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This is the GRITTY podcast where we talk about ALL things GRITTY. Life isn’t fair and a little GRIT can make all the difference.

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EPISODE 222: JASON PHELPS & Trent Fisher of Phelps Game Calls and Born and Raised Outdoors

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we sit down with Jason Phelps and Trent Fisher of Phelps Game Calls and Born and Raised Outdoors. Trent talks about Born and Raised Outdoors' upcoming plan to hunt elk in 5 states over 45 days. They'll team up with friends like Hush and Corey Jacobsen along the way.  Jason shows us his latest bugle tube with all the bells and whistles along with the new Amp frame. He explains the differences between the colors and why this new frame has some serious longevity. We also talk about the joy of growing up in the Pacific Northwest and splitting all that firewood. 


28 Feb 2017

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Casey Harbertson and I recap our hunt with Corey Jacobsen up in Idaho.

1hr 34mins

2 Oct 2018

Rank #2

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EPISODE 264: Body Movement Myths, Overtraining & Injury Prevention with Chris Spealler

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we meet with CrossFit Games Athlete, Chris Spealler. Chris recently qualified for the 2017 games in the newly formed 35-39 year-old Masters Level Men’s competition. We at Gritty Bowmen will be rooting for him in August!  Chris and I discuss exercise myths, his experience with over training and how to prevent injury and still maintain your fitness if you are working through an injury.  Chris is a former college wrestler from a family of standout athletes, Chris Spealler quickly became one of CrossFit’s leading ambassadors, impressing and inspiring newcomers to the sport with his underdog spirit, unequaled work ethic, and warm personality. A competitor at the very first CrossFit Games in 2007. He was the only performer from the ’07 Games who was also in the 2014 games. Spealler continues to train and coach at CrossFit Park City in Utah, where he lives with his wife Sarah and their two children.  Chris has just started his own podcast called Icon Athlete Podcast. If you want to learn more about fitness or just like Chris Spealler, do me a favor, and go and subscribe to his podcast. Check it out! Featured on this podcast: iconathlete.com http://iconathlete.com/the-vault/ https://www.instagram.com/cspealler/ https://www.facebook.com/ChrisSpealler https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/icon-athlete-podcast/id1126149472?mt=2


21 Jul 2017

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EPISODE 232: Q&A: Condensation, Shelters, Future of Hunting, Gear, & More

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen Brian and Aron answer more listener questions regarding shelters, condensation, gear and more.

1hr 9mins

4 Apr 2017

Rank #4

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EPISODE 110: Sleeping Bags & Pads with A-ron Snyder

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / RSS/Stitcher/Podbean/Android Okay Friends on this episode of Gritty Bowmen I sit down with Aron Snyder and we talk about sleeping bags and pads. We get into some stuff about water bottles vs. nalgene bottlesand so on.  It’s a pretty good podcast, but we screwed up on the audio and when I say we I mean I screwed up on the audio. So it’s not as crisp as it usually is. So forgive me on that. But, it’s a good podcast so I hope you get some good info out of it. I did. -Stay Gritty Featured on this podcast: Kifaru

1hr 14mins

14 Apr 2016

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INTERVIEW STARTS AT 20:48 https://www.gruntworkout.com FOR A FREE MONTH OF GRUNT WORK USE THE CODE "GRNTMONTH" USE CODE "GRITTY" AT CHECK OUT TO RECEIVE 15% OFF https://www.lonepeakleather.com

1hr 30mins

4 Mar 2019

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*CODES* MTNOPS.com use code: GRITTY at check out to save - https://mtnops.com Get 15% off HEATHERS CHOICE use code: GRITTY - https://www.heatherschoice.com Get 15% off Sissy Stix (Our Trekking Poles) use code: GRITTY - https://www.sissystix.com Get 5% off Valkyrie Archery Broad-heads just use promo code: gritty - https://valkyriearchery.com Get 10% off Grakksaw Game bags - https://www.grakksaw.com Get 5% off Seek Outside shelters : Gritty - https://seekoutside.com GRITTY shirts and hats - briancall.com/shop Follow us! Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/brian_call/?hl=en Website - briancall.com SIGN UP FOR OUT NEWS LETTER AT briancall.com!!!


30 Mar 2020

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Kody Kellom and Trent Fisher of Born and Raised join me today to catch up on elk tactics and our must have gear.

