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#AnalyticsToday is a podcast focused on Big Data and Analytics and the latest trends in the digital world. Hosted by Jeremy Roberts and Sameer Khan.

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17 - Ten Data Driven Actions You Can Take to Improve Digital Conversion

Data is the fuel of many things in life and more specifically the driver of your digital acquisition engine. Data can help you understand and improve digital conversion. In this show, we will drill down to the 10 key areas of focus for improving your digital conversion using data. We will discuss conversion optimization formula, micro vs macro conversion, risk reversal, design components and many other factors that influence conversion.


19 Oct 2016

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14 - 7 Actionable Lessons from the 2016 State of Marketing Research

Every year, SalesForce releases a report call the "State of Marketing". They survey thousands of marketers each year and compile the findings into a content heavy report. This year the goal of the survey was to understand:1. Macro and micro trends influencing and changing the role of marketing.2. How different types of marketing teams approach marketing intelligence and customer experience3. New developments in the digital marketing industry.In this podcast, we are going to take seven insights from the report and present it in an actionable format for our listeners so you can apply the research directly to your business.


22 Jun 2016

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5-Safe Harbor Invalidated: How to Protect and Prepare your Marketing & Analytics Organization

On October 6th 2015, Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) invalidated the Safe Harbor Law putting thousands of businesses exposed to legal ramifications. In this podcast, we discuss what was Safe Harbor Law, why was it invalidated, how this could impact your marketing or analytics organization and finally how you can plan and protect your organizations. (Please consult your legal adviser as we are not providing any legal advise.)


31 Oct 2015

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4-5 Marketing Analytics Insights to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Holiday season is fast approaching and maketers and analytics professionals are getting ready to take advantage of the consumer buying spree. Are you and your company ready to increase the average order value, conversion and bottom line revenue? Jump on this informative podacst to learn how you can prepare for the holiday season.


19 Oct 2015

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11-Big Data Analytics Cliche Words We Always Like to Use

We love analytics and big data but what we love more is our ability to stick to our favorite terms. There are many cliche words we regularly use and sometimes we don't realize what these words mean and how practical they are. In this podcast, we want to have fun with few of the most popular big data cliche words that are used frequently in the business world. Join us and lets have some fun.


9 May 2016

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7 Digital Marketing and Analytics Predictions for 2016

2015 has been a great year for analytics and marketing professionals. We saw many new developments including launch of Periscope, blurring lines between content marketing and digital campaigns and increased used of data science for marketing. In this podcast, we will discuss 7 new digital marketing and analytics trends for 2016. You will hear seven predictions that can change the way you run your analytics and marketing organizations.


15 Dec 2015

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6-How to have a Successful Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing profession. Analyst data shows a triple digital growth in digital spending. There are 2000+ marketing technology software solutions on planet and the martech industry is growing at exponential rate. This is a perfect storm for those seeking a digital marketing career. Join us to learn all you need to know to start a solid digital marketing or digital analytics career. Even if you are an existing digital marketing professional you can benefit from our knowledge to thrive and take your career to the next level.


18 Nov 2015

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10-Lifestyle Analytics: How Data & Analytics Revolution are Changing our Lives

Data and analytics have influenced our lives in many ways. I remember, my first personal electronic device was Texas Instrument TI-34 calculator and today kids interact with any type of screen as it it were a tablet. The technology revolution we experience today is fueled by data revolution. In this podcast, we will explore various personal data driven technologies and devices that have improved our lifestyle, simplified transportation, delivered non stop entertainment and many more. We will also discuss how in the near future data and analytics have promise to increase our life span and change the way we live our lives.


4 Apr 2016

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8-How to Hack the Digital Marketing Technology Stack

Marketing is no longer about relationship between people...its about relationship between people and technology. The most successful organizations know this well and they have used the marketing technology stack to their advantage. Join us and learn how your company can use technology to become a world class marketing organization.


4 Feb 2016

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9-Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Best Practices for 2016

Email was invented in 1973 and since then there have been countless numbers of email sent across platforms, devices and systems. It has become the most used form of communication in the modern world and also one of the most effective form of marketing. In this podcast Jeremy and Sameer will take you through the journey of how email has evolved and share some advanced tips, tricks and ideas for improving your marketing automation and email marketing programs.


4 Mar 2016

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12 - 6 Steps To Big Data Success For Digital Marketing

Last year, we did a keynote presentation at Digimarcon West conference. Our goal was to educate traditional digital marketers on how to use data science and big data analytics to amplify digital results. In this show, we would like to share the audio recording of the session. You can find the powerpoint presentation and the transcript at Datacrackle.com.


27 May 2016

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16 - 15 Critical Data and Analytics Mistakes to Avoid

Do you think you are closing all of your data analytics gaps to run your operations successfully? Do you know what are some of the biggest areas data professionals tend to overlook? Join us, as we dive deep to discuss 15 data and analytics mistakes and how to avoid these. Some of the ponits we will discuss are:1. Deprioritization of business outcomes2. Hypothesis based vs exploratory analysis3. Running analytics in silos4. Unstructured data and many more.


