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UND Athletics' official podcast presented by Buffalo Wild Wings. Our fight song is Stand Up & Cheer but sitting down is much less work. Every week, Jayson Hajdu and Mitch Wigness talk about everything with the biggest personalities from all aspects of UND Sports, past and present.

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Episode 73 - Chris Citowicki

PRESENTED BY BUFFALO WILD WINGS.UND associate head soccer coach Chris Citowicki joins the guys for a conversation unlike any other they’ve had. Born in Poland, Chris’ fascinating journey to the United States started with his family defecting from their native country and included stops in Italy, South Africa and Australia. His story was often fraught with peril, with true tales of murder, ocean voyages and even pirates. Chris also tells us how his life experiences have shaped his coaching philosophy, why hockey coaching legend Herb Brooks was such a profound influence on him, how a fateful recruiting trip landed him his job at UND, and how the Fighting Hawks were able to put together their best-ever Big Sky season in the first year of a new coaching regime.


17 Apr 2018

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Episode 75 - Molli Detloff and Christian Wolanin

PRESENTED BY BUFFALO WILD WINGSMolli Detloff and Christian Wolanin, UND’s 2017-18 Female and Male Athletes of the Year, join the unofficial “year-end” podcast for a wide-ranging discussion. We learn from both that neither of them were highly-recruited by schools other than North Dakota, how they use that to fuel their competitive fire, what challenges the modern student-athlete faces, which teammates they lean on the most, which teammates drive them nuts, how they find middle ground with coaches regarding differences of opinion, why UND is so important to them both, and much more! Special mention to Jeff Groven and his staff at Buffalo Wild Wings for hosting the show.


8 May 2018

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Episode 76 - Ryan Powell

Presented by Buffalo Wild WingsThe guys return from summer hiatus to say farewell to associate media relations director Ryan Powell, who is leaving his post in the athletics department after being named assistant commissioner with The Summit League. The Three Best Friends That Anybody Could Have reflect on Ryan’s decade-long tenure and the memorable teams and student-athletes he worked with along the way. They also discuss his path to UND, working with coach George O’Leary at Central Florida, and the Heisman Trophy campaign he put together for Kevin Smith. Finally, Ryan shares some insight into his early to-do list for UND’s new conference home. Also, tales of Ryan’s legendarily tightwad ways! A fun farewell, presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.


1 Aug 2018

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Episode 64 - Virg Foss

Legendary college hockey writer Virg Foss joins the pod and we try to cram an entire 50-year career into one episode. Find out who converted Virg from a Minnesota fan to a North Dakota fan, the college hockey record Virg may or may or may not own from his playing days, which UND hockey coach he lived with while on the beat, the time Dean Blais blew up at him, which player he covered seemed destined to become a coach, the infamous “Water Bottle Incident,” which recruit changed the program forever, and so darn much more!

1hr 1min

27 Sep 2017

Rank #4

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Episode 63 - Alex Heinert

Presented by Buffalo Wild Wings. Football season is upon us and we preview the UND football season and the upcoming tilt with Utah with Midco Sports Network play-by-play man Alex Heinert. We get into the position battles, who has looked good in fall camp, some of the personalities on the team, and how the schedule shapes up for UND and the rest of the Big Sky Conference. We also chat about Alex's second year behind the mic calling UND games, some advice he got from savvy broadcast veteran Jake Brandt, why Ryan Kasowski needed to shut his mouth, how Alex prepped to call hockey games and some of the guys' favorite broadcasters. It's all in this here episode.


30 Aug 2017

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Episode 67 - Brian Faison

Finally reunited after a hectic fall schedule, Mitch and Jayson sit down with UND Athletics Director Brian Faison, who announced his impending retirement in October. In Part I of their conversation, Faison discusses the early challenges he faced at UND, why former UND President Robert Kelley was so instrumental in those first days, the future landscape of conference affiliation and how it may affect UND, what drove him to create the NCHC, the secret hotel meeting that got the NCHC ball rolling, why he made the volleyball program one of his top priorities, behind the scenes of the Dave Hakstol-to-Brad Berry transition and so much more. An insightful conversation that just begins to scratch the surface of Faison’s decade-long tenure in Grand Forks.


14 Dec 2017

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Episode 69 - Bill Chaves

On this episode of Sit Down and Cheer, Junior Varsity fill-ins Ryan Powell and Kyle Doperalski fill in for Jayson and Mitch as they sat down with newly-hired athletics director Bill Chaves. The J.V.-squad touched on a number of topics with their new boss ranging from what made him a sports junkie to how his time at Eastern Washington is going to help keep the UND athletic department moving forward.Chaves also discusses how a kid who grew up with an affinity for most New England professional teams wound up a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and who he thinks will take home the championships in the five major sports.


