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That’s So Retrograde began the conversation when they pioneered merging wellness and pop culture back in 2015. Coined the “the Ab Fab of the new age”, hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari highlight wellness trends before they hit the zeitgeist. Through speaking with thought leaders in health, beauty, astrology, cannabis and beyond, they offer their listeners a ‘choose their own adventure’ type experience on the path to building their own toolkit and finding the guru within. @soretrograde / thatssoretrograde.com

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Ep 61: Pod Goals (guest: Sophia Bush)

This episode is #GOALS, as Elizabeth and Stephanie welcome actrivist (actress + activist), overall bad-ass, and beacon of light, Sophia Bush to the show. Doing how they do - the three ladies chat vulnerability and wellness practices, going deep on Sophia's inspirational coinage of the "Year of Yes," the projects she cares most deeply about and methods for staying grounded in our chaotic world. Also Elizabeth is newly woke from her wellness pilgrimage to Israel with The Schusterman Foundation and Stephanie got woke herself to a new tv binge sesh and a personal anecdote on why America's healthcare system is still wack.

1hr 11mins

29 Jun 2016

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Ep 114: A Pod For The Defense (guest: Sophia Bush)

Sophia Bush returns to TSR and keeps it real! With the intention of speaking to all mindful beings in need of some soul medicine; she brings poetry (A Brief For The Defense by Jack Gilbert), insight, her feelings and frustrations and Retrograde-worthy recommendations of all sorts. In this pow wow; Elizabeth, Steph and Sophia agree that a cultural movement focusing on taking care of our higher selves has never been more important (hello, TSR) !! Which comes in perfect synchronicity with the latest development in *Retrogradeland*, as the girls open the show with a big announcement. Namaste listening, indeed! (Visit www.patreon.com/soretrograde for more information)

1hr 8mins

10 Oct 2017

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Ep 99: The Hunger Games (guest: Kelly LaVeque)

Kelly LeVeque, celebrated wellness coach and nutrition maven joins the show - sharing her fresh, science-based, approach on regulating hunger hormones, de-bunking dietary myths, and answering listener q’s (p.s also a giveaway of her new book, Body Love.) Roses and Thorns finds Elizabeth + Stephanie on a Trader Joe’s adventure of the cauliflower pizza crust variety, a celebration of summer and some skin woes solved!

1hr 6mins

24 Jun 2017

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Ep 109: Fascia Week (guest: Lo Roxburgh)

Fascia and body alignment expert, Lo Roxburgh, a.k.a the Body Whisperer joins Elizabeth and Stephanie for some body whispering wisdom, talking about the importance of tension release for a mind body connection and the time they rolled together… foam rolled. Later on, Roses and Thorns takes New York! as in Housewives and The THNK 1994 Museum. Also, the Impossible Burger is discussed as well as some potentially thorny social media etiquette.


12 Sep 2017

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Ep 137: Manifest Guestiny (guest: Lacy Phillips)

Manifestation Advisor and fan favorite, Lacy Phillips of Free and Native, joins the TSR Universe at long last! No passive visualizations here - manifesting with intention through healing subconscious blocks, along with Lacy’s practical tools to do so, are discussed. ( p.s. We are also giving away one of her online courses!). Also, Stephanie and Elizabeth re-cap a recent manifestation turned reality, their live show at Wanderlust Hollywood. This episode is brought to you by That’s So Retrograde’s subscriber content: patreon.com/soretrograde

1hr 15mins

6 Apr 2018

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Ep 73: Reiki 101 (guest: Kelsey Patel)

The ladies take a moment to get down to basics with magical teacher and healer, Kelsey Patel, who shares the nuts and bolts of one of the most talked about modern healing modalities; REIKI. Also in this episode: listener mail including fave places in LA and intro to meditation, and per usual the show tops off w/ the most mindful of practices, roses and thorns.

