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Join University of Washington professor Jeff Shulman for a seventh season exploring the far-reaching impacts of Seattle's physical and cultural transformation. Notable guests from earlier seasons of Seattle Growth Podcast include Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens, 3-time NBA All-Star Detlef Schrempf, NBA champion Wally Walker, Sonics legend Slick Watts, Pete Nordstrom, Craig Kinzer, Port Commissioner John Creighton, Paul Lawrence, City Councilmember Tim Burgess, SDOT director Scott Kubly, Tim Burgess, Kshama Sawant, and more.

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Ep. 2: Home Buying in Seattle

Learn what it takes to buy a starter home in Seattle and how that has changed over the years. First hear Seattle Mayor Ed Murray share what the people of Seattle can do to help improve their neighborhoods. Then Rob Wasser (5:02), owner and designated broker of Prospera Real Estate and a member of the Northwest MLS board of directors, shares data on affordability in Seattle, as well as how the conversion of single-family homes to townhomes is affecting that affordability. Brad Evered (25:41), a broker with Caliber Home Loans, discusses the changes in lending standards over his 20 years in the business, and translates the current parameters to the levels of income, debt and savings necessary to buy a home in Seattle today.The episode also features appearances by Seattle homeowners and house hunters Kathy Kelley, Leslie Basel, Loren West and Dan Morgan.


1 Aug 2016

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Ep. 13: Visions for Seattle's Future

It is time for us to decide as a people : what do we want for this city as it undergoes a transformation? In today’s episode you are going to hear what the highest leadership at the city and state levels want. You will hear an in-depth interview with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. You will also hear an in-depth interview with a member of Governor Jay Inslee’s executive cabinet, Brian Bonlender. You will also hear appearances by Maggie Walker, Friends of Waterfront SeattleGreg Smith, CEO of Urban Visions; Jane Richlovsky, partner in Good Arts Building;Benjamin Zuercher, founder of StuffMapper; Ali Ghambari, owner of Cherry Street Coffee;Tasha Meyer, student;Bojie Mageo, cofounder of Swurveys;Mikaela Kiner, CEO of uniquely HR;Ty Sanders


24 Oct 2016

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S6Ep1: Finding Community in a Dynamic City

How do you find community in a dynamic city? Season 6 of Seattle Growth podcast brings different perspectives together. Whether you are looking for a community that is right for you or hoping to build one, you will learn from the voices of this season. Today's episode includes Red Russak and Brett Greene whose New Tech Seattle was the fastest growing meetup group in history. The episode also features Jane Richlovsky, a talented artist and accidental real estate developer who is finding creative ways to keep artists in Seattle.


29 May 2019

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Ep. 4: Renting in Seattle

Get an inside look at the effect of rising rents on the lives of some of Seattle’s workers and what Seattle's Socialist City Council member thinks should be done. You will hear in-depth interviews with a chef named Carrie (3:30) who works two jobs to make ends meet, Steve Smith (13:55) who builds for people in Seattle and Kshama Sawant (26:52) who is Seattle’s first Socialist City Council member in over a century. The episode also has an appearance by Jeff Mangalin.


16 Aug 2016

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The Artist And The Developer

What happens to an artist and a locally owned coffee house in a rapidly growing city when they encounter a for-profit developer? The events of this podcast might surprise you. And this unexpected true story has implications not just for developers, artists, and small businesses, but for anyone concerned about the future of their community.Featuring Jane Richlovsky, Greg Smith, Ali Ghambari, and Karen True


14 Nov 2016

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Ep. 10: Seattle Transportation