23 Aug 2016

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3-Mobile Ad Blocking: Understand, Prepare, and Overcome the Ad Blocking Movement

Page fair reports ad blocking will cost publishers $22bn in revenue during 2015 and just in US we have 45 million active users who are using some type of ad blocking technology. Is this something to worry or is it just another buzz? Join us to learn more on what it means for advertisers, marketers and publishers and how to overcome the ad blocking movement.


30 Sep 2015

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15 - 5 Actionable Lessons from the 2016 Big Data Survey

In this show we are going to talk about the key takeaways we gathered from a recent Big Data survey so you can take action on the survey data. NewVantage partners is a Big Data consulting firm that runs an annual survey called "Big Data Executive Survey" in which it targets senior Fortune 1000 business and technology decision makers. The purpose of this survey is three fold: 1. To understand the role of big data and analytics in the organization 2. Get insights on how big data is being applied across various business units 3. How analytics is changing the industry and the organizationsLet's dive in!


13 Jul 2016

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13 - Analytics Today Mission, Vision and Next Steps

We have officially completed a dozen shows and thank you to our listeners for staying connected. In this show, we want to talk about why we started the AnalyticsToday show, what is our mission, vision and what are the next steps. There is also a surprise announcement at the end about our brand new podcast show...so keep listening. Please leave feedback!


8 Jun 2016

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Free Masterclass: Technology Professional's Solution for Uncertainty

According to survey done by Blinds Survey, 53.8% of U.S. Tech Firms Employees are Concerned about Job Security. During these challenging times employers are forced to cut cost and layoffs are not just limited to hospitality or travel industry. The domino effect of our connected economy is now catching up with the technology industry and your job may be at stake if you are not already impacted.To help technology professionals, we have schedule a free masterclass on April 24th 2020 from 10-10:40am central time.https://thecareercoach.co/careermasterclassIn this free training, we will cover:The 3 strategic actions you must apply right now to protect your job or find another job​Unusual trends guaranteed to reshape the technology job market forever that no one is talking about itThe only performance chart you need to track right now that is not the stock market or your performance assessment​3 important signs your job will be impacted in the next 30-90 days and it is nothing to do with your company’s balance sheetLooking forward to having you on this masterclass.


11 Apr 2020

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51 - 5G: Myths, Misconceptions and Reality

What is 5G and what's all the excitement about? How will 5G change your personal and professional lives? What will be the implication of 5G to your career and how can you be prepared. In this show, we will demystify 5G and separate hype from reality. You will learn what is happening with 5G and how you can capitalize on this change.We will also share some exciting news about a live event we are hosting for our listeners using zoom conference platform. You can get more details of this live event on https://www.analyticstodaypodcast.com/eventsLeave us reviews on ITunes or visit our website at https://www.analyticstodaypodcast.com/events


30 Mar 2020

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50 : Why Digital Analytics deserved an Anthem and a Kick-ass Reputation

Rarely we come across talented marketers and analytics leaders with talent is so diverse than you can't stop but think this is spectacular. In this show, we are going to interview Tiankai Feng who is a digital analytics leader at Adidas. He will share his passion for digital analytics and his amazing journey. Plus, there is an awesome surprise for digital analytics leaders. Tune in to our show at www.analyticstodaypodcast.com and leave us feedback on iTunes.


11 Mar 2020

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49 - 2020 Digital and Data Predictions

2019 was a great year for digital and data professionals. Digital continues to dominate the world in every aspect and the transformations are evident in every parts of the business. Today, we are excited to share our 11 digital and data predictions for 2020. Enjoy and leave your reviews on Itunes and share your feedback.Here are the list of predictions:1. Marketing and sales will continue to increase AI technology adoption.2. Online buying will continue to put big box stores out of business.3. Mobile messaging app users will surpass the number of social network users.4. Video will become table stakes instead of innovative strategy.5. The rise in cyber security threats will require new data management capabilities and innovation.6. AI will enable more people to find work.7. Online shopping will be labeled as an addiction.8. Move over IOT, it's time for IOB (Internet of Behaviors).9. Multi-cloud service providers will see bigger adoption.10. 5G launch and adoption will make way for hologram or 3D video calls.11. Digital and data jobs will grow by double digits.


13 Dec 2019

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48: From Digital Marketing to Digital Transformation

We started our journey with digital marketing more than a 15 years ago. This was way before Facebook was invented. Basic Google search and a simple Amazon & Ebay websites were starting to get popular. Things have changed rapidly and almost everything right now touches digital. In this show we will talk about our journey from digital marketing to digital transformation. We will discuss why digital transformation is where the future is and then share our 5 part transformation initiatives.


5 Dec 2019

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