1hr 4mins

12 Oct 2016

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EP 146: The Adderall Episode (guest: Vanessa Fitzgerald)

Elizabeth and Stephanie sit down with holistic health coach, Vanessa Fitzgerald, who has been publically documenting her adderall detox in real time. Inspired by her honesty, the ladies converse about their personal experiences with the drug, in this candid and cathartic discussion. Roses and thorns has Stephanie awakening as a woman through a rosey book rec and Elizabeth is casting spells by way of Feng Shui. This episode is brought to you by: Banish.com/ promo code: Retrograde Omax3 Ultra-Pure / Tryomax.com/retrograde Thrive Market / Thrivemarket.com/retrograde

1hr 21mins

6 Jun 2018

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Ep. 233 Here 4 It: The Numerology of 2020 with Remington Donovan

Breaking down the numerology of 2020 (it’s a “four” year), with our resident numerologist, Remington Donovan (@themysticalarts). Roses and Thorns delivers the goods with Elizabeth and Steph’s top remedies  for cold and flu season including shows to binge and books to read!    Thanks to our partners: The real real: www.therealreal.com promo code REAL Sweaty betty: www.sweatybetty.com/podcast code RETROGRADE  Sakara: www.sakara.com/retrograde      Produced by Dear Media.


9 Jan 2020

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Ep 64: Be The Beginner (guest: Emily Pereira)

Vibing high and attracting high vibes - Steph and Elizabeth welcome author, retreat leader and light worker, Emily Pereira to the show. She shares her inspiring journey- chronicled in her e-book, Unstoppable Woman and brings the knowledge on the importance of bone broth, inside tips for glowing skin AND the enlightenment of the beginners mind. It’s Leo season and school’s in session kids! Summer school is fun!


5 Aug 2016

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Ep. 192 Erin Foster: On Dating, Mental Health, Career and Yes, Wellness

Erin Foster (writer, actress, and a fun follow on Instagram) hits guru status at the TSR HQ as she shares some life lessons and doles out some mindful advice in the realms of dating, mental health, fertility and career. Later it's a rosy first week of Spring with another installment of 'Lady Baby Takes Trader Joe’s' and an Ask Falcon pertaining to moving to Los Angeles in your 30s.    Thanks to our partners:   Thrive Market: Thrivemarket.com/retrograde Ritual Vitamins: ritual.com/retrograde Robinhood: Retrograde.robinhood.com


21 Mar 2019

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Ep 100: THYROID 101 (guest: Fern Olivia)

What’s the deal with the Thyroid? These days, hormonal imbalances are running rampant and Stephanie and Elizabeth are on a mission to get answers on the who, what, where and why of it all. Joining them is Fern Olivia, thyroid expert and founder of Thyroid Yoga and Ajai Alchemy. Fern shares her story with being diagnosed with Hashimoto's and answers listener questions as they pertain to this mysterious gland. We Rose and Thorn about re visiting our childhoods, Nasa getting involved in the wellness conversation and a conversation on being misquoted.


1 Jul 2017

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Ep. 224 The Future of Botox, Dermal Fillers and Taking a Holistic Approach to Aging with Lisa Goodman of GoodSkin Clinics

Lisa Goodman, founder of GoodSkin Clinics (@goodskinclinics), a revolutionary bi-coastal cosmetic dermatology practice, sits down with EK + SS to describe her holistic approach to dermal fillers and mission to eliminate the “done” look one face at a time. Seasonally appropriate, in these final days of October as there’s nothing spookier than too much facial filler. Roses and Thorns is a rosy reading recc by Sasha Sagan followed by a TSR exclusive event invite with Feng Shui queen Meghan Wallace James. AND Happy bday to Steph!!   Thanks to our partners: Robin Hood: retrograde.robinhood.com Daily Harvest: Daily harvest.com code Retrograde  Go Macro: gomacro.com code Retrograde   Produced by Dear Media.


31 Oct 2019

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Ep 65: High Vibes (guests: Mathew Gerson and Britany Confer)

This week the ladies focus on three things they hold dear; wellness, sex and weed as they welcome to the show innovators, Mathew Gerson and Britany Confer, of Foria Wellness. Foria is a leader in sexual wellness as it pertains to cannabis science and its high vibes from there! Also, Roses and Thorns are lit this week, with revelations and recommendations!

1hr 1min

15 Aug 2016

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Ep 105: Welcome Back (to Retrograde) (guest: Jamie Sigler)

They’re baaaack. Elizabeth and Stephanie re-emerge after their digital detox / summer break and are joined by actress and advocate Jamie Sigler, for a candid convo on Jamie’s journey with MS and how practicing manifestation and intention setting have changed her outlook. The girls have their own manifestation moment as New York Housewives plays 'roses and thorns'. Elizabeth’s impressional mind goes vegan after watching 'What The Health' and Steph’s mom finds acupuncture and feels like she's struck gold.