What does Seattle’s growth mean for the future of the city’s transportation network? This epsiode will look at land transportation through an in-depth interview with the Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, Scott Kubly. He will share details about the projects underway and what he sees for the future of how Seattle residents will move about the city. The episode also features an interview with the editor-in-chief of the Seattle Transit Blog, Martin Duke.The episode also looks at air transportation through an in-depth interview with Port of Seattle commissioner John Creighton. He will share the fascinating history and future of the Port of Seattle. This episode will give you unique insight into the far reaching impact of how growth affects the city’s transportation network and what the future holds for Seattle mobility.With appearances by:Brian Bonlender, Director of the Washington State Dept. of CommerceMark Plunkett, Seattle Aquarium Conservation CoordinatorNicole Bell, Executive Director of Cambia GroveKshama Sawant, Seattle City CouncilmemberHarold Scoggins, Chief of Seattle Fire DepartmentGeoff Austin, Interim Executive Director of UW Medical CenterDr. Susan SternSteve SmithLeslie BasilDan Morgan

1hr 1min

27 Sep 2016

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S2 Ep 2: SoDo Arena Group: Purpose, Plan, Next Steps

A local investment group led by Chris Hansen has a proposal to build an NBA arena in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. Their proposal has the potential to impact you and life in this city. You will learn what the SoDo arena group needs from the city to proceed and what they hope a return of the Sonics will mean to Seattle.In this episode, you can hear:Pete Nordstrom, co-president of Nordstrom) describes what basketball has meant to him and how his experience as a team owner influences his efforts to bring the Sonics back to Seattle.Wally Walker, former Sonics player and team executive, shares details of the proposal and what it was like to be a player on the first professional sports team to bring a championship to Seattle.


14 Feb 2017

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Ep. 3: Rising Homeless Population

Hear from the neighbors you’ve noticed but likely know little about. Learn about life in a Tent City, what a mother thinks about when living in a car with her two children, and why someone might move to Seattle without having a home to move into.This episode gives you an inside look into the lives of some of Seattle's residents who struggle with homeless: Ty Sanders (4:49) who lives on the streets, Stu Tanquist (11:18) who I met in Tent City 7, and Charlotte Wheelock (22:25) who I met in Mary's Place family shelter. You will also hear from Janie Hendrix (2:40), CEO of Experience Hendrix and sister of the late, great musician Jimi Hendrix; and from Parker Ferguson (3:01), founding partner at Flinn Ferguson commercial real estate services. The episode features an in-depth interview with the executive director of Mary's Place, Marty Hartman (35:42), who provides expert opinion on how to address the challenges of the rising homeless population.With an appearance by Mike Gibbons of Tent City 7.


8 Aug 2016

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S2 Ep. 9: Seattle Real Estate Trends and Effect of Sonics Arena

Sonic Boom Day is coming April 17th! People from around the city will be sharing their voice with City Council on the same day so that wishes of Seattle residents can be heard loud and clear. Prepare with today’s episode, which focuses on how the arena location decision would affect your wallet through its effect on rents, home values, and further development.In this episode:Craig Kinzer, Founder and CEO of Kinzer Partners, explains the real estate development that should occur around a new arena. Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist at Windermere Real Estate describes current trends in Seattle Real Estate and how they would be affected by a return of the Sonics and the arena location they call home.Realtors Tyler Davis Jones and Phil Greely discuss what a return of the Sonics would mean to them and their work.


4 Apr 2017

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S2 Ep. 10: Chris Hansen & Efforts to Bring Back the Sonics

In the nearly 10 years since the NBA franchise Seattle Supersonics left for Oklahoma City, several people have been working tirelessly to bring the Sonics back to Seattle. This episode gives you a window into the hearts and minds of two people working for several years to return Seattle to the league of cities playing host to professional basketball. In this episode you will hear from:1. Chris Hansen; the leader of a group of investors attempting to bring an NBA franchise to an arena in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. He discusses his motivations for continued efforts to bring Seattle an NBA franchise. He also shares rare insights into where his group is in the process.2. Jeff Brown; a Sonics fan and leader of the Bring Back our Sonics movement. He shares why he continues to rally fans years after the NBA left the Emerald City.Sonic Boom Day is coming April 17th. Residents from across Seattle will be sharing their voice with Seattle City Council on where they would like an arena to be developed. As City Council is in the process of determining where to pave the way for a return of the NBA, developing an informed opinion can help you achieve the outcome that is in your best interest.This episode of Seattle Growth Podcast gives you unique insight into what the NBA can mean to the residents of Seattle and what the proposal for a SoDo arena would mean to you and life in this city.