17 Jan 2018

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Episode 68 - Brian Faison Part II

Part two (Fais 2?) of our conversation with retiring UND Athletics Director Brian Faison, presented by Buffalo Wild Wings. We go in depth on the recent sport cuts at UND, what went on behind the scenes and what was reassessed in the aftermath of those announcements. The guys touch on a number of topics from there, including the opening of the High Performance Center, the future of Memorial Stadium, the move from the Big Sky to The Summit League, Cost of Attendance for student-athletes and whether it impacted the sport cuts, the most challenging and rewarding moments of Faison’s tenure, and even his latest book recommendations. An episode UND fans will not want to miss!


4 Jan 2018

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Episode 77 - Dick Clay

In his 34th and final season at North Dakota, cross country coach Dick Clay reflects on his career as the longest-tenured coach in the history of UND Athletics. He discusses what went into his decision to retire, why his one and only season in The Summit League holds special meaning to him, what drives his former runners to give back to the program, what has changed for student-athletes since his career started, his fondest road trip memories, the innocuous conversation that sparked his team at the NCAA DII Championship, and so much more. Join us for this trip down memory lane with a UND coaching legend. Presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.


12 Oct 2018

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Episode 66 - Mark Poolman

With Mitch on the road again, Jayson goes it alone with UND Athletics’ version of the Most Interesting Man in the World, Mark Poolman. The longtime athletic trainer and strength coach for the men’s hockey program, Poolman is also father to Colton and Tucker Poolman, both of whom developed into standout defenseman at North Dakota. We ask Mark about his new life as an NHL dad, how Tucker almost gave up the hockey dream along the way, and how he separates “Dad” from “Coach” around the rink. We also discuss his own collegiate career as a receiver for the UND football team, how he accidentally got recruited, the downtown brawl between the hockey and football teams that led to his first job as a Zamboni driver, and why he wanted Coach Roger Thomas to be meaner – and why he was wrong about that. Finally, Mark talks about his career as an athletic trainer, the evolution of treating head injuries, the situations involving Travis Roy, Robbie Bina, Chay Genoway, and the relationship between trainer and coach. A fascinating conversation that just might require a follow-up visit from the trainer!


29 Nov 2017

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Episode 71 - The Final Road To Reno

It’s time for one final Road to Reno as the Big Sky Basketball Tournaments are upon us. Mitch Wigness and Ryan Powell cornered Paul Ralston, the radio voice of UND’s men’s team, and Jon Oglesby, who will be handling webcasts for the first three days on both sides for Pluto TV, and we break it all down. Who is the toughest out? Current format— goods and bads? Best matchups for UND? Least ideal matchup? Who is the next NBA guy in the Big Sky? What did Powell get his kids on a 12-day road trip? Paul’s favorite road stop? Answers to all these questions and much, much more on this basketball-bloated pod.


5 Mar 2018

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Episode 72 - UND Spring Football 2018

The guys (finally) reunite and take a deep dive into spring football with receivers coach Danny Freund and safeties coach Joel Schwenzfeier. They’ll talk position battles, the magnitude of Deion Harris’ return to health, what the staff reevaluated after a spate of injuries in 2017, players learning new positions, the difficulties of evaluating quarterbacks during non-contact practices, a renewed emphasis on recruiting quality depth, why they loved spring football as players, why they hated spring football as players, why recruits and their families are excited for the move to the Missouri Valley Football Conference, and even some recruiting stories from their own playing days.


29 Mar 2018

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Episode 70 - Brad "NFL Insider" Schlossman

Last week, Grand Forks Herald hockey writer Brad Schlossman attended Super Bowl Media Day last week and ended up breaking NFL MVP news, sending the sports Twitter world into a tizzy. This week, he joins the guy to discuss how it all went down, how Twitter may have literally broken his phone, what the Super Bowl Media Day experience was like, why entertainment reporters are the worst, and which donuts are (or aren’t?) Justin Timberlake’s favorite. The conversation then switches to hockey and Schlossman assesses the stretch run for North Dakota and discusses several UND alums doing their thing in the NHL. As a bonus, he also gives us his prediction on who will be the starting quarterback in 2018 for his beloved Minnesota Vikings.


