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Beyond the Kill is the podcast brought to you by the creators of The Journal of Mountain Hunting. The act of hunting involves so much more than the taking of an animal's life. On this show we'll take you "beyond the kill" and into the people, lifestyle, gear and fitness aspects of being a modern hunter.

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EP 100: The Return of Donnie Vincent

Here it is folks! Episode 100, a big milestone for the BTK show. First off, we wanted to extend a heart-felt thank you to everyone that has tuned in and supported the show over the past few years. We couldn’t keep doing this without you. So, as a bit of a thank you, we have brought back a guest that many of you have been asking for: Donnie Vincent. Donnie was in B.C. a few weeks back to do some bear hunting, and he was gracious enough to invite Adam up to Arcadia Outfitting, where he was hunting with his good friend, guide-outfitter Ben Stourac, to conduct this interview in person. Fittingly, Donnie was our very first guest for Episode 001 and he’s back for Episode 100. The timing of his trip couldn’t have worked out better. Sitting on the front porch of a cabin in the mountains of B.C., Donnie and Adam dive into a variety of subjects you will not want to miss. They cover his decision to stop wearing camouflage hunting apparel, bowhunting versus rifle hunting, and then spend the bulk of the show talking about the hunting of large predators, specifically bears and mountain lions. As usual, Donnie does not disappoint. Regardless of your opinions on bear and cat hunting, this is an episode you are going to enjoy. Here’s to the next 100 shows! @donnie_vincent @arcadiaoutfitting @sicmanta

1hr 32mins

15 Jun 2018

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071: The Life of A Mule Deer Junkie with Brady Miller

On this episode, Adam welcomes Brady Miller back on to the show. If you know who Brady is, you’ll know he’s a full-on mule deer junkie and on this show we focus exclusively on his floppy-eared, wide racked obsession.    From his most recent hunting stories, to the tactics and weight saving gear and food tips he’s been testing this season, this is one of the most tactical and immediately actionable episodes we’ve ever aired. Regardless of whether or not you hunt mule deer, you won’t want to miss this one.   Stoveless Method: https://www.gohunt.com/read/skills/the-stoveless-backcountry-hunting-food-list Instagram: @bardy_j_miller

2hr 7mins

17 Nov 2017

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041: The Modern Relevance of Hunting with Shane Mahoney

In this episode Adam is joined by a guest that he has been waiting to interview for a very long time: Mr. Shane Mahoney. This is one of the most important podcasts we have, and likely ever will, air. Regardless of your beliefs on where hunting stands in today’s day and age and how hunting fits within the current narrative of conservation, food and animal welfare this is a must listen episode for all hunters of all nationalities. Shane Mahoney is the President and CEO of Conservation Visions Inc. A Newfoundland native, he holds both an Honors and a Master of Science degree in Zoology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Shane has over 30 years of experience working primarily as a scientist, wildlife manager, policy innovator and strategic advisor – all within the scope of the greater conservation movement. His work has impacted both the scientific and professional wildlife communities, as well as NGOs and the hunting and non-hunting public. On this show Adam and Shane discuss hunting as a vehicle for conservation and the relevance of hunting in the modern age of TV, social media, trophy hunting, and the so called organic food movement. Web: www.conservationvisions.com Podcast: Conservation Matters

1hr 44mins

21 Apr 2017

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063: International Mountain Hunting Opportunities with Bryan Martin

On this episode, Adam is joined by Bryan Martin, owner of Asian Mountain Outfitters, and one of the most experienced and knowledgeable mountain hunters in the industry today. Bryan’s experience in the guiding and outfitting world is vast, and on this show Adam and Bryan dig into the surprisingly accessible international opportunities available to the adventurous mountain hunter. Bryan has travelled all over the globe in pursuit of a vast array of wild sheep and goat species and this episode is packed with information and insights that may have you re-writing your bucket list! If adventure is what you seek and you have any interest in international hunting this is can’t miss content with one of the best in the business! Web: www.asianmountainoutfitters.com Instagram: @asianmountainoutfitters

1hr 25mins

22 Sep 2017

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92: Graduate Level Mountain Hunting with John Barklow

