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When Kids Can’t Read with Kylene Beers

In When Kids Can't Read, Kylene Beers offers teachers the comprehensive handbook they've needed to help readers improve their skills. Recently, Kylene hosted a Facebook Live Q&A on this book.We've taken the audio of the conversation and made part of The Heinemann Podcast.


13 Aug 2016

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Jennifer Serravallo Talks about Strategies in Action

On today’s podcast we’re talking with New York Times, Best-selling author Jennifer Serravallo about a new on-demand course called Strategies in Action: Reading and Writing Methods and Content. Drawing from Jen’s best-selling resources  The Reading Strategies Book and The Writing Strategies Book, this new on-demand course was designed by Jen to help educators understand how to find goals for their readers and writers and how to support them over time as they work toward those goals.For more information about Jen's upcoming on-demand course: https://www.heinemann.com/pd/online/serravallo_on-demand.aspx.


12 Jan 2018

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A Word on Phonics with Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

As anyone who teaches reading can tell you, Phonics plays a critical role in literacy instruction. In today’s episode of The Heinemann Podcast, we sit down with authors Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell to discuss why Phonics is a critical part of a cohesive literacy system, what they mean when they say “teaching is a science,” and how we can continue to find new ways to ensure that students have access to the wonder of books and independent writing.Our thanks to authors Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell for their time today. To learn more about their work at visit FountasandPinnell.com and blog.fountasandpinnell.com.


3 Nov 2019

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Leading Well with Lucy Calkins

This week on the Heinemann podcast, a conversation with author Lucy Calkins on leadership. In Leading Well: Building Schoolwide Excellence in Reading and Writing, Lucy Calkins draws on the transformative work that she and her colleagues at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project have done in partnership with school leaders over the last thirty years.While a school leader should be inspirational, Lucy says leaders need to be much more than that. Lucy says, making monumental change in literacy education is no small thing and the most powerful leaders lead through influence—not compliance—rallying people to believe in the cause. She also tells us that a good leader reminds us there is dignity in learning and that leaders need to make themselves vulnerable as public learners to foster the kind of environment that will help their teams try new things and continually outgrow themselves.Our conversation started out by asking Lucy what led her to writing a leadership book...


3 Jan 2019

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Jennifer Serravallo on Sustaining Comprehension

How do we sustain comprehension in our students?Today on the podcast we're joined by author Jennifer Serravallo who has been focusing on comprehension. In Complete Comprehension, Jen has put into one resource… materials for assessing, evaluating, and teaching comprehension effectively and efficiently.We started our conversation on why we need to focus on comprehension…


5 Jul 2019

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Jennifer Serravallo and Dr. Maryanne Wolf on Deep Comprehension and Digital Texts

About a month ago, we recorded a conversation between Heinemann author Jennifer Serravallo, and neuroscientist and author Dr. Maryanne Wolf, about the reading brain — critical, deep reading, comprehension, and considerations for digital reading. Today, we are all confronted with non-stop coverage of COVID-19, and our comprehension of the information is critical. Schools are closing, and teachers are supporting students remotely. In many cases, we will all be spending more time reading and writing on screen. In this time, and with this transition, their conversation feels especially relevant. So, how did Jen Serravallo, and Heinemann author, and Maryanne Wold, published by Harper, come together? Well, let's go back in time to last summer, July in fact, when Jen was first reading Maryanne's book. Jen talked about it during the second day of her summer camp lesson. When Jen mentioned author Maryanne Wolf, she sparked an idea. We thought it would be amazing to hear Jen, the author of Complete Comprehension and Understanding Texts and Readers interview Maryanne Wolf about the work in her book Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World published by Harper. To our delight, both authors loved the idea as well. Here now is their conversation, hosted by Jennifer Serravallo.


