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We believe that there is a simple solution to many of the world’s most challenging and persistent problems, and that solution is an understanding of how all global challenges originate in the human mind and can be directly addressed in the human mind.

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Creating the Impossible with Michael Neill

We are REALLY excited about this one!(I know, we always say that, but seriously, we are!!)We have our dear friend and colleague Michael Neill as our guest and the theme for the interview is: How do we make the invisible visible, and the impossible possible. It’s filled with insights and reflections about how the process of creating something happens(or as the tagline of Michaels book says: taking stuff out of your head and putting it into the world) and how something that seems impossible can switch into something do-able. We experience this process all the time, and constantly learn to see beyond our imagined limitations and through the walls of what is «possible» for us personally, as One Solution, and as the world. The good news for us all, however, is what Michael shared in the conversation: «You don’t need special skills to go through an imaginary wall» That means that we are literally a blink away from new opportunity. Because although we know that the mind creates imaginary LIMITS, we also have first hand experience in the magic, or dare we say miracles, that can happen when those limits evaporate. Here are some highlights of what we talk about: - How to create something when we don’t see how. (Hint: it turns out looking for HOW is not where «it’s at» when it comes to STARTING.) - How do we move forward when we do see what  we want to do and how, but we’re still stuck even before we start. - How progress looks WAY different than the way we think it will look. - Maneuvering failure, plateaus, doubt, fear, obstacles. - How global solutions is not going to come from doing MORE or working harder, it’s going to come from something NEW. - And much much more!If you enjoyed this, we would REALLY appreciate it if you rate and review our podcast, it really helps us fool the Itunes algorithm and get infront of more people! :)


1 Feb 2018

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