10 Apr 2017

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S3 Ep. 2: Real Estate Developers and Future of Seattle

Gain insight into the minds of real estate developers as they reshape Seattle’s streets and skyline. As you look ahead to where you live or might live, these interviews give you insight into the kinds of neighborhoods and properties that attract real estate developers. You will get an inside look into their development process and how you can influence it.You will hear from Liz Dunn of Dunn + Hobbes, which specializes in the adaptive reuse of existing buildings as well as the construction of new urban infill projects. You will hear from Joe Ferguson of Lake Union Partners, which specializes in residential mixed-use and commercial projects.These two interviews give you examples of the variety of developers reshaping the physical landscape of our city.


18 Sep 2017

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Ep. 5: Character and Culture

Hear from two Seattle natives why Seattle’s character and culture matter to them: Hazel Margaretes (5:30) and Dan Morgan (15:47). Also hear from artist-turned developer, Sam Farrazaino (28:25) who shares his perspective on the importance of culture and how catering to the arts community can be financially rewarding. With appearances by:Nate Daum; Startup Hall (0:00)Taylor Graham; Seattle Sounders FC (1:45)Bogie Mageo; Swurveys (2:13)Kathy Kelley (2:55)Jeff Mangalin (3:25)Mike Lang (3:55)Don Schulze; Owner of Shultzy’s Restaurant & President of University District Parking Associates (4:25)Greg Smith; CEO of Urban Visions (51:00)


23 Aug 2016

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S2 Ep. 8: Key Arena Remodel and the Transformation of Seattle Uptown

There are potentially three private groups vying to invest roughly half a billion dollars into a sports and entertainment complex in Seattle. The city is weighing a proposal for a SoDo arena and inviting proposals for a renovation of Seattle Center’s Key Arena. Decisions will soon be made and this episode helps you become further informed of the issues.In this episode:Get the scoop on how the city is approaching a potential Key Arena location from Brian Surratt, director of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development.Get an inside look at Oak View Groups intentions to submit a proposal from Lance Lopes, director of special projects at Oak View Group. Hear the challenges and opportunities the surrounding neighborhood sees from Debi Frausto who serves on the KeyArena Subcommittee Chair for the Seattle Uptown Alliance and is also on the Mayor’s Key Arena Advisory Panel.This episode will give you a better understanding of how a Key Arena renovation could impact you and life in this city.


28 Mar 2017

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S2 Ep. 4: Supersonics and Seattle's Super Traffic

How would a return of the Sonics affect your evening commute? With two arena locations under city consideration, this episode gives you the scoop on how each of them would affect you. Given common perceptions about the Mercer corridor, what you hear will likely surprise you. In this episode:3-time NBA All-Star Detlef Schrempf discusses his time playing at Seattle’s Key Arena.Scott Kubly, Director of Seattle Department of Transportation, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the transportation network serving each location. Martin Duke, Editor-in-Chief of Seattle Transit Blog, describes the current and future state of transit serving the two locations.


28 Feb 2017

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S3 Ep. 1: The Physical Transformation of Seattle

People and money are flowing into Seattle at unprecedented rates and the city is undergoing a physical transformation like none other. As Seattle booms, the city has lead the nation in the number of cranes in the sky two years in a row. Anyone who even passes through Seattle can visibly see the physical changes under way. But in those buildings being torn down are people and businesses; lives being changed that we often do not get to see from the outside. The third season of Seattle Growth Podcast gives you insight into the physical transformation of Seattle and the lives it is affecting. You will learn what developers are thinking as they reshape the landscape of our city, how some of your fellow community members are reacting to these changes, and what you can do to influence what Seattle will look like. You will gain insight into Seattle’s history and what that history means for its future. Through this journey, you will have a better understanding of this dynamic city and the role you can play in shaping its tomorrow. In today’s episode of Seattle Growth Podcast, two people share heart-felt stories about how their lives have been impacted by Seattle’s changing physical landscape: Kailash Upadhyay is a business owner whose building was redeveloped. Queen Pearl Richard is a long-time Seattle resident who has seen the buildings and businesses change around her. Ethan Phelps-Goodman, a software engineer who developed SeattleInProgress.com, describes how you can learn about and influence further development in the city.


