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Ep 88: Science... sort of - More Energy, More Problems

00:00:00 - The show begins with the Paleopals discussing a story that sounds too good to be true. Namely that the interaction of river and sea can be used as a safe, nonpolluting form of power, but can the work be understood? Therein lies the rub. 00:23:06 - Jacob is teetotaling while in training, Ryan takes it back to the Olde Country, which is apparently quite wordy, but Charlie keeps is simple and South of the border. 00:30:26 - It's like starting all over again (at least back to High School) as the Paleopals discuss the trailer for the new film Beginners(staring sexy Ewan McGregor). 00:39:20 - After Fukushima, which we discussed in detail in Episode 84 with Brian Dunning, as well as the release of the new Marvel studiosmovie Thor, which Ryan wrote a piece about for Marvel.com, people are looking again at the element Thorium as a new source for nuclear power. The real mystery is why we haven't been using this stuff for years. 00:56:49 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like energy, you never have as much as you think. Ryan starts it off with a beer reccomendation paired with adulation from Tobin S. Always appreciated. Charlie has some bitter commentary fromDustin K. via Episode 86. And finally Jacob has an e-mail from Jenny sent to him by Ryan so he could get us talking about Thorium (see above) and inadvertent philosophy of science by way of microbiology. Thanks for listening! Our blog can be found at Paleocave.com Music for this week's show: James River Blues - Old Crow Medicine Show Training - Shadowgrounds Surivor OST (From the Humble Bundle) Where Do I Begin - The Chemical Brothers Power Supply - Anamanaguchi

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30 May 2011

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Ep 51: Science... sort of - Area-51

00:00:00 – The Paleopals Ryan, Patrick and Charlie are all drinking beers (shocking!) and they're all in locations (also: shocking!) but the only way to learn what those beers are and where they're being consumed is to listen! 00:05:44 – This week the Paleopals are talking with Dr. Seth Shostak (http://www.seti.org/) who hunts aliens and has a real radio show. (He also uses radios to hunt aliens.) They're talking specifically about an article positing that the search for ET may need to focus more on the AI than the squishy EBE's that made them. 00:33:03 – Because everybody loves George Clooney this week's Trailer Trash Talk features The American (not the one from The Bugle). 00:42:23 – Charlie, widely considered the most energetic of the Paleopals, brings us a story about some of the problems facing alternative energy. The guys are sure to get this problem solved, they just need some organic matter to be broken down over a few million years until it's some sort of fuel… made from fossils. That would do the trick! 01:03:01 – PaleoPOWs are as follows: Patrick cheated by using a facebook post from David Precht (http://hancomic.com/) earlier when we talked with Seth Shostak. H. Elliot wants to know if you can smell in space. And Ryan gets some love for the “sort of side” from Danielle (http://www.upendedblog.com/) when it comes to stripping. Thanks for listening, be sure to check out our blog for regularly updated content all week long at http://paleocave.sciencesortof.com/! Music for this week's show: 12:51 – The Strokes Aliens Exist – blink-182 American Idiot – Green Day Royal Oil – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

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30 Aug 2010

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298 - The Whale Identity

00:00:00 - A quick intro to let everyone know that this episode features an interview with former guest of the show (episode 97) Dr. Nick Pyenson recorded live at Room 11 in D.C. Thanks for Room 11 for having us! 00:01:49 - Nick Pyenson joins us to talk about his new book Spying on Whales: The Past, Present, and Future of Earth's Most Awesome Creatures with illustrations by Alex Boersma. A free-wheeling discussion ensues over a couple of burnt sugar old-fashioned cocktails. We talk a lot about whales and their portrayal in the book, but also mention some other things to check out which you can find here: Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel by Carl Safina Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth by Adam Frank Contact by Carl Sagan You can follow Nick and his future adventures online via Twitter (@PyensonLab) and Instagram (@pyensonlab) 01:12:59 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like new year celebrations, noisy but with a sense of finality. This week we thank Ian C. for his time as a recurring donor to the show. Thanks, Ian! Here’s to another year of science with all you lovely people. More cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on our Patreon! Music for this episode: Humpback whalesong I Spy - Guster

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2 Jan 2019

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Ep 53: Science... sort of - The Monkey Moon Conspiracy

