted. What was interesting is how many people on a steady stream started reaching out to me asking to join my down line. I was like fascinating. Oh my gosh it's working. All these people started jumping in, and I ended up joining one. So I guess this is my third one. Interesting. I didn't do anything in that second one. I joined it out of frustration, because so many people were asking me to ... I won't say the name of it, but I joined it out of frustration simply because, my boss was in it, and there were so many people who were asking to be a part of what I was doing. I just needed a place to go, but I got out of it because my heart wasn't in it. Which I do believe does matter to a degree, so I got out of it. Anyway though. That's all I'm trying to say though. Is guys think through the pitch. Think through, what is the stuff that you say to every single person? I know you say the same thing to every single person, which you should, which is great. That's the script. Stick to the script. Understand you deviate very, very slightly if you need to, but how do you make progress if you can't measure it. How can you measure it if it's different every time? It should be the same. You know what I mean? What I did, and what I'm doing right now just so you guys know, is I am furthering my one to many pitch. My one to many pitch. So what I do is when someone wants to join my down line they go through an application process at joinmydownline.com. Which I did a whole episode about that, if you want to hear about it. How I do it, why I did it. Please don't go apply unless you're serious about it. It is an actual live thing. Which it's crazy guys. Get anywhere from one to two people applying a day almost, which is awesome. With no ad spend, nothing else. That's crazy. It's grown all over the place. Again, this is not me beating my chest guys. I just want you to know that gosh it freaking works. You should do it. No one teaches this in MLM. That's the thing that frustrated me so bad. That's why I decided to come back to the industry. I was like are you kidding me? No one told me about this stuff the first time I was going to that first one. Are you kidding? So what I've did, and what I'm doing is I'm creating a one to many pitch. So after somebody applies to join my down line, I'm creating a one to many pitch. Meaning I recorded all of the ones of me doing it live over, and over, and over, and over again, so I know what all the common questions are. I know what the biggest questions are. I know what the biggest concerns are, and I know ... There's an episode I talked about getting fuel for my auto closing script. I think like two or three episodes ago, but this is the evolution of that though. Is selling one to many. What I'm trying to do, I'm trying to hit this topic again because I feel like ... It's always funny for me to see which episodes of these I get a lot of feedback on, and which ones I don't. The ones I don't I'm like, are you kidding that was one of the biggest pieces of gold I could've given you. Please for the love, did you understand that? So I feel like I have to hit it again. But go create a one to many pitch. That is the reason why this thing works the way it does. You don't just create a one to many pitch, or an auto closing script once. You go through it and you refine it, and you refine it, and you refine it. If you've never done the pitch live, or if you've only did it a couple times do not automate it. Okay? It's terrible to automate something that's broken, that wasn't good in the first place. Don't automate crap. Make sure you're automating good things. That's the whole purpose of this guys, and that's what I was telling people at one of the last events I was doing too. It was day number one, I was getting on there, I stood up and said, "Hey look, I want you to understand that what you guys have the opportunity to learn is the opportunity to learn how to sale one to many." Which is very unique, very unique. The easiest way to go about this is to start looking at how you ... Getting fuel for your auto closing script, that episode two or three ago, that was all about getting critiques and responses, and writing down the concerns of all the people who are coming in and telling you no. No or yes, but specifically no. What were all their main concerns? They're giving you a lot of fuel, that's why it's called fuel for the auto closing scripts. But, the other flip side of it, the reason I wanted to bring this up. Which has taken me a while to get to. I'm so sorry, but the reason I bring this up is so that you start paying attention to the things that you're saying over, and over, and over again. The auto closing script is this marriage of both those sides. Both what the market is telling you no over, or yes but mostly no, and then all the things that you're saying over, and over, and over again. It very well may not be related at all to the script that your MLM has given you to say. It may not be related to that. It may not sound like the one I gave you. That's fine. That's fine. Anyway, that's all I've got for you guys. I guess it really wasn't that much of a shorter episode, but that's it. You guys understand it. Start thinking through the things that you're doing over, and over, and over again as far as pitching, and learn how to automate it. Then go ... You could do it with YouTube videos honestly, and just put them out there. Someone who is looking for information on how to get better on their MLM on YouTube, that's the kind of person who's there to be successful. That's the kind of person who's there to be a rock star. They're looking for information. It's a great place to be. Or podcasting, or whatever it is. Whatever you decide to do, but learn how to sale one to many. The secret sauce is there. If you look at the way a lot of the top people in your MLM are number one, I guarantee you there are several of them that are there because they created a one to many pitch, and they sold it from stage. Hey we're going to get it in the order of the people who are ... How shall I say this? Order forms in the back, and you join my down line in the order that we get the order forms in the back. There's a big table rush that happens in the back, and people go running to the back, and they fill out the forms, and they're throwing the forms back because they want to get first, because they know everyone else is going to be below them automatically. That's a one to many pitch. I'm not telling you that you have to go that extreme, but there's some aspect to that that you can pull into your own MLM. All right guys. That's all I got for you. Hope you're doing great. I am refining really phase two/three of my auto closing area. I'm building it as I need it. Just like anything else, so I need it now. All right guys, I'll talk to you later. Bye. Hey thanks for listening. Please remember to subscribe and leave feedback. Would you like me to teach your own down line five simple MLM tricks for free? If so go download your free MLM masters pack by subscribing to this podcast at secretmlmhacksradio.com.


1 Jan 2018

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106: Creating Lead Machines

I'm very excited to share with you a little bit more on how I actually get paid to find my leads. In the past, I have taught this concept several times… But I wanna share with you some more examples. When I was going around talking to a bunch of friends and family… And I was doing exactly what I was supposed to do… I'm not bad mouthing that, you understand? There's nothing wrong with talking to friends and family. Where I have the issue is before you even approach them, when you know, "Hey, they're not gonna be a great fit," but you go forward anyway. Or you have to convince them in. Have you ever noticed that those are the people that you have to hold a cattle prod to their back to get them to do anything. I don't want that kind of individual. I want somebody who WANTS to be in, who WANTS to be a runner, who is ready to work. And who actually WANTS to build a real asset… And not just a little money on the side. I WANT actual runners, people who are looking to build a business. GENERATING LEADS WITH FRONT-END PRODUCTS Every business needs leads. So what do you do? That was the issue I ran into. I remember when I finally walked through my entire list, and there were multiple times I wrote out 240 people… And I was like, "Look at all these people. Oh, my gosh. And if they got even a fifth of that... " And you start playing the percentage game. "What island will I buy?" I joke about that, but that was one of the things that I was like, "Holy cow." And it was one of the things that I was super concerned about when it suddenly wasn't working 'cause I was like, "Where else do I get my leads from? I have no idea where to get my leads." And suddenly the business was dead and I couldn't talk to anybody. This is something that, if you've not run into in the past... You're gonna run into it. If you don't figure out a lead machine, if you don't figure out a lead system, it's going to DIE. Every business that does not have consistent leads and cash flow dies. Those are the two numbers you should always watch. How many leads am I getting? Actual leads. Not just like, "I'm kinda interested." Qualified leads. Track them every month. We started doing that on a white board. When we started actually tracking the leads, for some reason without me even consciously doing more, we doubled the next month. Then after that it was like, another 50% higher than that… Just by us tracking it. I encourage you to start tracking the amount of leads coming in. ACQUIRING CUSTOMERS WITH FRONT-END PRODUCTS I wanna share with you ONE of my absolute favorite ways to not only get leads, but also get them faster while not having to pay for them. ' You need to understand a principle that all of us Internet marketers understand… Whoever can pay the most to acquire a customer wins. You can even have a worse product, but be able to spend more to acquire customer profitably, and you will WIN against the people who have better products. It's ONE of the major reasons why, when big MLMs say things like, "The product's so great, just go get it in front of the people and it sells itself." That might be true to a very small percentage of people… But the reality is, if I can spend $50 to acquire a customer and you can only spend $5, I am going to dominate you, even with a worse product. That’s why you have to think about this like, "Okay, so how do I actually make a lead machine?" All I do is teach people how to make lead machines, and wait for them to qualify themselves and say, "You know what, I am interested, Stephen. I'm interested in whatever you're doing. Let me come over and start chatting with you." I have some numbers here and what I don't want this to be is like, "Look at Stephen showing all the numbers of all the stuff he's making." Could you raise your hand right now and be like, "I will not get offended". FRONT-END PRODUCTS ARE UNAFFILIATED WITH MLM I wanna share with you real life stats of things that I'm actually doing… This is just ONE of my products that is actually generating leads for me. Qualifying them and teaching the ones are a good fit. I'm not saying that they're not good if they don't join my downline… Some of them already have one, which is great, they should stay in theirs. I'm not trying to pull from other places. That's not what I'm doing here. What I'm saying is there's a group of people who are already unhappy with what they're in. There's a certain kind of ‘moon's aligned’ individual. Q: Is it everybody? A: No… And it shouldn't be. What I do is create these front-end products that are unaffiliated with my MLM. It doesn't even say what I'm in. It's unaffiliated. I don't teach their stuff I'm not selling their products I don't do anything … I have something literally in the front here. I don't talk about it, I'm not speaking about it, I'm not saying the name of the product. I'm not even alluding. I keep my nose so clean. I'm not saying what it is that I'm actually in… And I know it drives some of you guys crazy. But that's the point! I create these front-end products that attract the dream person that I would love to have inside my downline. WHAT FRONT-END PRODUCTS DOES YOUR DREAM CUSTOMER WANT? It's gonna be really hard to attract your dream customer or your dream downline member if you don't even know what that looks like. Get good at defining what your dream is… And we talk a lot more about that. If you're liking this stuff, go to secretmlmhacks.com and grab the program. So I’ve got my dream customer… And what I'm gonna go do is figure out what this person is struggling with. I'm gonna figure out what things they're having a hard time with. Maybe they haven't gotten over their fear of talking to somebody. How can I make a general product (meaning it's not MLM company specific) teaching people how to overcome their fear of speaking to people? What I do is list a whole bunch of problems… Problems and problems and problems and problems and problems and problems… I go through and I look to see the ones that I could solve, like, "Oh, you know what, I actually know what it's like to be afraid of speaking to people, here's how I got over that." What if I was to film a small little course and sell that for a little bit of money? SELL IT… Don't give it away for free. Now I have a product that’s NOT affiliated with my MLM. It doesn't say the name, it doesn't say the product, no alluding… There's no cross-over. All I'm doing is I am creating actual value. THE LARSEN DEFINITION OF ‘VALUE’ What IS value? Value is when you solve a legitimate, expensive problem. It has to be expensive because you need to get paid; this is capitalism. It has to be legitimate because it can't be like, "Well, it's a serious issue." In one of my favorite Shark Tank episodes ever, the reason why they didn't wanna take the time of day to listen to this lady is because they were like, "You didn't solve an actual issue here. You just made an interesting trinket." Then she was like, "No, it's a real problem." They're like, "It's not a real problem, it's like a cute thing." You have to solve an actual issue. Value is solving a legitimate, expensive problem. How can I cause value in whatever they're doing? I want them to have success in their thing. Then I'm gonna solve these and make my own products and sell them because it's capitalism. Then I'm gonna make this big old list of people who are buying and not buying... You have buyers and people who just opted in and didn't actually purchase… Then I'm gonna keep providing value to the buyers (I'm gonna sell them the next thing), the people who just opted in (I'm gonna get them to try to buy the current thing). What it allows me to do is spend ad money. I don't take profit from these things, that's not the point. ADS FOR FRONT-END PRODUCTS The point is the recoup ad cost, because if I can spend money on ads... And I got ads, ads, ads… I can talk to so many more dream people than those who are not spending ads. Money moves faster than time. So I'm gonna go spend money on ads… Then they're gonna come pay me money, and I'm just gonna recycle it right back into the ads. What it's doing is spitting out a list of qualified people who have said, "I'm really actually serious about this." The mentality of somebody who spends nothing versus $1 is so much different. FREE versus $1 is the longest road ever. That's why I can sell something that is super cheap. This is how I do it. Now I got a list of people who are buyers and I'm gonna ask them to buy the next thing, the next thing, the next thing. I'm not talking about MLM or about the products. I'm not alluding to the products, I'm not trying to be sneaky, I'm not trying to ride the line as much as I can. The reason I'm walking through this again because we've noticed this is one of the MAJOR questions people have, and they get stressed out about it. Just keep it simple. All I'm doing is… Making a product Solving a legitimate issue in the marketplace that people pay for that is completely unaffiliated with my MLM WHAT IS A SELF-LIQUIDATING OFFER? We call this process a self-liquidating offer. Meaning, I'm gonna make an offer but it self-liquidates. I'm not selling it to go make a bunch of money and take it, I'm only doing it so that I can spend more on ads that attracts my dream customer. All I do is I make a cool product that only my dream customer would be interested in. I wanna talk to ONLY those people who have had a hard time, a scary time with talking to people. They have a hard time with opening their mouth, they don't know what to say in front of people, they clam up. If you like this, again, go to secretmlmhacks.com and buy the program. This is my blatant pitch As we've gotten further down the show, I'm more blatantly pitching it because it's in the program! Just go to the program. I can't give you EVERYTHING on this podcast. When you say… What: Is my dream customer? Issues are they having? Are those are legitimate and valuable and expensive problems that I can actually solve? Then I'm gonna go in and make that, and I'm gonna make it really awesome. I'm gonna over-deliver. I want a reputation for delivering more value than they bought… Which is what I do, and why my offers are so huge, and why I put so much stuff in them to help you and actually accelerate the success with it. ADDING VALUE TO YOUR FRONT-END PRODUCTS I'm gonna pump tons and tons of stuff in there… Then they're like, "Man, this guy's really helping me." They come and they purchase. They buy the product, and then I'll have a list of people who bought it, and those who didn't (and that's okay)... But the buyers list might buy the next thing. All that's doing is feeding the pot of ads. And those who opted in, maybe they just need to hear more of my stuff. Let's send them to the podcast. There's always people who reach out and say, "Stephen, dude, whatever you're in, I just wanna join it because I like the structure that you're giving." And I'm like, "Cool." Q: Did I outbound pitch? A: No. Q: Did I talk about my MLM in these ads? A: Heck, no. Q: Did I talk about my MLM in these products? A: Absolutely not. It's a separate island… And that's why it works so well. MY SELF-LIQUIDATING OFFER STATS I wanted to share with you a few numbers on this… So you can see how powerful the principle really is . It's life changing. It changes the entire MLM model (and there's nothing wrong with that). It's multi-level marketing. That doesn't mean you can't use actual tactics that are used in other businesses. One of the products that I sell is the Secret MLM Hacks product. I just wanna share with you some of the numbers on this… So that you can see me doing this in live action. What I have over here is a dream customer… And I have my MLM downline. REMEMBER: it's its own island… Not talking about it, not sharing anything about it, keeping it separate, keeping it separate. As of right now (me recording this) the program is $997. We are increasing the price to $1,500 (if not $2,000) soon. The ONLY reason why is because we have found that the person who is our dream customer, they're already at a certain level of success. It's fine if you're new, and we have options for you if you can't afford that kind of thing (and that's totally fine). The other reason is because I have a lot of people who come in now and are hoping to fulfill on it. I have to pay them too. I'm gonna show you gross numbers. This is not the actual profit numbers. I've been selling Secret MLM Hacks for over a year and a half now. I'll just grab the most recent year… [Right now it's July 26th… So I grab July 26th through the beginning of July 2018. July 2018, July 2018 through 2019.] HOW MUCH MONEY DO MY FRONT-END PRODUCTS MAKE? I printed my stats sheet right before I got on this… We got $429,000. The earnings per click, we're getting $54 per click (which is pretty awesome). And the average cart value is $1,157. … Meaning for every purchaser of Secret MLM Hacks, even though it's a $997 product, we're actually getting MORE than that. And I wanna share with you guys WHY, and why this is such a powerful principle. I want you to look at and be like, "How can I also?" NOT, "I don't qualify." It's, "How can I?" Just in the last year, we haven't spent that much on ads. I'm gonna walk through a few numbers on this. So we have $429,000. There's a principle here that I want you to understand… The last few podcast episodes I've done on this show have been a lot more informational and instructional… But there's still from a 30,000 ft view… And it's just so that you understand more of what I'm doing. A few people will be like, "You can't do that." Well, I am doing it. And NO, I'm not the only one doing it. I didn't invent this. I observed, and I'm just doing the same, and now I'm LOUD about it. FRONT-END PRODUCT BUYERS AND NON-BUYERS So we have a list of people who just opted in, and then we have a list of people who are our buyers. These are pretty good numbers. There's a metric us, in the internet marketing space, follow. The metric is that for every person… You usually make $1 per person, per month on your list. If you're bad. In the last year 46,000 people have seen the webinar registration page but 22,000 people actually opted in. That's a 48% registration rate. We have 22,000 people who opted in. Because there's always people who opt out (and that's part of the game) we have 20,000 people on that list. About 2,000 people have opted. I'm not the only fish in the pond, man. Go follow someone else. Now, there's one other piece to this… We have spent about $70,000 in ads and have $429,000 in revenue… Which is pretty awesome. Think about this... Q: Would you spend $70,000 to generate $400,000? A: Absolutely. Absolutely. Let me think about this here real quick though. Okay, so... Boom. That's in revenue. This is an SLO. I'm gonna go create a cool piece of value which teaches something amazing. There's no pitch but they come and they ask to join my downline. I'm just driving ads to this. We've spent $70,000 in ads, in the last year we've generated $429,000. I'm kinda kicking myself because I'm like, "That could be way bigger." CHATBOT SELF-LIQUIDATING OFFER We created a self-liquidating offer… And it's a Chatbots thing. In the last year we've had 957 people purchase our $57 thing. That's a revenue of $54,500. $54,000 in SLO revenue. $70,000 - $54,000 = $16,000 $16,000 on ads to generate around $400,000 in cash. We've had 371 purchases of Secret MLM Hacks in the last year. We have a whole product here that is basically paying for our ads. We're almost completely removing our ad cost by having this self-liquidating offer. It's a Chatbots thing that says, "Hey, this isn't the actual thing that you're going to, but if you wanted it's kinda cool." 957 people have paid $57. That's $54,000. I wanna run one more number by you… This is what real marketers on the internet actually look at. What I'm talking about right now is marketing math. Come learn how to do that, Secret MLM Hacks. We do about $2-$3 per person per month on this list. The whole point of the episode is for you to see some live examples. Secret MLM Hacks is $997 right now. We're gonna increase the price. The chatbots thing is $57... And I'll have a whole episode about that in the future. What's interesting is, in the last quarter, it's $160,000 (in the last three months). AVERAGE CART VALUE OF FRONT-END PRODUCTS When somebody buys Secret MLM Hacks, how much money is actually coming through per person? What's interesting is the average cart value is above $997. It's actually $1,146. What does that tell us? For every four chatbot sales, we're getting ONE Secret MLM Hacks sale. Isn't that crazy? In the last week we spent two or three grand on ads, but it generated $13,000. I'm just giving you guys some real life numbers. Guess what? I don't know how to drive Facebook ads. I don't need to know how to drive Facebook ads. Honestly, I don't know how to do most of the things that my business does. To be an entrepreneur, it's not to be an expert in everything. Just go find the who that knows the how and orchestrate it. We are actually almost completely liquidating right now. Those numbers I showed you over the last year, they've improved since a year ago. The numbers now are waaay better than the numbers even a year ago. For every dollar going in, we get three or four bucks out? Tell me another investment vehicle that can do that. You know another place that can give you 400%? I challenge you to go and get Secret MLM Hacks. Go to secretmlmhacks.com. FIND PEOPLE TO PITCH WITH FRONT-END PRODUCTS I know it's tough to find people to pitch after your warm market dries up, right? That moment when you finally run out of family and friends to pitch. I don't see many up lines teaching legitimate lead strategies today. After years of being a lead funnel builder online I got sick of the garbage strategies most MLMs have been teaching their recruits for decades. Whether you simply want more leads to pitch or an automated MLM funnel, head over to secretmlmhacks.com and join the next FREE training. There you're gonna learn the hidden revenue model that only the top MLMers have been using to get paid regardless if you join them. Learn the 3-step system I use to auto recruit my downline of big producers WITHOUT friends or family even knowing that I'm in MLM. If you want to do the same for yourself, head over to secretmlmhacks.com. Again that’s secretmlmhacks.com.


21 Aug 2019

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77: CASE STUDY: Creating An MLM Offer...

This is how to turn ANY product into an offer so you can out-value and serve more than your whole upline or downline… Today, I'm going to teach you guys how to create an offer out of your MLM product. This is one of the biggest mishaps any MLMer makes. To take the product that your MLM gives you and walk around with that ONE thing and try and sell it. That is a product, not an offer. THE REALIZATION ABOUT MY MLM PRODUCT I want to walk you through a case study within Secret MLM Hacks program. There's a lady (she’s awesome) in Secret MLM Hacks program. She said to me, "But Stephen, I sell mascara. How on earth do I create an offer and be unique among all the people who are selling mascara in my MLM? How do I be more unique than all those people?" The answer is about the offer. If you've just been walking around with your MLM product, you're not unique at all. The first time I realized this, I was doing door-to-door sales. It was really hot out. This was probably six years ago. I was knocking doors. It was really hot out. I decided to hide inside of a McDonald's because it had free AC. I walked in, it felt good… But I was shocked to see that my boss and other salesmen were also hiding in this McDonald's because it was so hot. We're talking and chatting for a bit. All of a sudden, this guy walks up. He goes, "Hey, you're selling pest control." We're like, "Yeah." He's like, "Come spray my bugs," and he asked for a sale, which is not normal. A lay down sale right there. We all looked around at each other. We all grew up together, so we knew each other and we were good friends. We all looked around at each other, and we're like, "No, you didn't get a sale today," "No, you haven't had a sale in a day," or whatever, "You take it," "No, you take it," "No, you take it." Back and forth, back and forth. Suddenly, my boss stands up, and he goes, "You," pointing to somebody. That person got a lucky lay down sale. That experience has stuck in my head because this is what I realize. It was like, “Oh my gosh.” It didn't matter who the guy chose. He had the same experience no matter who he chose. It didn't matter who he chose because they had the same fulfillment, they had the same scripts, they had the same product, they had the same stupid jokes in their scripts. We're all wearing the same uniform. Everything was the same. There was no difference based on who he chose. If you are selling your MLM product as it is, the way it comes from your MLM, are doing the exact same thing. That's the danger. There's no difference between choosing you over the other tens of thousands of people also selling your product. That's a big issue. LET’S CREATE A UNIQUE OFFER OUT OF YOUR PRODUCT I want to show you how to create an offer out of your MLM product. I am not telling you to change the product itself. That's why I want to walk through this case study. I want you to see how I create an offer out of somebody's MLM product to make them: More unique More valuable Help them deliver more Solve more problems than anybody else in their downline or upline That's exactly what we did, and that's exactly what's happened. It's really very powerful. It's amazing. I know I'm claiming some big stuff right here. Get a piece of paper out and take this part seriously. It's very powerful. This is how I out-value everybody else in my upline and downline. This is how I out-value everybody else when I'm selling the product itself. I give more solutions than the standard person. It comes down to the way I'm packaging it together. I transform it from a product into an offer. That's the real secret. I want to teach you guys how I'm doing that. VEHICLE VS ANCHOR Let’s clear one thing up before we move on. A lot of people ask me, “Is the anchor of an offer and the vehicle the same thing?” No. An anchor of an offer and the vehicle that's not the same thing. The anchor is part of the vehicle… But the vehicle is not part of the anchor. When we say: Vehicle New opportunity Stack slide Offer Those are all the same thing. Let’s say I’m consuming ClickFunnels. If I'm consuming ClickFunnels, there's a belief that's causing me to consume it. I believe that ClickFunnels is the vehicle that will get me what I want. It's not that I want ClickFunnels. I want what ClickFunnels gives me, right? You sell the hole, not the drill. You're selling the taste, not the food. Too many people get obsessed over their product and they're like, "But this drill is amazing." No one wants the drill, they want the hole. It's the same thing with your product. "But the mascara's amazing." It's not about the mascara, they want what it does. They want it for the benefit it gives them. That's what a vehicle is. Products, offers and new opportunities. It’s called a vehicle because it delivers what the customer really wants. They don't necessarily care about your product. They just want the result that it gives them. The anchor of the product is the part of the products that the customer's most excited about. OBJECTIONS TO YOUR MLM PRODUCT Let's keep with the mascara example. When you go to someone and say, "Here's my mascara," there's going to be some reactions to that. Is everybody going to buy right off the bat? No. Of course not. Even if your product is really good, they don't buy because it's not about the product. It's about what happens when you show them the product. There's something that happens internally. This is where those false beliefs come in. PRODUCT OBJECTION When you show someone, "Here's the product."... "Is it any good?" There's this involuntary reaction. We show them the mascara, "Is it good?" The first objection is about the vehicle itself. The mascara. "IS IT ANY GOOD?" That’s the first objection that people normally have when you show them a product or offer. I have to figure out how to address it. If I can get somebody to believe that there is a possible that vehicle is actually good, "You know what, that actually does look like good mascara." INTERNAL OBJECTION The next objection they have is INTERNAL. They're going to ask themselves, "Am I good enough?" It goes to a lot of places of insecurities. "Well, yeah I believe that could work but there's just no way I could pull that off." They're convinced the vehicle, mascara, is a good thing. But their excuse is, "I just don't think I can pull this off. I'm just not that kind of person." That's an internal insecurity. An internal objection. An internal false belief. “I don't know that I'm good enough to wear this mascara." It might be an insecurity over self worth. It's possible. Very possible. Those are internal objections about their own abilities. EXTERNAL OBJECTION The next objection is going to be EXTERNAL. If I can get them to believe, "Oh my gosh this vehicle is possible. Oh my gosh it's possible internally that I actually can pull it off." Their next objection is based on external factors. People blame their ability to be successful with the vehicle on something else. It's an excuse. "I can't get this mascara because look at the price." They're blaming away from them. It's usually: Time Money Resources “It's going to cost me too much money.” "I don't have the time to do this right now." "I don't have the support. My wife/spouse would never support me” You need to be addressing those objections inside of your offer. That can feel like bad medicine to a customer. How do you make it feel not like medicine? You tell stories. That’s why we don't jump straight to building a funnel. That's usually why funnels SUCK. There's a lot of psychology behind it. This is marketing psychology. THE ANCHOR OF YOUR OFFER NEXT... I have:   The vehicle Internal objection External objection Those three things go in my stack slide. Let’s use ClickFunnels as another example. Someone’s saying, "Look at ClickFunnels. This is so cool. I believe the vehicle can get me where I want to go. But I'm not techie." Russell address that by saying, "Don't worry if you're not the person to do it have your eight year old come do it." Seriously, his twins build funnels. He also tosses in, "So you understand also how to put these pieces together and how to understand your customer, we're going to put something in something called Inception Secrets." Did the customer ask for it? They did. Just not explicitly. "Oh man, I would love to have funnel hacks. But I don't know how to  put the copy on the page" "Don't worry about it. We're going to put something in there called Funnel Scripts." Those are all things that make up the offer. The anchor of the offer is the thing that the customer is most excited about in the offer. In Funnel Hacks, do you think people are most excited about Funnel Hacks? No! They're most excited about ClickFunnels. When someone buys Funnel Hack they PRE-BUY six months of ClickFunnels. That’s what makes an offer sexy! HOW TO PACKAGE A SEXY OFFER If you understand this one piece, ALL of offer creation and all of funnel building gets real easy. This is the secret sauce and this is the reason this stuff works so well. This is how we're going to build an offer. This is what I go through every time. IF I CAN JUST GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND THIS... it makes it so simple and so fast. You will have success in MLM far faster than any average MLM-er or experienced traditional MLM-ist ever will. I mean that. I'm not laughing. THIS is marketing. We're going to design an offer right here. Follow along for your own product. "But Steven, I sell a suppleme..." "DOESN’T MATTER" But, "Steven, I sell insuran..." "WHO CARES?! It's the same freaking thing!" That's what I get so mad about! Is the product different? Yeah... But that's not how crap sells. It's not about the product. It's about the sales message. CREATE AN OFFER USING HEALTH, WEALTH AND RELATIONSHIPS Back to our mascara and makeup example. If I've got three things here… Health Wealth Relationships If you sell makeup, you most likely use it. You probably had some AHA as to why you’re using the one you are now. You can skip the whole ask campaign thing if you walked the path that you're selling back into. You already know what the false beliefs are. You’ve walked them. You had them. Are you going to promise health, wealth or relationships through your makeup product? You’re selling mascara, but that's not what they actually want. What do they want? RELATIONSHIPS, BABY! It's not about the product. They want a relationship. Could I promise health through mascara? I actually could. Do you understand how this works? I could take this and connect it to any one of them. It doesn't matter. What matters is that I choose ONE. The pitch styles are slightly different based on the one that you do. You can spin the sales message. Are we talking about product or offer here? NO. We're talking about outcome. HEALTH, WEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS are the most “NO DUH” places to go spend money in. You don't see a salesman next to eggs in the grocery store. This is a “NO DUH” buying place. You're not selling mascara. You're selling relationships. FINDING YOUR BLUE OCEAN How many people sell mascara? A LOT. They're promising relationships through mascara. We’ve got to figure out the blue ocean to go sell to. Create a new opportunity and sell it directly back to the other mascara buyers. CURRENT BUYERS, you understand? This is the reason why I recruit so well in my MLM. My personal downline. I don't target people who are not currently in an MLM. I target people who are in an MLM and hate it. WHY? Because I'm selling directly back to MLM. I'm promising wealth through MLM. I'm selling back to the general MLM-ist. People who hate the downline they're in. Hate the company they're in. Can't see a way out. I'm not convincing people that MLM's the new opportunity. I'm teaching an MLM-er who's down the path already. Why? It shortens the education gap. It's easier sale and it's a better customer. This is what happens when you get real clear on who you want. START TO TURN YOUR PRODUCT INTO AN OFFER Two things I got to figure out: What are current makeup buyers buying? What are they already trading cash for? The sales message. What message is generically believed in this sub-market? What's the current offer and the current message that people are consuming? Now we need to start crafting this. We need to come up with two things: Offer Message The message needs to throw rocks at the red ocean. The mainstream way of doing it. Look at my headlines for Secret MLM Hacks. "How do MLMers like us recruit A players and create extra income without annoying family and friends?" I'm throwing rocks at people who only talk to their friends and family. You want to touch a nerve and make people think, “I see why you're saying that. I've felt the same pain.” Please don't throw rocks at people. If you’re pitting against a company, don’t throw rocks at the CEO. OBJECTIONS TO YOUR PRODUCT OR OFFER We need to think through the biggest objection that people have when you show them your product. There are three different types of objections: Vehicle (V) - about the product Internal (I) - about their ability External (E) - about their resources Let’s think of what those objections and false beliefs could be for this makeup and mascara example: V - Will it work? I - I don’t have the knowledge to use it   E - The price is too high OKAY. Now we have the false beliefs, whoa buddy. Let's design ourselves an offer. STORIES UPHOLDING FALSE BELIEFS The next thing we need to figure out is story or experience that created those false beliefs. Vehicle. Does this even work? “I've tried so many different products. There's just nothing out there that's going to be right for me. I have a draw full of old products that didn't work." Internal. Knowledge. “You can never recreate makeup that’s done by a professional. I don’t have the skills or knowledge to do what the pros do. I don’t have the experience. External. Price. The story could be "Well, I heard that there was this one company that was charging $200 for this makeup kit. It was crazy because it was terrible, didn't even work. Therefore everything expensive doesn’t work. I can get the exact same thing from Wal-Mart." or “I have a friend who spends $300 a month on makeup” So that’s what they think it costs. NEW STORIES = NEW BELIEFS Now we craft new stories. This is where we use things like the epiphany bridge script from Expert Secrets. You don't necessarily TELL stories, you ASSEMBLE stories. If you need more drama, assemble more drama. If you need more conflict, craft more conflict. They're malleable. For vehicle, internal and external, you need to tell new stories. It could be something like: “I’d tried so many makeup products and none of them worked. I had a draw full of bad products that didn’t do what they said on the can. I was about to give up when I found THIS PRODUCT and it changed my life.” CREATE PROMISED BASED ON THOSE FALSE BELIEFS The next thing I’m going to do is create headlines. Another word for headlines (which I think describes them better) is PROMISES. I'm going to make a vehicle based promise. I'm going to make an internal based promise. An external based promise. “I'm going to show you how to BIG PROMISE without HUGE PAIN” I address their big fear and the false belief. I promise to get around it without them having to go through the pain I know they've been experiencing. Vehicle - “I’m going to show you how to do your makeup without trying a million and one different products” Internal - “I’m going to give you three makeup tips to get the A list look” External -  “I’m going to show you how to get the $1,000 makeover look for $50” If you look at SecretMLMHacks.com, look at those bottom three columns. This is exactly what I did. DESIGNING YOUR OFFER The next thing we need to do is start creating the products and the stack slide. Your offer. Based on everything we’ve done so far, let’s come up with some products. These tie directly back to the false beliefs. Vehicle - Self-consultation guide Show them how to choose the the right makeup for them that will work. Internal - Evening looks guide Give them the knowledge to do their makeup in different ways. External -  Makeup kit This is where they get a whole load of products for a great price. THIS is how I create the stack. Without knowing it, we have very deceivingly created the stack before your very eyes. SHAZAM! You’ve got three bonuses right there. All we need to do is add an anchor and call it something cool. Stack slides usually have five things in. You’ve got three right there! I always like to add a Fast Action Bonus at the bottom. A FAB. You say “By the way, those of you guys that act right now, I'm going to let you into our little community.” You could get someone else's book that you think is really good and throw that in there for FREE as well. They get it for FREE but you're going to add $20 to the cost off everything else. DID WE JUST CREATE AN OFFER? This is freaking awesome! The MARKET told us to put these things together. Not explicitly. But they told us. This is a safe place for me to launch in. WHY? Because you're reacting to what the market has asked you to do. Here's what you do with the price… You’re probably able to sell the kit at a certain price point because you’re in MLM. Charge the kit price. They just get the rest of the stuff for FREE. NOW YOU’RE COMPETING ON VALUE, NOT PRICE. Most of these are freaking info products. You only have to make those ONCE. You can probably find a lot of these videos on YouTube. YouTube is open source. It's public domain. As long as they’re publicly listed, YOU CAN JUST TAKE THEM. I make members areas with other people's videos all the time and use them for lead gen. It's legal. You can do that. You might only be selling ALL OF THIS for the price of your MLM product… But you're delivering more. You will outsell, outperform and outvalue everyone else in your downline. Your upline, other people in makeup MLM’s. This is the method that I use and this is how I’m killing it. Master this, and you can create an offer out of anything.