15 Aug 2017

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Ep 165: Human Designing Women (guest: Jenna Zoe)

The day is finally here! Jenna Zoe, Human Design zealot and UK based cosmic queen drops in to the studio to chat all things Human Design! It’s like astrology on steroids and a fun deep dive not to be missed. The ladies also address some listeners Q’a and give an update regarding their upcoming live shows on the east coast.   Elizabeth and Steph are manifesting generators!  Find out your design here: https://www.mybodygraph.com/free-bodygraph/   This episode is brought to you by takecareof.com code: Soretrograde and phlur.com code: retrograde    Tickets to That’s So retrograde Live in NYC sept. 23 : https://www.unionhallny.com/event/1763815   Tickets to Thrive Weekend in CT: http://www.aweekendtothrive.com/connecticut/ code: thatssoretrograde for 25% off


14 Sep 2018

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Ep 39: Going with the Flow - Part 1 (guest: Alisa Vitti)

With a reputation of bringing you candid info on moon cycles, sleep cycles and the occasional SoulCycle, it only makes sense that Elizabeth and Stephanie chat all things menstrual cycle with esteemed author of 'Woman Code' and founder of Flo Living, Alisa Vitti, in the first part of this two part interview. Also joining the show is Emliy Todebush, political strategist and health coverage advocate - dropping some knowledge on Get Covered America. So basically if you get your period, know someone who gets their period or plan on seeing a doctor within the next year, this ones for you!

1hr 16mins

20 Jan 2016

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Ep 135: Sex With Retrograde (guest: Emily Morse)

It's the first Mercury Retrograde of 2018, a time where communication traditionally goes awry. To counteract said cosmic inevitability, sex and relationship expert, Doctor of Human Sexuality and iconic podcaster, Emily Morse, of Sex with Emily, joins the TSR Universe. Mindfulness when it comes to sex and sexuality is discussed and spoiler alert Communication is key! Communication as lubrication and more candid truths are dropped. Plus, Elizabeth and Steph recap their Austin adventures at SXSW! Happy Retrograde Ya'll!

1hr 17mins

24 Mar 2018

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Ep 125: TSR in Conversation: Him & Her Podcast (guest: The Skinny Confidential & Michael Bosstick)

It’s an end of year holiday party, as two of Elizabeth and Stephanie’s favorite fellow podcasters and cute couple, Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick, join the show! Chatting their latest wellness adventures, mis-adventures, obsessions and more.


29 Dec 2017

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Ep. 255 Wellness Check with Nicole Aimee Schreiber

Comedian and former cast member of Steph’s reality show, Funny Girls, Nicole Aimee Shreiber (@nicoleaimee) pops in and gets real with Steph and Elizabeth on how she’s learned to thrive in this new reality. Spoiler alert: we’re talking rebounders, microdosing, and tools on staying present. It’s a real friendship rose for these unprecedented times.   Thanks to our partners: THRIVE MARKET Thrivemarket.com/retrograde TALKSPACE Talkspace.com code: retrograde   Produced by Dear Media.


21 May 2020

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Ep 156: Maybe It’s Us (guest: Lauren Handel Zander)

Life coach extraordinaire, Lauren Handel Zander, co-founder of the much celebrated life coaching method, The Handel Group, and author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life, visits the TSR universe to go deep with the ladies. Also, Elizabeth and Steph answer listener questions, discuss the cosmos (obv) and muse on their current live tour.  Sign up for Lauren’s online course and get $75 off with Promo code: Retrograde75   https://www.inneru.coachThis episode is brought to you by: Rainbow Optix: Get a free pair of glasses and 15% off your entire order. Just go to rainbowoptx.com and use promo code RETROGRADE. Grove Collaborative. Get a free $30 Meyers Cleaning set along with a 2-month VIP membership with your first purchase by heading over to grove.co/elizabethandstephanie.  Take Care Of Vitamins takecareof.com / code soretrograde

1hr 24mins

29 Jul 2018

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