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Unlimited Lives is a gaming news comedy podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. Hosted by comedian/voice-over artist TJ Del Reno (@tjdelreno) and Ian O'keeffe (@RexSaucy) Every week they talk about gaming news and geek culture. Follow us on Twitter @unlimitedsxm and Facebook!

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Cricket Cricket

GuS, TJ and Wendy have a Twitch-free underwear pizza party while John Robert and Crystal explore a new zone in Panama. GuS plays Battlefield 1 beta, TJ tell us more about the game he never asked for: Deus Ex and Pokemon X, Wendy plays World of Warcraft: Legion and Neverwinter, Minecraft Monday update featuring TJ’s new tattoo and other crazy tattoo chat, Hoot news: Kickstarter horror survival game Allison Road has been revived, Build-a-bear Pokemon plush dolls, Japan’s Prime minister closes out the Olympics by dressing as Mario, Final Fantasy XV has been delayed, our most popular Facebook posts, some real talk from us about gaming & depression, Popcorn Classics: Castlevania and more!

1hr 6mins

6 Sep 2016

Rank #1

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Episode 74: Hatoful Boyfriend

TJ, Marcus, and Carlo are joined by Crystal Beth to discuss Destiny: The Taken King, growing up as a nerd, and a very unique Japanese game called Hatoful Boyfriend.


25 Aug 2015

Rank #2

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Episode 3: Sales Are Through the Floor

Jason Saenz, TJ Del Reno and Mary Lordes discuss the classic Legend of Zelda, the Need for Speed movie trailer, why RoboCop does not need a remake and Jason introduces a new segment called "Name That Game Sound Effect"


10 May 2015

Rank #3

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Episode 59: With a K

The gang is joined by Brian McGuinness to discuss the new Mortal Kombat game, review Tecmo Super Bowl, and talk about games that have been made into movies.

1hr 2mins

10 May 2015

Rank #4

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Happy St. Catty's Day

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day, including our hosts who celebrate with a drinking game during the show. TJ changes his mind about Etrian Odyssey, Minecraft Mondays update, Ryu’s controversial name pronunciation, JR decides to build a computer and TJ inherits one, Street Fighter V, TJ reviews Tom Clancy’s The Division, Carlo & TJ saw 10 Cloverfield Lane, the weekly quiz and more!


22 Mar 2016

Rank #5

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Episode 75: Don't Shoot 'Em Up!

Marcus and TJ are joined by Carlo Rojas and Brendan Sagalow to discuss the pros and cons of the kinect, terroristic threats in gaming chat (including the 2015 Pokemon world championship incident), and Youtube's attempt at Twitch assassination.


1 Sep 2015

Rank #6

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Episode 67: Kids Versus Contra

Brian McGuinness returns for a hodgepodge episode covering 'Don't Starve', 'Doom' anger, the confederate flag, and more!


13 Jul 2015

Rank #7

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Rainbow Siege Toxic Chat

This week host TJ Del Reno talks about Rainbow Six Siege's toxic chat, Playstation Plus games, NES and SNES new/old Switch releases, a Starship Troopers game in 2020, and a brief discussion about the film!


10 Dec 2019

Rank #8

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RIP EmuParadise

Crystal has mastered every faction of Fallout 4. Carlo goes against everything he knows and embraces the grind that is Monster Hunter World. John Robert is playing every space game out there right now! TJ is back next week. GAME ON!


21 Aug 2018

Rank #9

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Episode 85: Live From The Vault Part 2 (The Post-Fallout Edition)

TJ, Marcus and Carlo are joined by Crystal Beth and John Robert Wilson to talk (you guessed it) more Fallout 4! Now that everyone has had time to play, they compare notes on civilization building, quest lines, favorite companions, weapon names, and who can and can't be allowed in to their new vault.


24 Nov 2015

Rank #10

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Episode 42: The Dragon Age Inquisition

The boys discuss Super Mario Crossover, the scam that got a whole slew of people a PS4 for less than 100 bucks, and their favorite ice levels.

1hr 10mins

10 May 2015

Rank #11

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Episode 92: TJ's Big Secret

TJ and Carlo are joined by John Robert Wilson and Crystal Beth to talk pros and cons of crowd funded indie games, compare favorite weird simulation games, and to learn about Hearthstone updates.

1hr 2mins

9 Feb 2016

Rank #12

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Episode 27: Bonfire

TJ Del Reno, Mary Lordes and Producer Marcus Parks discuss sniping, selling and overdosing on drugs, dub step, Nintendo DS complaints, TJ plays new baby game Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mary gets nude in the Kardashian App and send us your favorite grind music!

1hr 4mins

10 May 2015

Rank #13

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Farcry 5 Guys

The guys have a testosterone filled time talking about Farcry 5. Gus flexes nuts with his bow skills. We all have a jolly good laugh at Mr. Met's big dumb cake head.

1hr 8mins

3 Apr 2018

Rank #14

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Spooky Games

Boo! Scared you didn't we? This week hosts TJ "Dead Man" Del Reno and Ian "Ghost Boy" O'Keeffe are joined by Sean O'Keeffe to talk about twenty-five scary games to play this Halloween! It's a spooky fun filled episode to scare your ears!


29 Oct 2019

Rank #15

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E3 Roundup 2018

Holden McNeeley joins Unlimited Lives for the gang’s favorite episode of the year!

1hr 25mins

19 Jun 2018

Rank #16

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E3 2017

TJ, Carlo, John, and Crystal Beth are joined by Holden McNeely to recap E3 2017!

1hr 11mins

21 Jun 2017

Rank #17

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Episode 88: Debutauntauns

TJ, Marcus and Carlo are joined by Crystal Beth and John Robert Wilson to talk about the awesome (and less awesome) parts of Star Wars, discuss fan theories, and compare video game related New Years resolutions


13 Jan 2016

Rank #18

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Episode 90: Deadpool: A Love Story

TJ and Carlo are joined by John Robert Wilson to speculate about the new Deadpool movie, review Gunworld, and talk about their new fave Hearthstone.


26 Jan 2016

Rank #19

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TJ the Skyrim Cult Adept

TJ is back and tells us all about Skyrim and tries to get everyone to join his cult. We talk Soul Caliber 6 DLC, Devil May Cry 5, DOOM ETERNAL, Fortnite's fight against the app store & More! GAME ON!

1hr 7mins

28 Aug 2018

Rank #20