23 Jan 2019

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38: Your MLM Persuasion Course...

With going on and this is Steve Larson and you are listening to secret Eble impacts radio. Speaker 2 00:04 Oh yeah. So here's the real mystery. How do real embalmers like us. Creedon sheets and only bug family members and friends I want to grow a profitable home business. How do we recruit players enjoy our downline and create extra incomes yet still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives. That's the glaring question in this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larson and welcome to seegar MLM hack's radio. Speaker 1 00:33 Hey guys glad that you're here. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. I appreciate it. He has no podcast is about 8000 downloads and it's only been around for a few months which is awesome. Thanks to all the leaders out there. Thanks to all listeners out there thanks all the people who are out there hustling. You guys are awesome. Really appreciate the support this podcast. The whole purpose of this podcast is to show you more about how we actually market in our MLM and how we're using different principles from different industries to be successful with it. So I have been creating more of my product which helps you oughter recruit people into your downline now. It's a system that I've been using on my own for the last almost year and a half and it's been working. It's been a lot of fun. Speaker 1 01:19 I really really enjoyed it and got another message today some saying that they join which is great. And what's cool about it is that I've never met them. Now I'm not trying to say to take the human out of your business but how cool is it that the whole system is taking care of it and continue to bring more more people in. Which is awesome by the way shout out to those you guys who went over to the join my downline dot.com funnel something that talks about last episode. Now again just you guys know and so the elephants out of the you know what we call the elephant out of the room. I will never ever ever ever ever pitch anybody into joining. Joining my downline ever I dont do that. Thats not my thing. Rule number one is that they come to me right and get talked about that episode or two ago those guys went over and did check it out and did apply. Speaker 1 02:07 Thats really cool. I really thought that was awesome of you. And if you dont want to I dont care. Thats the whole point. Thats why this works OK. I will never even tell you what I am. I'm a part of this thing and for a lot of reasons and so I just don't. This is such a low pressure thing because Anyway I just what I've been doing is working really well and I've honestly felt a little bit of an obligation to share what it is that I've been doing and taking a lot of the principles and things that I do and teach. Inside the internet marketing industry which is very different but then I go and I plug them into the MLM world and not many people have ever seen it actually do you actually do this. Speaker 1 02:48 Which frankly blows my mind. And because of that I've had at least five MLM owners reach out. I've had several I've had a lot of people reach out about the systems that are using it really means a lot of fun. It does. I think what's so much fun about it is that it requires the individual to grow. You have to learn how to market in order for these things to work which is very exciting and that's honestly what the purpose of the podcast is and why do we have coming product called secret MLM hacks. If you want to follow the whole launch of it go to secret MLM hacks dot com. And anyway halo Chauvet of the content today. So what I thought I would be cool to show with you guys today is what's called a prolific index. Speaker 3 03:29 OK the prolific index is a good example. This Speaker 4 03:37 year I've been talking to somebody who's trying to pitch you on a product and it sounds exactly like another product you've heard before. Right. Or you or Again someone else is pitching a product or let's say someone talking about you about their opportunity typically if you've been in an MLM you've been in another one also you know what I mean. Let's say someone is actually pitching you to join their MLM and it is boring. I mean it's just so it's so boring. Everything you're saying is mainstream everything they're saying is so. Like you've heard it before there even is some lines even before you know what I mean. I mean I know you guys know those people I know that you've heard those people before you know exactly what it is it's like to get pitched that way. You know exactly what it's like to meet those kinds of people. Speaker 4 04:22 It's boring. It's not that it's this is mainstream it's that they are literally being boring and you're like man this person doesn't even like their own thing or they're not excited or whatever it is you know what I mean. That's painful. That's not a fun experience to be a part of that. And obviously and you say well does even of course. Now let's take it on the flip side. Let's take it to another area let's get to another spot where someone has pitched a product to you or you can walk down the street and someone came up and they were overbearing. They were way too intense. They were way too strong. And in fact even what they were pitching you sound so far fetched so many promises there's no way it could be true there's no way they could actually fulfill what it is they're actually doing. Speaker 4 05:01 Right. That's another that's another end of the spectrum. That's like the complete opposite. Right. Well we're you want to be in the prolific index is in between those two where you're not the crazy zone you're not in the nutcase zone. And the you know hey you know rub this coconut oil on your on your elbows and suddenly to be rich area you know to be like this super super nuts area where people go into and they say hey this is going to change you know solve all your problems and you'll be wealthy beyond your wildest imaginations. You know what to do. You don't have to do anything your entire life you know that that's crazy. That's nuts. That's not true. That's total nuts. Right. Speaker 4 05:37 And then back to the whole boring zone where everything is so mainstream everything sucks and everything's like you want to be in the middle. OK. And one of the reasons why people struggle inside the Emelin space so much is because they sell on the mainstream they sell right in the boring zone. And the way they are delivered is boring. And you know it's funny if I speak normally on this podcast it comes across as boring as well for whatever reason. When I speak into the microphone right now and it pops out the other side it actually tones my message tones my tone down it actually turns down my tone it turns down my excitement level takes it down a notch takes down low and that's what ends up happening as well when you're speaking to people face to face or or over some message or even if it's in writing. Speaker 4 06:23 They can still hear your voice through the words right. And you want to be in between those two zones. This is the you know the super mainstream's zone. And then there's like the nutcase crazy zone where it's super super super out in La-La land. Right. You can't sell really on either spots the way sales work is. It's all curiosity based. Kay whenever you have a curiosity on your side you have to sell logically which socks it success because you got to go in and you got to start saying you know you are competing on price. You got to start competing on the comp plan you got to start competing and it's like oh you know what's so funny is that if we all increase our excitement level about what we actually do we actually get to get more people in. Speaker 4 07:09 OK. That's true for for selling a product as it is true for selling your actual opportunity as well. OK. This is a great sentence here. I'm sure you've heard of it and maybe maybe you haven't but it's called a one sentence persuasion course and the one thing is frustration course is. Who's this by again I can't even remember Blair Warren OK Blair Warren said this is awesome. Now if you've never heard the once in a persuasion course it is literally one sentence but this could change everything you're doing inside your MLM so please just pay attention to what it is that you're doing and how you actually deliver your message. OK listen to this. And think of this in context with the prolific index. Are you or your boring. Or are you mainstream or are you in the nutcase zone like you get to be in the middle. Speaker 4 08:02 OK that's where curiosity lies. That's where your ability to actually close sales with urgency and scarcity lie right. If you're not if you're in that kind of the mainstream zone you can't really have scarcity and urgency. Is the only two tools a marketer actually has. All right start thinking through your MLM. Think it through your pitch or think of you how does you actually talking with people and listen to the sentence the one since the one sentence persuasion course gave. This is what he says people will do anything for those who encourage their dreams justify their failures allay their fears confirmed their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies. That's the whole sentence. It's a whole course. OK let me say I need more time. People will do anything for those who will encourage their dreams justify their failures allay their fears confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies. Speaker 3 08:59 Interesting. OK. Speaker 1 09:00 Now here's where the challenge is here's where the challenge is with your MLM. The challenge with your MLM is to go take the scrip. Speaker 4 09:08 That you're applying is giving you to sell with and we're going to start drizzling on some glaze. We're going to start or start taking some glaze from this one Senate's persuasion course so we're going to start dropping it all over the top of the script that you've given. How can you encourage the dreams of those you're going to be pitching right now. That's pretty simple I think a lot of Emblem's actually get that one right. Right. Which is which is you know hey you're going to make extra money. Hey what's it going to be like when you can retire at a young age hey what's it going to be like when your kids are going to be set for life. Hey what's it going to be like when you're getting at least 10 grand a month. You don't I mean I think you do a great job at encouraging their fears. Speaker 4 09:44 Let's talk about justifying failures though. All right. Just the five failures justify failures. How can you justify failures for those that you're pitching in your MLM whether joining your MLM or the product yourself. Right. Oh it's not your fault you didn't do well. It's not your fault that it didn't work out. It's actually this things. You know what. It didn't even exist before. It's not even to this this option that I'm giving you right now. It did not even exist beforehand it did not exist when you were trying it. It's not even your fault you didn't try before because the option wasn't even there to truly be successful yet. All right. That's kind of. That's kind of the vernacular you'd say of something like that to justify other fellers allay their fears now allay their fears means to reduce. Speaker 4 10:33 Yeah I mean it always means a reduced means the drop means to diminish. How do you diminish the fears of the other person. OK now to do that first of all you understand what those fears are. And some people are going have a hard time opening up their fears to you especially if they don't trust you yet. Right if you're not friends if you're cold pitching if you're cold prospecting whatever it is. So they're laying the fears one like anyway. Typically you can go with time money and resources. Hey you know ahead of time he'd own money hate and of resources right time money and resources that's the big one internal fears. I'm not good enough. I don't know how to talk to people. I don't know how to approach others. Speaker 4 11:09 I don't know what to say right. Those are internal fears as well. And then there's like fears that have to do with the opportunity itself. I don't know if this is good. Are you going to take my money. Am I going to have to talk to all my friends and family where will I lose them. Well you know those are all the different fears that can pop up when someone you know especially when you're talking to you about joining your MLM another one is confirming suspicions. OK I'm going to teach you the ethical way to grow your downline. What ethical way. You mean there's an unethical way. Right. Anyway that's a fun one I like that one law and that helped throw rocks at their enemies. Now that doesn't need to be a person they're throwing rocks at. Speaker 4 11:46 But it can be a concept right. Very very popularly in the MLM world is to throw rocks at the to concept. Right. All I'm working for myself right. Nine to five right. You know and I'm running out of Sprint and I'm getting all my people in place but I'm through. And so anyway it's very very common in the MLM world especially to throw rocks at the 9 to 5 which is great. It works you know. But how can you do that. The thing that you've got to remember with all of this is that you're helping the prospect throw rocks at their enemies not your enemies. Right. You're helping to justify the failures of the prospect not your own failures. Right. You're helping to confirm the suspicions of the prospect not your own suspicions. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person that you're getting into. Speaker 4 12:38 That's why it's such a cool business so it's MLM is such a relationship business it has to be relationship business. How can you know what the dreams of the other person are without getting to know them. How do you know what the failures are like getting to know them. How can you know what really the enemies are of that person without getting to know them. You know what I mean. And when you look at those things are these are these are elements of persuasion This is the one sentence persuasion course. And if you can start to learn with this one sentence persuasion of course is kind of combine that with with the prolific index which is to not be mainstream and not to be you know in La-La crazy land. You're going to be the we speak to people the actual way you speak to people is going to be far more persuasive than than in any way. Speaker 4 13:23 Well it's like you know the most people inside the Emelin space in general Ziv make sense. So start doing it through your MLM. How can I justify and you might actually have let's say you have people who are already inside your downline which is great. That's awesome. If you have people who've already inside your downline right now how can you justify the failures of those who were in your downline. Can you allay their fears. Can you confirm their suspicions. OK. How can you throw rocks at their enemies and and and encourage their dreams. How can he do those things. And that helps them move along helps them push them along. Every single entrepreneur I've ever heard of in my life incurred you know encounters failure if they're not means and are trying right. Speaker 4 14:01 You better be failing your face off with great speed. I mean how can you be doing that with people who are inciter down. And how can we do that with people you're trying to prospect to and start combining that with the prolific index. All right if you're selling just the main stream stuff in a mainstream way and knows you're going to be boring you give me where you're going. So boring no one buys boring. All right. Only ambitious people by boring. Right. Most people aren't ambitious. So you just cut your market way down. OK. So too ambitious people. So to the rest of humanity. Anyway that's another lesson as well. But anyway. Hey guys I hope this has been helpful. Speaker 4 14:44 Episode is a little bit more technobabble I kind of dove dove deep into some more concepts but thinking through what these things are. In hindsight when it really comes down to it went and when all is said and done the only real tools that a market are has is scarcity and urgency. That's it. How can you make your Emblem's scarce. How can you make your product scarce. How can you increase your urgency. Well this once in a persuasion course and the prolific index kind of combining those things together with those really easy ways to boost your your MLM you know boost the status of a boost boost the desirability of what it is actually selling anyway. A lot of technobabble this round I'm so sorry for all that but I hope that it helps you start to think through and start to see like look you just can't be selling the same thing as everyone else. Speaker 4 15:38 You're mainstream you're boring. Can't go to this site either and wacko landie get to be in the middle right. Got to be in. Got to be in the exciting zone where you're kind of on living on the edge but not off the edge you know jumping over the edge. Anyway guys will be doing great. And please go apply this stuff. I would love to know those are guys who are and I love to see your comments. He has been commenting on stuff lately it's been a lot of fun. If you would that would be awesome too if you want to go on an iTunes and just leave a review for this podcast that helps like crazy helps me but also helps all the people who are trying to find this kind of information find it easier in little iTunes algorithm and it just means a lot to me too honestly. Speaker 4 16:19 Honestly it actually takes me a solid hour to an hour and a half per episode to put these things out so it actually does get me super excited when I see things coming back so knowing you guys are awesome. Appreciate you. Talk to you later. Speaker 5 16:35 Hey thanks. Please please remember to subscribe and feedback for me. Have a question you want answered live on the show. Go to seegar MLM hack's radio dot com to submit your question and download your free MLM masters at.


14 Nov 2017

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47: How To THANK An A-Player...