19 Mar 2020

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A Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences with Jennifer Serravallo

“Conferring…” writes author Jennifer Serravallo, “is where the magic happens.”Today on the Heinemann podcast Jen talks about her latest book: A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Conferences, which is part of Heinemann’s new Classroom Essentials series.Jen says that while conferring with readers might seem intimidating or out of reach, it is attainable -and necessary- in every classroom. In A Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences, Jen shows us the value behind the responsive nature of conferences, how to get started with a conference, and ways to improve your existing reading conferences.Our conversation begins with Jen’s feeling about conferring…


31 Jan 2019

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The Writing Strategies Book Podcast with Jennifer Serravallo

Today on the Heinemann Podcast, The Writing Strategies Book author, Jennifer Serravallo. In 2015, The Reading Strategies Book made the New York Times Best Seller List by making it simpler to match students’ needs to high-quality instruction. Now, in The Writing Strategies Book, Jen Serravallo does the same, collecting 300 of the most effective strategies to share with writers, and grouping them beneath 10 crucial goals. When we sat down to talk a few weeks ago, I wanted to know how Jen approached the organization of The Writing Strategies Book.


3 Feb 2017

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180 Days Part 1 with Kelly Gallagher & Penny Kittle

Today on the Heinemann Podcast, a year of teaching dangerously. Spoiler, that was ALMOST the title for Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle’s new book… 180 Days. The idea for this book started with the question, “how do you fit it all in?” Their very honest answer… you don’t! And that’s the point. As the year ebbs and flows, plans change based on students’ needs.Kelly and Penny teamed up to connect their classrooms from California to New Hampshire to co-teach for a year. They spent their time planning, teaching, and revising together to come up with an entirely new approach to classroom learning. This became two teachers and their quest to engage and empower adolescents, as their subtitle suggests. We had a lot to talk about. So we’re going to bring you our discussion in two parts. Here is part one…The conversation didn’t stop there. Join us next week for part two of our discussion.In the meantime be sure to follow the conversation around 180 Days on Twitter by following the authors. Kelly Gallagher is @KellyGToGo and Penny is @PennyKittle.You can see videos of the authors in action working together and special pre- and post-teaching conversations with Kelly and Penny from across the year, plus so many more online resources which you can find on Heinemann.com. We’d love for you to subscribe to The Heinemann Podcast on iTunes and Google Play where you can also leave a comment or review. You can also follow Heinemann on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as our various Facebook Groups. Plus you can get a daily teacher tip — right on your phone directly from Heinemann authors by downloading the Heinemann Teacher Tip App. All this and more on Heinemann.com. Thanks for listening.


5 Apr 2018

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Letter Lessons and First Words with Heidi Anne Mesmer

How does phonics effectively fit within daily classroom instruction? Today on the podcast, we’re joined by author Heidi Anne Mesmer. In her new book, Letter Lessons and First Words, Heidi Anne provides a research-based vision of what lively, engaging phonics instruction can look like, along with practical, classroom-tested tools to make it happen in your classroom. Filled with classroom activities and easy-to-use frameworks, her book is a one-stop shop for phonics instruction. Nell Duke writes in her introduction to Letter Lessons and First Words, that “the stakes are high for phonics instruction.” We started by asking: “why?”


25 Jul 2019

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We Got This with Cornelius Minor

Today on the Heinemann Podcast, author Cornelius Minor on how the teacher as superhero narrative can be misleading if we don’t spend time with the imperfections that allow us to be human.  In his new book, We Got This: Equity, Access, and the Quest to be who our students need us to be, Cornelius crafts a better hero story for the profession of education. He writes: “we are allowed to fail, reflect, improve and try again.” To do this, he says it starts with authentically listening to our students. If you’re a longtime listener of the podcast, you’ve no doubt heard Cornelius in earlier episodes on “Building Your Teacher Team,” or his recent interview with Kwame Alexander. Now, in his new book, Cornelius expands on his thinking of equity and access. He identifies tools, attributes, and strategies to help us make transformative teaching moves.Our conversation begins with Cornelius’s early experiences in school, and his own search for powerful teaching…


15 Nov 2018

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New Units of Study in Phonics with Lucy Calkins

Today on the Heinemann Podcast, Lucy Calkins, author and series editor of the Units of Study for Reading and Writing, shares details on the latest, groundbreaking work to come out of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project: the new Units of Study in Phonics for grades K–2.


