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Safer lawn care, naturally. NaturaLawn of America is the leader in organic-based natural lawn care and the right choice for your lawn.

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Brown Patch - The Fungus of Fall

Brown patch is a lawn fungus that is seen when there is high humidity with ideal temperatures. Late summer and Fall are prime time for brown patch.


12 Sep 2012

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Fireants are a problem for everyone in the Southwest region. They are always out there, even when you don't see them. NaturaLawn of America has a fireant treatment to keep these pests at bay.


9 Aug 2012

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Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs can ruin a lawn with their appetite for your grass.


12 Jul 2012

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Watering the Right Way

Under or over watering can hurt your lawn. Learn how to properly water your lawn to keep it healthy and happy during the hot summer months.


6 Jun 2012

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Mowing: The Key to a Healthy Lawn

If you want a healthy lawn, mow it.


30 Apr 2012

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