Hey, guys, I'm really pumped for today. I wanted to walk you through something, two things. The first one has ... it made almost ten grand in a week in the MLM community, okay, in the MLM community, brand-new. Okay, next, the second thing I want to tell you about is a strategy that I've been implementing that I think the rest of you should probably do also, because the people I've known that have pulled this off, which I'm modeling after them, I'm about to go do it also, but the people that I've known that have done that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars very, very quickly. If you're thinking like, "Steven, I'm just starting out, I'm barely making $100 a month," then perk your ears up. Get a piece of paper out because this is how. And anyway, the next few episodes of this podcast, I am very, very interested in making sure you understand some of the deep strategies that I am using from a marketing standpoint, to create the course and product that is going live on January 4th, 2018, right? I'm very, very excited about it. It's something that's been in the making now for two years. I mean, I launched the beta of it a year and a half ago. It went great, but I also saw where the flaws were. You had to be somewhat of a funnel fanatic like myself, somewhat of a tech geek like myself to actually pull it off. So there was a lot of issues there. Now, I'm not a coder or a programmer, I want you guys to know that. But right now, if you go to secretmlmhacksradio.com, there is a funnel there. That's what we call a funnel. That is a sales process behind that. It's not really selling anything but is giving a ton of value, something that you should have paid for, should have paid for. Does that make sense? If you go a secretmlmhacksradio.com, there that first page. And it says, "Hey, look, do you want the MLM Masters pack?" I had to think through something super awesome that would be awesome to give away for free that people should pay for. And everyone I know that that has actually gone through all those videos, they go nuts for it. I just got a message again today from someone in there, they were fricking out. They're so excited. It's amazing what those five videos have done. They add significant value and I should be charging for it. So I did that on purpose, okay. So the first page lets you sign up for that. The second page says hey, do you have a question you'd like to be able to ask me that I can answer live on the podcast. And in the next few episodes here, that's what I'm going to be doing a lot of. I want to make sure I answer a lot of questions for you guys, which is awesome. So the reason I'm telling this is because this Saturday, I love to see so many people who download these the moment I put them up because time is of the essence for a lot of things that I announce on here, okay. So this Saturday, I dropped in. So I dropped an email out to those of you who got the actually MLM Masters pack, the free MLM Masters pack from secretmlmhacksradio.com. And I dropped an email to you guys about a week and a half ago. And I said, "Hey, if you want to watch me, I have a second podcast show and I've got to rebuild the funnel for it. If you want to watch me build it live, why don't you come join me and I'll just share my screen and walk you through everything that I'm doing so you can watch it and do it for yourself." Okay, that's what the email I set up that went out there, okay. And that offer still stands. That offer still stands. If you want to go watch that this Saturday, I'll be doing that. If you are listening to this and it's past this Saturday which is ... What is that? December 29th, 2017. If you're sitting past there, you can still go to the same URL which is salesfunnelbroker.com/live, salesfunnelbroker.com, salesfunnelbroker.com/live. Sorry, I slurred a little there. But there's a whole bunch of replays and things I've got on there you can check out as well. The only reason I'm telling you guys about that now, I'm not trying to cross the two communities here that I have. But a lot of you guys have checked out the podcasting funnel that I have. And so I thought I might as well drop it out to you guys so you guys can check it out and watch how I built which a lot of you guys have gone through so you can do it for yourself is what I'm saying. It's free, you can just come watch. The last live funnel build that I did was four hours long. Just know. It's a crap ton of value. I think it's a technical term. And people pay anywhere from 15 to 25 grand per seat to come to a three-day event with me and Russell Brunson and listen to myself teach for that amount of time. So four hours is a lot and it's a lot of ... I hope you guys feel what I'm giving there is awesome. So I love doing it. So I'm super excited. So anyways, that's this Saturday at 9:00 ... It's either at 9:00 a.m or 8:00 a.m.. I can't remember but I have to go check it out. It will tell you on that page. Again, that's salesfunnelbroker.com/live. Anyway, hey, so that was like five minutes of intro. Hey, I want to be able to walk you guys through something. So I was ... when I first started working for Russell Brunson, which if you don't know who Russell Brunson is, he actually got a big start in MLM. He was the number one seller in two MLMs at the exact same time. That's crazy. How did he do it? Guess what, the same stuff that I'm teaching you. The same stuff that I'm actually selling. And nobody else sells the stuff that I'm about to drop out on January 4th to everyone in that product. No one else does. How do I know? Because I've looked. I was right-hand funnel builder for almost two years. I looked around all over the place. There is 56,000 active users of click-funnels every single month, active users. Do you know how many industries that covers? We saw everything. And it was easy to see what people are doing there. No one else teaches this. I'm super excited to be able to go through and actually show this and show you how I'm doing what I am. It's the very first time when I just opened the gates even just a little bit on a new MLM that I got into. It's like immediately 20 people right underneath me joined. Why? Because of how, what I'm doing. Because of how I'm doing it which is why I want to show you guys on this Saturday that funnel build. So if you want to, you can come check it out. If it's past and you're listening to still go to that URL and you can ... I put a lot of replays and stuff like that up there. If not the full replay, then at least just partial stuff there. You can still check it out and get, I don't know, some of the gist or something like that. Anyway. But there is a pattern that I have watched over, and over, and over again. And MLM is very related to on the internet what we would call affiliate marketing. MLM's very related to it. And because of that strategies back and forth sometimes bleed over a little bit. Not totally, but sometimes. Affiliate marketing is when I see somebody else's product that I didn't make and I get a commission for it. Most of the time, you're doing the exact thing product wise with MLM. And so what I've done though is ... okay, let me just walk you through this. The first time I joined an MLM, this guy called and I know I told some of the story before. But this guy called and he goes, "Hey, Steven, man, hey, do you want to do this MLM?" And I was like, "No. No, thanks. Sounds like a pyramid schema, I'm not going to do it." And my buddy called back. And he's like, "Dude, you'd be great at this. Come on, man." And I was like, "Fine. I trust you. I'll do it." So I joined. Okay, and I joined. I joined somewhat reluctantly and I get in the car and I'm going to go meet this guy in my upline. And I start driving over to like 20 minutes away over to this other building that this guy is in. And I get out of my car and it's cold out, it's winter out. But this clear blue sky. I remember this very clearly because this had a profound impact on ... Well, I mean, it's the reason I'm podcasting about an hour so let me just keep going. Anyway, clear blue skies. It was chilly out. It was in the middle of winter. There's no snow but there is still ... everything is kind of dead and brown a little bit. And I get out of the car and I walk into this building. It's a white building on the corner of a little more of a run-down part of time. And I was like, "Okay." And I walk inside the building and it was awkwardly very empty. It wasn't a small building but it was very, very empty and there was like some random person over in the corner cleaning. It was kind of awkward a little bit. And I sit down with this guy and we shake hands. I'm like, "Hey." And he seemed like a nice guy. And I sat down and we started talking. And there's nothing against him at all, okay, nothing against him at all. He, brilliant person. Still talk with him. Absolutely amazing. In spite of this entire thing, all right, I owe a lot to him. But it was the way that he representing the MLM was pulling me in to his downline. I sat down and he had me write out those big lists. And he said, "Hey, this is how people get successful at this." And I was like, "Okay, sounds good. Let me dive both feet in." So I sat down and we start writing things down. And then at the end of it he hands me this big stack of papers and one of them was like hey, here's some really easy sales scripts. I was like, "Cool." At least I think so. I can't remember but ... Actually, I don't know if I got a sales script. But he's like, "Hey, here's a sheet that will help you keep track of the people you're recruiting." I was like, "Okay, cool." "Hey, here's like the list of the top three things you need to be doing every single day to be successful at this and actually stay ahead." And I was like, "Cool." And that was kind of it. And I walked away and a lot of you guys know the story. I worked like crazy. I got 13 people in my downline in the first month. I think it was like five weeks, actually. Four and a half, five weeks, something like that. And I did it mostly by walking down main street talking to business, recruiting a few friends and family, yes, mostly, but I did a lot of ... It was cold recruiting, some of it, like right off the street. I was full of gusto. Okay, now, let's take a moment to analyze what just happened. Okay. In the internet marketing space, in affiliate marketing, this stuff that he handed me when I joined, we would call that the offer. You can think of it as the offer. I paid several hundred dollars. I came in at their highest ... I think at their highest level. But I came in at their level that they ... Well, it's the only one they pitched me, anyway. I don't know if there's another one. But I came in and I was like, "Oh, my gosh. This is crazy. It's ridiculous." And for my money, I got several things. I got a position in the MLM. I got the rights to go sell the product and through their approved ways. I got some scripts. I got some tracker for some stuff. I got like the daily routine you should be doing to be successful and things like that. There's several things that I got. I didn't just buy a position. The offer was all those other things plus the position, does that make sense? You need to understand that I have watched many, many, many, and the roles that I've played in the last two years especially with funnel building and the funnel world on the internet especially, the people who know how to make offers when someone joins a downline or when selling a product, in general, are usually the people who are winning, okay. So I want you to think about this real quick. Follow with me a little bit. Let me craft another story here real quick, okay. So with that in the backdrop, follow me here, all right. I know I'm kind of jumping all over the place in this episode. I'm kind of going all over. But stick with me, okay. Understand this one concept and it should change the way you recruit forever. This is the reason why people join my MLM, why people join my downline. I'm not pitching you, I'm telling you. This is a strategy I actually use, all right, because I bring them answers. So what I do ... and this now, let's compare. When I joined the second ... So I eventually left that first MLM. Years later when I decided that I wanted to jump in this again but do it very differently, and do it from the standpoint of an internet marketer and not from the education of an MLMer which no offense, but I'm taking things that are proven in another industry and I'm shoving them over to a different industry which never heard of them before, mostly. And what I'm doing though is ... Anyway, okay. So I join the second MLM. I join the second MLM and what happened? Hey, Steven, we want to give you this position in this company. And then here's what you can get for it. Right, I get online and I start filling out the forms to actually join. And there was these different levels. I don't remember the exact dollar amounts for some of them. I always just go for the highest. That's the kind of people I want so I always go for what I want. I joined at the highest which was like a 1,000 bucks or something like that. And so I join, I was like cool. No worries. And I joined and when you join at this level, you get two of this and five of this product. And you get this and you get this and tickets to this. And this over here and positions to here, you know what I mean? There was just an offer that the MLM, right, not my upline, the MLM was giving me when I joined their company. Does that make sense? In both scenarios, the MLM was the group that was creating the offer. Okay, now, let's think about this real quick. Okay, about a year ago, a year and a half ago I was ... We also work. We are creating offers. We were building funnels. We're doing all sort of stuff that we're doing. And suddenly Russell Brunson stands up and he goes, "Oh, my gosh, I want to promote this guys thing. And look, I have my affiliate link." And I was like, "Cool." If you guys don't know how affiliate marketing works, obviously if he sells some of the product, he gets commission for it. But Russell Brunson being Russell Brunson, marketing wizard, total genius, friend and mentor to me, I absolutely ... Oh, my gosh. The guys like a brother to me. Mad respect for what he does. Complete amazing character of an individual. But what he does is he stands up and he goes, "Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, let's create this cool offer." The first thing somebody's going to get when they buy through my downline, when they buy through my link, my affiliate link, right, this is as if he's talking. The first thing I'm going to give when they buy through my affiliate link is they'll get the product. But I'm going to toss in, right, this is like Russell talking. He's like, "I'm going to toss in this product. I'm going to toss in this service. I'm going to toss in this book, this CD." And he creates his own offer, his own offer off of the other persons. It incentivizes people like crazy to buy through his own affiliate link and he wins affiliate competitions time after time after time like that. He's not the only one. Anytime I see anyone pull that off, anytime I see anyone do that, that's how it works. The first time I actually really started selling a lot of MLM education and products, that's how I did it. I created this product that was an offer. First, it was a product and I graduated it into an offer, okay. I know I'm getting a little nitty-gritties here but stick with me, okay. Stick with me, I'm going somewhere, I'm going very specific, I'm going somewhere. So what I've done and what you need to do is learn what you need to include on your own when somebody joins your downline, okay, when somebody joins your downline. Think through this. You've got to think through this because this is super key because right now, you are completely the exact identical pixel for pixel same as everyone else in your upline and your downline. I don't care what MLM you're in. If you love it, awesome. If you don't, start looking around. Be passionate about what you're doing, okay. Anyway, but what I'm saying ... does that make sense? Out of the box MLM is broken and I've said that many times before on this thing, but that's why. That's one of the reasons why you have, if you just take the offer that the MLM has given you, the actual corporate, HQ, whatever it is. If you're recruiting people in the same way that they've handed it to you, you are literally cookie cutter to everybody else in your upline and in your downline. Make no mistake, they are your competition. Why would somebody join you over the other person? Oh, you have the exact same offer. Oh, if I join you, I get this position, I get these scripts, I get this daily routine thing, and I get the product for X, Y, and Z on auto-ship. Oh, cool. What do I get when I join this person inside their organization. Oh, look, I get this position. I get these scripts, I get this storyline, I get the daily routine thing, I get this book, I get this product on auto-ship. Wow, there's no difference. That's what I'm trying to point out here. I'm still going there. I'm still going there. I'm not quite there yet. We're unveiling it. I have to set it up like this because everybody, come on, say it. I feel like people don't get it. And I'm trying to help you get it so that you can go do it, okay? So think through what can I offer that's unique to me, that people get when they join my downline. Since my upline and my downline are my competition, what can I do to become unique again? Because right now, I'm the exact same as everybody else on the planet. So I've taken this to several different levels. And I know I've talked to you guys about this before that this is something that I do. And it's one of the reasons I recruit like an absolute beast because of two things. Okay, number one, I have my own offer when somebody joins my downline. It is kick-butt, it is amazing. But there is a separate, there's a separate more elite, more helpful, more amazing offer that I give when someone joins at the top level. This is a huge key. Guys, you're MLM does the same thing, most likely, a lot of them do. If you join at the $1,000 level, you get all this stuff. If you join at the $500, you get all of this stuff. If you join at the $100 level you get this stuff. And legally we have to let you join at $49 but no ones ever been like actually successful with that, you know what I mean? Right, that's like as if they're saying it. That's as if they're talking about it because if they do the same thing to the people coming in but I hardly ever see anyone ever come through and do that to their own MLM also. It is your business, it is your own business. You do and you model off of what your MLM is proven to work and you add to it. You add to it. So when someone joins your MLM, yes, they get all this stuff from corporate but what do they get from you? Why do you stick out? What is different about you? What is the strategic advantage that you offer? For me, I offer tons of people lots of sick funnels that are proven to work. Let me just prove like I'm using them, okay. I'm using them and then I just clone them and hand them over. I don't know if they're tacky or not. Like they can do them because they pre-done. Does that make sense? That's what I do. And so a lot of this stuff that I'm putting together with this January 4th thing is with a product that's coming out. It's education on how to become unique. It's education on these kinds of things. But when they actually join my MLM, it's already all done for them. It's completely done for then, does that make sense? It's extreme turn-key. And so right out of the gate, they're already killing it, they're already doing way more than the standard MLMer that exists out there. Then I teach them how to do a few extra things so that they're the only one who's selling their product of their offer, their entire thing so that they're unique from the rest of my team so that I didn't create my own little cookie cutters, does that make sense? And then we're off to the races and we explode because of it, does that make sense? I hope you've seen how you can apply this. I hope so because this is not a small deal. Your MLM upline, your MLM is the HQ corporate is doing the same thing but for some reason, for some weird reason, and I know that some MLMs are touchy about it. They're like, "No, you've got to sell this way. You can't do this. You can't do that." I hate that so I immediately chose one that had ... like gave me total ambiguity. That was very much the wrong word. What's the one I got for ... autonomy, there you go. They gave me 100% autonomy, freedom. Freedom at sell what I want, how I want, and when I want, and at any price point even. I just can't go too low or anything like that but it's completely ... I can sell however I want to. That's why I chose what I did. And I know that if you love what you're doing, great. I am not pursuing you to get out. I'm just trying to tell you like God, this is how I'm doing it. This is how I'm doing it. Frankly, even some of the other massive gurus that I've seen out there who are published authors all over the place. I'm looking over to my bookshelf and pointing at it as if you guys are in the room and you guys can't see it. But I've got tons of MLM books over there. I've hardly read any of them. I don't think I've read all the way through even one of them. And it's not to say that there isn't amazing stuff in them. It's not to say that it can't help but none of it talks about offer creation. None of it talks about how to actually stand out, how to become unique in a completely red, bloody red ocean, a complete bloodbath of a place where you are competing literally with all the other people who are supposedly also on your team. It's like, "What?" It's like, "No. I'm going to separate that out." And so my people know and that's part of what I teach them and that's part of the exclusive what I give them. And I'm not going to go through the entire thing but so when somebody joins my MLM, and please model this. That's why I'm telling you that. I'm not pitching you. Just understand like model this, okay. What I'm doing is when someone joins my MLM, and let's say they come in at the low level, they get help but it's unfair for the people who came in at the top level for them to get everything. So they don't get everything. When someone comes in at the highest level, though, I give them really awesome stuff. Not just like funnels, it's not that somebody comes in a lower level can't be successful. It's that I have a hard time wondering if they take this seriously, you know what I mean? But anyway, I give them a lot of cool things. There's an exclusive members area with training on how to sell specific products from the MLM which is awesome. It's very much a living members area. It's not totally done yet. But that's what I do in it. As I say, "Hey, look, so this thing, I'm going to show you how to sell it online with this funnel. By the way, it's done. Click this link and you'll have the whole thing in one click. And here's the cool scripts that sell it. Here's some traffic," you know what I mean? That's the purpose of it. It's really, really, really specific. It's high-level stuff. I only want to work with people who are serious and who take my time serious. So I give ... if they come in at the highest level, that's the kind of person that I work with that. I also give them all the funnels, like I said. I also give them things that personally mean a lot to me. I'm holding a coin right now that says Memento Mori. Memento Mori which means you could leave this life right now and it's not to be like sad or anything like that. It's meant to make you introspective and say, "Oh, my gosh, am I doing what I want to be doing right now? Am I doing the things that are going to get ... Do I like what I'm doing?" That's the whole purpose of it. Anyway, you get all sorts of stuff and I ship things out to you and I created an offer, two of them out of this. One, if you just join this, and another one that's like crazy advanced, awesome, elite if you come in at the highest level. Anyway, guys, that's all I'm trying to say. I'm sorry it's such a long episode but I hope that you get it, okay, that the people who understand how to create offers are the people who understand how to create new opportunities, unique opportunities. They're the people that understand how to become unique in a marketplace again. And make no mistake, if you have joined an MLM and you have done nothing to improve what it is that you offer, you've done nothing to improve what it is that you offer, you have done nothing to add to the things that your MLM has given you, you are the exact same, you're a cookie cutter, and you have no strategic advantage from a marketing standpoint, from an offer, from a talking, speaking, selling standpoint, from any standpoint I can even name. There's nothing different from you than everybody else. So why should you expect to make tons and buckus amounts of money? You know what's funny is I went to this ... the first MLM that I was in, I went to one of the meetings. It was a big one. There was a lot of people there. Went at a hotel stuff and I drove up and went, you know, I was wearing a suit and tie because I thought that's what it meant to be successful. I wear flip flops and shorts and t-shirt now. But I walked in there and I noticed there was a guy that was selling in there. The same guy that recruited me, he's the man, by the way. I actually have a ton of respect for him. He helped this whole thing come about. But he turned to me and he said look at that guy over there. I said, "All right, yeah." And he goes, "That guy created a side business that services all the people inside the MLM." I was like, "That's fascinating." It's like yeah, the way that guy actually makes his money is he created something on top of what the MLM already offers. And I was like, "Fascinating. Oh, that's interesting right there. That's very interesting." Anyway, so just know that this is not ... I'm not telling you new stuff. I'm just telling you stuff that no one ever really tells anyone else. Anyway. I am going over and over and over and over again, so I feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over and over again. But that's the whole point, guys. Think about how you can become unique, not just when someone joins your MLM, but how can you incentivize ethically somebody to join at the highest level, not just for commission in your own pocket but to help vet out who's actually serious about running inside your team and helping them, becoming leaders with their own unique thing. All right, guys. That's all I got for you today. It's huge value bombs and I want to hope you get it because that right there, that right there can very well change the outcome of your whole business. All right, guys, talk to you later. Bye. Hey, thanks for listening. Please remember to subscribe and leave feedback for me. Do you have a question you want answered live on the show? Go to secretmlmhacksradio.com to submit your question and download your free MLM masters pack.


30 Dec 2017

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68: Selling YOU Without Showboating...

Steve Larsen: Hey, what's going on everyone? It's Steve Larsen and you're listening to the completely epic, totally conceited and amazing episode of Secret MLM Hacks Radio. Here's the real mystery. How do real MLM-ers like us [inaudible 00:00:13] cheat and only bug family members and friends? Want to grow a profitable home business? How do we recruit A players into our down lines and create extra incomes, yet still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives? That's the blaring question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio. What's up, guys? Please know that I'm joking, but honestly, this is amazing stuff. What I want to do today is I want to you guys through. A few days ago, I was thinking through where I am in my own business, my down line, and I just thought to myself, "I wonder what's the biggest people have been able to go do because of this podcast or what I'm teaching or the course? What is that?" Anyway, I decided that I would reach out to all these people and I would ask them, "What's the thing?" I got back some crazy responses. I had no idea. What's the biggest you guys have taken away? What's the biggest thing you've learned? Tell me what's the result from which you've learned. The learning part, I love being able to see people understand stuff and get epiphanies and things like that, but it's learning for a purpose, which is to make more cash, to get more people in the down line. I know that and I'm aware of that, I'm cognizant of that, and that's honestly, one of the biggest bars of success that I care about. When we're off and we're selling, I want you to think about it this way. I build a lot of sales funnels for a lot of people, for myself. Anyways, large individuals, school, you'd all know the names if I said. Anyway, I don't know if I'm allowed to. It's been fun going through and doing this. There's this really interesting thing that happens. I want you to think about your MLM's product. Can you sell your MLM's product? Yeah. Can you sell your MLM's opportunity? Right, I'm sure. Yeah, absolutely. What happens, though ... Let's say you're standing with a friend, someone that you would love, or someone that you just met, but somebody that you would like to be inside the opportunity. What happens when another person walks up and just talks up like crazy to MLM, like, "This is amazing. Oh, my gosh. This is incredible. It completely changed my life." They do that in front of someone who's not in the MLM. You'd be like, "Duh. Steven, of course, the guy is going to freak out and be amazed and be like, 'This is amazing. There really is something to this.'" There's this third party validation that's going on that matters like crazy. I remember there was a ... It's going to make me sound really conceited. There was this time, there was this event going on at Click Funnels HQ, and I had been publishing a lot. We were able to go and help a whole bunch of people. It was a lot of fun. I walked in the door, there was a bunch of people that turned around, like, "Oh, my gosh. It's Steve Larsen." They'd come up and they start taking pictures and things like that. This guy walks up and he goes, "What are you, some kind of celebrity or something?" I was like, "No, I wouldn't say that. I'm not trying to be. I really like what I do and I talk about it." Some guy next to him was like, "This is Steve Larsen. Oh, my gosh. Really incredible." Crazy. To an awkward amount. I was like, "Okay. Thank you." [inaudible 00:03:37] What happened to that guy? I feel really awkward that I just said that story. Think about it with you. Is somebody going to walk up and be like, "Oh, my gosh," whatever your name is, "You're amazing. You're incredible." I'm just trying to be real here and open and honest with you. Are there other people who will, right now, walk up when they see you and be like, "It's you in the flesh. Oh, my gosh"? I don't care what you think about him, but if the president of the United States was to walk in your house, you would go (gasps), "Wow." That awe feeling. "Wow." Have that feeling of (gasps). That feeling, that internal reaction to what is going on. Will somebody else have that reaction when you walk in the room? Guys, it is my strong, firm belief that if you want recognition in this planet, do not seek it. It is a gift that comes to those who have been actively trying to bless human societies, to bless the human race, to bless people or prospective customers, buyers. Does that make sense? People who are actually delivering real value. Don't go out and ... Guys. If anyone goes and rents cars that are fancy and takes pictures in front of them for the social media profile, I'm going to slap you. I am so against that. Be real, be ethical, be honest. When people think about your MLM, when people this about your opportunity, do they have the reaction of (gasps), "Wow. Oh, my gosh. That's amazing. Whoa"? That honor feeling. Do they have that? If they don't, it's okay. Just be honest about it. Is that there? If it's not, that's okay. If it is there, that's great. Identify why. Turn that up. That's part of what makes you talkable. You cannot talk somebody into joining your MLM. If you can, they may not be the right person to get in. Very hard to get those kinds of ... The best kinds of people I like to go recruit are the people that are hard to recruit because they're busy individuals. They have so much going on already. That is the best person on planet Earth for me to go get because they're active individuals. I don't have to hold a cattle prod to their back to get them to do anything. In order to create that feeling about what you do, who you are, your reputation, and again, I'm trying to let you know use this for good. Don't be a schmuck about it. I know that everyone listening ... By the way, we're getting 150 downloads a day on this podcast. I did not know that until I just looked at it. Really cool. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate that. I am actively trying to change the MLM industry and thanks for joining me on this journey. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I don't care what MLM you're in, when people either hear about it or they learn your opportunity, or they are for the first time, seeing your product, how do you create the feeling of (gasps), "Wow"? It will not be by you talking about you. That's the fastest way to feel and look and be and be perceived as conceited and a self-righteous snob. An element of credibility is still needed. How do you do that? Here's one of the easiest ways to do it. I remember I was building a funnel for this lady. She was from Australia, but she used to live in Africa. They escaped Africa. Really interesting story. I don't know if I should tell all of it because there's actually some really scary elements to it. They literally ran. There was actual gunshots. It was actually a pretty scary story. She ran. They got out of Africa where they were living and they moved over to Australia. When they were in Australia, she had to go through the incredible, ridiculous mound of paperwork that it took in order to get a visa to be in Australia. I don't know if they ran straight to Australia, but eventually, they went to do their paperwork, they got over there. She became an expert at this process. She was able to drastically and severely lower the pain needed for someone to get into Australia. We were making this funnel where in three steps, you could get a visa to Australia. She was very, very good at it. She was an expert at it. She helped a whole lot of people get in. She had all of these case studies and testimonials of people that she had helped, people who were saying, "I needed to get a visa quickly," or "I needed this," or "I needed that." The process is years for some people. What we did not do is make a video with her saying how amazing she is. That doesn't sell anybody. It just lets the world know what you think about yourself. When I have people apply to join my down line, I do not have a video of me saying how awesome I am. I have tons of video of other people saying how much I've been able to help them. Lots of cool success stories. Tons of other people who are like, "My gosh, this guy changed my life." If I say it, it feels a little weird. You might be feeling right now, "Man, Steve had never talked this way." That's the reason why. If I come out and I say that, people are like, "Oh, my gosh. This guy is kind of full of himself." Even though it's important to be confident, it's important to know you're good, it's important to know when to talk about yourself, but come on, no one wants to hear that from everybody all the time. In fact, really, hardly ever. How do you do this? One of the easiest ways to do this is just go gather cool testimonials and stories about what you've been able to do for other people in their life and use that as your sales message. If at all, just include it with the sales message that you have to sell your opportunity, to sell the product. If your MLM has loaded you up with testimonials, it works if they're generic ones that came from the MLM. If you can get them about you, if you can get them about how cool it is to be on your team, oh, my gosh, that is so powerful because now you're not the only one selling. The burden is spread. It's no longer just on your back to say, "Look how cool I am. Yeah. I do know what I'm doing. This team is really cool." Now you have a whole bunch of people that are like, "Oh, my gosh. This is incredible. This has been life changing. It has changed everything for me. Thank you so much. This is incredible." Does that make sense? There's good testimonials and there's bad testimonials. Not all testimonials are created equal. Bad testimonials are when someone's standing there and they're like, "Hey. I didn't know if I should come to this even or join this down line. I'm so glad I did. If you think that you want to do this, you should." That's a stupid testimonial, okay? Those are dumb. The way to make good testimonials is, we have to understand the backstory of the individual who is talking. Otherwise, we do not relate to what they they are saying. I like to use something called an epiphany bridge script. I literally will hand that script to the person who's giving the testimonial and I'll say, "Answer the questions for this script. What's your backstory? What kind of desires did you have internally about you? What were the desire you had externally? What did you want to go accomplish or get or see have happen? What kind of objections did you have? What were the unexpected walls? When you got over those walls, what was the new plan? Now that you got over the wall, what's the brand new plan?" Then next after that it's like, "What conflict did you hit again, the unexpected thing that happened?" When we know what those stories ... Then what did you accomplish at the end? When you know what that backstory is to the individual, that is the testimonial. That is so much powerful. Go find a Hollywood movie that does not have that script in it. What's fascinating is when you get people to do that, they will connect on an emotional level. What's happening inside the prospect's head, what's happening inside their head is they are saying, "Oh, my gosh. I relate to this person. Now Steve is not just trying to sell me on why I should join his down line. This lady, this person, this guy, they are ... Huh. I totally thought the same thing. I totally had the same kind of conflict, the same unexpected thing. I was similar to that." Now what happens, they reach out to that person. I don't care if that testimonial of that person, I don't care if that person brings them into the down line. It still helps me. Why would I care about that? It makes me sellable without me selling myself. If you don't have testimonials and you've been walking around, talking to people, and lets say did you have the ones from your MLM, that's fine, that's great, but they are nowhere near the amount of power as to when you get someone else to say them. "Oh, man, I joined Steve's team. I got the product of the MLM Steven's in. Incredible. It was amazing. So cool. I had serious pain here or I really wanted this to happen," and they go into the internal and the external desires. They go through the different walls and they go through the different conflicts that happened. Then they're like, "Dang." I have a whole string of those kinds of videos and I have it next to the application that I make people fill out when they want to join my down line. It's part of the process I have them go through. They're real testimonials. Those are my friends now and they're people that I get to work and hang out with. That's all I'm trying to say. If you want to turn up the sexy on what you're doing, if you want to turn up the sexy, go get testimonials. One of the things, just because I am a script writer, when I say that to you, you're probably now convinced that ... I'm trying to back track. We're going to exit Steven doing a podcast right now and enter my mind of where I'm going right now. I just showed you a new opportunity. I showed you a new way to get sales in. What I know happens now is there a knee jerk objection. Something that inherently pops into your head as to why that's not true, or why that won't work for you. The first one, I imagine, you're saying to yourself when I say, "Go get testimonials," is you're like, "I don't have anyone to give testimonials for me." I guarantee someone who's listening right now said that to themselves. "I don't have anyone to ask. I must need a team in order for this to work for me." That's the objection most likely going through your head for a lot of people. To that, my counter, is to say, if you don't have someone who you can go get testimonials from, the next thing that you go do is you go get people who at least know who you are and you ask the question, "What's it like to work with me?" You get those people to answer, preferably on a video. If it's just with them holding their iPhone, preferably on a video, though, and they answer the question, "What's it like to work Steve? What's it like to work with you?" The next question that I know that most likely is going to be a knee jerk reaction to that is, "I'm not good enough anyway. I'm not actually good enough ... I haven't done anything for anybody yet. Crap. I'm realizing that I don't know that anyone could give me a testimonial." That's another ... We're exiting the podcast episode, going into Steve's mind as he's starting to look around and say ... As I say this to you, most likely the large majority of you are going to say X, Y, and Z. In that scenario, if you're like, "I don't know if anyone could actually give me a testimonial," my gosh, guys, then go find somebody that you can do some for. I don't care if you do it for free. That's actually how I started in a lot of this game. I found somebody, I looked at their business, I looked at their stuff, I looked at the scenario and I was like, "You know what? With this kind of scenario, I could blow that person up" and I did, and I recorded the story. It's the story that launched me. You got to find a way to get the story. Exit the podcast episode right now, go back to Steven in his own internal conversation which can be a scary place. He's saying to himself, I know that when I go get testimonials, other people are going to say, "I don't have camera equipment. What kind of time is this going to take? I don't know that I have the resources to go get something like a testimonial. I don't know how to do video. I don't know how to put this stuff together." Go back into the episode, and now I've got something to say to that. I'm trying to help you guys see it doesn't matter what you're saying. Any new idea that you seed inside somebody's head, whether you're selling them on your MLM, you're selling them on your product, you have to be prepared and look forward and have foresight for the objections they will most likely have, and have a counter to it. I guarantee you listening to this right now, most of you are probably listening to it on your phone. It actually is more authentic a lot of times, and it actually sells a little better, and actually a lot of times it'll make you more believable when the people are using their own iPhones and sending you the video. That's it. I'm sure there's free software where you can drop a series of your videos, or just put your videos ... Anyway. Put them on YouTube. When someone's like, "I'm thinking about it," be like, "Oh, yeah, cool. Let me send you a few videos real quick so you know what this team is about." It's just the video testimonials of people who are basically selling you without selling you. Selling your opportunity without selling your opportunity. Selling your product without selling the product. It's one of the most powerful ways where it's not such a rigid script. It does help if you follow the format I was just saying. It's not such a rigid script, though. Having them says, "Look, other people have basically proven that I'm not a schmuck." That's basically it. If you can get that to happen, if you're not the one saying it, of course ... If I go ask a car salesman, "I don't know if I should get another car," what are they going to say? "Oh, yeah, you should totally get another car." That's why you're not believable when you say those kinds of things about yourself. "I've done this and I've spoken here and I'm on Forbes and [inaudible 00:17:40]." It comes across very conceited and it's not believable. The way to get around it and the way to sell people without selling, one of the easiest ways is to gather tons of testimonials. Those of you guys who have existing down lines, go ask your down lines for testimonials about you. Ultimately, that's what people are buying. We all know that from the classic cliché and phrases, ultimately people are purchasing you, not the MLM. Get them about you and find a way to deliver them as part of your onboarding or prospecting methods, whether using sales funnels or not. Whatever. Put them on YouTube and you can use them in different areas. Put them on your own website if you have one. Transcribe them. Put them on your blog. One of the ones I got here, which is really, really cool, super cool, I think the world of her. She's amazing. She went through and she said, "I haven't had any money success ..." Meaning in the past she was having a hard time selling stuff. She came in and she bought the Secret MLM Hacks program, and I want to share with you the results. This has been amazing. She said, "I have three girls. Oldest just turned five so they're home with me all the time and my husband is in the Army, and he's gone a lot." I'm paraphrasing pieces, personal data. You know what I mean? She said, "I'm bootstrapping this whole thing. Because of that, I went through your entire course. I took tons of notes, filled out the workbooks. Now I'm building as much as I possibly can to start getting immediate results and hopefully get things flowing quickly. I'm also trying to find other ways to bring cash in." "Basically, I am a crazy lady who has big fat dreams of getting our family into a financial position where my husband doesn't have to work all the time and can stay a positive service for him. You taught me how to make it all possible even with my babies. I wake up early and work late. While my successes haven't been huge yet, I've learned a ton." This was pretty cool. She said, "I don't know the correct way to say it, but before taking this, one out of every five people I showed my product to bought. Since the course," and she's learned how to sell. She's learned a lot ... I'm sorry. I'm stumbling here. She's learned a lot more about marketing. She said, "At least one out of every three people is buying from me right now." That is so sweet. Anyway, super cool. She's incredible and awesome. I'm grabbing the next one here also. It's pretty cool. She said, "Hey, Steve, one of the cool things I've gained from your course is realizing how important it is to start publishing regularly. I started a podcast right away, 10 days ago, and have started 10 episodes. After the third, I had someone reach out and tell me they were loving the information giving, and they were excited." She's now prospecting. She's getting leads already. That's why ... Oh, man. Go get it. If you are sick and tired of where you are in your MLM business, it takes a giant shock of energy, a huge shift, a massive sacrifice, something your side to go and actually make a huge difference and change what's been happening. She said, "They had been discouraged because their MLM recently pushed home parties, and so was I. I was able to chat with her about the growing power of doing this another way, so the product. So fun to see these people are responding so quickly to my podcast. It's gradually moving up in the iTunes charts in just 10 days." Super cool, guys. Lots and lots of cool things. People are recruiting like crazy. One of the coolest ones so far, because this has just been a lot. Not just from ... It's cool when people learn stuff. I want the outcome, though. I really, really, really want the outcome for everybody. It's been happening. It's been working. One of the craziest testimonials so far has been somebody set up some of the things I was talking about on Sunday, they turned traffic on, on Monday, and they had someone in their down line on Tuesday. It was nuts. That's just one example. Obviously, an extreme example, but there's been a whole bunch of others as well. People are recruiting. People are getting more into their down lines. It's just not fluff stuff. Stuff actually works. I just got my 225th person applying to join my down line, my personal one, let alone all the other people that I teach how to do it, too. Anyway, hopefully that was helpful to you. Go out and start thinking about how you can get your street cred and how you can document it in a cool way. What's super fun too, is ... If you're gutsy about it, call your shot and say publicly, if you're publishing regularly be like, "I'm going to go out and I'm going to do X," and publish the journey as you pursue X. Even if you don't hit X, the pursuit of that is followable. As you go, people will give you testimonials even for that. Figure out what it is that you can go do to get people who have sent you videos and have sent you testimonials. I have a file I collect them in, so that when I need them, I can use them and it works super well. Massive way to sell without selling and very, very helpful. It's actually a whole module in the course Secret MLM Hacks. All right guys, thanks so much. Hopefully that was helpful to you and in fact, I know it will be if you do it. Thanks so much and see you on the next episode. Bye. Hey. Thanks for listening. Please remember to subscribe and leave feedback. Would you like me to teach your own down line five simple MLM recruiting tips for free? If so, go download your free MLM Masters Pack by subscribing to this podcast at secretmlmhacksradio.com.