On this show, Adam is joined by John Barklow, the Big Game Product Manager for Sitka Gear. The main topic of this episode is late season mountain hunting and the gear, skills, and knowledge required to be both successful and safe when heading into the mountains in the depths of winter. John has an immense amount of personal experience as it relates to these hunts—he lived in Alaska for 20+ years—but he also brings his knowledge and expertise from his past career training military personnel in mountain travel, mobility and survival to bear on this episode. If you want to know what it takes to both survive and thrive in some of the harshest hunting conditions North America offers, this is the show for you. www.sitkagear.com Dynamic Re-Warming Drill

1hr 51mins

24 Apr 2018

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EP 124: The Hunt of a Lifetime with Nolan Osborne

As promised, after running out of time to get into some storytelling in Episode 121, we brought Nolan back to share some highlights from the 2018 guiding season. What you’ll hear in this episode is the story of Nolan’s favorite hunt of the year and arguably the hunt of his lifetime. We’d bet his clients feel the same way. With some gear and hunting tips mixed in for good measure, this episode has something for everyone. @nmo

1hr 44mins

30 Nov 2018

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EP 170: Deep Work with Caylen Wojcik

On this episode, Adam and Caylen go deep on mindset, experience, EQ, and of course hunting and shooting. LIKE WINNING GEAR? DON’T MISS THE GEAR GIVEAWAYS IN THE SPONSOR ADS! --------------------------- If you are not a member of WSF, it’s time to join the best managed conservation organization on the planet. Go to www.wildsheepfoundation.org to find a membership option that suits your budget and commitment to wild sheep. --------------------------- Go to BEYOND site and use code JOMH to get 20% off the Axios and Kyros systems.

1hr 31mins

7 Dec 2019

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EP 169: The Mountains Are Calling with Nate Chaszeyka

On this episode, Adam is joined by ski mountaineer Nate Chaszeyka to discuss how mountains and mountain pursuits have impacted their lives. Topic covered include managing risk, team and group dynamics, balancing family life, and the mountain mindset. LIKE WINNING GEAR? DON’T MISS THE GEAR GIVEAWAYS IN THE SPONSOR SEGMENTS!  --------------------------- If you are not a member of WSF, it’s time to join the best managed conservation organization on the planet. Go to www.wildsheepfoundation.org to find a membership option that suits your budget and commitment to wild sheep. ---------------------- Go to BEYOND site and use code JOMH to get 20% off the Axios and Kyros systems.

1hr 54mins

30 Nov 2019

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EP 133: Training to Higher Standards with Caylen Wojcik

***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE USED FREQUENTLY IN THIS EPISODE*** On this episode, Adam is joined by Caylen Wojcik, a man that wears many hats. He is the founder and owner of Kalinski Consulting as well as a key member of the Gunwerks training and education cadre where he holds the title of Director of Training. Adam and Caylen cover a wide range of topics related to precision shooting, backcountry hunting, mindset, and elevating your training conditions. Regardless of what you hunt, how you hunt, or the weapon you carry afield, there’s plenty in here for everyone. www.kalinskiconsulting.com www.gunwerks.com

1hr 31mins

8 Feb 2019

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031: Telling the WHOLE Hunting Story with Steven Drake

Steven is without question one of the most talented photographers in the hunting business today. His emphasis on capturing the ENTIRE experience has set him apart as a true master of his craft. Wise beyond his years, in large part due to the adventurous life he’s lived, Steven shares his tips, thoughts and philosophies on how to capture engaging imagery that strikes a chord with BOTH hunters and non-hunters alike. This is a long episode but for good reason. Steven and Adam dive into a whole host of subjects, not just photography. Photography tips and insights, gear, fitness and even some crazy hunting stories from Steven’s globetrotting adventures are all included in this engaging interview with one of the best ambassadors this “sport” currently has. Instagram: @stevendrakephoto Web: www.annulicollective.com

