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Founder of CreativeShrimp blog, digital artist and whatever else.Visit me: http://www.creativeshrimp.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/gleb_alexandrovFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeShrimp

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Rock'n'Roll Podcast Episode 03: Still Alive on the Guitar

April 1st !Hey Blenderheads and Metalheads! In this episode of Rock'n'Roll Podcast we are going to listen to Still Alive song from Portal. And in the next freaking exciting tutorial we will learn how to play it on the guitar. Bam!


31 Mar 2015

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#AskGleb Podcast Ep 8: Storytelling, Lighting and Learning

In this episode we'll talk about lighting, storytelling and learning. Yay! www.creativeshrimp.comHow to tell a story with one image?What makes a good lighting?How to approach learning new software?And other shenanigans.#AskGleb episode 8 - the podcast from the Q&A series, devoted to computer graphics, art, coffee, Blender and productivity with Gleb Alexandrov.Podcast: www.creativeshrimp.com/podcastsFacebook: www.facebook.com/CreativeShrimpTwitter: twitter.com/gleb_alexandrovInstagram: instagram.com/gleb.alexandrov/iTunes: itunes.apple.com/by/podcast/gleb-…rov/id998131307#Soundcloud: @gleb_alexandrov


26 Jan 2016

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#AskGleb Podcast Ep 7: How to Find Time to Finish a Portfolio

In this episode we'll talk about finishing a portfolio. http://www.creativeshrimp.comWhy 5 good works is enough for a portfolio? How setting a realistic goal will help you to break through the creative block? #AskGleb episode 7 - the podcast from the Q&A series, devoted to computer graphics, art, coffee, Blender and productivity with Gleb Alexandrov.Podcast: http://www.creativeshrimp.com/podcastsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeShrimpTwitter: https://twitter.com/gleb_alexandrovInstagram: https://instagram.com/gleb.alexandrov/iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/by/podcast/gleb-alexandrov/id998131307#Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gleb_alexandrov


27 Nov 2015

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#AskGleb Podcast Ep 6: Life vs Hobby, Lighting & My Obsession With Games

http://www. creativeshrimp.com#AskGleb 06 - the sixth podcast from the Q&A series, devoted to computer graphics, art, coffee, Blender, productivity and whatever else with Gleb Alexandrov.Today's topics:0:42 Game engines, pipeline and lighting2:18 Physically based rendering, offline and realtime3:33 Light portals in Blender3:59 What part of 3D editing do you like the most?4:18 Why the work/life balance is a weird concept5:17 Crazy idea by Micah6:07 #AskGleb podcast on iTunes6:27 Picking the right size for the texture8:40 The danger of getting stuck in tutorial zone9:18 Procrastination (is my doom)10:40 Thumbnails and conversion11:15 Where to post your questions?


20 Oct 2015

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#AskGleb Podcast Ep 5: My Favorite 8 Ways to Get Inspired (Including Coffee)

Come and visit http://www.creativeshrimp.comNo, coffee is not the only source of inspiration for me. Here is 8 more ways to get inspired (in a big way!). Including coffee.#1 ultimate source of inspiration for me is the understanding that our lives are short. Damn short. And to achieve something, you'd better start creating your art... right now!This quote by Steve Jobs describes it all: "Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful … that’s what matters to me."#2 - to learn what my other favorite ways to get inspired, listen to the #AskGleb episode 5


12 Jul 2015

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