1 May 2018

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49: Your REAL To-Do List...

You guys how are you doing? So I'm recording this on January 1st but it will probably go out tomorrow though. But I'm super excited for this year, this year, this day, this morning is actually something I've been fantasying about for six years. In fact, I was trying not to get emotional this morning about it. Man tears of course, man tears, they're very tough. But I have been, I've been wanting to do what I'm doing right now for six years give or take I'm sure a little bit of time as the dream became more and more clear, but I've been so stoked to do this. You guys I left my job last weekend and I am full time, doing this now full time. And I've had plenty of people tell me I'm crazy. I've had plenty of people tell me that I'm brave. I've had plenty of people tell me, "Yeah you'll do great. Go get it." A lot of people tell me I won't. All over the place, it's so funny anytime you ... I'm sure that you guys have all experienced it before especially when you get into any kind of MLM or do anything, do anything in life. People come out of the woodwork to let you know their own opinion which is pretty funny. It's awesome, but at the same time it makes me kind of laugh because like us you're an armchair quarterback sometimes aren't ya? You know, depending on what they said. And I've had plenty of people let time know that what I'm doing is dumb. A lot of people tell me, "Hey, this is going to be great. Good luck. You're killing it already, like you've got nothing to fear." It's interesting. You will experience this, and if you have not experienced this yet in MLM, my guess is you probably are not marketing hard enough, number one. Number two, don't worry it's coming. Okay, it's on the way, and your reactions towards it are very much going to determine what happens to you afterwards, how you continue to go forward. There's a great, great quote by Tony Robbins. I can't say the quote directly but I remember the idea, and the idea was that if you want to change your life you have to simply change the story that you've been telling yourself in your head, and I had to do that. I had to do that really very much on purpose, especially as both people who are excited for me started telling me about it, but also a lot of the naysayers as they've been coming out. I had to be careful of the story that was going on in my head and I was just thinking this morning, just meditating and deep pondering this morning as I was getting ready, I was thinking about how blessed I feel that I can go do this and that to come with you guys and share with you how I've been marketing and getting people applying to join my downline. How I've been getting people not just to get in my downline, but what I do with them to really duplicate me, and give them proven systems and processes and what I do with each one of them to really ... I mean it's amazing. It's amazing. And I've had a hard time finding anyone else in the MLM industry who really opens up like this and I'm not trying to pat my own back, but it is one of the major reasons why I started this podcast. Like everyone is approaching MLM from the stand point of, "What do you say to get someone to join an MLM? What do you say to get someone in here"... What do you do here ... In my opinion that's great but it's also the wrong approach and so I go through and I help people understand how to create offers. How do you actually become unique in MLM again? When truly you're upline and downline, you're in competition with them, you know? You all sell the same thing, you're trying to go for the same people. They are your team but they're also in competition. So how do I approach that with my team so that we're not all competing with each other and we can all thrive in our own thing? How do you actually ... That's amazing that's a huge promise and the only reason I can promise it is because I've been doing it in other industries and I do it in these other, specifically one other, and I mean it works. It's been working. That's literally what I do for a living is I help people take their product and I help evolve it, so that they're taking a step out of where all the red ocean is and back into a blue ocean. That's what I do. So I help people do that, help people create automated funnels, and automated selling scripts, automated closing things, and I've been super excited. I have been fantasying. It's probably the wrong word, but I've been fantasying about how to do this, or the fact that I get to share it for a long time. It's January 1st 2018 and I can't even believe it. I started this tradition about four years ago. And you can find it on YouTube if you want, but on YouTube about four years ago I realized how sick I was with where we were. I was in college. We were broke and I decided that I would get really vocal about my goals. And that I only wanted to set one goal. And I would set a monetary, a fiscal goal, and my goal that I would go out and I would set ... Here's basically what I did, I grabbed my phone or my computer and turned the camera on. And I publicly declare what my goal is for the next year, financially, and then I account for what happened last year. So I've been doing this for four years in a row now and I always put the video out on YouTube. I usually make a podcast episode about it. I did last year. But there's four years of this now. I'm about to do it again. which is the fourth year today. I'm about to do it again and I'll probably put that out to you guys so you can hear what it is and it's one of the scariest things that I do. But it's funny because as I got really clear that ... Okay the naysayers have been around me for a long time. But also so are a lot of the people who are trying to ... It's a yin and a yang thing, I created a divide for my own life. I didn't mean to, but on one side are all these people saying, "Yes you can do it." And on the other side all these people saying, "You're dumb, are you kidding me? That's stupid. Stick with your job. Stay with your nine to five. There's security there." Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I knew that's not what I wanted. And I knew that I've always wanted to be on my own. I've always wanted to go on my own.I've been excited to do so. But it's funny that as you get super clear ... That's the thing I realized really quickly, as I got really clear on what I wanted, so much so, so much so, that I could actually get out there and actually go publicly declare it. I mean that's pretty freaky a little bit. It's in some scenarios to say the actual number that I'm going for, and actually where I was last ... You know, the year before. It's pretty ... It's humbling, you know to realize that, but it's also extremely, oh my gosh like such fire in the gut because not only now have I gotten real with myself, and honest with myself, but then all these people who are the people who are trying to listen to, the people who are trying to buoy me up. The people who are trying to help me. They come out and they say, "Steven, you better do that man, you better do that. How you doing? How's your goal?" And because I get clear on it, other people also help me. You know so whenever I do feel like you know I'd love to sleep in, or something was just really so hard that I went through it. I just went through something that certainly was not a win. In fact, it was a loss, or whatever, you know what I mean? People are already around me, and I didn't mean to do that. I didn't know that would be a side benefit of me getting public about my goals. But it is, and I do, and I am, and I'm inviting you to do the same thing. I don't care if you do it about a financial goal or whatever, but just choose one thing, not this massive list of crap you'll never do. What's the one linchpin that if you attacked that it would swing this massive gate of success? My dad grew up on a farm. I think he was the first one to go to college in my family history line, and he's the man. I have such huge respect for my dad, and for what he did, and everything he overcame. I mean it's pretty amazing. An amazing story but he grew up on a farm, and these big farm gates towards the actual hinge of the gate. If it swings like half a centimeter, those gates are so big that by the time you get to the actual end of the gate, it's swinging feet, right? What is the linchpin in your life that you know has been there that has been ... That's been determining where you go and where you don't go? Okay, everyone knows what that is, it's that thing that's been on your head that you're trying not to address, that you're trying to act like you don't need to deal with yet, or it really isn't that big of a deal, or it'll happen later and I don't really need to address it now. You know what I mean? Everyone knows what that is, so go through and figure out whatever those things are for you. What's the biggest linchpin? I'm not just saying in your MLM business. I'm saying in your life in general. Okay, business will require that you have to get better. Business will require that you have to become a more powerful individual in order to be successful in any way. So what is that thing in your life and go figure out what it is and get real. Don't choose a ton of stuff in my opinion. I'm just telling you what I would do. Go choose just the one thing. What's the one thing if you did it, it would swing that gate like crazy, massive linchpin kind of a thing. It's kind of like what Tim Ferris would say. Tim Ferris always says like, "Hey look, if you were to follow me around for a day you would get pretty bored." Okay, someone asked this in an interview and they're like, "Tim Ferris," and if you don't know who he is, he's the author of the book, The Four Hour Work Week, which is fantastic, I have it right next to me, still one of my favorite books. He said, "You know what honestly if you came and you followed me, I think you'd get pretty disappointed on what I do. It's pretty boring. I get up," and this is what he was saying, "I get up and I meditate for a while and then I go and I," he was like, "I sip some tea for a while, and then I go on a walk for a while, and I do that for weeks. I really don't do anything. Maybe I'll do some yoga a little bit." And he's like, "That's really all that I do, but what I'm doing is for weeks I'm trying to identify what the one big thing in my life is that if I was to knock that down the rest of the little dominoes would get knocked down also." Instead of screaming around all over the place on all these little tiny things in my life like I got to do this. I got to do this. I got to do this. And like you could do that or if you just did this one huge thing it would knock down all the others, right? And that's what I'm trying to help you understand is and that's how I've, especially the last three years I've really been trying to focus on just the one goal, the one goal. Yes, there are other goals. Yes, there are other things out there. But the one big thing that would really swing the gate. The most juice for the squeeze, you know what I mean? Most juice for the least amount of squeeze I should say. And go do that, and then get public about it. Tell people about it. It will freak you out, if it doesn't it may not be big enough. Okay? And I mean everybody. Don't hold back. "Oh, that person will think it's dumb so I'm not going to tell them." It's time to tell them, okay? You get real with yourself. You get real with other people and you get out there and you start saying, "This is my goal," whatever it is. Monetary. It could be anything. And be like, "This is the thing that I'm going to rock. I'm going to tear it down this year. This is my year to do that." And so I'm excited because a little bit later today that's what I'm going to go record and I'm nervous. But you can go check them out. Like the first year, four years ago I remember thinking like man and I publicly said, "If I could just make an extra $1000.00 a month that would change our life." Just an extra $1000.00 bucks a month, that would be ridiculous you know? And then the year after that it was like if I could just do $3,000.00 and I'd work super hard and half the time I wouldn't hit it, but other times I would. So then I'd raise the goal. And I'd be like< "Oh man," and I remember the second year it was like, "If I could just do $3000.00 a month that would be amazing, that would cover life expenses easily, that would help me. I mean three grand a month, that's huge. That's huge." And I remember having that feeling and then last year the goal was 30 grand a month. "If I could just do 30 grand a month it would be huge, oh my gosh that'd be massive." And it's cool to see the progression that's been in myself, I'm like, "Oh you know like 30 grand," did I hit it every month? Nope. But I did hit it a couple and you know it's interesting to see like those different pieces and so I know what my goal is next month. Sorry, for this next year, and I'm pretty nervous to declare it. I'm pretty nervous to saying what it is that I want, but man by you saying that stuff just starts happening. I believe in God, I don't know if you do and that's fine, whatever. But that's not what this is about, but call it whatever you want but stuff starts to fall in place, stuff starts to get kind of align for you almost when you get clear about what you want. I feel like some, a lot of times I feel like people don't get successful because they don't know what they want yet. Like, "Oh I'm going to do this and I'm going to do this, and I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this." You really have enough time in your life to get really good at really just like one thing. You know what I mean? Really, I mean really good at like one thing. So get what is the thing? Choose what it is. Is it MLM? Is it this? Is it that? Or whatever it is, you get clear, you get honest, you get sincere with yourself and figure out really have a heart to heart and like sit down like, "Okay, what is the thing that I'm going to be known for? What is the legacy that I'm going to be known for?" I doubt it's going to be, "I was this, and I was this, and I was this, and I was this." And even if it becomes that, it doesn't happen all at once you're going to achieve each one of those one at a time not simultaneously. So like what is the thing? That you're going to go do, just one and you go and get clear about that. I started, I thought I was clear on that and the more and more I think about it, the more I declare publicly, the more clear it gets, the more clear my actions become each day is far more deliberate. The things I do today create a foundation for what I'm going to be able to get done tomorrow. If I don't get the things done today that I'm going to then you know ... No one's it doesn't matter I can't move on, you know what I mean? So figure out what those things are and kind of backwards plan and think about that and try and get sincere about what it is you actually want. And it doesn't matter if you can't see beginning to end on how you get it done. In fact I guarantee you, you won't know exactly how you'll get it done. And if it's a goal that you can see exactly how you'll get it done it probably isn't big enough. It's probably not massive enough.It should almost kind of freak you out. Okay I was listening to I think I said this on this podcast but I can't remember. There's an interesting, there's a billionaire, a billionaire that was getting interviewed once and they're like, "hey what are your tips for success?" And they were kind of giving those things and the billionaire was saying though that I don't remember who's was or where this was or whatever, but the billionaire was saying like, "Look, what do you want to be doing in 10 years? What do you want to be in 10 years? Financially, maybe where you're living, what is it?" And the person responded and he goes, "Awesome. Now ask yourself, "What can you do to get that done in six months?" Whew, okay I don't know what that is for you. I don't know what it is that you're thinking about. I have no idea. It's going to be different for every person, that's great. We're all different human beings I'm not trying to force anything down your throat of whatever it's supposed to be, but like figure out what that is. And as soon as you get super ridiculously wicked clear on what it is, and you start declaring it, how do you get that done in such a short amount of time, a compressed amount of time, okay? I'm trying to invite for this audience and everyone on here, which is growing like crazy by the way, we're about to pass 10,000 downloads I'm very, very excited about it. But it's only been going like four months, totally organic too, which is awesome. I'm sure I'll turn ads on in some future, which I want to explain to you how I do, what I do on that. At some point but we're about to pass 10,000 downloads. This is an awesome community. It's very tight actually and I want ... We all look out for each other. There's a lot of fun. But I want you to know just get real honest. And if it means that it takes you away from MLM, all right, you know it's your ... Got to get real and you got to be willing to make some serious sacrifice about it. I was listening to ... Gosh what book is this in? I have the book I can't remember ... I'm looking on my bookshelves right throw. Crap. But anyway the main lesson I wrote it on my wall. I've got quotes thumb tacked all over my walls. I don't know, I look at them all the time. One of them I'm looking at right now. It says, "There are no life choices, there are only life trades." Ooh, powerful. There are no life choices, there really are no life choices. There are only life trades. If I want to get this, if I get clear and I know exactly what I want to do, massive income, short amount of time, or massive impact I should say because whatever your goal is. Huge thing, how do I get it done in a shorter amount of time? Now what am I willing to trade for that? It's not really a life choice, it's a life trade. Where you're like, "Hey look I want to go to X Y and Z. Awesome. Awesome. Super cool. Super cool, right? I want to go do one, two and three," whatever it is. Great in order to do that let's figure out what it is you actually have to do to get that done. Now what does it mean you have to give up? All right? To decide, literally means to cut out, the word decide, I looked it up yesterday. But the word decide literally means to cut out. So when you choose something and you actually decide what it is you want to do, you are cutting out all other options. You are saying no to literally pretty much everything else in your life, okay? I'm not saying to say no to like relationships, your moral law and code, and religion. I'm not telling like any of that kind of stuff. I'm saying but you got to get good at saying, "No," because as soon as you become a person in motion everyone else gets attracted to that and they will suck to you and they will start throwing all sorts of opportunity at you and it will get noisy. So you've got to get good at saying, "No," and get good at saying, "Yes," to just one thing and kill it. It is about saying, "No." It's not about saying, "Yes." Okay? There's plenty of opportunity out there, that is not the problem, the problem is how much there is and the fact that there's only so many hours in a day. Unfortunately as much as I try to believe I'm superman for a while and could do tons of stuff. Like you know, I can only do one thing at a time. And I got to clear on it. I got to clear exactly what that is. So anyway, so I was not planning at all about talking about this, in fact I have something very different written on my notepad here for where I was taking this episode. But I felt like I wanted to go through that a little bit that like I understand you might be building this MLM while you're working a nine-to-five somewhere else that's great. Totally fine, no judging that. I just left my job too. I was doing that for a while also. So totally get it, okay? Been there, done that. But whatever it is that you do want eventually, I mean you got to be willing to sacrifice like crazy to get there. And you can do it, and you'll find some inner strength for it. And it can be a little bit scary, but it's also super fun. Totally cool. Fun stuff. And you'll find that you actually get more strength and fortitude than you probably realized that you had all along. Hey, what I'm doing today, what I'm doing right now is I have been working on this product and I've been putting this thing together and you know I've launched a lot of products. The job that I was leaving, it's an amazing job. I absolutely loved it. I was the lead funnel builder at ClickFunnels. And I was Russell Brunson's right hand guy. And I just I built a lot of products, I put well over 300 funnels together on the internet. So I'm excited for this, I know what works in MLM and for some reason I don't see enough teaching it. And so I've been doing it and testing it and it works and I've grown the downline's exploding below me and it's a lot of fun. True duplication and I'm really not actually that suave of a person face to face when it comes to selling MLM. So I put automation together to actually address my own weakness so if you're like, "I don't want to talk to a bunch of people," great I don't either, which is why I set this stuff up. So anyways. I'm super stoked because of this product that's launching on January 4th. It's like three days, it's time. It's exciting. It's super cool. I have been putting this together, and planning it, and knocking the rough parts off of it, and rebuilding stuff, and bringing in the right people. It's not just myself there are other rock stars that are coming in and teaching certain aspects of it. Huge, amazing people, I'm excited for you guys to see them in the course. They've already been recording their sections and I mean it is insane. Their courses are amazing. Anyway, but that's on June 4th, I'm sorry, I got June in my head because that's my kids birthday. January 4th. January 4th, like in two days, three days. And today what I'm doing is I'm building the registration process so you can come watch the free web class. It's just a web class and I'm teaching people how to set up these kinds of automation pieces. It's kind of the cool preview of what's really inside there but you'll still leave being able to do stuff. And so anyway if you want to go to SecretMLMhacks.com, secretMLMhacks.com and that's where you can register, you can check out the product that I've put together and it's all extremely proven stuff, okay? It's the stuff I do with my own downline and what I did is I flipped it into like a training and teaching model and course so that you can go do the same thing with your downlines. which is freaking awesome. Oh man I'm so pumped. If you love automation, if you realize that you're not unique in your MLM. If you realize you're in competition with everybody else. If you realize that you're selling with the exact same scripts as everybody else. You have the same duplicated websites as literally everyone in your MLM, upline and downline. If you realize that the only tactic your upline's been teaching you is to talk to a whole bunch of friends and family, come check out the course, okay? That's why I'm doing what I'm doing. I was emotionally scarred enough the first time I ever joined an MLM and what happened and how there's still soured relationships that I have because of that first experience. That was like three years ago and I hated it so bad I left my first MLM. I couldn't believe what how, it was extremely embarrassing, and I became that guy at family reunions. I became that guy that friend to kind of stick around from because everyone would be like, "What's your next thing Steven? What are you going to try and get me in here and there." I was like, "Oh my gosh, like if that's MLMN this sucks I'm gone." Okay and I went through and I got really good at these other automation processes, really good at closing people with tons of other ... And I was like there's got to be a way to apply it so I did. And the result was insane and I got tons of people joining my downline who I'd never met, and it's not that I'm trying to take the human out, the human element out of MLM it's still networking, it's still meeting people. But the kind of person that's coming is amazing, the kind of person's who's applying to join my downline, that's insane. Who does that? Anyway, I'm excited. Go check it out secretMLMhacks.com, you can get signed up there, and check it all out so. It's finally time, this is amazing January 1st, I've had kind of this feeling of euphoria a little bit, I've been dreaming about being on my own for pretty much my entire life. And today's the first day, this is crazy. I'm very, very excited and I'm proud of myself. You guys should all be proud of yourself too. Go get real about your goals, what it is you actually want and if something isn't working, have the courage and honesty to nip that and move on. So all right guys. Talk to you later bye. Hey thanks for listening. Please remember to subscribe and leave feedback. Would you like me to teach your own downline five simple [inaudible 00:24:08]and recruiting tips for free? If so go download your free MLM Masters Pack by subscribing to this podcast at secretMLMhacksradio.com.


3 Jan 2018

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118: What Makes MLM Simple Today

The Internet is powerful. Well, I actually believe the Internet is a little bit of a distraction until you understand what marketing actually is. Otherwise, we fall into these fallacies that posting on Facebook is marketing. No, that's posting on Facebook, right? That is not marketing.  I'm a little bit obsessed with going backward in history and finding these really cool stories of marketing. And then we add on the power of the Internet, the automation of the Internet. And the game gets really fun from there. In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you a couple of stories from old times simply to illustrate the point that MLM today is very simple - You need to get good at causing noise and because of the Internet, it's very easy to do that today.  You’ve got to understand that the whole goal here is for you to create these small little instruments that create noise in your direction. I'm still auto recruiting every day. People are joining my downline fast because of the systems I'm teaching to build inside this program.  In fact, my podcast “Secret MLM Hacks Radio” is a marketing tool. As I toss episodes out there, I get people coming in and saying: “I would like to learn a little bit more about that.” It's noise in my direction. I'll put little freebies out there and it's noise in my direction. To know more about how the Internet has made the game easy and simple, stay tuned. Key Takeaways: Creating noise before the internet (1:17) Freebies have always been a big deal - A story from the time when pennies were made of a material that was actually worth something (4:14) We've spent a quarter-million dollars in ads for Secret MLM Hacks (8:14) Creating a freebie that attracts the right kind of person coming on in (9:21) Turning on Facebook ads can be part of a campaign, but it's not a campaign (10:03) Doing a summit around MLM (11:17) The biggest ways MLMs go from zero to a billion dollars (11:34) Creating small front end, easy information-based things (12:50) Pulling out those people who are interested in that thing, and then you pitch them (13:53) Don't try to be distribution; try to create and tap into existing distribution channels (14:49) I'm not even the one pitching them at all… (16:58) They buy because we are good at causing noise around the product, not because of the product (19:50) What can I say that will create noise in my direction and will channel the noise in my direction (19:55) One small funnel around a little tiny front end, and then just do it again and again (21:16) --- Whether you simply want more leads to pitch or an automated MLM funnel, head over to secretmlmhacks.com and join the next FREE training. And if you haven't already, head over to Apple Podcasts and leave a rating and review on the podcast if you've got any value from it.


13 Nov 2019

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31: Attracting Leads...