1hr 26mins

16 Aug 2018

Rank #8

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EPISODE 153: Iron Mind Hunting with Joel Turner

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we learn how to become a better shooter from Joel Turner, owner of Iron Mind Hunting. Joel’s instruction is much different from any other shooting instruction I have ever received. This is a quote from Joel that touches on his philosophy. “People get stuck in the rut of thinking tactics and gadgets will solve their problems. What I am here to show you is it’s not the tools you have but the system you must have in place to be effective.” At first glance, it is easy to dismiss Joel’s ideas and training as “snake oil” or as the same thing you’ve heard from countless other efficient shooters. But, although seeming subtle, I found Joel’s ideas and teaching methods profoundly different from anything I have heard before. I cannot recommend Joel Turner’s shooter-training enough. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or new to the game, Joel is an effective teacher with an Iron Mind. You don’t want to miss this podcast.   At the end of this podcast Joel shares some deep thoughts on how to call-in big bulls using what he calls the “Bull Calling Cows” bugle. It’s a fascinating concept and Joel has the track record to back-up his theory. It’s interesting stuff. Something I’ll probably be trying out on my next elk hunting adventure. You can find everything you want to know about Joel Turner at www.ironmindhunting.com - Check him out. You won’t regret it. Iron Mind Hunting Additional notes courtesy of GB listener Nick Strand… Thanks Nick! Recoil bracing - input into the shot - it happens when we anticipate the explosion Seek controlled shot under pressure - be able to stop shot at any time “Do not shoot an arrow unless it’s perfectly controlled.” Speech and movement are linked - fix speech pattern to fix movement No slow movement - wasting muscle energy and increase fatigue Draw Sequence Draw - get it done, stick it on there Aim - put your pin on it - watch it to keep it - compare to driving, keep it between the lines - keep pulling - compare to football player “keep running!”  keep means to continue - put concentration in to movement that makes bow go off - slow steady pressure DO NOT speed up words - to speed up shot, increase aggression instead of speed “Good concentration equals good shooting.” Closed loop - controlled, can stop shot at any time - DESIRED Open loop - movements lead to actions, can’t stop shot sequence - open loop shooters will “only get as good as your recoil bracing allows you to.” **Need to be able to switch from open loop to closed loop when necessary Snap Shot - efficient, not necessarily accurate - good hunters, calm killers but not consistent 3D shooters Shooting is all about concentration and control.  Do not go on auto-pilot. Shooting is simple, but it’s not easy.

1hr 56mins

10 Aug 2016

Rank #9

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1hr 57mins

7 Jun 2018

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Episode 122: Compound Bow Tuning with Cory Miller of xXx Archery

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes / RSS/Stitcher/Podbean/Android On this episode of Gritty Bowmen, we hang out with our friend Cory Miller, owner of xXx Archery, at his bowshop in Rainier Oregon. We talk to Cory about compound-bow tuning. This podcast has some visual footage that you will want to watch if this stuff is new to you. At the very end of this podcast we inserted some video footage of Cory teaching my cousin Ben how to properly grip and hold a compound bow when shooting. In Cory’s experience as a tournament bow shooter for PSE and an archery shop owner--improper grip is one of the most common mistakes that he sees in archery shooters. Checkout the video at the end of this podcast for a brief lesson from Cory on how the grip should be done. If you live in the area, check-out xXx Archery--it’s worth the drive. And now, Cory has a super-cool Techno Shoot that’s a blast to play with. Go to our website or to our Youtube channel to see a video of Cousin Ben and the Gritty Scotsman go head-to-head in a Techno Shoot-out. It’s good, gritty fun.    


10 May 2016

Rank #11

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Aron and I do some long over do catching up. We talk about gear, food, and our thoughts on charging bears.

1hr 17mins

21 Aug 2018

Rank #12

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EPISODE 171: Gritty Stories


12 Oct 2016

Rank #13

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Ryan Carter joins me in the Gritty Studio to go live on instagram and drop some knowledge on elk. If you didn't catch the live don't worry you get a second chance on here on youtube. Ryan Carter is a part of DC outfitters down here in Utah and they slay elk. Ryan shares with us how me manages to accomplish it year after year.

1hr 21mins

27 Jul 2018

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EPISODE 212: How To Judge Yardage with Greg Poole of Bow Junky

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk with Bow Junky, Greg Poole. He teaches us how to judges yardage. 


11 Feb 2017

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EPISODE 243: Getting Into #ElkShape with Dan The Fitness Man Staton

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk about fitness with none other than Dan Staton. Dan is the current owner of Crossfit Spokane Valley and helped co-found Train to Hunt with long-time friend Kenton Clairmont. We talk about different fitness programs and whether just throwing on a backpack and hiking up a mountain is enough to get you into #ElkShape. You can follow Dan on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/elkshape . or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ElkShape/ or on Instagram @danthefitnessman


10 May 2017

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EPISODE 246: Hunting Grizzly with Aron Snyder

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk about Aron's recent Grizzly and Black Bear hunts with Primitive Outfitting in British Columbia.

1hr 8mins

18 May 2017

Rank #17

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My friends Adam Greentree and Dan Watson join me after ten days in the wild to recap our adventures and near calls.

1hr 4mins

23 Oct 2018

Rank #18

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EPISODE 304: Crocodiles & Grizzlies with Cameron Hanes & Adam Greentree

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we talk with Cam Hanes and Adam Greentree at 2018 ATA Show. 


16 Jan 2018

Rank #19

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EPISODE 233: Engineering & Product Design with John Barklow of Sitka Gear

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we meet with David Brinker and John Barklow of Sitka Gear to talk about the 2017 products. 

1hr 8mins

6 Apr 2017

Rank #20