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17. The Ordinary- How to Build a Routine

This week we go through the entire The Ordinary skincare catalogue and, bit by bit, how to put together a routine for yourself.


11 Dec 2018

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26. Diet and Skin Health

A look at the scientific evidence around the effect diet has on the skin's health. There is some interesting and potentially life changing stuff you need to know. Promise it's not entirely full of boring facts!

1hr 6mins

8 Apr 2019

Rank #2

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4. Acne treatment

Funny beauty and skincare chat. Today we're having a big old chat about the nightmare of adult acne and how to treat it.


5 Aug 2018

Rank #3

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34. Tretinoin- Why and How

Why you should use tretinoin and how to incorporate it into your skincare routine


13 Sep 2019

Rank #4

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35. Vitamin C

Vitamin C- The science behind it and which product is the best


23 Sep 2019

Rank #5

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32. Hyperpigmentation and How to Get Rid of it

Today we're having a further look into the treatment of hyperpigmentation, prescription medication, chemical peels, laser etc.


17 Jul 2019

Rank #6

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28. Undereye Issues and Dark Circles

Today we talk about the dreaded undereye area, the most difficult to treat and also the first place raging shows. Is there anything we can do to actually brighten up tired peepers and improve dark circles?


7 May 2019

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6. Skincare Basics- Do I Need To Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

Today Nia and Natalie talk answer listener’s questions. Do we really need to cleanse, tone and moisturise? What the heck is a toner. Head to our Instagram @skincarewithfriends for more info, product tips and everything else we forgot to mention.


1 Sep 2018

Rank #8

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38. Skincare for Dry Skin

We all need moisturiser, but it's a bit more complicated than that. Find out how to choose the right moisturiser for you

1hr 8mins

30 Nov 2019

Rank #9

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5. Bad Skincare and MLM Rants

Some things just really get up our noses! Find out what nefarious and dodgy skincare care products and tactics are doing our nut in. Funny and honest chat about skincare.


11 Aug 2018

Rank #10

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36. Clean Beauty

The clean beauty movement is all we're hearing about at the moment, but what is it and do we need to be involved?


16 Oct 2019

Rank #11

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23. The Cleanser Masterlist

Today we talk about cleansers in a bit more detail and give our product recommendations. Also introduce the Cleanser Masterlist, available on our Patreon page- https://www.patreon.com/Skincarewithfriends


9 Mar 2019

Rank #12

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15. Eczema

This week we talk about the swine that is eczema. A life long condition for sufferers and difficult to treat. We go through why you get it, how to prevent it, how to treat it, all options you might not have heard of and some good skincare to help support the condition.(The study I talked about with all the information is by Tess McPherson(2016). Current Understanding in Pathogenesis of Atopic Dermatitis. Indian journal of dermatology, 61(6), 649-655.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5122281/)


11 Nov 2018

Rank #13

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12. Busting Skincare Myths

This week we are myth busting. What are the deeply held, deeply flawed views that we all have and why are they wrong? The usual humorous informal chat on skincare and our lives. Come and find us on @skincarewithfriends Instagram for pictures and facts


15 Oct 2018

Rank #14

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14. Superfoods for Great Skin

Natalie talks about her cool dietary supplements for maximum skin (and rest of her) health. There are loads of cool things you can try to feed your skin from the inside, we sniff them all and tell you how to make the best smoothies. Also Nat gets her Flavanone Mud on...


30 Oct 2018

Rank #15

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18. Overpriced Skincare

Some skincare costs hundreds of pounds, is it worth the price? we take a look at the most expensive skincare on the market and try to figure out if it's worth the money (it's not!). Head to our Instagram for more chat


12 Jan 2019

Rank #16

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13. All About Acids in Skincare

Today we talk about acids, also go into the recent Sunday Riley scandal, facial hair, peptides and eyebrows. Find out which acid s best for your skin and how to use them, also hear about the new wonder acids on the market. Apologies for the background children and cats


24 Oct 2018

Rank #17

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8. We Answer Your Questions

A funny chat about skincare. We answer your questions on The Ordinary, Niacinamide, Retinoids, you name it. A good old silly chat that is about skincare and pretty much everything else you can think of. Come and visit us on Instagram @skincarewithfriends and see pictures and more information on the products we've talked about this week


16 Sep 2018

Rank #18

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16. Winter Skincare

Today we're going seasonal. Black Friday has just been and gone, we discuss our purchases and how we're going to tackle winter skincare challenges. Lots of product info at @skincarewithfriends Instagram


25 Nov 2018

Rank #19

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37. Treating Hair Loss

This week we discuss how to approach hair loss, the treatments available, which ones work, how to look after your thinning hair and alter your diet to make the best of your hair.

1hr 10mins

2 Nov 2019

Rank #20