What's going on everyone? This is Steve Larsen and you're listening to Secret MLM Hacks radio. So here's the real mystery. How do real MLM'ers like us [inaudible 00:00:08] and only bug family members and friends, who want to grow a profitable home business? How do we recruit A players into our down lines and create extra incomes? Yet still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives? That's the blaring question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks radio. Hey, hope you guys are doing great. I'm so sorry, it's been a little while since I've been publishing out to you guys, feels like that anyway. There's a little bit of a lull there anyway, and it's because a lot of stuff has been happening. Been busy, busy and building a lot of stuff, putting a lot of things together for those in the MLM community. A lot of people who are excited about something I've been putting together, you know getting ready to launch, which is my secret MLM hack's course and super excited for it. I've got a little group that I've been taking through ahead of time before the public as you know can have it, and it's been, been a whole lot of fun really enjoyed the interaction back and forth. Not just with like, hey yes this works but like the validation as far as like yeah this is not just works, like it's freaking cool you know. So anyway I'm excited, I'm excited for everyone else to have, and I'm excited for those pieces if you're interested and just want to get on the waiting list anyway, just go to secretMLMhacks.com, and you can watch the whole launch there. So anyway I'm about to send out, now I've kind of talked before ... If you guys, if this is the first episode you're hearing us, I would probably go back and start at number one. Because what I'm about to talk about kind of builds on other things. I've been sending out, I literally paid two VA's a thousand bucks, and they went, and they created a list of the top 100 MLM influencers as well as their contact information like their physical address. What I've been doing is I've been, I have been mailing physically packages to these people for the last four months. What month is it? It's October, one, two three, yeah, this is the fourth month, and I've been mailing stuff physically to these people the last four months. I started with other various nick knacks and I know I've talked about that before in the past. The reason I'm doing it is because of a few very key things. Number one this is not my first podcast show. I have a separate podcast show and as much as I love the community, and it's awesome, but the sheer volume of people who reach out to me I cannot handle it. It's too many, right and that's why you have like a support team that's where I shouldn't say support team, but that's why you have like your main captains underneath you and your crew too right. They better be rock stars you're not just trying to get anybody, you're trying to get rock stars. So that they can handle and help you be able to manage the team. So like when people reach out to me directly, it's like oh man I can't handle the volume you know. So it's the exact same thing like ... The amount of E-mails I have right now is insane. So I'm constantly like, I'm hiring, I'm getting people in the right place, I'm putting stuff just so that my organization can react appropriately. You know, which is something you guys are all going to have to do if you've not done before. But anyway there's a really key lesson there with that with what I just said, I'm not a Tony Robbins figure, right? I know that and that's OK, and I'm not a ... I'm not an Eric Worre figure. I'm not ... you know any other top massive MLM'er you can think of. I'm not a Ray Higden, I'm not one of those, you know one of the big, big big people who's out there. I'm literally an Internet sales funnel builder who figured out how to automate building his down line. Yeah and it works, and it still does. Just yesterday got another message from someone I've never met before, and they said, "Hey I don't even know what you're in, I just want to join you 'cause it's you." I was like sweet. Like it happens all the time. It kind of surges in like there'll be days where it's just like day after day, multiples lots of people and then there'll be a little time where there's not, and then bam tons of people and then other times it's not. It's cool to watch that how it comes in. But what I'm saying is okay I'm not like a huge giant, and I already can't handle the amount of messages coming in. So let's think about this, if I want to get a hold of really big people in the MLM industry, should I send them a freaking E-mail? No, they're going to do what I do, and they're never going to look at it. It's not because they don't appreciate it or they're not being rude. It's literally because if they sat and answered E-mails they would not do anything else. There's so much the volume they can't handle it. So how do I get past that? I'm like huh, well I could write a letter, like well now might look like junk mail and be kind of weird. How do I really get this past? How do I send a message directly to that person? A package, a package, so that's what I've been doing. Right now I'm holding this it's this white box and inside the box is, it's going to be this is the fourth package I'm sending out. The first package if you want to hear what those items were you can listen back a little bit. But basically these packages they're going out right. I've got a list of 100 people, and they're going out and with increasing value as far as packages. Each one cost me about 10 bucks, and there's 100 people, so it's about you know about a grand every single time I do it. Grand to two grand around there every time I do it. Basically what I do is I ship out to these people stuff that helps them create a relationship with me. Over and over, and over again, and stuff that helps them realize like, oh my gosh Steve Larsen's a real cool guy, like you know I want them to think I'm cool, you know, obviously. So I ship out all these different things to them. So if you're trying to ... Just think about this with your own MLM, with your own down line, if you're trying to get someone to join you, whose kind of a big figure, which those are the only kind of people in my mind who should be trying to recruit. Really think about what I'm saying right there, in my mind those are the only kinds of people that I think that you should be trying to recruit. Because right they're runners, right they're hard to get a hold of for a reason. They are people who are already in motion. You want people who are already in motion, you don't want people who are trying to get in motion, those people are projects you know. It's again and we love everyone we try to help everyone we can but like as far as this is a business, and I would not hire somebody who's not already qualified does that make sense? Same thing with my down line. Someone the other day reached out to me and said, "Hey I don't, you answer me personally, or I won't join your down line." I answered back, and I said, "Honestly joining my down line is by application only, and if you want to join my down line you have to go to such and such URL which I'm not going to say on this podcast right here. You actually have to apply to join my down line." For a specific reason you know, and I talked about that like two episodes ago. But anyway, so I need to get a message past these big people's receptionists, I got to get them passed right the junk mail, I got to get them past E-mail, I got to get them passed ... How do I get a message directly to them? I send them a bulky message. So anyway, this fourth one that I'm sending out, it's kind of clever, it's a message in a bottle, literally. It is, it's a bottle, you can hear the little pop. There's the little bottle bart with the cork popping off,` and inside the cork is a USB, it's literally a USB drive. I think 16 gigs and what I do is I'm putting it ... you know when you guys go to secretMLMhacksradio.com, if you go to secretMLMhacksradio.com, there is the MLM master's pack. That's a five day video series that I filmed to just help people understand more of my take on MLM and how different it is, and it's free, right. But the chances are that these guys probably have no idea what those things are, right? They've never seen them, and they don't know the kind of stuff that I talk about, and they don't know ... So what I'm doing is I'm loading all those videos, as well as a personal message onto this flash drive, and I'm sending them literally a message in a bottle with a letter that talks about how I came up with those videos, which is pretty awesome. I'm excited to do it. That's what I've been up to lately as I prep for this launch and to keep getting people excited for what it is I'm putting out there. So I'm excited to do it, I'm pumped to do it. Real quick though I wanted to tell you guys how I come up with good bait like that because I gave it away for free. You think, Stephen why would you give something like that away for free, that's ridiculous. Well it's because the kinds of people that it attracts are awesome people who are the kind of people that want to have in my down line, right? So when you think about this with ... Now if you love your MLM for heaven's sake stay in it like I'm not here to pitch you. That's why you never know the name of the one that I'm in. That's why I don't do that, by now you should know that. So what I'm trying to show you though is some of the tactics and strategies that I've been using to help the process. It's like the beginning gates of Otter recruiting and number one you got to attract people to you. Which first of all means that you must be somewhat of a charismatic leader or attractive character. You have got to be, people buy you they don't buy the MLM, so you've got to be amazing. If you're having a hard time doing that you know you can work on that. The other way I do though, 'cause most people teach that, what most people don't teach though is look create products that you should charge for. They're so good that you charge for, that you're giving away for free, and use that as a way to attract people to you. That's exactly what the MLM masters pack is. You can go check it out, and you watch the sequence I pull you through, and you watch all that and there's call to actions eventually to go check out the product eventually. But it's like I don't lead with those types of things I lead with value. So if you're getting the wrong kind of person, if you routinely are not getting the kind of person you want to have in your down line my guess is that you've not created a good filter. You know basically bait to get good people, right it's just like just like fishing right? If you switch ... if you've got good bait you'll get good fish. You get the kind of fish that you put the bait in the water, it's the exact same principle. That's how I do it, so anyway this is literally, so better bait equals better prospects. This is the three step little checklist that I use to qualify good bait. Number one it's got to be easy to consume, that's why I chose video. It's literally the least, I'm catering to the least common denominator. I want people when they go watch those videos to be like, might as well grab a bag of chips, you know what I mean, like I want the kind of ease of consumption. Meaning I'm not trying to make them think right out the gate. I'm not trying to ... I'm trying to just appeal to them I'm trying to ... Anyway so number one it's got to be easier to consume, massive blog posts, you better make sure the kind of person you want to set a down line is a big reader. Like 'cause you know, there's a reason I'm podcasting this, is because you just got to put me in your ears. You know it's OK it's really easy to consume. This is another form of bait. This podcast is another form of bait. You know for the actual course, that's why I'm doing it and to share some stuff with you guys and also bring the right people to me. So if you're not doing that kind of stuff, in your down line insider like it's, that's ludicrous in my head. So anyways number one it's got to be easy to consume. Number two, it has to be so good that they should have paid for it. It has to be ... Meaning you can give free stuff away that's pure garbage, but you need to actually solve legitimate problems for the person, and they should have paid you for it but they didn't. That builds this massive feeling of reciprocity inside their head. All right so here's the third thing, you have to give your bait away with an expectation of following up, does that make sense? The reason why I don't just give all five videos away from my MLM masters pack. The reason I don't give it all away in one big shot? Is because I want people to get in the habit of opening up E-mails from me, so it's five days spread out. Now the reality is they could just go change the URL on the top to the next day, day two, day three, day four and they'd go to the very next video. But I'm trying to train them and help them understand that like, yes like open stuff from me it's good stuff. I'm not sending you garbage, and I do a lot of thinking to make sure that it helps solve problems for you. So anyway those are the three things, so one thing I would do guys is I would sit down, and I would list out like 10 things that you could give away for free. All right, whether it's a video series teaching different MLM tactics, or it could be like a report you know showing the status of the current MLM client, climate. Industry climate, does that make sense? Or it could be you know one of the easiest things to do is to go interview top MLM'ers and then give away the interview. Just give away the interview, you're going to get great people coming to you like that, does that make sense? Some of the first bait I ever created I just, all I did as I put it on YouTube with a link down in the description. I cannot believe the amount of traffic that came from that there was no ads, I didn't spend any ad money. I wasn't doing anything sneaky or SEO like, I was doing, there was no technical stuff. I literally recorded a video, and I put it on YouTube with the link in the description, and it was so good though people should have paid for it. There was an expectation that I gave away in the video that they should follow up. It was easy for them to consume and it started bringing great people towards me. That's all I've got for you guys is that if you don't have these little, one of the things that pissed me off so much about the first MLM I joined, is that they kept telling me, "It's passive income, oh my gosh it's passive income." But every time I saw any one of my up lines doing anything, there was nothing passive about it. They were sprinting, sprinting, those guys were working like 60 hour weeks and then saying, "it's passive income". I was like there is nothing passive about what you're doing. So, if you want to be the only method that people are going to hear about your message, meaning your mouth, don't go create bait. If you want to start the process of duplicating yourself, this isn't the full thing, but it's the first step towards true duplication. Then you have got to go create bait, you've got to go create this bait and whatever it is. Go create different things, interview people, create reports, make videos. You don't even need to be the one coming up with the stuff. You can hire that crap out, or you could go find someone and say, "Hey look I got this and such and such date, or I've got these people on a list or whatever. You know here's my list and there's my contribution you make this stuff we'll split the thing." You know what's cool is that now you can give that bait away as a tool to anyone who joins your down line. Those are like the first big steps of you creating actual duplication, which is very hard to do. The system has got to be duplicatable. It's the marketing system that becomes duplicatable that, that's actually what creates the longevity. So anyway, guys I hope that helps, all I'm trying to say is create bait create things that people don't ... Don't be your own bottleneck and, which is usually how it is. So, that's the only reason I'm bringing this up, is I keep seeing it. People are reaching out to me, they're like, "How do I do this?" Like well so far you literally have no digital assets so go create something and then we'll start talking. So anyway hopefully that helps guys if you do want to see what I've been using for bait. it's just one of the things that I use, it's the MLM master's pack. You can go check it out at secretMLMhacksradio.com, and yeah that's it guys. Hey I'll talk to you later, and go crush it. Hey thanks, please remember to subscribe and leave feedback for me. Do you have a question you want answered live on the show? 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11 Oct 2017

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60: How I Chose My MLM...

What's going on guys? Hey, been just flying a million miles a minute, which is always standard, so everything is normal for me anyway. It's been a while since I've taken any of your questions and tossed them on here. I've got a question here from Steve Peck. Thank you much, Steve. First of all, great name. Second of all, I love the question, so I thought I'd drop it in right here. Steve Peck: Hey Steve. This is Steve Peck, and I have a question. How do you pick the MLM to get involved with? Thanks. Steve Larsen: First off, thank you so much, Steve. Appreciate the question. Second of all, if you guys have a question you guys want to drop on here, I love answering questions like this. I think it's a lot of fun. Hey, great, great question. First off, I just want to just come out and tell everyone, look, if you like your MLM, awesome. Please don't get discouraged or think that I'm trying to influence you to do something else. Please also note, I'm not trying to say this kind of stuff to try and recruit people into my own or whatever it is. Anyway, it's fun, I just recruited a really big player yesterday, which was a lot of fun. I want you to know what I look for and why I chose the MLM that I did. I'm still not going to tell you the one that I'm in. I tell people the MLM I'm in when they start applying to join my downline. You know what I mean? Anyway, so here's some things that I look at. First off, let's look at how other industries work. Now, what MLM should I join? First of all, let's ask the question, let's act like we're in a totally different industry. Let's say we're in a brick-and-mortar business, or a different kind of internet business, or whatever. The first thing that I would probably ask is, where is a hot market? Where is a hot market? Meaning, I'm not trying to come up with the idea of what to sell. I'm not trying to come up with an idea of, "Hey, let me go force all these people to try and buy my thing." What I'm doing is I'm looking to see where the hot rabid buyers, the irrational buyers, the buyers that are fanatics, the ones that go nuts and like, "Hey, yes, I've got to ... " Do you know what I mean? It's the irrational. I'm trying to find those places in the market. Then, when I know that there is one, all I do is I ask them what they want and I give them what they ask for. Now, that's a very different approach than what a lot of people do inside of MLM, but it's what I did for my MLM. I started look around, and there's some criteria of things that I was looking for, and I'll walk through that criteria here real quick. First off, what I do is, you've got to understand that most people go choose an MLM because of the product. Now, that's awesome. That's awesome, but first of all, I like to ask the question, "Who's going to be buying it? Are there a lot of them? Are they irrational about the thing that I'm selling?" If it's something that I have to walk around and convince a ton of people on, if it's something I have to walk around and there's a ton of education involved in the selling of the product, I tend to shy away from that kind of MLM. It doesn't matter really what the product is. What matters is that you are selling to rabid buyers. I would take that above any number of massive email marketing list. I would take that over anything, you guys, a rabid group of buyers, a hot, hot, hot market. So, for that reason ... I mean, honestly, I don't really care what the product is a lot of time. I care that it sells. I care that it sells, and I care that people are rabid over it, I mean, irrational. Not just that they like it, not just that when you show the product they're like, "Oh, that's cool," meaning they have to have it, they are going crazy for it, and they cannot stand to be without it. Do you know what I mean? That kind of fanaticism. What I do is I look around, and I look. I chose the MLM I chose for very specific reasons. I'm going to walk you through some of those reasons here, and I'll show you some of my criteria for choosing an MLM. Understand that it's just my own personal own, and yours might be a little bit different. That's fine. This is what I did though when I started looking for an MLM to join back in the day. I started looking around, and I was like, "Okay. First off, how would I treat this if I was not an MLM, if I was inside a big business that ... " Why am I asking that? Because that's my history, that's my past, that's where I came from. I came from a spot of selling other people's products online, and there are patterns to the top sellers. There are patterns to the top buyers. There are patterns all throughout. So, why would I not try to choose an MLM that comes nearest to those patterns and choose that one? Does that make sense? That's what I did, and that's the MLM that I joined. Here's some of the patterns that I looked for. Number one, the product has got to be somewhat high ticket. We're talking MLM here. This is very, very akin to affiliate marketing, meaning I go sell a product for somebody else and I get a little bit of a cut. Now, obviously you make more money if you own the entire product, but I love MLM because all of the fulfillment is done for me. There's a lot of things that are already done for me, that they take care of a lot of the business side of stuff. All I got to go do is to go sell the thing, and that's super easy. That's why I love the MLM game so much. Obviously the possibility of additional sources of revenue, passive income, all that, obviously those are all huge benefits to being an MLM, building up a big team, building up a big network, helping others have success. Those are all big benefits of being in it. The industry that is very, very close ... I don't know if I want to say closest, but in my mind, it kind of is, is the affiliate marketing, the internet affiliate marketing industry meaning they sell other people's products and they get a little bit of a cut. What I wanted to do is I wanted to choose something that was slightly more high ticket, meaning if I'm just selling a $20 thing, what do you get? In my MLM, the starting commission is 20%, which is awesome. That's the starting commission. It goes way higher from that. It's awesome. That's the reason I chose it is because the commissions were higher. If I'm getting paid peanuts, I have a huge issue with that. One of the other things that I chose as I chose an MLM where I was getting ... Let's say I sold a dollar worth of stuff, the full dollar is commissionable. I hate that game where they're like, "Well, only 60% of what you sell is commissionable volume." It's like, "Are you joking? I found you a customer. That's stupid." I chose an MLM that was dollar for dollar commissionable volume, which is huge by the way. That's amazing. Not many MLMs do that. I chose an MLM that does that. I chose an MLM that's a supplement. Why? Because it's recurring. People buy it over and over and over. They stay on it month after month after month after month, meaning it's not just a one and done thing. I might sell something for 120 bucks or whatever price, but they stay on it for at least probably five to seven months. All I've got to do is continue to educate them to help them understand why they should stay on longer than that. That's why they expect follow-up sales. They expect to be buying it frequently. They expect, they expect. I've given the analogy before, it's kind of like me going and buying milk and bread at the store. Those are no-duh buying experiences. You do not have to ... You don't see a salesman standing next to bread and eggs, you don't. Those are no-duh buying experiences. I wanted to choose an MLM that was a no-duh buying experience, like, "Oh, yeah. Obviously, I can see why I would spend money on this very easily." There's not a lot of sales copy that has to be written. There's not tons of sale ... Do you know what I mean? I chose an MLM that was like that. I chose a supplement for that very reason to go through and help people ... Again, please understand, put some thick skin on with this. If you're like, "Stephen, I love my MLM," that's great. Then stay in it. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, this is the criteria that I went through to choose my MLM. After seeing what sells really hard on the internet, seeing what sells really, really easy on there, seeing what's selling, that's why I chose what I did. There was a lot of thought that went into it. This was not like a ... I don't know, "Let me just come up with something, let me just find some ... " I did do that one time. I was like, "Let me just find something." It was funny because I didn't have ... I loved the product, but I just didn't like selling it. Do you know what I mean? It's not just about the product. It isn't. It's not just about ... it's your ability to sell it. It is your ability to market it. One of my favorite quotes ... If you guys have been on the Secret MLM Hacks web class, I go through this and we talk about this. One of my favorite quotes ever is, "There is no relationship between being good and getting paid. There's no relationship between being good and getting paid." You could have the absolute best product and make zero dollars. I'm sure you've experienced that. I have. We all have. You could have the absolute best product and make nothing. You could be the absolute best at your script and make nothing. You could be the absolute best at recruiting people and really make barely nothing. Why? Because there's no relationship between being good and getting paid. As I started looking around at these different MLMs, I started looking around and seeing what was out there currently in the marketplace, it was very important for me to apply the second part of this quote, which was this, "There's no relationship between being good and getting paid. However, there is a huge relationship between being good at marketing and getting paid." So, I went around and I found an MLM. I dug, guys. I looked around. I did not choose an MLM for quite some time because I was looking actively at the MLM that would fit the model that I am in, that I love, that I know I can sell, that I know I can market. There is a massive difference between sales and marketing, a huge one. When I learned the difference between selling and marketing, my wallet got a lot fatter. Again, we go over this a little bit on the web class as well. By the way, if you have not joined us on the web class, I would love to have you guys, by the way. It's at secretmlmhacks.com. There's my soft pitch. There we go. I did it, the dirty. There it is. What we do is we go through, we talk a little bit about the difference between sales and marketing. Sales, that's what I was doing when I was a door-to-door salesman. I would walk up and I would knock on someone's door, and I was face-to-face with them, and I was pitching them, and I was selling them on buying my thing. That's selling. Selling is what happens face-to-face. Marketing is how you get them to your face. Does that make sense? Selling is what happens face-to-face, door-to-door salesman, used car salesman. Marketing is how you get them to your face. That's the area that a lot of MLM does not go through, it does not talk about. I know that that is an upper hand that I have, that my team has, because I teach them how to market not just sell. The script that gets handed off to a lot of downlines, most the time, that is a sales script. The only piece of marketing that is traditionally taught in MLM is, "Give me a list of your contacts." That's why this podcast exists is because I am trying to help show other marketing tactics and strategies in the MLM space how I actually do what I do. Guys, we're about to cross 150 people asking to join my downline with no ad spend. They're applying and asking. That's ridiculous. Tell me another industry where that ... tell me another MLM, tell me another guy that does that. I don't know of one. Maybe there are, but I literally turn people away. It's an actual application process. Why? What I'm looking for is, "Does this person, A, know how to market? B, are they willing to learn how to market?" That's the major thing I'm looking through when I look at their application. If I feel like the answer is no to one of those two, I say no to them. I say, "Sorry, I don't do this in the traditional method." I wanted to be able to say that kind of stuff. So, as far as criteria that I use to pick my MLM, to actually choose my MLM, number one, I was telling you the product needed to be somewhat high ticket. That means I only needed to sell a couple of them to make a really big dent in my wallet each month. It needed to be a recurring ... there's potential for recurring payments, potential for recurring ... Anyway, I think that makes sense. There's potential to be able to spend more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more money. Not just the first sale, beyond the first sale. There's recurring revenue, recurring payments, continuity behind it. So, high ticket, some continuity. For me, that was easy to do that in the supplement space. Some of the things I do are supplement, but we also sell other things besides supplements though. It's really the fascinating MLM. Then the third thing that I looked for is that I wanted to be able to sell and market how I wanted to. I hate when MLMs put restrictions on how you can sell stuff. It's the dumbest thing on the planet. Someone reached out to me again the other day, and they were like, "Well, my MLM won't let me sell how I want to." I was like, "Seriously? Seriously? You love being a part of that?" Again, I'm not making fun of it. If you guys are all about it, that's awesome. Super cool. Great. I will not stand for that though. So, I was like, "You might need to find a different MLM." Sales tactics, especially marketing, sales tactics don't change that often. Marketing tactics change a lot though. Selling on the internet, that's what I do. If I can't find an MLM that will let me do my strength, why would I ever join them? So, I got really passionate about that one topic. I got really passionate about finding an MLM that let me do that. Here's the problem. This is why I get passionate about this. This is why I get so fiery about this topic. Think about this, in the past ... I don't know if you guys have ever tried to sell your product online or ever on a Facebook ad. A lot of MLMs freak out over that. They go nuts, like, "What? No, you can't sell it online." They try to control a lot of stuff. It's like you have to be a certain personality type to sell how they want you to sell. I was like, "I don't really want to sell how my MLM's telling me to sell. You're telling me that I would get kicked out for running a Facebook ad in your favor? That's stupid." I was flat-out like, "That's dumb. That's dumb. I hate that." I was talking to the CEO of this MLM before I ever joined, and I had the very unique experience of doing that before I joined. I said, "I'll you why so many people who sell on the internet will not join an MLM." He goes, "Really? Why?" I said, "Because what ends up happening is, if I go build something like a sales funnel that's supposed to sell supplements ... Let's say I'm going to go sell your supplements, sir. I go sell your supplement on the internet, and I build a sales funnel. I know that this sales funnel is the sales funnel that pulls in 17 grand a day for one of my buddies. I know that this sales funnel is the supplement funnel that turns in $100,000 a day for these companies. You're saying that I can't go build that thing. Why on earth would you not want that kind of sales volume? That's the kind of stuff I do. I love to be able to build that and duplicate it for my team. In a single click, I'll give them the entire sales funnel after I prove that thing out. Then I'll give it to all of them, and they'll have that kind of marketing arm now also rather than just go talk to people on the street or in malls and hotel lobbies." I'm not making fun of that if you're like crazy good at it, but man, things evolve. I said, "Here's the reason why though, I can go build those kinds of thing. I've built those things before. I've built them for many other big people, but I can't take your product and go put it on the internet because I'll get in trouble." He goes, "Here's what's different about my MLM, man, I've got this thing." I won't tell you the name of it, because I don't want you guys to go look it up. He's like, "I got this thing, and it's in writing. I don't care how my MLMers sell." I was like, "Really? You're like the first one I've heard that says that." He's like, "Yeah, I don't care how they sell. As long as they don't drop a certain price point and they're not lying, who cares? Why would I control that?" I was like, "Oh." I think I saw a halo appear above his head, and there was a light in the room, and things around him got all dark, and I was like, "This is the guy." He goes, "I don't care how you sell, just represent it well. Who cares? I don't care if you sell it on the internet. I don't care if you sell it face-to-face. However you want to sell it, you sell it. It's still a commission." I was like, "Oh my gosh, thank you. First of all, breath of fresh air. Second of all ... " Again, I'm not pitching anybody that ... I understand some of you guys will reach out and ask after this. This is the reason, this very specific reason. I was very, very careful on how I chose an MLM and what criteria I used to choose an MLM. I said, "Okay, well here's the other issue, here's the other issue is ... " Steve, thanks for bringing up this question, man, because this brings up some big topics inside the MLM space, some big technical issues in the MLM space that no one's really solved and we're the first ones to do it. I've been really, really proud of it. What I've been doing is, I told him, I said, "Here's the other major reason why a lot of people who know how to sell on the internet will not sell in MLM. They won't join an MLM." He goes, "Okay, I'm listening." I said, "Here's the reason. If I go run a Facebook ad and I have my own webpage up, let's say you guys have a store like you've built something in WordPress." If you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's fine. That's fine. Let's say that somehow though, you're selling your product online. What you would have to do traditionally is after the sale gets sold, after you collect the sale, you'd have to turn back around and go buy it again on your corporate website in that person's name with that person's shipping address with that person's information, which sucks. It's terrible. It means every sale, there is so much touch. There's a lot of high touch that's done. There's so much that you have to do for that individual. It's an awful game. I have buddies that would go and they'd build these sales funnels, and they'd be selling their products online. Then they'd just go take this massive Excel sheet, and they'd either have to go sell it and make this really special agreement with their ... They go take this Excel sheet and they'd have to go make this special agreement with their MLM or whatever, or they'd have to turn around and manually by hand, they'd go in and put in all of those orders in those people's names with their shipping addresses and they'd have to go re-buy it. Well, by that time, you've already paid for credit card processing twice. It cuts down how much money they actually make. Therefore, it really puts a massive damper in why you'd ever, ever do any kind of product sales with an MLM online. I was explaining this to him and he was like, "Huh. How do we fix that?" It was funny, because I was sitting there in the room with him, I was sitting there in the room with him and I had this idea come to my head. I was like, "If we did this one thing," and I'm not going to tell what it is though, I said, "If we can fix this one thing, this one area ... All it would take a little bit of tech stuff on your side at the beginning, but what it would do is it would allow me to sell my product through my own funnels and it would go to you guys. The money would go to you guys. It would just credit my account with the sale, with the commission." We drew this out, and it was this cool plan. I hit my head, and I started drawing and I got in the zone and it was really, really awesome. What ended up happening was, he goes, "Okay. This is cool." I'm really pumped because ... This is me just celebrating a big achievement, guys, because they just came out with the beta of that solution. Now what it means is I can go sell like these other massive supplement funnels, these massive guys I'd go build for. They'd be bringing in millions of dollars. In the past, I couldn't do that kind of thing in an MLM, because I'd have to do this two-step thing. I even knew guys who would hire VAs to buy again the product in that person's name on the corporate website after they got the purchase in their own funnel. Does this make sense? I was like, "This is so stupid, you guys. Why has the MLM Industry not caught up with the fact of what a funnel is, and why does everyone care how it gets sold?" I know some people are not going to like the fact I'm saying that. I totally understand. I know some people are going to be really, really against what I just said. If you know something sells well, why on earth would you hinder that process and you know how it sells well? Here's really the two big issues. When I was choosing my MLM, I wanted to know, first of all, what was already selling in the market. I didn't give a crap about what the product was for a while. I wanted to know what is already selling in the market not including MLM products. What are people ferocious over? Now, let me find an MLM with a product that is nearest to that so I know it sells well. I need to know what is selling and how it's selling. Those are the only two questions that I care about. What is currently selling in the marketplace with rampant buyers, irrational purchasers? Then how is it selling? How are they getting those people in front of them? Is it really just through friends and family? How is everyone else buying it who is not an MLM? Are they doing it through retail? Are they buying offline? If you know what those are, why would you ever hinder that process? I don't know. That's part of the issue. That's what I went through and I talked with about these guys. I was like, "Look, fix this one problem right here, and I have an army of funnel builders who are wanting to sell this thing." Guys, I'm excited. It's the reason I'm so passionate about it. I think we're the first MLM ever in history to do this. We're the first team. My team is the one doing it. I'm the one beta testing it. If this works, I don't care if my team doesn't know how to build funnels, I will build it for them and I give it to them. Now, they have this whole sales arm. Now, I focus heavily on the recruiting side, and now we're also just cranking, killing, just crushing on the product sales side. How exciting is that? It means I'm not walking around selling the product. One more story, one more story real quick. I know this is a long episode, but just bear with me. One more story to illustrate the point. When I was doing door-to-door sales, I was driving down the street and I was looking around. I was in a little bit of a sales slump. I was a good salesman. I was one of the top guys almost every time. Telemarketing, I was one of the leaders on the floor. I had a team behind me that I was training. When I was doing door-to-doors sales, I was very good. I was the number two first year seller. The reason I wasn't number one is because the guy came out two months ahead of me. He had such a ridiculous lead, but I did really well in sales. I was in the middle of a slump though. We're driving out to our areas and we're on the highway. I remember the clear blue-sky day. There was some clouds in the sky. Temperature was warm. It was going to get hot that day. Clear, clear sky, and it was a beautiful day, guys, beautiful day. Mountain all around us, and I was selling pest control. We're driving out to this area, and what I was doing is I was complaining in my head. I was complaining. There's no other way to say it. I was ticked. I was like, "This is stupid." I was like, "Are you kidding me." I was trying to control my emotions, but I wasn't. I was in a little bit of a slump, and I was carrying that emotion with me on the doors and I wasn't doing well. I learned a lot of lessons from that personally. I grew a lot from that personally. As we were driving out, I'm looking up and I'm seeing these billboards on the side of the road. These billboards are on the side of the road, and I had this thought. I will never forget where we were on the road. I will never forget where I was sitting. I will never forget this moment, because it was one the sparks that changed my life and how I approach MLM. I was sitting and I was looking. I wasn't in MLM at the time, and I was looking at these billboards. I looked up at the billboards, and I thought, "Gosh, this is so stupid. I'm waking up every single day as a door-to-door salesman trying to convince people to buy something who were not thinking about buying something today, but people who are calling these billboards are getting laydown sales. People who are calling these billboards are asking to be sold." So, what I did is I started putting these classified on the internet. Have you heard of like Craigslist, things like that? I just started putting our service, our product on Craigslist. I put it on Craigslist, and I started getting all these phone sales, all these laydown sales. I think I've told you guys this story before, but I hope it really hits home with what I'm telling you about how I chose my MLM. I started getting all these phone sales and all these laydown sales, and these were individuals who wanted to be sold, who wanted my product, who wanted more information. I wasn't bugging him and bothering him in the middle of the day. Are you getting a little bit of the ah-ha? What ended up happening is I started realizing, I said, "Wait a second. For every product, most products out there, for pretty much every product, there are people who are already trying to purchase this thing. They just don't know about my product. I'm going to stop walking up to random people in hotel lobbies." I wasn't doing that anyway but, "I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to do ... " What I started doing is when ... Yes, the product matters, but what is more important is matching an MLM to whatever is currently exploding in the marketplace, meaning if you're trying to be in the Health Industry and you want to find a health MLM, you go find whatever supplement, or program, or whatever it is has the most rampant, ridiculous purchasers, then choose the MLM off that. If you know how they're buying ... Now you know what they're buying, you've got to figure out how they're buying it now. Are they buying it on the internet? Are they buying it right off of TV ads? I don't know. Go figure that out. Then you match that way. So, I chose my MLM very, very strategically. I said no to a lot of MLMs. They all wanted my stuff. I understand why they wanted it, but I chose, first off ... I was like, "I'm going to do supplements so there's recurring billing. I'm going to do something more high ticket so that there's higher margins for me. I'm going to choose something so the starting commission is 20%. I'm going to choose something that will let me sell online the way that I know how to blow the gates open with funnels." This is the first MLM, and I think I'm the first team, to really be able to do that and integrate directly into a corporate's software so that when we sell stuff ... We're still in the beta testing, but we're doing it. We know clearly where we're going with it. Now what's kind of cool is that when people join my team, what I do is I've got this members area that walks them through a lot of the training, how I would do stuff. Then it walks them through the actual funnel side. It's like, "Hey, if you don't know how to build them, that's okay. Click here. I have a pre-made one for you, and it sells this product in our MLM really well with these kind of ads, with this kind of average cart value typically. Usually, start with this kind of ... " Do you know what I mean? What other MLM gives you that kind of upper hand? I don't know. That's the reason I get so ... I'm very, very proud of the MLM that I'm in. In order to protect the team, find the people who are most serious about it, I'm not just trying to get people who are like, "Oh, Stephen's got all these plans. Therefore, I'll make all this money faster." I'm not looking for get rich quick people. We are trying to get rich quick, make no mistake. Why would you ever try to get rich slowly? I was laughing like, "Is this a get rich quick scheme?" I was like, "Well, hopefully." It's not that I'm a capitalistic pig. Man, why would you do something where you make money slowly? "Don't worry, it's not a get rich quick scheme." It's like, "What? How slowly do you make cash?" That's a stupid saying. What you're trying to say is, is it a scheme? Is it a plot? Is it a Ponzi Scheme? I get that. I understand what people are trying to say with that. So, I vet people out, and that's the reason that I do it. Steve Peck, I know that's a very long response to it, but that's how I chose my MLM is I did not first look at what my MLM's product was. First, I didn't even consider any MLM until I saw what was selling very, very hot in the health space, or wealth space, or relationship space. What is selling super hot, and now with an MLM that comes closest to selling that kind of thing, and do they care how I sell my stuff? That's it. That's how I did it. I know that's kind of out of the box, but that's kind of what secret MLM Hacks is. Anyways, guys. Thanks so much. Hopefully that helped. I know it was kind of a long episode, but I hope that it helped you understand it doesn't matter how cool your product is if no one knows about it. It doesn't matter how cool your product is if there's no one currently buying something even similar in the marketplace. That is some scary crap to go into, because now you have to educate and sell, not just sell. They're already further down the belief path with my product. They already know. We're just selling a better version of it, and I know the best ways to sell it on the internet. That's why we're doing what we are. Guys, thanks so much. Appreciate it. I know it's kind of a long episode, but hopefully you got some stuff from that. Again, I'm not trying to convince you to get out of your MLM or stay in it, whatever. It's your call, your choice to do what you do with this information. That's how I did what I did. That's why I'm doing what I am. It's your call. Do whatever you want to with it, and start asking. That's what I was trying to tell this person a few days ago. They're like, "My MLM won't let me sell stuff on the internet." I was like, "Oh my gosh. Get good at direct response. Get good at selling through mailboxes or something. Are you really going to go door-to-door? What's the preferred method?" Now think of that method that they're trying to teach you at scale. Is that something you can do at scale? Once you know how the thing is selling, there's only three ways to grow a business, guys, only three ways. You can get more customers. You can get customers to pay you more money, or you can get customers to pay you money more frequently. That's it. So, what of those three can you do in your MLM? Yes, Steve, are you passionate about this topic? I'm very passionate about it, because I understand that people feel loyal about their company. Those are the only three ways. If you can't see one of those ways working at scale ... Okay, let's think through it. Number one, get more customers. If they are so butt hurt on how you sell your thing, do you really think you're going to retire off it? Is it really going to help do your house payment? I mean, seriously. Start running some numbers. Figure out what that ... Are we all going to go to hotel lobbies? That's why I get passionate about it, guys. Obviously I am. You're like, "Well, maybe that's not the way I'm going to do it. Maybe I'm just going to get customers to pay me more frequently." Okay, cool. Let's start looking at the margins, start looking at the commission check that you get. Is your MLM giving you dollar per dollar commissionable volume? If not, that's some scary crap. Start running the numbers. I was in my MLM. I recruited those 13 people in my first month. I got a $13 check. 13 bucks, guys. I was like, "Oh my gosh, that's a dollar a person. I don't totally understand what just happened here, but that sucks." So, more customers. Wait, but MLMs traditionally, a lot of them are really butt hurt on how you sell. So, more customers sell more frequently to them getting you to pay more money. Can you do upsales? Can you? Mine will let me. Can you toss your own thing in there? That's when you start looking at ... That's what I'm trying to help you understand. What's the marketing arm, the marketing mechanism? Because they help you with the sales scripts. They help you with that stuff, but not that many people help you get the marketing ironically, which is the area that actually makes you the money. That was a long episode, but I'm passionate about it, guys. That's a very big deal how you choose your MLM. It's a very big deal. I don't actually really even know that much about what my comp plan says. I don't need to. I will. I know that's bad of me. I'll go study it. I'll get to know it really, really well, but frankly it's the marketing not the comp plan. It's the marketing not barely even the product. It's the marketing that will make you the cash and make your wallet fatter. If this was offensive of me saying this kind of stuff, I'm not sorry because it's truth. Please know that where I'm coming from, you've got to see there are better ways to do the game. You've got to understand, let's look at the long haul, what really is going on. Yes, you may love the product. There is an MLM I love buying their product, but I will not be part of the MLM. I love the product. You have to start making those calls and start making those decisions as you understand, "Am I really learning how to market? Am I really learning how to ... " Anyway, it was a long episode, guys. I appreciate it. Thank you, Steve Peck, for asking the question. As soon as I saw the question, I was like, "Oh man. Steve just opened a can." So, that was a 30 minute episode. Hey guys, I hope you're having a good one. Appreciate you guys and appreciate the listens. Go get them. I'm very, very excited for this and love our community here. Hey, thanks for listening. Please remember to subscribe and leave feedback for me. Do you have a question you want answered live on the show? Go to secretmlmhacksradio.com to submit your question and download your free MLM Masters Pack.


