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I am an entrepreneur and currently running curlBOX.com. I share my insights, things I've learned along the way in hopes to teach you the things I had to learn the HARD way! 

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How to Aggressively Edit Your Life + Questions

I spend some time breaking down how to set your "life criteria" to make the edits. I career question about "imposter syndrome" and two relationship questions. mytaughtyou.com


6 Mar 2017

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Why DISCIPLINE>Motivation!

1. The difference between the two. A. Motivation is WHY you do it. B. Discipline is WHAT you do. 2. How to be disciplined. 3. How DISCIPLINE + MOTIVATION work together. 4. Say NO to things! 5. Expose your mind to positive messages.


16 Feb 2015

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Kahlana Barfield: Stick With Your Plan A!

I finally caught up with the Fashion & Beauty Editor-At-Large, Kahlana Barfield of InStyle magazine. After an internship ended at InStyle, she packed her bags and headed back to Seattle only to be called back for a JOB a week later. Find out how Kahlana made it happen and how you can too! This podcast is sponsored by Freshbooks. To claim your unrestricted FREE 30 day trial, please visit: freshbooks.com/MYTAUGHTYOU


17 Jul 2017

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TWO Types of "HUSTLERS": One Isn't Hustling At All

There are TRUE hustlers and FAUX hustlers. Listen for the characteristics. Get into it!


17 Aug 2015

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Getting Over A Breakup

Taking a stab at this since I've gotten so many requests. Remember that NO FEELING IS FINAL! Just my top of my tips. HUGS!


29 Aug 2015

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Claire Sulmers: Not Everyone Wants To See You Win

I had a chance to chat with Claire Sulmers and her story is so fascinating! Find out the skinny on what happened to the instagram page, how to act around celebrities and my favorite: "First you ask, then you take." This podcast is brought to you by Freshbooks. To use my free 30 day trial visit: freshbooks.com/MYTAUGHTYOU


22 Jun 2018

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The ART of the HUSTLE with Karleen Roy

It took a few days to make this happen but I was able to catch up with the hard-working woman in the flesh! Karleen Roy of The Vanity Group has an industry-wide reputation for making shit happen and I was thrilled to be able to sit her down and ask her HOW. We got bombed by one of her clients at the end. Be sure to let this play to the very end! mytaughtyou.com

1hr 9mins

15 Jan 2017

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Why You're Not Getting The Job

The unlikely things that you're doing (or NOT) to get the job! xo! My. www.mytaughtyou.com


17 Mar 2016

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How To Go To The NEXT LEVEL!

1. Why do I wait?2. Build your personal brand. 3. Examine your plateau. 4. Fall in LOVE with GRATITUDE. 5. Practice & PREACH! #mytaughtyou || mytaughtyou.com


29 Apr 2015

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POP UP PODCAST: A Letter for Late Bloomers & Comparison

Going to talk about comparison and what it REALLY does. Building a support system. Late Bloomers and more.


24 Sep 2016

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Happy 2019! Let's Talk About SEASONS

Happy New Year! Podcast update with what I've been up to and a good talk about seasons. I also answer 3 listener questions. This podcast is sponsored by Freshbooks.com/MyTaughtYou


10 Feb 2019

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I can't even begin to tell you how many times people have asked me about vision boards. Do I make them? The short answer is NO. Do I like them? I'm not opposed. What are my thoughts on them? I'm recording this because the ACTION PLAN is much more important than the pretty pictures. I'm going to talk about some things that you can do to make things happen quicker. You may need to cut and RE-PASTE because I wonder if you have the most important thing front and center. And you're going to need a few POST IT NOTES because I want you to put the actions on those pretty pictures and once one action is done, remove it and put up the next one.5 POINTS I'm going to discuss: 1. MANTRA for the YEAR. 2. Dream JOB! 3. GIVING must be FRONT and CENTER! 4. Be STILL or STILL be MOVING! 5. Dream TRIPS!


13 Jan 2014

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You Must Pursue Your Dreams with Reckless Abandon: A Talk with Datwon Thomas

At 21 years old I discovered Datwon Thomas as the Editor in Chief of a magazine I found in my friend's backseat - KING Magazine. He became my "friend in my head" - I loved EVERYTHING he did. EVERYTHING. He's the current editor in chief of VIBE magazine. I was a long time fan and after years of admiring him I MET him and now we are talking LIFE and he's even answering your questions. He was my idol back then. Enjoy this.

1hr 3mins

16 Sep 2016

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INBOX: My Boss Got Fired, Didn't Get Dream Job, Tell Me How You Tinder(ed)!

Popping in while out on maternity leave. Missed you guys!


11 May 2018

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The Silent Treatment

I'm talking about the silent treatment with Jor-El Caraballo, a southern bred, NYC made mental health professional who brings an affable and comfortable approach to his work with clients. He is also the Co-Creator of Viva Wellness.Tips to Break Through the Silent Treatment guide that will be available for your listeners at the following link: www.vivawellnessblog.com/myleik


16 Aug 2018

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#BOSSBRANDING: Branding Is NOT Marketing It's About EMOTIONS

This 5-Podcast BUSINESS Series is brought to you by Freshbooks.com. Try it free now at Fresbooks.com/MyTaughtYou I'm talking about how to brand like a boss and think DEEPER than just your logo.


9 Jun 2016

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My LONG + SUPER Transparent Interview with James Andrews!

THIS is what happens when a FRIEND interview you. You end up telling all of your BUSINESS! Ha! ------------------Founder of CurlBox, Myleik Teele on Building Positions, Personal Brand, and Navigating Tinder.We speak with Myleik Teele, the founder of CurlBox, a monthly subscription service for those seeking the best products for curly hair.Check out James' podcast here: Link: http://www1.play.it/audio/the-key-influencer-show/

1hr 5mins

30 Jan 2015

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Getting Out Of A SLUMP!

A SLUMPY podcast! We've all been in one. I'm in one now. Let's get through our slump together.1. Understanding the LIFE CYCLE. 2. WORK SLUMP! 3. LIFE SLUMP! 4. When NOTHING seems to be working! 5. QUICK FIXES! Have fun. Not my fave but I like being real with you and talking to you at every touch point. Guess who loves you?It's me. :)


6 Jun 2014

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I Want To Start A Business!

The #1 question I get ... This is MY answer in under 10 minutes.


28 Mar 2012

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DISCIPLINE: The Exercises

We've touched on many things and I think that the exercise of discipline is something that we should always be working on. I'm going to share a few of my TRIED and TRUE tips to stay focused and on task and get more done than you ever thought you could!1. Set The Week. 2. Don't Cancel Anything. 3. Your List! 4. Don't Put It Off! Don't Do It! 5. Reward Yourself (not with FOOD!)Let me know how my tips work for you on my insta or tweet me! - @myleik


28 Jan 2014

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