12 Sep 2017

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S4 Ep. 4: Seattle's Emerging Hip Hop Artists Draze & Dave B

Draze, who has opened for Snoop Dogg and had his music appear on hit shows such as Empire, shares how Seattle’s transformation has affected his music and him personally. You will also hear from Dave B, who collaborated with Macklemore on the hit song Corner Store, performed in front of a sold-out Key Arena, was seen on national tv performing on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, and headlined his own sold-out show at Seattle’s Neptune Theater.Today’s episode gives you a rare inside look at the journey a Seattle hip-hop artist takes in the ride to prominence. The two guests also put to words the range of emotions many people are feeling as the city of Seattle undergoes a rapid transformation.Featuring the songs "The Hood Ain't the Same" by Draze and "Sweetest Thing" by Dave B.

1hr 4mins

13 Mar 2018

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Seattle Center's Future & Key Arena

This episode gives you a better understanding of how public resources may be deployed in bringing the NBA and NHL to Seattle and in improving Seattle Center.In this episode, City Councilmember Rob Johnson describes the process by which the proposals to renovate Key Arena and the proposal to build a SODO arena will be evaluated and offers insight into the pros and cons of each.Developer Sam Farrazaino offers an alternative vision for repurposing Key Arena should a development in SODO becomes the home of professional arena sports.


30 May 2017

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S5 Ep. 9: Music, Homelessness, and Poverty Myths

Today’s episode and connects the topic of the previous season, which focused on the past, present and future of Seattle music, with the topic of this season, which is focused on homelessness. The episode features an interview with Anthony Briscoe whose Seattle-based band, Down North, is on the cusp of a breakout. Brisco opens up about his struggle with poverty and his experience being homeless in our region. The episode also features an interview with noted author and UW professor Scott Allard. He dispels some myths associated with poverty, describes which programs are effective and which programs build a poverty trap, and offers actions you can take to help improve your community. The song Heartbreaker, by Down North, is played in this episode. Down North consists of Lead Vocalist/Dancer Anthony “Renegade” Briscoe, whose North Carolina breeding makes fans swoon and has no equal in the Pacific NW. Raised on Michael Jackson and Sam Cooke, Anthony combines a style and emotional impact reminiscent of Prince in his vocal expressions, proudly stealing the spotlight with his ballet-trained dancing.Scott W. Allard joined the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington as a professor of public policy and governance in 2014. Allard is a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program and co-primary investigator of the Family Self-Sufficiency Data Center at the University of Chicago. He is author of Out of Reach: Place, Poverty, and the New American Welfare State (2009, Yale University Press), which examines the contemporary social service safety net through survey interviews with almost 1,500 government, for-profit, and nonprofit social service organizations. In 2017, he published a book entitled Places in Need: The Changing Geography of Poverty, which focuses upon the rise in poverty in America’s suburban areas and the stubborn persistence of poverty in urban areas.


10 Nov 2018

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S2 Ep00 Return of the Sonics?

Seattle Growth Podcast returns for a second season to explore how a return of the NBA franchise Seattle Supersonics would impact you and life in this growing city. As Seattle has experienced rapid growth, efforts to return the Sonics to the Emerald City are picking up steam. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, you will gain perspective on how the Sonics would affect real estate, community, traffic, jobs, taxes, and more.Featuring interviews with:Lenny WilkensSlick WattsWally WalkerJeff BrownColin Davenport


11 Jan 2017

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Special: Music, Arena Wars, And Seattle Center

The arena wars are not over as two groups vie to reshape Seattle’s music scene, Seattle Center, and the future of winter professional sports. In this special episode, get an update on the process and hear from Wally Walker and Pete Nordstrom how their group’s efforts to bring an NBA franchise to an arena in Sodo can also have an impact on music lovers and musicians in the city.With an appearance by Ben London and featuring the music of Stag.


21 Nov 2017

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