22 Feb 2018

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88: Creating Your Own Onboarding System...

There are 3 easy levers every MLMer can pull to cause more success in their business… DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN MLM? Back in the day when I was first joining MLM, I was brought to the side and a guy asked me, "Stephen do you want to be successful in MLM?" And I said, "Well of course."  And he said "Well, what successful people do is they take their phones out and they chat with people in their contact lists and then they three way me in with them and I do the selling for you." And I was like "Really? What if they're not interested. Alright, well sounds good if that is how it happens then let's do it."  This should be ruffling a few feathers right about now. That's usually what happens, right? And there's nothing wrong with that if you KNOW the person has a pre-existing desire for MLM. But if they DON’T, that can be really, really awkward.  I'm not saying huge down lines have not been created that way. Of course they have.  It's possible, it's just not very probable.  If I look across the street and I'm like, "Oh my gosh I need to go grab Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones needs this opportunity, he's got to come in and join me."  The problem is that if they need the opportunity, they’re usually not a good fit in the first place.  If they need it, rather than want it, that sets precedents for how they will behave inside of your down line.  MY FIRST DOWNLINE PROBLEMS I started recruiting a bunch of people and it was awesome, it was cool, and I had a bunch of fun doing it. I recruited 13 people my first month. I think it was about 5 weeks actually.  NONE OF THEM DID ANYTHING.  They came to me and started asking me the dreaded question, "Stephen, what do I do next?"  And I said, "Well, do you want to be successful in MLM?" And they're like, "Yeah."  And I'm like "Well this is what successful people do. They take their phones out, they reach out to the contacts, and then they three way me in and I'll do the selling for you."  I felt myself do the same script I was taught, and many of us do… Because we've just never been taught that there actually is another way.  My program, Secret MLM Hacks, shows you how to create auto recruiting systems. For any MLM that you're in. You don't get pitched in the program. I'm just trying to change the industry.  You've got to solve a lot of the downline problems that people experience after they join you.  There's followup problems, problems they did not have until they joined my downline. How can I solve followup problems the most for all of the people who are joining me?  HOW I SOLVE DOWNLINE PROBLEMS I've trained my people and many methods. I've trained my people in many ways. There's a training program that we're coming out with for my team and I thought it would be kind of cool to show you how I treat the onboarding process.  It's a program called Hack MLM. Don't go there unless you want me to pitch you. What's cool about it is, it walks through all the setup. It walks through here's how to make sure you get all the bonuses you didn't know about. It walks through how to setup our teams recruiting funnels and systems and content and process and pitching.  One of the things that was frustrating for me with the first MLM I joined was that I felt like I wasn't getting enough training from my up line.  Beyond talking to my warm market, my friends and family… Once those people dried up, I didn't know how to get more leads.  I had to become a marketer in order to turn back around and try to solve this problem.  For the last five years I've been obsessively learning how to do that and I'm stoked because with all the ways I've been helping solve the followup downline problems for the people I recruit.   I finally have a full course that I send my people when they join me. It walks them through, day by day, for 30 days. Your first 30 days in my downline, this is what you should be doing.  Oh and by the way, here's a whole bunch of prebuilt stuff just for being in my team.  I wanted to teach you how to create your own onboarding system. I'm not pitching you guys into my downline, I'm telling you guys what I do though to help automate it.  MLM ONBOARDING PROCESS When I think about onboarding, I think about it in several different fashions: There's the act of actually recruiting the individual There's everything that you do though before you recruit them to get them in your world  Most people are like, "Well I'm gonna focus on recruiting. I'm gonna focus on what I say. I'm gonna focus on the scripts that I do. I'm gonna focus on making sure they know about this bonus. I'm gonna make sure that they know it's buy-one-get-one free, or there's this onboarding bonus if they join now."  Those are all cool... But if you just change who you're speaking to before, you don't have to do a lot of those tricks. Most of the MLM books that are available in today's market are very much like, "Here's the top three things you can say to get anybody to join your down line." I don't really believe in mind control. Instead if you just change the who, and you stop going for Mr. Jones across the street, "who needs the opportunity." I start going for people who want it. It completely changes the game.  There's three levers you can turn in the MLM space that you likely don't know about.  WHO HOW ONBOARDING  WHO ARE YOU ONBOARDING?  The first thing is you can just switch up the who. Switch up who you're speaking with.  Secondly, you can switch how they're pitched. You know I have auto recruiting funnels and we still get three to four people a day asking to join my down line. We are about to cross 1,100 in the last year and a bit. Which is crazy. Who I'm speaking to and how they're pitched - Those are two things I can have control over in the MLM space.  You don't own anything in MLM. You have no assets.  Out of the box, you just have what the MLM has given you. You get your starter pack, you got your bonus opportunities. But you don't own the product, you don't own the scripts. You don't own any of the stuff.  I'm not trying to freak anybody out, but I want you to be very clear about this. You don't own anything when you join an MLM. Instead what I do is I change up who I'm speaking with. I get people who actually want to join me and buy from me. HOW ARE YOU ONBOARDING? HOW I speak to all of these people is not the traditional method. They have to go through an application. That's one of the levers I can turn.  My friends and family, they're not actually interested so I’m not going to waste my time and trying to pitch them.  HOW I bring someone into my MLM is very key. How I bring somebody into my MLM sets the precedent for what I'll need to be doing with them after they join.  If I recruit somebody by begging them, I probably just became a life coach for that individual.  If someone has to apply to join me or they have to prove that they really are a good fit for my down line. Now, what's the precedents I've set for after I've recruited them? Now I've become a business coach, not a life coach.  Now I go and I say, "Now do this now do that now do this now do that." And they do it. Rather than me saying, "Well I know someone said something mean to you are you okay, are you fragile?" If you've noticed it's hard for you to reach out and contact those in your downline, you probably recruited people who were doing you a favor. They don't actually want to be in it. I know I'm flicking some nerve chords here in this episode. There's a few levers you can turn to drastically increase the amount of people that you recruit AND the quality of the recruit.  I'm not saying the value of the person. I'm saying the quality of the recruit in terms of what they're willing to do. If they're already business savvy. If they're already ready to run.  WHAT IS YOUR ONBOARDING PROCESS?  When someone joins your downline, there's not a lot of things you can change. That's controlled by the MLM. But after they join, this is a completely different game.  The thing that I have control over is my onboarding. The way I onboard somebody. That's a huge deal.  WHO, HOW and ONBOARDING are the three levers I can turn and have a lot of control over in the MLM space.  I can upgrade:  The WHO HOW I pitch people and HOW I approach them The training that they receive afterwards  After I joined that first MLM I was like, "Who do I speak to? I don't even know what to do next." I remember explicitly having that thought.  I didn't know who to go talk to anymore. Which means all I have is do the method I've been taught. Then when people join my downline, I don't know what else to tell them. I can't onboard them.  A lot of Secret MLM Hacks walks through this kind of thing. How to upgrade your process for reaching out to people and the onboarding piece. The onboarding piece is tons of fun. We have several methods in the program but the one we're launching right now is called Hack MLM. It's free for those who are in my down line. What is does is walk you through the first 30 days in my team.  I want to show you guys some of the easiest ways to come up with the downline problems your people need help with. A lot of times, people want to have success and they're willing to do what they need to. Sometimes they just don't know what to do.  DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN MLM?  The first thing I ask people to do in the onboarding sequence is to define what success is. When someone joins my down line, if they are actively publishing, and if they have their recruiting funnel up at a bare minimum. That is a very successful person. Just the fact that they're publishing, they will recruit people. There's so much authority that comes with creating a video. People reach out, they want to join me. Regardless of what I have for them if they do.  Listen to tons of those podcasts that are out there in the MLM space on iTunes. A lot of those people recruit simply because they're publishing. That's why I tell everyone to freaking publish. It will change your life. I need to find out what success even looks like and what it is that I want everyone of my recruits to be doing. I want them to recruit the world! Okay, that's not accurate, you have to think somewhat realistic. It's possible, not probable. Other things your downline needs to know is:  Product education Back office education When the next event is Teach them to setup their e-wallet so that they can actually get paid Educate them on the bonuses Scripts Give them the confidence to approach people or use a computer There's a lot of stuff someone has to understand in order to have success.  I need to figure out what order somebody should consume those topics in. This is not easy. It took me about three or four months of actively thinking about it to come up with the order of topics somebody should consume this process in.  ONBOARDING FOR SUCCESS One of the first things you can do is go talk to the people. Talk with your up line. Ask them "Hey, what are all the things you have found people need in order to be successful." Then you list all those down.  Then you ask them things like, "What are all of the concerns that you hear from the people that you guys are recruiting as well, people inside of the rest of our team." That's gold. If you can figure out what it is that everyone else is struggling with, that's a massive way to figure out how to actually go and build an onboarding system.  Talk with people that you've recruited. Ask them things like, "What do you wish I would've provided for you at the beginning." Or, "What are you guys struggling with right now?"  What's great about what I'm telling you right now is, it means you don't need to be a marketing genius to pull this off. All you're gonna do is ask, "What is it that you guys are struggling with. What is it that you wish that I had provided for you. What is it that would really help you."  And they're like, "I need more leaders. I wish I knew how to talk to people. When somebody tells me no, I don't know how to overcome objections." So then you're like "Okay, I need training on objections. I need training on certain kinds of scripts.”  How do I help my team:  Get more leads Upsell Go back to people and tell them about other products that are out there so we all can increase our revenues  YOUR DOWNLINES ONBOARDING NEEDS I'm gonna go in andlist a whole bunch of needs of my team. I'm gonna get them from my up line, from my downline, from people who are successful already. Maybe I can find several lists on blogs. Don't try to organize it yet. Just brain dump it.  Then what I do is I go through and create 30 topics.  I organized them, I condensed them.  This topic, this topic and this topic are super similar - I could teach those at the same time.  And then this topic and then this topic - Those are really similar as well. I could teach those at the same time.  I condense them and realized, "I want to make this a 30 day thing” It could be 21, it could be 14. You don't even need to do the day thing. Just the fact that you have on boarding training massively increases your likelihood of having a successful downline.  We made a big list of team needs. Then, what I did is I went I spoke with my up line, and other successful people and my MLM and I said, "Hey, how can my team make the most money from the get go." Now this is what was really powerful. This is why I'm trying to teach you this. “How can I make my team rich”, is what I asked them.  We went in and what we asked was, "Can you help us understand all of the bonuses that we don't know exist. What are the bonuses that we don't know our team could have advantage of. Whether when they're brand new, or existing."  SUCCESSFUL MLM TRAINING  We realized by day 14 there is a bonus thing that starts that I don't know if everyone knows about. Then if they do some other things within 30 days there's some huge bonuses as well.  We listed out all these other bonuses and now we had these milestones. So guess what day 14 was about inside of our onboarding training. THAT BONUS.  It's been 14 days since you joined our team. Thank you so much. But by the way, this bonus, you're now eligible for, it's really easy to get. This is how you go do it. On the next day we said, “Hey by the way, if you take advantage of X, Y and Z you also get this bonus if you do this and this within 30 days.”  Here's a bunch of pre-made assets and pre-made lessons for you that make it easy for you to go get that extra cash bonus.  Now they got money coming back in.  ONBOARDING WEEK ONE We made week one all about setting up the back office. Setting up the back office Product education History of the MLM itself Different products An overview of where you get the most commissions It's very much a familiarization of what is going on in the MLM itself. ONBOARDING WEEK TWO The second week was about how to take advantage of additional bonuses.  Here's how to meet and greet those inside of our community Let's:  Get you set up and integrated in the first two weeks Make sure that your wallet's set up Make sure you don't do anything where you're not qualified for cash That's one of the most frustrating things. I've totally had that happen to me before in the past. There's two things I didn't have set up in my back office and because of that I wasn't getting paid. I don't want my downline to be doing that. ONBOARDING WEEK THREE On week 3, the training was all about solving some of these big needs.  I wanted them to get leads, baby. Lots and lots of leads. How can I pre-build lead systems for them and train them on them? So that's what I did. The last bit on day 22 (it actually stops at day 29, not 30) is where I teach them how to make NOISE.  How to:  Make noise Get traffic Get eyeballs Have a consistent source of leads Get the lead machines set up in week three Fill it with just tons of people After that, the next thing we're doing is help them understand how to go and sell even more of the product itself. I just want you guys to understand just because you recruit them, that DOES NOT mean you are done. One of the easiest ways for you to get real big in this space is to just solve more problems than other team leaders. Just give it to your people. Train them. DO YOU WANT MY MLM TRAINING? All of this MLM training cost me $15,000. I have a very professional team. We built an amazing members area and a massive drip sequence.  It's really impressive but it was expensive for me to create. The way you bring somebody into your downline sets the pace for how they'll behave in your downline. How you recruit someone usually determines if you'll get to be their business coach or forced to be their life coach.  Because of that, I make it kind of hard to join my own downline. There's an application process and a phone interview that is required for someone to join my team. There's a mini course that walks them through the set up of their own recruiting funnels and their own lead sources. Much of which is pre-built for them. Here's why I'm telling you this. In the past I've trained my downline in many ways with many methods. But I finally decided to put all the training in a single spot in a course that walks my new recruits through their first 30 days in my down line. Back office set up PLUS recruiting funnels. I'm about to launch it to em. This is a new thing that we've got for them which should and solve a lot of problems.  If you wanna be kind of an ant on the wall and jump into see how I train my teams, you're more than welcome.  BUT, FAIR WARNING…  The course is meant specifically for my team. You will find out what MLM I'm in.  If you come in to check out what's going on, I will pitch you. There is stuff all over the place telling you to just join my team. Fair warning. Don't go there if you don't want that. You might be trying to build similar things that I've built. That's great. Then come in and check it on out and see how we've structured everything. If you wanna check it out go to hackmlm.com. Funny enough hackmlm.com was available and we built the whole thing on top of it. Hackmlm.com is the actual thing if you wanna see how we've done it.  If not then, take the training that I just showed you. It's all free. No pressure. All free. Have not charged a dime for it. Not going to.  This training is for my down line specifically. If you wanna come in and check it out though, you're more than welcome to. See how I actually train and coach my people on how to pitch, set up auto recruiting funnels and a lot of cool stuff that's in there for them. Please don't feel any pressure at all. I just wanna teach you that those who solve the most follow up problems tend to win in the MLM space. There's not many people solving follow up problems. WHY I’M SO PASSIONATE ABOUT MLM TRAINING This whole thing started because of my desire to get more answers... And I couldn't find them. I've been obsessed for four years… How do I solve more downline problems for my teams? I tried something and it wouldn't work.  Then I'd try something else and it wouldn't work. I'd try something and it would kind of work, but it was only something a super psycho marketing nerd like myself could do it.  I was like, crap. That's not good enough. Simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify.  Then I got down to space where finally, pretty much anyone can do it if they just decide.


10 Apr 2019

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SMHR 113: How To Launch Any MLM Product

Today I wanna teach you guys HOW to launch an MLM product. I'm actually really excited to teach you how to launch an MLM product. A lot of research and time has gone into planning and putting this together.  I wanna do a couple of things here... First of all, I want to bring attention to and help you think about how Hollywood launches a movie.  Now think about this with me for a moment.  There are really cool movies that are coming out soon, and I LOVE going to movie theaters! I love...  The experience When you walk in the light is a little bit dim, which makes the pupils dilate a little bit more (they do that and restaurants also) The ambiance  There's a lot to it! I'm actually a theme park junky as well. I'm not gonna lie... I love Disney.  I'm that guy that would totally go on rides by myself because I love the experience of it.  I love that before you even get on a ride they start pre-framing you for this big build-up.  HOW DOES HOLLYWOOD LAUNCH A MOVIE? Right now you’re probably thinking, "What does that to have to do with what you're talking about?"  Just think about this with me for just a moment. The way Hollywood launches a movie uses very much the same kind of methods.  They both use:  Anticipation Build-up Hollywood is always putting out small minute-long previews a year before the film comes out. They probably don't even have the movie done… But they're saying, "Hey here's when it's coming out". Sometimes it'll just be something as simple as the title.  They did this with one of the most recent Star Wars movies. They did a trailer six months ahead of time and all it did was play the iconic Star Wars music with the title and date overlayed. And the crowd went ballistic!  I was like, "Oh my gosh, that's awesome."  There was NO story, it didn't say anything!  Now I want you to think about this a moment…  WHY is this such a powerful and impactful thing? What happened six months later?  They release a little bit of a story, usually about the protagonist.  They tell a little bit of background and they add a little bit of conflict in.  None of us like conflict but can you imagine how boring life would be if there wasn't any?  We do want a little bit of drama in our lives, whether or not you're willing to admit it ;) If everything was easy 24/7 There were no challenges No trials, nothing in our life The salt of life would be gone.  THE KEY TO LAUNCHING A PRODUCT Think about this with me for a moment…  Three months later and they release another preview.  Every single preview up until then has been giving you a specific date (or at least season if it's like a year out), "It's coming out on this day at this time". This is very very key to understand. They build up pressure and they build up pressure and they build up pressure up until the specific day…  THEN they'll start releasing: Pre-booked tickets Specific experiences that you can have with the movie Now when the day of the actual movie comes up there's a HUGE amount of pressure that's built on a specific day in time like, "BOOM".  As a society, even if you're not a huge movie-goer there's a big percentage of people who have been educated on what the movie is and what it's gonna be about.  There's open loops like crazy, so there's a lot of curiosity and everyone's like, "I gotta go on that day" right?  But before that comes up… They're gonna get the actors to go and hang out on night shows. They're gonna go on: Jimmy Fallon's Show The Tonight Show Today Show … They're building up pressure for this thing and at the end of each of those shows, they're like, "Make sure you go see the show coming out this day, back to you guys". If you look at what's happening, they're orchestrating this incredible event. Not at a certain location, not at one spot, but they're orchestrating an event… They're orchestrating NOISE.  And that's what campaigns are, they're building a campaign. THE POWER OF A BOX OFFICE LAUNCH Now, all of this pressure gets built up and it pushes towards this specific day and then "BAM", box office weekend happens.  They make so much money on the initial weekend that the movie's open, that there's usually not that much money left...  I mean there's a lot of money, but nothing like that huge initial burst, "BOOM!" That huge initial burst pays for… Not just the crews It pays for ALL the stuff …  Then they just live on the cash flow that's gonna come from the remainder of that film's life.  THAT’S BIG.  Obviously, this is NOT a new concept… But think about that. Most brand new products that there's a lot of buzz around, they ALL follow that same pattern! THESE GUYS KNEW HOW TO LAUNCH Three of my favorite guys EVER are: Albert Lasker P.T. Barnum Claude Hopkins SIDE NOTE: Have you seen the movie "The Greatest Showman"? That movie is largely made up… He started the circus as his retirement project NOT to take care of his young family. Hollywood completely made that up.  Here’s some facts about P.T. Barnum: Most of P.T. Barnum's career was done around museums P.T. Barnum was the first guy to bring an elephant to America (so he made a huge deal around that) Anyway… These guys lived INCREDIBLE lives and they ALL understood the same principle of building a pressure. Stick with me because this is very, very powerful and will help you understand HOW to launch an MLM product.  I KNOW one of the reasons why a lot of people don't do well in MLM is because they don't know what I'm talking about right here.  When P.T. Barnum first brought an elephant to America, he wanted to make a big deal about it. He wanted to make a huge deal about it. THE P.T BARNUM STYLE LAUNCH So how did P.T. Barnum launch this elephant to the world? He was rich a rich dude. He's the second millionaire in America.  One of his houses on the outskirts of New York was right next to these busy train tracks that led into the center of New York. When he brought this elephant to America, he decided to plow his fields with an elephant right next to the train tracks.  The funny thing is… They were not plowing ANYTHING. They were fake plowing! NOTHING was planted there!  But he continued to plow his field with an elephant next to that incredibly busy train track until over 60 reporters showed up and they ALL captured the story. These reporters ran the story all over the place.  Only once he felt he had got enough buzz around him and his museum… THEN he finally stopped fake plowing his field with an elephant and sold the elephant. But that technique created a HUGE boost in revenue for his museum. He kept doing this over and over and over again, every single time he started selling something brand new.  This is a BIG lesson in HOW to launch an MLM product and I'm trying to help you understand it.  This is one of the reasons why people don't buy from MLM-ers even though you have a great product… Because you don't understand the principle of a campaign. Every time P.T. Barnum had a new product, he would create a campaign around the product.  HOW NOT TO LAUNCH AN MLM PRODUCT Albert Lasker would do the exact same thing.  PT Barnum is famous for another campaign he did around a fake Mermaid that was "caught off the coast of Fiji". He created this whole ruse. I'm not here to say whether or not that was good or bad… But the principle behind it is that whenever you have a product, you need to create a campaign. Imagine if Hollywood spent $100 million dollars putting together a two-hour movie… And the first time you hear about it, is the day it goes to the movie theater.  QUESTION: How successful that would be? ANSWER: Not very successful.  But most MLM-ers do that with their own MLMs product. What I'm trying to help you understand here is HOW to launch an MLM product. And to do that, you need to behave like a brand new MLM coming onto the market.  You need to build: Anticipation A campaign All this pressure!  … It's orchestrated noise, it's orchestrated pressure. You need to behave like a brand new MLM.  Right now you’re probably thinking, "But Stephen, my MLM's not brand new." Yeah… But it might be new to all the people that you talk to about it.  There are TONS of MLMs out there I don't know about. TONS. And I'm in this space with you! You need to be building up noise and pressure and anticipation around the fact that there is this AMAZING thing coming out and, for a limited window of time, "box office weekend", you can participate in this great experience. HOW TO LAUNCH AN MLM PRODUCT It's not enough to…  Have a great product Always let something be available You need to take it off the market or say it's only available at this certain price/discount at this certain time.  When you do that, you're behaving like a brand new company entering the marketplace.  Creating buzz, creating a campaign, on a specific date, specific time, for a certain amount of time, a certain window… And then take it off.  I'm not saying to stop selling the product… But for new people that you're gonna acquire there's nothing wrong with opening up the window and saying, "Hey, the promo is only available for this amount of time. You can still buy it, but the promo's only available here.” QUESTION: What do most MLMs do to their own distributors?  "Hey, there's a new flavor coming out… But it's only for this time."  This is a skill set that most MLMs know very well.  YOU’RE the distribution channel… They actually call you a distributor. YOU’RE the one that goes and buys it.  HOW TO LAUNCH AN MLM PRODUCT SUCCESSFULLY What I need to understand and the point of this episode is that you can step back and say, "Oh my gosh, I've never behaved like a brand new business.” You're technically a new company… But you DON’T enter the marketplace like a brand new company.  You gotta build up the pressure around that and then turn around and say, "Hey, only available for this time." Remember what P.T. Barnum did with his elephant?  He found something SHOCKING - an elephant He put it in front of distribution - a train.  You can build your own distribution channels, but it is waaay faster to hook into a distribution that already exists. Find your train and start putting something out there and keep doing it until you feel like you've generated enough a BUZZ around the thing that you sell. This is big.  It's one of the reasons why most people don’t know how to launch an MLM product and they don't have any success with this stuff.  It's because they've never taken the time to sit back and actually orchestrate a campaign.  They don't behave like Hollywood releasing a movie.  Please, please behave like Hollywood releasing the movie.  You’ll find an insane amount of power will come in your pocket because most people don't know how to launch an MLM product with that one skill set. A campaign is nothing more than orchestrated noise towards a specific date. HOW TO LAUNCH AN MLM PRODUCT WITHOUT FACEBOOK Facebook campaigns… That's NOT a campaign.   Facebook is destroying the term campaign, they're killing it.  A campaign is NOT an ad. It can be part of a campaign, but it's NOT a campaign.  It's like saying a tire is a car. No, a tire is part of a car, but it's not the car. It’s the same thing with Facebook ads… Paid advertising is not the only way to get traffic.  In fact, it's one of the weakest forms of it up until a certain point, and only then it becomes very powerful. Think about the old school guys like P.T. Barnum, Clyde Hopkins, Albert Lasker.  These are the old-school marketers that changed the way we do a lot of stuff now. They didn't have all that tech… So how did they generate noise?  ANSWER: They were pros at creating buzz around a certain date and time with a certain message.  You've likely been given a script or message from your MLM You probably have an awesome offer because your product is amazing  The reason why most people don't get paid in MLM for a while is that they don't know how to launch an MLM product and create campaigns. HOW TO LAUNCH AN MLM PRODUCT STEVE LARSEN STYLE What I would do is…   I would interview lots of people Tell everybody that all the interviews are gonna be released on a certain date and time Sell your product on the back of it That’s almost guaranteed to generate a spike in sales. The whole point of this episode is to help you understand why you need to behave like a new company entering the marketplace and how to launch an MLM product.  You can do it every quarter or every month, or however often you choose to do it. Those spikes and sales is usually what cover my business expenses for quite some time… And then I live off of the cash flow.  This is a general business principle.  That's some gold nuggets right there. LEARN HOW TO LAUNCH AN MLM PRODUCT Probably the biggest question I get is: “Steve, how are you using the internet for your personal MLM today?”  To be clear, I am, but it's HOW that matters, and it's HOW that you're probably interested in.  Facebook doesn't easily let you drive ads to MLM, and most MLMs won't even let you say their name on the internet, which is stupid.  Despite those and other forces, I am using the internet to grow my personal downline and sell products.  MLM is changing, and you're probably feeling that, right? It's why I created a little mini-course in a bundle… To show you HOW I'm doing this all today.  It's called The MLM Funnel and you can get it at themlmfunnel.com.  I'm doing this because you might not know WHERE to start in all of this and, secondly, because there's a cool new book by Russell Brunson called Network Marketing Secrets that I want you to go get.  He's a cool guy, so I'm talking about this book a lot lately. I'm also going to give you a little bribe so you go get the book through my link.  How evil of me.  When you go to themlmfunnel.com and get Russell's new book, Network Marketing Secrets, I'm going to give you my Pre-built Recruiting Funnel Template, the Hack MLM Downline Onboarding Course, which is how I auto-train my downline when they join my team.  ALSO, a discount ticket to my next event called OfferMind so that you can learn to outvalue your upline and downline.  If you want all this for FREE, just go to themlmfunnel.com now and get a crash course into prebuilt funnel templates that I'm using with my own downline now.  Again, just go to themlmfunnel.com and buy Russell Brunson's new book there, and I'll send you all those bonuses for free.