3 Jul 2018

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Understanding Texts & Readers with Jennifer Serravallo

Today on the Heinemann Podcast, we’re making sense of comprehension.In Understanding Texts & Readers New York Times Best-Selling author author Jennifer Serravallo narrows the distance between assessment and instruction. Jen simplifies text complexity and clarifies comprehension instruction. She starts by untangling the many threads of comprehension: Levels, engagement, stamina, the relevance of texts, and more.Our conversation begins with Jen’s journey through moving beyond levels…


18 Sep 2018

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Jennifer Serravallo on Responsive Reading Instruction

Responsive reading instruction empowers us to design student centered learning experiences. How do we actually make this work without feeling overwhelmed by planning for the range of needs and goals in a given classroom?Today on the Heinemann podcast, we have a chance to explore this with New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer Serravallo, author of The Writing Strategies Book and its predecessor, The Reading Strategies Book, which was reaching its fifth book birthday.We started off our conversation with a story about how one teacher's planning process finally clicked.


13 Feb 2020

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Craft and Process Studies with Matt Glover and Katie Wood Ray

Do you believe that all students should have opportunities to write in genres of their choice, but aren't sure how to get started?Today on the podcast, author and editor Katie Wood Ray sits down with Matt Glover to discuss his latest book Craft and Process Studies: Units that Provide Writers with Choice of Genre. In Craft and Process Studies, Matt offers a wide array of units and strategies to fit into your existing curriculum that will raise student engagement and writing proficiency.


2 Jan 2020

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Jennifer Serravallo on Bridging the Gap Between Assessment and Student-Centered Teaching

Today on the Heinemann Podcast, how do we address the gaps between formal assessments and really knowing our students as readers? In her newest book, Understanding Texts and Readers, NYTimes best-selling author, Jennifer Serravallo, narrows the distance between assessment and instruction. On today’s podcast, Jen shares a story from Understanding Texts & Readers where she worked with a reader who was baffling her teachers and struggling with comprehension. Here now with a special read aloud is Jen Serravallo… 


9 Aug 2018

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Modeling Conferences as Conversations: Katie Wood Ray, Jennifer Serravallo, and Carl Anderson

Today on the Heinemann Podcast, author and editor Katie Wood Ray interviews Carl Anderson and Jenifer Serravallo, who both recently published two conferring books in Heinemann’s Classroom Essentials Series. Carl’s book, A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences and Jen’s book A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Conferences were both edited by Katie Wood Ray. Katie says that conferring is, without a doubt, the most student-centered practice there is. She started the conversation by noting both the challenges and rewards of conferring, and asked both authors to share a story from a conference that was significant…


28 Feb 2019

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A Teacher's Guide to Writing Conferences with Carl Anderson

How do you respond to a student’s writing while conferring? And what’s the best way to give feedback? This week on the Heinemann Podcast, we’re talking about how to support your students during writing conferences. Writing conferences help students build confidence in their writing ability and find joy in the writing process. While conferring with students can feel daunting, author Carl Anderson says, it’s a skill any teacher can learn with time, practice, and the right resources.Nearly 20 years ago, Carl wrote How’s it Going, one of the most influential books on conferring.In his newest book, A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences, Carl takes conferring and distills it down to an accessible, easy-to-implement resource for educators at any level.Our conversation began with Carl’s journey on conferring since he wrote How’s it Going...


14 Sep 2018

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What Are the Rest of My Kids Doing?

If you are a K-2 teacher, have you ever asked: “During reading workshop, what kinds of meaningful work can students be doing independently, while I confer one-on-one or with small groups?” Lindsey Moses hears this common frustration among those who work with our youngest readers in her work with teachers around the country. That’s why Lindsey, along with First grade teacher Meridith Ogden, wrote: What are the Rest of My Kids Doing? Their goal is to help you move beyond assigning busy work to providing purposeful learning experiences that build independence over the year and ideally take the anxiety out of reading workshop. 


10 Mar 2017

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Flip Your Writing Workshop with Sonja Cherry-Paul and Dana Johansen

How many times during a writing workshop have you thought, “If only I could clone myself!” Well, authors Dana Johansen and Sonja Cherry-Paul have a solution for more one-on-one teaching time during your writing workshop: flipped learning. In their new book, Flip Your Writing Workshop, they explain how a blended learning approach allows students access to instruction and support when they need it, as often as they need it.Now, they’re not talking about replacing you, the teacher, rather flipped learning lets students access a variety of mini-lessons on their own, work at their own pace, or move ahead and review concepts, depending on a student’s needs. Dana and Sonja say this gives the teacher more time to maximize individual instruction and conferring. We started our conversation on their first book, Teaching Interpretation, and we asked them how the two books relate?


19 Aug 2016

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