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Shrink For The Shy Guy

Everyone has some level of fear in social situations. For you it might be meeting someone new, networking, dating, sales conversations, presenting, public speaking, or business meetings.In order to get to the next level in your life, create better relationships, find love, earn more money, or advance in your career, you must overcome fear, social anxiety, and self-doubt. In order to be outstanding, you must have confidence. That's where Dr. Aziz comes in. After struggling with shyness and social anxiety for 9 years, he decided to take life into his own hands and master confidence. A decade later, he is the world's leading expert on social anxiety and social confidence. He received a doctorate in clinical psychology from Stanford and Palo Alto Universities and now works as a confidence and success coach with people from all over the world. This show contains the profound and immediately life-changing information he teaches high-paying clients every day. Learn from the best about how to overcome social fear, gain confidence in dating, public speaking, sales presentations, business meetings, and all of life.

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Are You B.A.F.?

How To Embrace Your Inner Boldness Do you want to take risks? Do you want to speak up in a group setting or a business meeting? Do you want to ask that person who excites you out on a date? Learn the how, the when, and the why behind exercising your B.A.F skills. Join Dr. Aziz as he shares how to unapologetically practice boldness in your daily life and feel good about it.


3 Apr 2019

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Top 5 Daily Confidence Habits

What Is Your Confidence Practice? Exercising your self-confidence is similar to practicing an instrument, if you do it daily your improvement will be vast.  Make a plan and commit to yourself! Join Dr. Aziz as he shares how to develop a daily practice to build your confidence practice and succeed daily.


7 Aug 2019

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Becoming An Irresistible Introvert with Michaela Chung (Part 1)


5 Oct 2016

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Becoming Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable With Dr. Robert Glover

The Real Secret To Better Relationships, More Freedom, And Living With Joy Most people spend most of their time trying to get through life experiencing as little discomfort as possible. And yet this is the exact habit that causes us more fear, stress, and dysfunction in our relationships. Join Dr. Aziz in this insightful and moving interview with the world-renown author of No More Mr. Nice Guy. LIVE Event Early Bird Discount available now! Join Dr. Aziz at his upcoming event: Maximize Your Money & Career Confidence. Click here to claim a discounted ticket now!

1hr 4mins

4 Dec 2019

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The Skill of Self-Confidence with Dr. Ivan Joseph


2 Nov 2016

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The Psychology of Self-Sabotage


5 Sep 2018

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How To Be More Powerful And Confident with Vanessa Van Edwards

Master Your Mindset And Body Language To Naturally Draw Others To You If you feel tense, awkward, or unsure of yourself around others, then this episode is essential.  Dr. Aziz sits down to interview one of the world’s leading experts on body language, charisma, and confidence. You will discover powerful research, practical tips, and life-changing advice that can help you rapidly boost your power and confidence in all areas of life.


4 Nov 2015

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3 Surprising Confidence Hacks To Eliminate Anxiety

Simple Ways To Instantly Replace Anxiety With Peace And Confidence Join Dr. Aziz as he describes three unusual ways he’s discovered to radically reduce anxiety, tension, and stress. Each of these hacks is very simple and can be done daily. Try all 3 for maximum results! Earlybird tickets for Dr. Aziz’s next LIVE event - The Ultimate Confidence Breakthrough  are on sale now. Click here to secure your spot! (link to: http://www.confidenceunleashednow.com/event)


11 Apr 2018

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking with Danielle Louise Ross

Are you afraid of speaking in front of groups? How does this hold you back in work, in your career, or in your business? Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews public speaking expert, Danielle Louise Ross, uncover powerful tips about how to overcome your fears, deal with nervousness, and become a powerful speaker.


2 Sep 2015

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How To Eliminate Anticipation Anxiety


25 Apr 2018

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The 3 Elements of Magnetic Confidence

Discover What Naturally Attracts Others To You What makes you magnetic to others? Is it your appearance, your status, or your smile? Join Dr. Aziz in this fascinating episode as he reveals the key things that create a confidence that draws people in. And here’s the best part—you have control over all three!


9 Jan 2019

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How To Master Small Talk Part-1-With-Dan-Chang


8 Jun 2016

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How To Bring Value To Each Interaction


27 Jun 2018

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How To Love Yourself

When you don't like yourself, life is difficult. It's hard to feel happy, take on new goals, and create satisfying relationships. Everything seems to fall short. Learning how like yourself, love yourself, and be on your own side no matter what is the most important skill you will ever learn. Join Dr. Aziz as he breaks down exactly how to start doing this now.


18 Jun 2014

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Identity Shift #1: I Am Attractive


17 Jan 2018

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How To Feel Good Enough

Stop Striving And Start Enjoying Your Life Now Not quite there yet? Do you need to achieve one more thing, get to the next level, and somehow be better than you are? If you feel like you’re never quite enough, and that you always should be doing better, progressing faster, etc. then you have to listen to this episode! Inside, Dr. Aziz explores with co-host Amber why we are dissatisfied, and how to start feeling content with who you are right now.


13 Dec 2017

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Unconditional Self Acceptance


26 Oct 2016

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How To Become A Conversation Master

Can You Really Go From Shy To Social Mastery? So many people believe they are stuck with social anxiety or held back by being a "shy person" or "introvert." These labels often prevent us from realizing that no matter who you are, or what your personality is, you can improve the skill of talking and connecting with anyone. Join Dr. Aziz as he gives you an overview of how you can become a conversation master! Get your ticket to our next live event:  Supremely Confident Conversation Master Claim a subscription to Confidence University


11 Mar 2020

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The Antidote To Anxiety

Do you spend more time than you’d like feeling nervous, anxious, worried, or stressed about what has happened, what might happen, if you’re doing ok, if you’ll be ok.  If you live in that reality, in today’s episode you are going to learn a powerful antidote to anxiety that will help you let go of worry and fear so you can feel more relaxed, more at peace, and happier in all areas of your life.


16 Sep 2015

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Three Ways to Be Extremely Interesting in Conversations


1 Jun 2016

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