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29: New MLM Mavericks Manifesto...

Hey, hey what's going on everyone. This is Steve Larsen and you're listening to Secret MLM Hacks Radio. Oh yeah. So here’s the real mystery... How do real MLMers like us who didn’t cheat and only bug family members and friends. Who want to grow a profitable home-business how do we recruit A-Players into our downlines and create extra incomes, yet still have plenty of time for the rest of our lives? That is the blaring question and this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Steve Larsen and welcome to Secret MLM Hacks Radio. Hey guys hope everything is going fantastic for you. When I was in basic training at the army there was this time we're packing up all of our bags we're getting ready to go on this big march, right. Our practicing different movements and things like that and it's a lot of fun is really cool. What we were getting ready to leave and we knew that is coming up in a few days so we're supposed to be packing. Get all of our gear together for this and it was supposed to be this big thing. There was right before going to leave there was a formation that they called where we had to go through a bit of a pack check and make sure we had all the stuff that they were asking us to bring along. As we brought the stuff together, as we sort of pulled all the things together it became very apparent that's quite a few like ten of the fifty people in my platoon did not have the stuff and did not make an effort to actually get the stuff together that they needed to. Those are always ample times for we call it ... What are they called? Corrective Pt. Is the name of it, which basically means you're going to hurt and it gets going to be a little bit painful and it certainly was. They punished those people by making everyone who did pack hold the push up position for an hour and it sucked. I'm sitting there and had all my stuff together and I was sitting there and I just I was holding it, just holding it, right. They're just pacing back and forth just staring in the face, yelling at you, make it funny. You know what I mean trying to break you. Try and break and rebuild you and rebuild your belief patterns and all this stuff. You know what I mean it's really fascinating process actually when you look at in hindsight. It is interesting because as they were yelling, it's fifteen minutes comes up and you're holding the push a position just straight armed, abs totally flat. You can't drop to your knees. Can't anything else. Your just holding it for ... It ended up being an hour. Then I thought to be like fifteen minutes these people and they were so unprepared that we literally held ... I think it was an hour. It was a long, long time and we were there for oh man that was a long time ago also that happened so far was a solid hour. It felt like an hour but it was a long time and I remember there's this period where I was shaking really, really bad. I was trying to breathe better and call my nerves down. That my body wasn't shaking over like screaming at us and we're all trying to hold it. A lot of us with our gear and liters of water on our backs you know says a lot of weight on us too. It was an interesting experience as we were doing that and we were screaming at our fellow comrades to hurry the crap up said very nicely on this podcast. Anyway, what was fascinating to me was that there was this point where and I don't remember again how long it was. It was a long freaking time though where there's this time when we're shaking but all of a sudden it stopped. I suddenly was able to handle it again for a long sustained period of time. Then, it would go back to shakes and it's kind of like this loop where there be really intense moments where like oh my gosh can I hold this. Your body's going to shake and then your abs start doing this weird twitch thing. It was because you're just holding it for such a long time. You've got this weight on you and you're wearing your gear and body armor. All this stuff and it just I mean it's awful. It's not a fun experience that all. Certainly corrective Pt. works. Holding it and I do remember this very clearly though there were these moments where I would start to shake and I'd be like I'm not going to be able to hold it. I will hold and then whatever was happening inside my body is like this rush of energy and suddenly I was able to hold it for another while before another one of those little cycles would happen. It will get really hard my body would shake I feel like I'm going to drop and then I got to grid up again and get ready to go and I could hold it for another while. It was like these cycles up and down, up and down, and up and down. I remember a lot of it had to do with what was going on in my head and at the time I would be saying phrases at myself to keep going. The self talk you know we're all yelling each other trying to keep each other psyched. We're all ... I think I was yelling the Soldier's Creed in my head, stuff like that. Those became these points, these flags out in the mountain mentally for me to keep looking at rather than looking down and looking at the ants crawling on my arms and hands. You know rather than that kind of stuff. If I'm mentally was looking forward. If, I mentally was looking to the spot that was trying to get to it suddenly was doable. I ended up using this trick lots of times. I remember we would go and we do these sprints like crazy I mean just. Oh my gosh it's awful. I mean sprint for Sixty seconds and then we'd walk for thirty seconds. Then sprint for thirty seconds, walk for thirty seconds and we do that alternating back and forth for forty five minutes. It be a dead fall out sprint as hard as you could go and then total walk and it's called HIT training. High intensity interval training fast slow, fast slow, fast slow. It's like nuts on your heart rate and super, super hard. It's really interesting I went in and I was already skinny. I lost fifteen pounds in that and I remember though that there was I kept using this method where I was like, okay, what's the forward thinking thing? What's the flag on the mountain? What's the thing I'm looking to with the peak, the goal? That I can fixate on and not fixate on the really fast pain that I'm feeling. That makes sense? As I did that more and more and more it became the strategy for other places in my life. If I was sucking it up and in college later was kind of the same thing. It's like well I can focus on this rather than the pain of me not wanting to write this paper. I'm like whatever it is or became this thing in business. I am not sleeping very much right now why don't I fixate on what I'm going towards and by not focusing on the pain in the short term I was actually able to go longer and go faster and with more sustainability. The more you know over and over and over and suddenly my boss's name is Russell Bronson and I am his funnel building assistant at Clickfunnels. He started teaching about this concept called the Manifesto and the manifesto is this ... it I mean it goes right along everything he said. As soon as he was telling us this kind of thing I was like, "Oh my gosh this is so I mean I've been using this I'm ahead subconsciously without actually knowing that's what's been going on." Because the Army and other big things that's I've gone through my life. I mean we've all done that I'm this I'm not special. Any hard thing you've gone in your life, you think through and you start actually kind of get introspective about it. Realize like, "Oh my gosh that actually is that's ... Excuse me. That actually is ... That's how we got through it." I have two options I could stop but the pain of me knowing that I didn't get through it is the pain that stays or I could just endure the pain a little bit longer and the pain ends and there's this pleasure and peace and comfort on the other side. Does that make sense? On anything, we do in life anything, anything and everything. I mean it's the same thing with MLM stuff. Anytime I've ever seen anybody push hard at this especially their branding new at MLM and they've never heard anyone say no to them or they've never heard anybody say, "That's a pyramid scheme." Or they've never heard anybody say you know what mean. If, you've never gone through those things before it can be a rude awakening. People who've got it had a good their whole life. It's a rude awakening if they've never had any kind of opposition. I didn't have to go to basic training. I went through because I mean its kind of weird to say this but I wanted to. I wanted the challenge, I wanted mentally to go through that. It's a lot of fun but this is same thing with business I get excited with now when there's this new opportunity when there's something out there where like let me go take it down because the mental jog, the mental I don't know ecstasy that I get from that kind of challenge is amazing. It's always been because there's some kind of mental flag on the mountain, there's some kind of goal, something I'm reaching towards and it becomes this game. My boss Russell he taught me about these things called Manifestos and then he put it in a book called Expert Secrets. I wrote a Manifesto for my MLM Mavericks. If you don't know what the MLM Mavericks are these are the guys, these are the people who have purchased my Secret MLM Hacks Course. Once a week I get on and do a live Q and A with them. I'm trying to always keep people motivated. I'm trying to always keep people. Shooting forward and going for the Star. Right now I've got a C-group in there because the Course is about to launch. It hasn't gone up yet and a lot of you guys are following the launch right now. It's a lot of fun but there's a C-group in there. There's a Hand selected. There's about twenty people in there right now and what I'm doing is that I'm focusing forward always with them on what we're going towards. Simon Sinek said, "People don't buy what you do but they do buy why you do it." Does that makes sense? That's part of what these Manifestos are. I wrote a Manifesto for my MLM Mavericks group and I put it in the workbook that's actually a print right now that is part of the Course that's coming out soon to teach everyone how I do what I do in this MLM game. This its not normal, it's not something that at ... The principles that I know that we use in other industries that have supplied to MLM and it kills it, it's awesome. Anyway, with these Internet sales phones I built soon as I wrote a Manifesto and here's the format for the Manifesto. Number one, you've got to identify the leader, which is you listening to this right now. You're the leader of your MLM downline, maybe even recruited anybody yet. That's okay we just know that you are the leader. Number two, you got to identify the movement and you'll know more what I'm talking about here as I move through this. Number three, you've got to learn to take a stand against something and if your brand new in any kind of business I keep saying that but it's true if your brand spanking new or even if you're not it can be challenging to take a stand against something because you feel like you're offending people, "Oh no I've got to be likable." "Oh no, I've got to do something." "I want everyone to like me." Let me just tell you right now if your goal is for everyone to like you're not going to be successful. You have got to take a stand against something and my gut says that you know things you don't like. Take stands against that. You'll know what I'm talking about here is I'm actually going to read mine. These is just the format. Then, number four here is all about how you are different. Why are you different? Why you different than what the industry is doing that you're in? Why are you different the industry you know. I'm going to tell you mine here in just a moment here. Number five is what are you fighting against. Now, it's kind of what do you stand against? What are you fighting? Then the sixth one is the last part of self identify. Who are you? Let me fill in the gaps here just a little bit. I think the reason I'm doing this because I was telling you guys I never tell anyone what MLM mean on this podcast because I that's not the point of it. I'm trying to help. I don't care what MLM you're in. If, you like it stay in it. If, you're being successful with it stay in it. Write a Manifesto for yourself. Write a Manifesto for your team, what does your team stand for? In case, I want you to do this. This is why I'm handing out to your number one. Identify who are you? My name is Steve Larson. That's easy. Number two the movement. I'm part of a secret group of MLM entrepreneurs. You've probably never heard of. All right number three, what are you taking a stand against? We don't place our personal success on the backs of family members and friends. Our motivation is quite the opposite. We're a scrappy bunch and love the idea of a fight. We bootstrap our own way to freedom because we have products and services that we know change people's lives. Does that make sense? Number four, why are you different? Since, we're fighting an industry with marketing tactics stuck in the ninety's. I'm cutting. I'm trying to cut. I'm trying to make it seem like I'm standing against something else. I'm standing against an industry that I believe like I said is stuck in the ninety's. Since, we're fighting an industry with tactics that are stuck in the ninety's we have to do things differently. We have to do things smarter. We are our own safety net. Number five, who are you collectively fighting against? This is what I'm saying because we put relationships first we fight against any tactic that puts people second. We leverage marketing knowledge rather than our fragile connections. Awesome. Number six, who are you? Using servant leadership we rethink and rewrite rules while creating our own stories. We are the MLM Mavericks. That's pretty freaking intense. You have no guessing at all what it is that I stand for after you read that. Does that makes sense? That's my flag on the mountain. I put that out there. I put it up and I'm about to release it and make it look all cool and nice and put out to my actual C-group for this course I'm putting out and the movement because I do believe the MLM broken out of the box. I do believe that everything stuck in the ninety's we got to ... Excuse me. Just getting over a cold. I do believe that everybody ... Most MLM upline are not going to teach you the stuff that I'm talking about because they don't know it. It's stupid and I get really motivated about it because I had personal relationships get destroyed when I first joined MLM and someone sat across from me and said Make a list of all your friends and family and he would not let me leave till I called all of them with him and it was so freaking awkward. Now, I'm not telling you not to do that. Does it work? Yeah, yeah it does work. It's really inefficient. Does that makes sense? It's really, really rough to get through that patch and still maintain the friendship. This is so ... I put on his path I've been on this journey for the last several years. As I've gotten mastered to some of these skills in another industry I decided why don't I apply them back to the MLM industry. As I've done it, a year ago I launched the beta it's been nuts. Ridiculous auto-downline recruiting. What? From people, I don't even know. Not that I'm trying to remove the human out of this industry. Not that I'm trying to remove the personal touch that's not exact ... That's not it at all. I'm so freaking motivated about trying to show people how you can automate these recruiting systems, these recruiting tools and I figured out. Yeah, I can get passion about it. Whatever it is that you're passionate about, whatever it is that ... What do you stand for? What you stand against? You have got to ... this is one of the easiest ways for you to become a leader. Write a Manifesto. If you need to hear those again pause it go back and really listen to it. Write a Manifesto, figure out what it is that you stand for. What your band stands for, what your group stand for, what your team does because if you know where you're all going, oh my gosh you guys there's so much unspoken power that you just ... It's going to be oozing from you. Problems will solve that you don't even know were problems yet. There's going to be this force inside of your team that's like, oh my gosh like a jet. It's hard right now but that's where we're going for so I can push through it. Every person has a hard time. Every person in your MLM downline has a hard time and if you arm them with the flag like this. If you arm them with a Manifesto, with an idea it's so much easier to keep people engaged. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Simon Sinek. This is so freaking true. Every single time. What's funny is when I first started hearing those things years ago when I first put those tactics together I honestly was like you know the products got to be good, the products got to be amazing. Yeah, it does but that's not why people do it, why people stay at it. What do you stand for? Figured it out, publish it, get real loud and proud about it and you'll become a leader and people will follow you. They'll follow you through some pain point. Some personal development that they need to go through in order to be successful. It's not a fun experience. It sucks. It can be rough. There's always personal development but flaws just explode in your face. You suck at this. You suck at this. Maybe you're not good at selling. Maybe you're scared of talking to people. Whatever it is and maybe they're the reason has got to be deeper than just money. If, it's just money people are not going to stick with you that long. Does that make sense? This Manifesto is the gut wrenching reason why the heck they're there. Help them figure out what that is because sometimes most people don't know ... Most people have no idea why they're doing what they're doing. Help them help groups or people together. Rally them together around an idea a manifesto something that you're all shooting for that will help pull them through pain while their personal development is underway. Not that it stops but you know I mean especially right at the beginning people need that. I'm urging you to get out there and do it and go, go. I want you to crush it whatever you're in. Anyway, hey guys I hope you're doing great and I hope that you understand that what you are sitting on is the potential for generational wealth. It's not a small deal. Don't treat this like it's a small deal either. Take the Manifesto seriously. Go create one. What the heck do you stand for? Go get it done. Guys I'll talk to you later. Bye. Thanks for listening please remember to subscribe and leave feedback for me. Do you have a question you want answered live on the show? Go to secretmlmhacksradio.com to submit your questions and download your free MLM Masters Pack.


2 Oct 2017

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120: Modern MLM Pt. 1 - When I Gave Up On MLM

In this episode, I talk about how when I first got started with MLM, I was extremely reluctant to even join a company. Money was tight for my wife and me. It really started challenging my manhood and my marriage. This is the story of my struggles and why I decided to give up on MLM for a while. I was in college, while she had already graduated. I really didn't have time to be in a job. In fact, we were living on student loans.  I started looking for opportunities to make some extra cash. I started trying businesses and launching stuff. I was doing all kinds of stuff and nothing really seemed to be working. I remember I was staying up super late, getting up really early and studying and then doing stuff.  And then, one day, a buddy from college called. He went: “Hey man, I got this guy. He's on the line right now. He's going to help us make a bunch of money. I don't quite know how it works. You've got to talk to him.” He called, I answered and as soon as he started talking, I was like: “Why do you want me to pay a little bit of money in order to join this thing?” I was like: “Shouldn't I just be able to do it?” And I started fighting with him on it. And I was like: “No, I'm not doing this. Is this one of those MLM pyramid things?” That's what I asked him.  I was mad that my buddy did that. I hung up and I was like: “Absolutely not. Don't ask me to do that again.” That's what I said to his upline. I ended up telling my buddy: “You know what dude, I'll do it for you. I’ll join. I'll jump on in.” And I joined his downline. I drove down to meet the guy that I had just kind of chewed out on the phone, which was a little awkward. So we started writing down this big list of people in my phone directory and he didn't let me leave until we called. I called everybody in my phone. I did. I reached out to so many people and I went hard, and people were like “No, no, no.” And it got really, really awkward. Probably after a few weeks of running really hard at this, I realized that there might be another way to this.  I got so frustrated that I kind of gave it up. I was like: “I am done with MLM. I am done with that word ‘marketing’. I do not want to be a part of this anymore.” Stay tuned to find out as to what brought about the turnaround. Key Takeaways: My first big experience in the MLM space didn't go well (3:12) Fast forward a couple of years, I was hired by the ClickFunnels CEO (9:23) Russell Brunson was playing the game differently than I had been taught (11:24) I decided to start putting up some recruiting funnels; I started learning how to attract people already interested in joining MLM (12:04) I realized I didn't have a strong enough filter on who I was trying to get into my downline (12:22) There are millions of people out there who are begging to find another cool opportunity because they made their last one work (13:20) When I started realizing that I needed to be strict about who I was trying to attract, the whole game started changing (13:40) Three ways to grow a downline: Get more customers. Increase the amount of spending. Increase the frequency that they buy (15:08) --- Additional Resources: https://SecretMLMHacks.com/live --- Whether you simply want more leads to pitch or an automated MLM funnel, head over to secretmlmhacks.com and join the next FREE training. And if you haven't already, head over to Apple Podcasts and leave a rating and review on the podcast if you've got any value from it.


27 Nov 2019

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102: The MLM Funnel...

