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Professor Robert A.F. “Bob” Thurman’s official podcast covers diverse topics including Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist Studies, spirituality, Tibetan Culture, Asian history, philosophy, Eastern Ideas, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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Buddha Bliss & Kālachakra Yoga – Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

An extended archive podcast from Professor Thurman’s annual holiday message and his monthly teaching for the ongoing Kālachakra Study & Practice Group. Robert A.F. Thurman discusses the value of end of year celebrations, compassion and the Kālachakra yoga in helping individuals of any tradition or religious background to escape the terminal lifestyle of self centered […]

30 Dec 2018

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Tara, Yoga & Female Buddhas – Ep. 195

In this two part podcast Professor Thurman discusses the role of women in Indian and Tibetan history and of the feminine principle within their inner and outer yoga traditions. Opening with an exploration of the experience of enlightenment as depicted in the classic science fiction film “Star Trek The Motion Picture” Robert A.F. Thurman gives […]

7 Jan 2019

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Shantideva: Anger Management – Ep. 43

We all know what anger is. When a situation is going wrong for us — when something we wanted to see happening doesn’t, or when something we don’t want to see happening is happening — we get frustrated. That frustration is a fuel of anger. Some people may advise: “Just swallow your anger,” but if […]

20 Nov 2015

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Buddhist Inner Sciences: Revealing Your Magic Body – Ep. 183

Robert A.F. Thurman and Dr. Nida Chenagtsang in this two part podcast give an introduction to Buddhist Tantra and the meditation practices used to accelerate spiritual evolution through the development of one’s magic body. Using Nargajuna‘s verses on clear light, Bodhisattvas, the development of the rainbow body and bliss Professor Thurman gives an introduction to […]

14 Sep 2018

Rank #4

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Infinite Lifestyle : Yoga & End of Year Celebrations – Ep. 194

Opening this week’s holiday podcast with a guided meditation from his book “Infinite Life: Awakening to Bliss Within” Professor Thurman discusses the value of end of year celebrations, compassion and the yoga sciences in helping individuals of any tradition or religious background to escape the terminal lifestyle of self centered materialism. Highlighting the common spiritual […]

26 Dec 2018

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It’s Your Choice: to Be Happy, or to Be Miserable – Ep 69

In this podcast Professor Thurman reads and comments on an excerpt from The Avataṃsaka Sutra, which describes a cosmos of realms enfolding realms, infinite world systems mutually containing one another. Professor Thurman teaches that this infinite cosmos is governed by a principle called “the emptiness [shunyata] of everything.” When you realize that, then your life becomes your work of […]

3 Jun 2016

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Managing Misery : A.A. and The Heart Sutra – Ep. 173

Dr. Mark Epstein M.D. and Robert A.F. Thurman, in this two part podcast discuss the Buddhist & Alcoholics Anonymous perspectives on addiction, depression, and recovery using the teachings of Shantideva and Winnicott to highlight common strategies and illustrate how the two can help one change one’s relationship to any source of suffering, internal or external. […]

24 Jun 2018

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Buddhism 101: Four Noble Facts & The Eightfold Path – Ep. 130

In this extended podcast Professor Thurman begins with an explanation of the Four Noble Truths teaching & then details the systematic process of enlightenment as laid out by the historical Buddha known as the The Eightfold Path. The Eightfold path, breaks down into what’s known as the three educations. Of those three educations you have […]

21 Aug 2017

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Science & Poetry of Sleep, Dreaming and Death – Ep. 179

In this special edition of the Bob Thurman podcast Professor Thurman is joined by poet and scholar Gary Gach for an in-depth exploration of the Tibetan Science of Healing Sowa Rigpa‘s perspective on sleep, dreams and death using personal experience, Buddhist teachings and poetry. Podcast begins with Robert A.F. Thurman discussing the place of sleep […]

13 Aug 2018

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Tibetan Book of the Dead – What Is It About? Ep. 75

In this podcast Professor Thurman talks about the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Tibetan name of this book — The Bardo Thodol — literally means The Book of Natural Liberation through Understanding in the Between. A being can be liberated in “the between” (the term is often translated as “intermediate state”), the period after […]

15 Jul 2016

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How To Build A Buddhaverse : Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

Archive recording from the introductory class “How To Build a Buddhaverse + Buddhist Non-Dual Physics” from the Force For Good on-going class series held annually at Tibet House US in New York City and online through live-stream broadcast. Professor Thurman uses his translation of “The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti” to introduce the heroes of enlightenment […]

11 Sep 2018

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Buddhism 101: How Vajrayana & Tantra Works – Ep. 14

Professor Robert A,F, Thurman draws from his book, Brilliant Illumination of the Lamp of the Five Stages for a discussion on the distinctions between Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana, delving into a discussion of Tantra, the creation stage and perfection stage; the extraordinary-ordinary mergers pertaining to basis, path and fruition; and the five stages of the Glorious […]


1 May 2015

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Liberation Through Nature, Hearing & Sleep: Tibetan Book of the Dead – Ep. 180

In this two part podcast Professor Thurman and Eric Rosenbush discuss Tibetan Medicine and Buddhist Inner Sciences using the miss titled “Tibetan Book of the Dead” as a guide for applying the lessons contained within it to our daily lives. Second Part of this week’s podcast is a guided meditation on the Eight Dissolution Stages […]

20 Aug 2018

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The Four Noble Truths & the Eightfold Path – Ep 67

In this episode Professor Thurman explains the cornerstone teachings of the Buddha: the teaching about the Four Noble Truths, and the teaching about the Eightfold Path. This episode is an excerpt from the lecture given at Tibet House US in New York City, January 6, 2016, as part of a course called “Force for Good: […]


21 May 2016

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Questioning Buddhism : Angry or Fierce Buddhas – Ep. 167

Buddhism is the collection of teachings, traditions and religions based upon the mind training philosophy as presented by Prince Siddhartha to his community of mendicants, householders and followers over 2500 years ago. Learning it’s history and the practices of meditation passed down through the generations is not as intimidating as it might sound when one […]

14 May 2018

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