8 Feb 2018

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Episode 65 - Tim Hennessy Part VI

We’re talkin’ hockey this week with venerable UND radio voice Tim Hennessy. The 1986-87 NCAA championship team will be honored on Saturday night and Tim shares his many memories of that history-making squad. Hear his tales of future NHLers Ed Belfour and Tony Hrkac, Murray Baron’s appetite, Brent Bobyck’s grooming habits(?), which UND coaches he had to once step between on the racquetball court, the time Cary Eades received a bill from Wisconsin, and so much more. He also recaps last weekend’s road trip to Alaska, looks ahead to the upcoming visits from St. Lawrence and Minnesota and talks about Tucker Poolman’s NHL debut.


13 Oct 2017

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Episode 74 - Bill Chaves Part 2

PRESENTED BY BUFFALO WILD WINGSNew UND Director of Athletics Bill Chaves returns to the pod for his first lengthy sit-down with the guys. After obliging Mitch and Jayson with some baseball geek talk (Doug Mirabelli??), Bill gets into some of the things that make him tick, both at the office and away from it, including his upbringing in Connecticut, life as a Red Sox and Whalers(!) fan, the bottle of champagne he finally got to uncork in 2004, what led him down his career path, what he sees as the biggest challenge facing the modern student-athlete, what he’s identified as some of his priority projects at UND, his relationship with his predecessor Brian Faison, and a whole lot more! As always, a big thank-you to Jeff Groven and our friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for hosting the show!


24 Apr 2018

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Episode 62 - Drake Caggiula

Presented by Buffalo Wild Wings! Current Edmonton Oiler and former North Dakota great Drake Caggiula visits the show during his week in Grand Forks. Drake fills the guys in on life the NHL, what Leon Draisaitl told him that turned his rookie season around, riding shotgun with Connor McDavid, Frozen Four memories, the UND teammate he hated practicing against, the “crappy” way he found out Brad Berry was taking over the program, the first thing he does when he visits Grand Forks, Stephane Pattyn’s horrible motivational speeches, the legal acumen of new UND School of Law student Bryn Chyzyk, how Chyzyk MacGyvered a way for Caggiula to watch UND’s NCAA Tournament game last year, plus an update on Sal the Hockey Dad and tons more!


24 Aug 2017

Rank #16

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Episode 59 - Karl Goehring

It's with sadness that it takes him leaving for us to finally move him up the guest list, but former standout goalie/national champion/volunteer goalie coach Karl Goehring stops by for a goodbye pod as he's off to the Tampa Bay Lightning organization. The guys will talk about that move, some good Dean Blais moments, his favorite memories as a player, the mental aspect of the goalie position, his superstitions (maybe), what he thinks of mentees Aaron Dell, Zane McIntyre and Cam Johnson, and of course, Wes Dorey's twice-baked potatoes. And, was it really offside?


13 Jul 2017

Rank #17

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Episode 57 - Frank White

Mitch and Jayson go back to school with popular UND sociology professor Frank White. The guys discuss the many issues facing today’s student and athlete, including race, politics, the use of performance-enhancing and recreational drugs, and the ever-changing classroom environment. Frank also talks about how sports led him directly into the teaching profession, his favorite athletics memories spanning 30-plus years at UND, why his sociology classes are so popular among athletes, the time Mike Commodore crashed a lecture with the Stanley Cup, and more! Do you know another professor who has his own bobblehead? We didn’t think so, so you better give this a listen.


20 Jun 2017

Rank #18

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Episode 54 - Brock Boeser

The Brock Star is back at UND finishing out the semester and the guys fished him out of the hot tub to chat about a number of topics, including: his whirlwind debut week with the Vancouver Canucks; the gesture by the Sedins that meant the world to him; reuniting with Troy Stecher; the injury that plagued him throughout his final season at UND; the unexpected hockey lessons he learned as a sophomore; Fighting Hawks to watch for next year; the UND teammate he misses the least; what went into his decision to de-commit from Wisconsin and commit to UND; why he never wavered on coming to UND after Dave Hakstol left for the NHL; who he was happiest for after winning the NCAA championship; making Paul LaDue nervous; offside reviews, and much more!


27 Apr 2017

Rank #19

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Episode 53 - Tyson Jost

North Dakota Fighting Hawk-turned-Colorado Avalanche Tyson Jost is back on campus to finish out the semester and sat down the guys to discuss his whirlwind year. He tells us why it’s so hard for him to talk about Canada’s World Junior loss, how he handled the intense spotlight north of the border, what Grandpa Jost is really like, what went into his decision to turn pro, which UND teammates he had the toughest time telling, what it was like play with Rocco Grimaldi and against Jonathan Toews, why he was ticked off at Nick Schmaltz, the advice he got from Jarome Iginla as a kid, why he wants to serve as a Canadian spokesman for NCAA hockey, the two returning UND players who could surprise fans next year, awful nicknames, was it offside or not, and much more.


21 Apr 2017

Rank #20