2hr 6mins

13 Jan 2017

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039: Back By Popular Demand

On Episode #39 Adam welcomes Matt Comment back to the show. Matt was originally on the podcast a few months back and in that episode briefly touched on some of the nutritional changes he’d made in the lead up to his NWT Dall sheep hunt last summer. These changes helped him show up ready for anything the NWT might throw at him and he came home with a Dall ram that dreams are made of. After that episode aired we received a ton of requests to bring Matt back on to dive into the details of what, why and how he made the changes to both his training and backcountry diet. So by popular demand, Matt is going to take us through how and why he made the changes he did and what exactly he packed, food wise, on that hunt. Matt also covers how he manages to make dream hunts for species like Stone sheep, Dall sheep, elk and mule deer happen, on a regular basis, despite not being a rich man by most measures. This episode is packed with tips, tricks and real world lessons that you can employ right away no matter what you have planned this fall! Matt’s NWT Dall Hunt Backcountry Menu (Daily): Breakfast 1 x Heather’s Choice Buckwheat Breakfast 1 x Justin’s Peanut Butter Packet 1 x Four Sigmatic Instant Coffee Snack 1 x Quest Bar (Cookies & Cream) 1 x Pack of Heather’s Choice Packaroons Lunch 1 x Pro Bar Meal Bar (Superfruit Slam) 1 x Epic Bar 1 x Planter’s Mixed Nuts Single Serve Packet Dinner 1 x Heather’s Choice Meal (Shepherd’s Pie) 1 x Backpacker’s Olive Oil Single Serve Packet 1 x Justin’s Almond Butter Packet Instagram: @mattcomment

1hr 36mins

7 Apr 2017

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EP143: Myth-Busting Layering & Apparel Systems

On this show, Steve Opat guest hosts on location in Alaska while visiting with Corey Piersol from Sitka Gear who was in AK for the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation Annual banquet. This is a “meaty” episode covering how to select the right layering system for your needs, how to maximize the potential of any apparel system, technical fabrics, moisture management, heating and cooling dynamics, and rain gear optimization. @alaskanodysseys @coreypiersol @sitkagear --------------------------- If you are not a member of WSF, it’s time to join the best managed conservation organization on the planet. Go to www.wildsheepfoundation.org to find a membership option that suits your budget and commitment to wild sheep.

1hr 4mins

26 Apr 2019

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038: Get the Hell Outside

On this short “in-between-isode” Adam runs solo on a topic he feels very strongly about…when and why you should be training outdoors! www.journalofmountainhunting.com www.MTNSTRONG.com


31 Mar 2017

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077: Becoming a Hybrid Athlete with Alex Viada

On this episode, Adam is joined by Alex Viada. Alex is the founder and head coach at Complete Human Performance and the author of a book called THE HYBRID ATHLETE. That book and the concepts proposed within that book are some of the most applicable to the mountain or backcountry hunting community we have yet to come across. So, in this podcast Alex, and Adam, dive into the concepts within the Hybrid Athlete framework and dispel many of the myths that surround the concurrent (as in at the same time) utilization of strength and endurance training to achieve a desired outcome in any outdoors pursuit. Regardless of how serious you take your mountain or backcountry hunting preparation in the physical sense, this is worth the listen. Alex gets to the core of what it takes to adequately prepare for extended backcountry hunts, and most importantly, maintain performance, durability and longevity, over a hunt, a hunting season and a lifetime of chasing mountain game. Adam also gets Alex’s thoughts on nutrition and hydration, another area where Alex is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. He shares some insights on hydration that you won’t want to miss, so you’ll want to hang on for that bit that comes at the end of the podcast. We did deal with a bit of a connection issue at times, it's sporadic and doesn't last long when it does come up, but if you do get annoyed just bear down through those parts, as it will be well worth the mild annoyance given Alex’s expertise. Enjoy! Web: www.completehumanperformance.com Instagram: @alex.viada & @completehumanperformance

1hr 50mins

29 Dec 2017

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062: Building Bridges Between Hunters and Non-Hunters

On this episode, we bring you our first “swap-cast” that was co-recorded with the guys from The Rookie Hunter podcast. Adam, Mike and Kelly are joined by Chris Barker, a seasoned mountain hunter and passionate conservationist. Chris has, for years, been heavily involved with wild sheep conservation through his work with both the Wild Sheep Foundation and Wild Sheep Society of BC and is a textbook example of what it means to be a true hunter-conservationist. On this round table discussion, the group dives into the subject of how hunting is viewed by the non-hunting public, the misconceptions many non-hunters have about hunting and how we as hunters can help the non-hunting world see why we are so passionate about this complex pursuit.

