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Observations and Opinions on Issues That Matter to Orthodox Christians - Ancient Faith Radio is pleased to present one-off commentaries on pressing issues and current events by Orthodox clergy and laypeople.

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Male Converts and Female Saints: Strong Women in Orthodoxy and in My Family

Fr. Philip LeMasters marvels at how central the balance of the masculine and the feminine is to our Orthodox faith and spiritual life.


13 Feb 2014

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Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

According to Fr. Lawrence Farley, if the Muslim has no real exposure to or understanding of the Christian message, he might still be spared on the last day if his heart was in ignorance seeking the true God.


13 Jul 2015

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Christian Universalism

Will everyone be saved in the end? Fr. Lawrence Farley argues that the Scriptures, the Fathers, and even Christ Himself all say no.


14 Jan 2016

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Women in the Altar

Fr. Lawrence Farley addresses some misconceptions about allowing women to go behind the altar in the Orthodox Church. You can read more about his views on the role of women in the Church in his new book published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press: Feminism and Tradition: Quiet Reflections on Ordination and Communion.


16 Oct 2012

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On the Pope, Twitter, and Maximalism

Fr. Lawrence Farley argues that the real story behind the Pope and his Twitter followers is the death of maximalism in the Roman Catholic Church and the modern rush to lower the bar for pretty much everything.


22 Jul 2013

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Is Orthodoxy the Same Everywhere?: Understanding Theological Controversy Within the Church

There is variety in Orthodox theology, but there is no plurality in dogma—and that is where the unity of the Orthodox faith lies. Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick explains.


5 Mar 2014

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Why Sola Scriptura Doesn’t Work

A blogger on Orthodox Christianity and subdeacon at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Bellingham, Washington, explains why the Scriptures must be read in the context of tradition.


18 Mar 2014

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Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

Fr. Lawrence Farley reviews Reza Aslan’s book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, calling it "a tired rewriting of the same nonsense that pseudo-scholars have been churning out for some time now."


6 Aug 2013

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Who Am I to Judge?

Fr. Philip LeMasters, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Religion at McMurry University, examines Pope Francis's controversial response to homosexuality and gay marriage.


13 Aug 2013

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Magical Thinking in the Orthodox Church

Is Orthodoxy really somehow immune to the liberalism and worldiness that afflicts everyone else in North America? Fr. Lawrence Farley argues, "No!"


9 Dec 2014

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The Real St. Nicholas

Fr. Lawrence Farley contends that a comparison between Santa Claus and St. Nicholas illustrates well the difference between worldly and Christian cultures, and we are called to live in the latter for all twelve months of the year.


3 Dec 2015

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Food, Sex, and Sports: Idols or Pathways to Salvation?

Fr. Philip LeMasters reminds us that our Orthodox faith does not require us to abandon or condemn any dimension of life, but instead to offer all that we are and do for fulfillment and blessing and healing.


10 Feb 2014

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Staying Christian in a Culture of Growing Hate

Dn. Michael Hyatt is the chair of the Ancient Faith Ministries board and a Deacon at St. Ignatius Antiochian Orthodox Church in Franklin, TN. Most people know him as one of the top leadership mentors in the country and the Founder and CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company, an online leadership development company dedicated to helping high achievers win at work and succeed at life. In this commentary (which is actually a sermon given at St. Ignatius), Dn. Michael assesses the impact of social media on people in general and Christians in particular. Be looking for the return of his Ancient Faith Radio podcast At the Intersection of East and West in September!


7 Aug 2018

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On the Ukrainian Church Controversy

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick shares his thoughts on the controversial situation of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Are we looking at the situation through worldly eyes or through spiritual eyes?


13 Oct 2018

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Ancient Faith Ministries CEO John Maddex comments on a controversy involving the lyrics of a new hymn widely used in the Evangelical world.


3 Aug 2013

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Stiff Backs and Firm Handshakes

Fr. Lawrence Farley explains why Orthodox Christians prostrate in front of icons of saints.


16 Jan 2014

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In Fairness to Herod

Fr. Lawrence Farley argues that Herod had more insight into the significance of Jesus than do most moderns.


23 Dec 2013

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Altar Girls

Fr. Lawrence Farley examines the question of whether or not the youthful function of liturgical assistance in the altar should be extended to girls as well as boys.


22 Apr 2016

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Why Veneration is Obviously Not Worship

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick posts a picture of the incorrupt hand of St. Katherine of Alexandria every year on Facebook. And every year, people freak out. But why?


27 Nov 2019

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Destination Weddings

Fr. Lawrence Farley argues that the popularity of destination weddings is symptomatic of a more profound cultural dysfunction—namely, the modern preoccupation with self.


30 Nov 2015

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