I want to share with you a project that I've been doing here… I bought themlmfunnel.com and I want to share with you the Funnel.  If you're reading the blog, that's great… But I would come and WATCH this one.   I have my whiteboard here and I spent quite a bit of time drawing this funnel.  Back in the day, I used to build my own funnels… But now I have a team.  I draw the funnel for the team, and I record myself going through it, and then I say, “Okay, go build it!”  What's cool about that is… Stuff that gets done WITHOUT me!  It's one of the ways they created leverage. THE MLM FUNNEL I create TWO different kinds of MLM funnels… A funnel to sell product Another funnel to sell the opportunity (to recruit)  If you've never taken the Secret MLM Hacks Program, go to secretmlmhacks.com, and you can actually see the companion to this show.  It's actually a program, and this show is to help facilitate that program as well.  When I need to promote something that I don't own the checkout for… That's all MLM is!  I remember the first time I realized that I’d get in trouble both with my MLM, Facebook, and all these other ad platforms, if I take my MLM product and I drive ads to it on Facebook.  Can't do that.  For the most part, you're not allowed to do that. Facebook hates the use of MLM online, and I totally get it.  It's because no one knows how to do it RIGHT… And they go take selfies in the gym…  Caption: Working from home today!  That sucks. I hate that. It's the dumbest type of marketing ever in my opinion!   I want to teach HOW to sell things on the internet with the funnel that's very easy to use.  It's literally ONE page.   This one-page funnel made me $110,000 in the last six months! I've made $110,000 as an affiliate for somebody else.  What you have to understand is: The affiliate model on the internet is the exact same as the MLM model.  I have tons of people who are affiliates for Secret MLM Hacks because it's the same model.  You are not allowed to do affiliate products in a lot of places… Just like MLM…  So, what do you do?  AUTOMATE SELLING YOUR MLM PRODUCTS I wanna teach you how this model is very easy to use to sell your MLM's product.  THIS is a powerful episode and I want you to buckle up... You may want to come to YouTube so that you can see what I'm gonna draw here on my whiteboard.  As I bring it in… I'm nervous that someone's gonna have a heart attack.  It might look crazy, IT’S NOT. It's actually super simple.  It's more that I'm a messy drawer… It's not a messy model at all.  If you don't know what a funnel is… A funnel is just a sales process which you can automate. I can automate ways to get leads I can automate ways to get sales This is how I automate when I DON’T control the cart.  You have NO control over the checkout process when you send people to your link.   THIS is how you can still have a massive impact on your sales AND... If you have never taken a Hack MLM Program, go to hackmlm.com and it walks through this in depth.  If you're actually serious about it and want to get these systems for yourself, go to secretmlmhacks.com and get this program.  This is why it's been such a big deal… It's because I flip a lot of these models on its head.  I don't use the way upliners teach MLM I've never done a home meeting I've never done a hotel meeting I don't do phone meetings … I auto-recruit pretty much DAILY!  FREAKING OUT OVER THE MLM FUNNEL I don't want anyone to freak out or anything but I want you to take note of the process I go through to create a funnel.  This works if you are trying to recruit It also works if you're trying to do products I would use this funnel that I'm about to share with you to SELL products.  I can use this to promote something that I don't own the cart for… This is the MLM FUNNEL.  If you go to themlmfunnel.com, this is what you're about to see when you go there.   No one have a heart attack or anything THIS is why it works for MLM… When I don't own somebody else's product, what are all the things somebody's going to struggle with?  What are all the things somebody's going to struggle with when they buy the other person's product through my link?  And I come up with my own OFFER.  Think about this for a moment…  There's a really cool book that Russell Brunson just put out called Network Marketing Secrets, and I created this funnel to promote that book.  It’s the exact same model to go sell MLM products with… There's no difference!  I keep telling everybody it's the same thing as affiliate marketing online!  You don't control the cart in both scenarios Both times, you get paid off of commission  In MLM, you are a commission-based salesman. There's freedom when you accept that.  What does that model look like on the internet? Let's take that model and go pull it into MLM. This is what Secret MLM Hacks teaches.  NEW NETWORK MARKETING SECRETS BOOK Some people think they need to be techy… I'm not techy. I use ClickFunnels.  Drag and drop. Click. Save. DONE.  THIS is what I drew for my team.  I am selling Russell's new Network Marketing Secrets book and I don't control the cart… I don't control the checkout at all. This is Russell Brunson's page.  How do I promote that when I don't own the cart?  This is the same problem in MLM.  There’s a really easy solution… You create what's called a BRIDGE PAGE.  THIS is a bridge page…  I'm gonna send traffic to this page first, and THEN incentivize them to go buy through my link… It's really easy.  All I do is… I think to myself, “If people go buy a book like Network Marketing Secrets from a guy like Russell Brunson… What are some of the questions that they are gonna have? What are some of the issues that they're gonna experience when they buy it?”  They might have the problem of wondering how on earth to create a recruiting funnel They might wonder how to go create a product funnel similar to the one  If they're like, “Stephen, I'm not a funnel builder”... That's fine. I'm a funnel builder NERD.  I'm a geek so that YOU don't have to be… Which is my positioning in this marketplace.  If I'm gonna go do this, I wanna know HOW should I train my downline on this stuff…  WHAT YOU LEARN IN SECRET MLM HACKS Let's think about this then… I call this my 30-day downline trainer. Here's what you need to do in the first 30-days of my downline to be successful.  I'm not JUST teaching about the MLM… I'm teaching them how to go set up recruiting funnels (which is really awesome and where a lot of the power of my downline has come).  I just teach them the same thing that I've done.  People might want to know MORE about how to publish and create content that makes them an attractive character on the internet… THIS is my publishing keystone.  I'm starting to think through WHAT ELSE I could add to the thing that I'm promoting.  THIS is why I outvalue my upline and downline so well. I look at the products that my MLM sells and I'm like, “What else other value can I add and go create?”  And if I don't know how to do something, somebody else does.  This game is not about YOU being prolific and amazing and brilliant in every instrument in the orchestra. This is about you being the maestro. Just be the orchestrator.  You're the conductor, baby! That's all entrepreneurship is… Knowing HOW to guide everything.  I don't know how to do most of the things that my business does…   Some people get mad about that…  That's what the Secret MLM Hacks Program teaches you.  I might wanna go in and help people know, “You can actually get a discount ticket to my next event if you buy this through my link.”  If you go to themlmfunnel.com, you're gonna see this.  AUTOMATE AND MAKE A LOT OF MONEY I think through this offer ahead of time… What am I gonna send them to when they buy through my link? I've made A LOT of money doing this. This strategy is really freaking easy.  Most people are like, “It's different for MLM”. NO IT’S NOT! Suck it up!  I get so sick of that. IT’S not different. WE’RE different…  BUT 99% of it is the same thing.  Same flesh and blood Same ideas as everybody else  That last 1% is what makes you YOU.  I always ask myself, “How I can add value to whatever it is I'm promoting”... And then this is the funnel I go build to support it.  That's not ALL of the offer… But that's A LOT of the offer.  If you go to themlmfunnel.com, you'll see what I'm talking about.  Just a side note…  Hopefully you enjoyed the journey with me. I hope this whole thing has helped awaken your mind to WHAT actual MLMers do to sell a lot. I t's not home meetings. That's sooo 20 years ago. I'm not saying you can't be successful with it, but it's just a lot harder and you have to go through a lot more failure and rejection to do it.  I don't experience very much rejection.  The next step is… If I want to get them over to the page where they can BUY Russell Brunsons Network Marketing Secrets… I want to incentivize them to buy through my link.  It’s the same freaking scenario as if I'm going to promote my MLM's product… SAME THING! I teach you how to create a unique recruiting offer in Secret MLM Hacks amongst a ton of other stuff.  THE NETWORK MARKETING SECRETS GOAL The goal is not to be better than your upline or downline… The goal is to be DIFFERENT and NEW.  That's subtle but extremely important, and you’ll make a lot more money.  Go to themlmfunnel.com, open up a new tab and follow along with me and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.  The first thing you'll see is I have a video walking people through WHAT they're about to see.  “What's up, my name's Steve Larsen. I'm a huge fan of network marketing, MLM, whatever you choose to call it. I'm a huge fan of Russell Brunson. I'm a huge fan of funnels and automation and building real assets. I want to incentivize you to go get the book that is on the very next page. You could use anyone's other affiliate link to go get the book… But I want to really incentivize you because I want to thank you for getting it through me. What I'm gonna give you is this…”  The section below describe what you get from me when you choose to get it from my link.  This is the same thing I do in MLM. THIS works and my MLM is begging me to come in and build this for the entire MLM now.  I was taught to go talk to friends and family… And if they're really interested in it, there's nothing wrong with that. I don't have a problem if you go talk to your friends and family…  But only if they are the kinds of people who WANT it, not NEED it.   Go to secretmlmhacks.com and watch the web class to see what I'm talking about with that. CHECK OUT THE MLM FUNNEL  If you go to themlmfunnel.com, you'll see the first thing in there is a video that says exactly WHAT I'm saying right now…  I walk them through what they’re going to get when you buy through…  My MLM  This other person The cart that I have no control over You're gonna get  X, Y and Z.  No one buys because of the PRODUCT…  They buy because of the sales message.  This is what Secret MLM Hacks teaches you to do.  I tell you what you're gonna get from Russell… But I wanna sweeten the deal even more…  I'm gonna give you this and I'm gonna give you this. I'm gonna give you this… I go through my unique product offer. It's all the stuff that I was just walking you through.  I actually give you this funnel… It's on ClickFunnels. I give you this funnel when you buy through my link. I give you a ton of stuff. It’s such a sexy offer.  Then I walk through and I talk about some cool testimonials about that book (you all have testimonials about your MLM product) and then some testimonials about me… I'm not some crazy psycho… I actually have some stuff to say.  Then I make cool product images… And any single thing they click on here opens up a little popup that they register on.  It says, “Hey, put your email here so I know where to send your bonuses when you buy through my link.” As soon as you put your email in right here, it forwards you to my link.  MY NETWORK MARKETING SECRETS OFFER It's just one step in-between. But there's a very special little secret sauce on the inside of this that makes it work that well…  I add anybody who puts their name and email on here onto an email list… And I email them REALLY valuable content that you otherwise would have paid for.  If you guys go to secretmlmhacksradio.com, there's five FREE videos that you get to help you understand WHY this is so different?  They're old school videos. I did them four years ago… I'm not as good on camera as I am now, but it's still good content.  At the bottom of each of these pages is my affiliate link or is my MLM link… And I'm pushing them back to, “Hey, do you like that video? You're gonna get way more if you just use my link below to go get hooked up and go get your stuff. Anyway, you want all those bonuses still? Oh, awesome, all you've got to go do, click the link down below and go push over.”  The titles of these videos are the kinds of things that I know everybody's been wanting to learn from me. It's the stuff that I teach in Secret MLM Hacks.  Not all of it… I'm not giving away the farm. That would be dumb… But I do give a lot of it away. Three things you actually control in MLM. These are the three things you actually control in MLM because you don't…  Own the product Control in your own position … At any moment, they could snap their fingers and your position is gone. Not to freak anyone out, but that's the reality.  ADDING VALUE TO NETWORK MARKETING SECRETS Let's be real and understand what you do control. That's freaking valuable.Then I just remind them, “By the way, go get the book through my affiliate link down below, and here's a reminder of the things you'll get from me if you go do that.”  I'm leading with value… Not hounding, hounding, hounding, hounding, hounding.  That's how Eminem got his bad rap.  I'm not gonna try and fake it. Lead with value!  The next day, I I tell them WHY my team is so unique and I teach them the model that my team runs under. I don't think I've actually walked through much of that on this show…  The next page is the same thing… I teach them how to generate sales even if no one buys from them.  That’s one of the ways that my door stayed open when I was still brand new for so many years. It's a really powerful concept.  The next day, I teach them how to combine two different industries in MLM, which is what I've done and why it works so well.  I don't know why no one really does it….  People do NOW because I've been harping like crazy.  I've tried to be the biggest wrecking ball in the MLM industry.  Let's use the freaking internet. If I can't do what I want to in Facebook, that's okay. That doesn't mean NO, it just means NOT LIKE THAT.  Sometimes my MLM doesn't want me to say their name on social media because they wanna control it… I get it, but that doesn't mean NO. It means NOT LIKE THAT.  AUTOMATE AND OUTVALUE  So, how can I do it? That's what I've been solving over the last five years. I teach them that model. That's one of the videos that they learn.  “By the way, click down below and it's gonna come over here, and when you buy the book through my link, you're gonna get this.”  That's what we do for MLM products. “Go buy it through my link and you're gonna get all this insane, awesome stuff that you would not get from anybody else.”  I'm literally outvaluing my upline and downline.  They can go do it on their own, but it means capitalism is back in play, baby.  May the best man win.  Let's add more value to the customer instead of trying to hunt him down and hound him.  Not everyone's like that.  In the next one that goes out… I talk about the wealth formula and one of the easiest reasons why I believe everyone should be in networking marketing.  Everyone should be in MLM. In each and every single one of the emails that are going out to them, it's saying, “Go watch the next FREE video in our little mini-course”.  Every single one of them is reminding them to go get it. Now I get to leave with value, and I get to leave with real testimonials about this.  I know that my MLM might have a hard time if I do testimonials about them, so don't do it. Do it about you.  Are you psycho? No?  If you’ve got testimonials of other people saying that about you, they're really powerful.  There's really easy ways to build viral aspects into this funnel. There's really easy ways to build tons of social proof, to auto-collect and auto-repost reviews all over social media profiles.  NETWORK MARKETING SECRETS MAILING LIST There's fascinating stuff that you can do with this… The problem is that people will discount it and be like, “It doesn't work, my MLM won't let me.” MLMs don't let anybody just promote their actual thing… So don't. You add something in-between.  You build a list… Then you market to the list.  And it might be that you keep doing emails, and it might be on like day seven that you actually break even on your ad traffic… But then it's pure profit.  Anything they buy AFTER that is pure profit. It's one of the easiest models… It's one of the most old school affiliate models I use in MLM and it's been working really, really well.  If you want to see this in live action and see the actual bonuses, go get a book called Network Marketing Secrets from Russell Brunson himself (who was number one in two MLMs at the exact same time).  Go get the book… But I'm asking you to go get it through my link. YEAH, I'm pitching you… But you're gonna get all this cool stuff. I actually recorded myself building, live, in front of a live audience, I recorded my screen building an auto-recruiting funnel.  You also get “How I go and build systems to auto-train those that I'm bringing in”.  I HATE it that no one was really helping me out when I first started.  I also teach you guys more about HOW I publish.  Go to iTunes Type in MLM for podcasts Notice how many new podcasts are showing up … Those are my students, baby!  NETWORK MARKETING SECRETS SEXY OFFER You guys are gonna get a taste test of that and WHY it's been working for FREE when you guys get the book through my link.  You're also gonna get a discount ticket to my next even. There's two events that we have coming up… One of them is called Hack MLM Live.  It's the https://themlmfunnel.com/waitlist event that I will definitely invite you to… But that's not ready yet. It's almost like a workshop, so I'm not just gonna lecture. You have a chance to actually build a lot of the stuff at the event.  The other one I do is called OfferMind. OfferMind teaches you HOW to create sexy offers (very important for the strategy I just taught you).  It teaches you to create sexy offers, and Russell is going to keynote.  Russell Brunson will be keynoting at that event.  It's in September. You’re gonna get a discount ticket to that when you go and get this as well.  Go to themlmfunnel.com, and you will get product funnel AND recruiting funnel.  It's not the same thing as in Secret MLM Hacks, don't worry. I'm not giving away the farm.  Go to The MLM Funnel, go check this out. I'm incentivizing you to go get the book through my link.  And get freaking ClickFunnels! It's the power of a dev team in your hand for $97 a month.  When you download this funnel, it'll give you a FREE trial. I get to do all this stuff and automate so many things in my teams because of this.  THE MLM FUNNEL IS HERE! If you didn't watch this on YouTube, I still strongly suggest that you do.  Go to secretmlmhacksradio.tv and it will forward you to the YouTube channel. I would watch this one because what I'm drawing here is very powerful. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the episode. Go to themlmfunnel.com (which is super cool that I own that).  You’ll get a lot of training on how you can use this in your own MLM. I don't care which MLM you're in as long as you're able to go in and actually treat it like a real business.  I would love, love, love, love to be able to have you guys go grab this book and be able to help build your actual business, a real asset.  I believe MLM is so cool because when you get it to a certain point, it grows on its own. The ball grows and grows then it suddenly starts rolling down the hill… And then it just kinda takes off on its own and it explodes.  Then you have a real asset that's very powerful. Probably the biggest question I get is: “Steve, how are you using the internet for your personal MLM today?”  To be clear, I am, but it's HOW that matters, and it's HOW that you're probably interested in.  Facebook doesn't easily let you drive ads to MLM, and most MLMs won't even let you say their name on the internet, which is stupid.  Despite those and other forces, I am using the internet to grow my personal downline and sell products.  GET NETWORK MARKETING SECRETS MLM is changing, and you're probably feeling that, right? It's why I created a little mini-course in a bundle… To show you HOW I'm doing this all today.  It's called The MLM Funnel and you can get it at themlmfunnel.com.  I'm doing this because you might not know WHERE to start in all of this and, secondly, because there's a cool new book by Russell Brunson called Network Marketing Secrets that I want you to go get.  He's a cool guy, so I'm talking about this book a lot lately. I'm also going to give you a little bribe so you go get the book through my link.  How evil of me.  When you go to themlmfunnel.com and get Russell's new book, Network Marketing Secrets, I'm going to give you my Pre-built Recruiting Funnel Template, the Hack MLM Downline Onboarding Course, which is how I auto-train my downline when they join my team.  ALSO, a discount ticket to my next event called OfferMind so that you can learn to outvalue your upline and downline.  If you want all this for FREE, just go to themlmfunnel.com now and get a crash course into prebuilt funnel templates that I'm using with my own downline now.  Again, just go to themlmfunnel.com and buy Russell Brunson's new book there, and I'll send you all those bonuses for free.


24 Jul 2019

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72: My MLM Content Machine...

Here's how I'm making all of my MLM content without personally spending all the time to be on all the platforms we publish to... WELCOME TO MY NEW CONTENT MACHINE I know it's been a while since I've posted. I’ve had to take a step back so I could take two steps forward. I'm super pumped to show you why! I am obsessed with a guy named Ryan Holiday. I love his books. He's got this great book called Trust Me, I'm Lying. The biggest thing I learned from Ryan Holiday is summed up in this one quote. He said…. The future belongs to those who understand content. If you want to change an industry, all you have to do is change content. If you want to change someone’s beliefs, all you need to do is change the content they’re consuming. I started listening to more of what Ryan Holiday was teaching. Where could I take a stand that would be the easiest, the best and the fastest to rise with my content strategy? I looked at the MLM industry which I already was selling into. I realized, "Oh, my gosh. Few people are publishing content inside of MLM.” There's not that many active podcasters. Go to iTunes and type in MLM or network marketing. I'm not saying there aren't any, there are. Few people are actively publishing content inside of MLM compared to other industries. I took a step back so that I could figure out my the content strategy. I try to be completely transparent with you guys. This is a video podcast. I'm actually on YouTube right now. The video podcast gets syndicated out to about 20 platforms by the time we're done. I want to teach you guys what I've been doing and what you can expect from Secret MLM Hacks Radio. This what I do in my other show, Sales Funnel Radio. It worked so well that I'm putting it over here on this side of the show. It's a huge content machine. That's what I call it. I am aggressively passionate about the MLM industry. I am aware of that. I do it to rattle the chains a little bit. I am SICK AND TIRED of the way MLM is done today by the mainstream MLM-er. I am SICK AND TIRED of the big MLM corporations not letting MLM strategy change. I am SICK AND TIRED of people sitting back and getting taken by big companies because MLM strategy is not being allowed to change with the times. I am throwing rocks hard and unapologetically. I am not throwing them at people. I'm not throwing them at the general MLM-er. I'm not throwing rocks at somebody because they're brand new and don't know the things I’m going to teach. The purpose of this blog is to teach the MLM strategies that I'm using. I'm teaching all the MLM and content strategies I'm using to grow my downline. I love what I'm doing right now. We've been putting the systems and processes back in place. We are still getting three to four people who I've never met, asking to join my downline every day! It’s so much fun. I am compelled to teach you the strategies that I’ve been using in the MLM industry. You're not going learn it from your uplines! That’s the reason I took a stand in this space. I'm unapologetic about it. I'm calling my shot, right here, right now. This is going to be some of the top content in MLM. It's gonna be very hard for MLMs to ignore what I'm doing right here. I am SO TIRED that MLM has not changed, and won't let it change. It's been 30 years. What is the deal? The purpose of the content I publish is to rock the boat. And I'm going to rock it hard.  Every single belief that you have, or have ever had, or ever will have, is upheld by a story. Even if it’s a false belief! Even if it's a false story! It could be a story that's been handed down from generation to generation. Even though it's not true, it’s what is upholding your false belief. If I change the story that somebody is hearing, they are in a better position to change their beliefs. Do you understand how powerful this is? I'm teaching you is the closest thing to X-Men mind control right now. This is true marketing. Marketing at its core. Marketing is not: Freaking Facebook ads Marketing is not logos It’s not slogans It most certainly is not a freaking business card! There's a great book called Rework. It talks about some great concepts like the core of a business. Can you have a hot dog stand without relish? Yeah you can. Can you have a hot dog stand without a bun? It'd be a little weird, but yeah, you can. Can you have a hot dog stand without a hot dog? No. WHAT IS MARKETING IN THE MLM INDUSTRY? MLM might stand for multi-level marketing, but it is completely misnamed. No one teaches marketing in MLM. Marketing is not face-to-face interaction, that's advertising or selling, NOT marketing. I want you to understand what the core of marketing is. I want to show you my content machine and why it's built the way it is. It's going to help you guys understand what the heck I’m doing. Feel free to hack it, as people say, and do the same in your own biz, I don't care. The whole point of this blog episode, my show and the company Secret MLM Hacks, is to rock the MLM industry, and it's working. Marketing is the act of changing beliefs with the intent of a sale. That is it. Let me repeat that to really bring it home. Marketing is the act of changing beliefs with the intent to sell something. How do you change beliefs? You tell stories. Few people in the MLM industry know how to publish content. WHAT ISN’T MARKETING IN THE MLM INDUSTRY? I listened to a guy talk about the top three ways to market in the MLM industry to recruit people into your downline. Now I don't care what MLM you're in. I'm trying to change MLM as a whole. The best bit of advice this guy had, his golden nugget of wisdom, was to go leave business cards on people's car windshields. WHAT!? Those are the MLM strategies that are still being taught now. No wonder people think MLM is a freaking scam. I'm sick of it. Drives me nuts. I've got a sword in my backpack right now, and I'm going to town on the MLM industry. Another guys brilliant strategy was to go and sit next to people he saw sitting alone in restaurants. That’s how he built his MLM empire. Not only am I astounded at how insane that is, but I would never do that. I don't do that kind of crap. You will never see me in front of a hotel lobby, inside of a mall or on freaking three-way calls. I'm not trying to offend anybody, but I am trying to jar you. The internet became publicly available in 1991. It was being used by the military before then. It's been here for a while, but the MLM strategies have not changed for decades. If the secret sauce is business cards and sitting next to people while they eat, WOW. The ocean is so blue. No wonder we've been doing well.  I come armed with my flamethrower on this blog because what is happening inside the MLM industry is driving me nuts! My MLM backs me in what I'm doing - they're very excited for what’s to come. I'm using three things that no one teaches in MLM:    Funnels Automation Content I'm using all the top strategies in every other area of the internet! I’m applying those strategies to MLM! MY CONTENT MACHINE IN ACTION We run the whole content machine system using a tool called Trello. We've been adding in and streamlining a whole bunch of new systems and processes to make this content machine run like clockwork. I'm going to teach you what I'm doing with my content machine. Step 1: I record a video, I upload the video. Step 2: I upload the MP3 as well. We rip the MP3 out of the video. Step 3: The MP3 gets turned into text. That’s just the basics. A lot of stuff happens to it from that point on. Our video expert goes in and chops out all these cool 15 second clips that we can use on Instagram. We take one minute long clips to use on Facebook. Just ONE piece of content gets repurposed for five platforms. If you like to read, great. If you like to go into iTunes, great. If you like to watch on YouTube, great. Pinterest, great. Whatever platform you like to consume content on, I do my best to make sure you don't have to leave that platform. You’re never going to miss out. We take thumbnails from the video to put on Pinterest and other visual platforms such as Instagram. The MP3 file gets transcribed into a text so we can put it on a blog for you to read. blog.secretMLMhacksradio.com is now launched! There’s a huge team behind this, which frankly costs a lot of money. I want to be transparent with you. I spend anywhere from $10 to $20 thousand a month making the content for this show alone. We're republishing to many platforms. iTunes, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Spotify. Name a platform and we’re more than likely repurposing and publishing content to it. We use keywords that are specific that work well for each individual platform. This blog, YouTube, iTunes. Each one is different and we’re making it awesome regardless of the platform. NO MORE CONTENT INJUSTICE I feel so strongly about what I'm doing here. An injustice has been happening inside of the MLM industry. I'm tired of it. We are going to get loud and I'm very unapologetic about it. I'm plugging in to about nine agencies. This is huge. These nine agencies on the front end all have their own people in the back as well. It's a big team that's involved. Our Facebook agency team looks at each one of the episodes to see what the market enjoyed the most. Then they running ads over to Secret MLM Hacks. If you want to be a part of Secret MLM Hacks, you are more than welcome to. It is a program that teaches you how to automate your lead gen, and sales of your products on the internet. It teaches you how to recruit like crazy. Put in the hard work and you're going to make a lot of money with it. MLM is fun when you do it, in my opinion, the right way. Follow my journey, because I'm about to get real loud. No one publishes content that well. No one knows how to do marketing. The stuff I'm doing is cutting edge. I’ve taken successful strategies that work for other businesses outside of MLM and applied it to the MLM industry. It's killing it. Welcome to the future of Secret MLM Hacks Radio. I'm very excited. I love being in the MLM industry again because of the strategies I'm going to share with you guys.


19 Dec 2018

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87: Easy Internet MLM Traffic Methods...

Do you know how to create pressure on the internet around your MLM?  This is super valuable stuff. I'm excited to share it with you.  HOW TO GENERATE TRAFFIC FOR YOUR MLM If you guys have been following me at all, you know that one of the reasons why this stuff does so well is because I follow the info product model on the Internet. I piggyback my MLM on the back of it.  That's the reason why it works so well. And that's a lot of what I teach here. This is what I teach in the Secret MLM Hacks program itself.  A lot of people are like, "Okay, Stephen, you told me I can go set up these little machines all over the Internet, right? Put all these things all over the Internet, how do I actually orchestrate pressure, right? How do I get eyeballs?" Think about Hollywood. Do you think movies in Hollywood would be as effective if no one heard about the movie until the day it launched? No.  Hollywood has nailed the model. They know they're going to drop out a preview, eight months before and then a new one, six months and then four and then two. There are several kinds of previews.  They take the most exciting parts of the story and they're showing them. They're showing the most exciting parts of the story. That becomes the preview. If you want to fill in the gaps, you go to the movie. Everyone knows when it comes out.  They keep telling you. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Here’s the date you can go see it. Are you going to dress up? You're going to go at midnight showing?  They build pressure to this date and then release the pressure and tens and hundreds of millions of dollars go through a single day.  FOUR TRAFFIC METHODS IN MLM The mistake is to build all these cool things in MLM, but then not tell anybody about it until the thing launches. I treat a lot of what I do in this space, much like I would any other product launch. Even though it's not mine, it's how I'm doing it. There are four different ways that I like to generate traffic. #1 My favorite way to generate traffic is to create content (what I’m doing now). I create content and I push traffic to certain things based on what I'm putting out. I have two shows, almost three.  #2 I like to get influencers to namedrop me and that's something else that we do a pretty frequently #3 Get affiliates so people can go sell my programs and take a huge commission. It brings me the kinds of people that I would be interested in having in my down line in the first place.  #4 Ads. Isn't that funny? In that order. Ads is the last one. I'm not saying not to do it or it's the least important. That's the last one that I go do, and I'm not driving traffic to my MLM. Facebook has a hard time with that and that's okay. So I don't. Follow the rules. I don't get around it. There's not some secret loophole. What I do is, I don't even promote my MLM. I'm promoting something in front of it. On the back, I'm bringing people into my MLM. HOW TO GENERATE TRAFFIC WITH FACEBOOK ADS So if you’re wondering, "Stephen, how do I get traffic for my stuff? How do I get eyeballs and people on my stuff that I'm putting out?"  I hate trying to learn to do Facebook ads. I have no idea how to do Facebook ads. Why would I learn that?  There is a who, who already knows how. I go find people who are as obsessed in their thing as I am in mine. I don't need to know how they do all their thing. I just need to know that they're obsessed. I need to know that they're good. So I went out and I found a Facebook ads person. Honestly, it wasn't that expensive. I thought it'd be more expensive. They're incredible. They're so good and they drive all the traffic for me.  I don't even know how to start a Facebook ad.  I don't want you to do is sit back and go, "Well, it's easy for you to do it Stephen because of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Garbage. Hot garbage. I don't know how to do a lot of things in my business, which is how it should be. The CEO of Coca Cola doesn’t khow to do every single role in Coca Cola.  Steve Jobs didn't know how to do everything. That's why he went and he got all these coders to do it all. He was just the sales guy. He was the aggregator, the entrepreneur. He was not a coder. Don't look at these traffic methods and go, "Well, I don't know how to do that so it doesn't apply to me”. I would just use one traffic method, not all four. Just choose ONE that you're going to master and have a bunch of fun with it. HOW TO GENERATE TRAFFIC FOR YOUR SALES FUNNELS You know what's funny? When you get a sales message right, and you get the offer right, and you get the funnel right, you get to this really cool zone where you get to just have fun getting traffic in different methods. One of the ways you can generate traffic is obviously ads. That’s one of the reasons why I have a paid prospecting funnel.  Yes, it’s to get some cash in your pocket. But it allows us to profitably spend ad dollars. You're not just sinking money into getting leads that won't pay you anything. Instead, they're generating the money. And you're able to invest it straight back in, and literally self-liquidate. It’s super cool because I get a whole bunch of people coming on in for free. In some form or fashion, you will always purchase the customer. Whether it's… Through money A cost to acquire through ad spend Through your time  My last podcast episode on Secret MLM Hacks Radio was talking about the different cost models of MLM. There's three right off the bat that are really easy to talk about. #1 Spend money. #2 Spend time.  #3 Spend time once.  If I'm going to spend my time and not money, I'm going to spend my time once. I'm going to go create create content. Stuff that lives on beyond just the one time I took to go and make that thing. Traditional MLM goes around and says "Hey, pitch everyone, all the time."  It's not a scalable model because you only have so much time. If we're not using an application funnel or some kind of recruiting funnel, you don't know if the people who are coming in also have the same kind of desires and drive that you do. MLM AND CONTENT CREATION You're the only real driver. The one pushing your sales message, and you're using that same amount of time.  Let's say it takes you 15 minutes to do your little speil or whatever. You're going to do that same 15 minutes all the time.  The cost model that I really like is ads coupled with only spending time once.   Then I can scale. Then I can take that system and hand it to my down line.  How do I get traffic? I like paid advertising and organic. Let's say you sell supplements. I would go and find a ton of other publishers who also talk about supplements. Regardless if they're in MLM. I would try and get on their shows. At first, it would probably mean that I would get them on mine. Create those feelings of reciprocity and I'd get on theirs. Get on influencers podcasts and blogs. Get other big influencers to come on yours. That actually cross pollinates their followings. That brings some of their following over to you.  That's how I grew my stuff so fast about two years ago.  I also really like the Dream 100 stuff. Where you get a big influencer to just name drop you, and you give them a commission for it.  The other way is affiliates. I treat affiliates differently than the strategy I use to approach and talk with Dream 100. They're two different groups of people. You're still going to give a commission to each, but there's different mentalities of each group.  An affiliate typically doesn't have a following. I'm going to treat a Dream 100 person a little bit different because they do have a following. That’s one of the key differentiators between those two groups.  CAMPAIGNS ARE NOT FACEBOOK ADS  An art that's becoming lost is campaigns. Campaigns are not Facebook ads. That's not a campaign. Yet Facebook, and YouTube, and Google are destroying the term "campaign." Is an ad part of a campaign? Yes. But ad's themselves aren't just campaigns.  A campaign is a series of events that lead people to some kind of action.  A campaign is almost like another funnel that pushes into your existing one. One of the reasons why my stuff is selling so well, is because I have been a part of, or seen, or watched these different campaigns. Yes, there's ads involved in them, but an ad itself is not a campaign. I have a program coming out soon called Affiliate Outrage. It  teaches people how to be an affiliate online. Sell a product that you don't own, and that you did not create. How to sell it  and gain a list in the process. Some of the strategies are similar to what we teach here, but not really. It's different.  The reason I'm doing that is so I teach people how to sell Secret MLM Hacks. I'm teaching people how to make money selling my thing. I'm not just saying "Here's an affiliate link." I'm teaching them how to take that affiliate link and go crush it.  That's a campaign. That's an event. That is a living, breathing thing that a lot of people have already signed up for and they're coming on in. This is a FREE program I'm doing just for fun. They're going in and learning how to be an affiliate marketer. That’s how I made my first dollars on the internet.  HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS AN AFFILIATE You could run an affiliate contest. I’d have the top winners of that affiliate contest come to an event. I'd have a whole bunch of them listed out. Then I’d have an MLM summit coming up.  There's a whole campaign. It's all strategy behind what I'm doing.  When you get the funnel up and ready to rock, and you get the offer ready, and you get the sales message, and you know what everything is... Oh my gosh, that is mental playground time. What ends up happening is, you actually can go and spend all of your time just being a marketer, and an attractive character for your business. IS YOUR SALES MESSAGE GENERATING TRAFFIC? How do I get traffic? Multiple ways.  I can't just say ONE, but it does it in phases. If you're just getting stuff out the door, I focus very heavily on publishing, and very heavily on organic methods to generate traffic, until I get cash coming in.  I've never put a dollar of my own into my business because those are the methods I focused on first. I created a campaign with my publishing funnel, with my podcasting, for this program. I started publishing several months before this program was ready. And I started name dropping it, and telling people where to get on the waiting list. I built pressure.  And THEN I opened the gates. We did $37,000 in the first day. It was like, BOOM.  That was a campaign. You guys all create events.  I'm not necessarily talking about a hotel event or a home event. You create these experiences that people are looking forward to. These moments in time where it's like "Oh, all this pressure is building," similar to the way Hollywood does six months before a movie comes out. Do you think that sales would go very well if no one heard about the actual movie until it got released the day of? NO. The reason is because they provide pressure ahead of time. That's what a campaign is, and what it allows you to do.  WAYS TO GENERATE TRAFFIC Ads will help you generate traffic. 100%, totally. But you need to continue to publish as well. You get loyal followers through the publishing vehicle. I will never NOT publish. I absolutely love publishing. I love the organic stuff. Getting on other people's interviews and publications. Dream 100 and affiliate stuff too. That's also a form of a campaign.  This is literally the same kind of thing that you teach your down lines to do.  When you get to a certain spot where you don't need to focus as much on the funnel, you don't need to focus as much on the actual offer or message... THAT’S when I start doing full scale campaigns, because they do take some time.  I know it's tough to find people to pitch after your warm market dries up, right? That moment when you finally run out of family and friends to pitch. I don't see many up lines teaching legitimate lead strategies today.  After years of being a lead funnel builder online I got sick of the garbage strategies most MLMs have been teaching their recruits for decades. Whether you simply want more leads to pitch or an automated MLM funnel, head over to secretmlmhacks.com and join the next free training.  There you're gonna learn the hidden revenue model that only the top MLMers have been using to get paid regardless if you join them. Learn the 3-step system I use to auto recruit my downline of big producers without friends or family even knowing that I'm in MLM.  If you want to do the same for yourself, head over to secretmlmhacks.com. Again that’s secretmlmhacks.com.


3 Apr 2019

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