2hr 13mins

15 Sep 2017

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EP 111: Age Defying Fitness with Craig Marker

On this show, Adam is joined by Craig Marker, Ph.D., of StrongFirst. If you’re a long-time listener, you’ll likely recognize that organization’s name as they are, in our opinion, the best source of strength and conditioning research, education, and programming in the world today. Especially as it relates to those training for real-world applications. But this episode is about far more than preparing for the backcountry. The methods, tools and programming covered are applicable to anyone that struggles to find the balance between work, home, and staying fit for whatever goals one may choose to pursue. In short, this episode is about training smarter, not harder. At any age. @strongfirst HIIT vs HIRT Hybrid Power Conditioning Program

2hr 7mins

31 Aug 2018

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066: It’s in Our Blood with Robbie Kroger

On this episode, Adam is joined by a truly unique and passionate individual with a fascinating family history. Robbie Kroger may not be a name you’re familiar with but after this podcast there’s a good chance you’ll be following his work closely. Robbie’s bloodline is one steeped in hunting history and tradition, and yet, his journey to finally become a hunter was not what you’d expect. From his upbringing in South Africa to his professional life in the US, Robbie has followed a unique and divergent path that has led to the launch of an incredibly exciting venture he is spearheading: BLOOD ORIGINS. If a passion for hunting runs in your blood, you will not want to miss this one! Robbie’s Instagram: @southafrica77  Blood Origins Instagram: @bloodorigins  Blood Origins Web: www.bloodorigins.com

1hr 38mins

13 Oct 2017

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EP 172: A Year in Review

On this Episode, Adam & Nolan talk through their hunting year. The highs and lows, as well as some highlight pieces of gear that stood out for them in 2019. --------------------------- LIKE WINNING GEAR? DON’T MISS THE GEAR GIVEAWAYS IN THE SPONSOR ADS! --------------------------- If you are not a member of WSF, it’s time to join the best managed conservation organization on the planet. Go to www.wildsheepfoundation.org to find a membership option that suits your budget and commitment to wild sheep. --------------------------- Go to BEYOND site and use code JOMH to get 20% off the Axios and Kyros systems.

2hr 38mins

3 Jan 2020

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EP 166: A Hunter's Guilt with Guest Host, Steve Opat

JOMH field editor Steve Opat returns to host another episode of Beyond the Kill. This time he's joined by his best friend Brent MIller; a man he holds in high regards as being a true master of his craft. That craft is being a husband and father. The two buddies discuss "A Hunter's Guilt". They aren't talking about the emotional tug we can feel when we harvest an animal, They are helping us learn about the difficulties of choosing between two things we love. Between family, friends, and a plethora of outdoor interests, it can be hard to know where to be.    Can we take advantage of the nice weather or do we stay in town with the family? Do we want to spend a day with our trusty hunting dog or should we go hunt deer? Can we hunt alone or do we take the kid hunting?!?!   How do we choose?!?!   Brent and Steve talk about their experiences with "A hunter's guilt" and let us know that it's natural and healthy for us to experience it. In fact, we are lucky that we do. Then they divulge a series of tools they use to navigate it such as: Build a quiver of hunting spots and stands; Know how to fill your cup; Prepare to be all-in when you get home; be honest with your timelines; Be present while you are home; Let your values guide your actions; Most importantly, build a team that can support you and hold you accountable.    Enjoy this episode. If you find that you relate to this topic, please engage with us and share your experiences, tools and ideas.  Steve and Brent have a big project in the works to keep educating outdoor mentors and parents. Follow them at @AlaskanOdysseys or www.AlpineHobos.comLIKE FREE GEAR? DON’T MISS THE GEAR GIVEAWAYS IN THE NEW SPONSOR ADS!  --------------------------- If you are not a member of WSF, it’s time to join the best managed conservation organization on the planet. Go to www.wildsheepfoundation.org to find a membership option that suits your budget and commitment to wild sheep.

1hr 22mins

5 Nov 2019

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EP 116: Strain or Die with Bert Sorin

On this show Adam is joined by his good friend and past guest Bert Sorin, the president of Sorinex Exercise Equipment. Bert is a husband, father, former hammer thrower and Scottish Highland Games athlete, and a deeply passionate outdoorsman. He’s also one of the more insightful and genuine men you’ll ever meet. Adam and Bert cover a wide (and deep) array of topics in this one…Eastern vs Western hunting, childhood hunting stories, exposing kids to the outdoors, and of course training and training philosophies. @bertsorin @sorinex

2hr 53mins

5 Oct 2018

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