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Welcome to my personal travel stories of adventure, mayhem, foolishness... and swinging through the jungle of life. Come join the shenanigans as I take you around the world and around the block.

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Up to 50% Off at the Third Tunnel of Aggression

Korea is one crazy place. Where else can you find insane, clown dictators and Gangnam Style only about an hour away from each other?   Our mission was to explore one of the famous invasion tunnels there, but we somehow landed in the DMZ… gift shop. Join us in Neverland, for a trip down a real commie rabbit hole.  


31 Jan 2019

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Paris On $1 A Day

Mes Amis – My friends We’re off to Paris where I get into a bit of difficulté.  I’m young. I’m stupid. And I manage to get myself stuck inside a cemetery. With literally a million others. But they’re dead. What’s my excuse?


5 Jan 2019

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Lost Bags & Found Briefs in Rajasthan

We’re on the road to Rajasthan! It's India – land of mystics, mobs and tikka masala. Just one problem: our bags didn’t make it. They’re somewhere in London… along with our camera batteries. And of course, my underwear. Yep, you guessed it - this is a travel/underwear story! 


18 Oct 2018

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Tell The King We Don't Want His Chopper!

During the course of our journey through the royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan we recorded the likes of Petra, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Wadi Rum. We saw ancient Roman cities and citadels. But nothing confounded us as much as the ancient riddle, “What’s a souk?”


6 Jun 2018

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Giving Thanks in Aguas Calientes

This is a story about disaster in Peru.  But also recovery, adventure and thanks. We were just happy to make it out of that place alive. So of course we celebrated by eating. A big, festive meal, straight from the earth. Happy Thanksgiving!


10 Nov 2018

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Edinburgh: You Must Think We Are Barbarians

Edinburgh for the holidays is kinda special. Beautiful, cold, dark and twinkly. With a just touch of the looney. We got there after a crazy flight. It was all castles, caverns and peaty drams in festive pubs. Join us down these merry lanes.   Season’s greetings and a Happy New Year!   Now here's a wee tale for ya. 


24 Dec 2018

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I Hate This F**N Town!

The guys and I are on a video shoot in Florence, Italy. We're covering a chef's table so we're eating our way through course after succulent course. They're in heaven but I caught some travel bug and am about to lose my antipasto... all over the Ponte Vecchio.   Can I make it through the shoot or will I collapse upon the marble throne in my Florence Hotel bathroom?


5 Oct 2018

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A Presidential Sales Job

Amidst the giant sand dunes in Huacachina Peru, I find myself cajoling the Peruvian president to take a dune buggy ride. But he has a bum leg and wants to sit this one out. Only problem: he’s the star of this show. No president. No show. So it’s my job to hopefully get him up on his feet and then seated down in the dune buggy. They didn’t teach us any of this stuff in film school.


21 Sep 2018

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Aruba: Doing the Heimlich at the Hilton

Aruba is "One Happy Island", and we had explored it all on 4 wheelers, Harleys, Heli's and speedboats. We found a raucous party scene there but also ancient cave drawings and a magnificent coastline. Still, after a week of non-stop activity, nothing prepared us for the sudden upheaval of being thrown into a desperate situation. 


6 Sep 2018

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Elaine! Bring Back My Plane!

You ever get so frustrated you surprise yourself with an outburst of anger? You ever get so angry you surprise yourself with an outburst of frustration? You may have... But I did, on the way home from Barbados... at Miami International Airport. It was cathartic for me. Though it did piss off a few hundred people. Guess if wasn't as cathartic for them... 


1 Nov 2018

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