00:00:00 - Ryan is surprised this week to find a girl (i.e. Heather) has infiltrated his boys only podcasting clubhouse. How will Charlie respond? Stay tuned to find out! 00:05:13 – Not only is the moon getting farther away but now it’s shrinking too?! Will our kids even be able to see the darn thing?! 00:16:49 – For maybe the first time ever a PG movie is on the chopping block for Trailer Trash Talk as the Paleopals discuss Legend of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. 00:24:00 – Owl Monkeys are many things. Firstly they are adorable. Secondly they are nocturnal... sort of. It's weird cause they need the moonlight, but also some temperature stuff. Just listen to the segment alright?! 00:39:29 – In the PaleoPOW this week Charlie reads an iTunes review from Jason Gosse that's all about having business in the front and a party in the back. Heather has blog feedback from Dustin Kreidler. And Ryan thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and deals with a question about Wolverine posted by Vincente Bolocofsky on the Facebook page. That's all for this week, for more great content check out our blog at http://paleocave.sciencesortof.com/ Music for the show: Like a Lady – The Sounds Behind the Moon – Matt Costa Night Bird Flying – Jimi Hendrix Proudest Monkey – Dave Matthews Band


14 Sep 2010

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269 - Tragedy of the Commons

00:00:00 - A team at CalTech has figured out a new way to increase the rate that the ocean might be able to suck down carbon from our atmosphere. The overall plan is still missing a few steps, but it's an exciting step forward in how might get ourselves out of this climate mess. 00:20:45 - Drinks are another way we've figured out how to infuse carbon dioxide into liquid, but we let it out again once we drink it. Whoops. Charlie really enjoys his Bodhizafa IPA from Georgetown Brewing, which of course prompts a discussion of the themes of the 1991 classic film Point Break. Joe references another film franchise with his Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer, but we'll let you put the pieces together yourself. And Ryan wraps it all up with a La Cumbre Elevation IPA sent to him by Matty J. 00:31:45 - Because we're all happy to launch stuff into orbit but no one wants to bring it back down ever, space junk is becoming a big problem (which you can see for yourself here). A joint research team at JPL and Stanford have looked towards the ultra-sticky feet of the gecko as a potential solution, but do the boys agree that this is the best solution? The answer may surprise you... 00:55:01 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like space junk, there's a lot of them and the problem is only getting worse. Joe complains about getting the best kind of feedback, a new Patreon subscriber from longtime supporter Andrew H. Thanks, Andrew! As part of his rewards, he gets a thesis title, and his is: Particulate Elimination Procedure in Trans-Orbital Space (PEPTO) as a function of decreasing carbonic acid degradation of calcitic systems in the surface ocean. Next up, Ryan reads a 5-star iTunes review that comes in hot with some criticism. Hopefully, we can all come together again over the greatness of orangutans. And Charlie has a question about a bet we made on various energy technologies back in the halcyon days of episode 88. Charlie has an update: we all lost. But Charlie is also looking for new grad students, so if you're interested in energy work, check out the Western Washington University Institute for Energy Studies website and get in touch. Ryan was interviewed about his journey from Creationist to Scientist on the Human Nature podcast, so check that out if that sounds interesting to you.  Cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on Patreon! Music for this week's show: Bound - Matt Costa Meet The Bodhisattva - Mark Isham Beautiful Mess - Miranda Cosgrove Neo Zen - Ketsa Recorded using Zencastr. For 20% off your first year of Zencastr, use coupon code SCIENCE.

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16 Sep 2017

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286 - Three Wolf Moon

00:00:00 - Scientists yet again found themselves baffled! That's right baffled! While they calmly waited for test results to confirm that the wolf-like animal shot by a Montana was indeed a wolf. Shocker. Anyways, turns out wolves cooperate with each other better than dogs do. Are dogs just broken wolves? That's what this study sought to test in a pretty clever way. Either way, they're good dogs, Brent. 00:41:41 - Ryan finally gets to take a drink and decides to crack open a half growler gifted to him from former guest of the show Jen Gallagher containing the Halleck Pale Ale from Chestnut Brew Works in WV. Ben mixes it up with some sort of clam miso beverage (soup?). Go home, Ben, you're... not drunk? Abe brings us back to center with a more believable Squatch Ale. 00:56:43 - Europa is a Jovian moon that probably has an ocean. If that ocean has life, that life will need food. That food may show up via some ice tectonics as proposed and modeled by a new paper. Somehow the sport of squash gets involved. Listen to find out why. 01:24:05 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like potentially lifeless oceans; they're both rife with possibility! Abe begins with a thesis for recurring Patron Sam L. We happen to know Sam likes spicy food, so his thesis is: Modeling capsaicin-induced lycanthropy in the McMurdo dry valleys of Antarctica: a test case for Europan werewolves. Thanks, Sam! Next up, Chelsea B. gets the supreme pleasure of telling Ryan he was wrong about something from episode 265 concerning rabbit digestion. Ryan realizes he has a lot to learn about foregut versus hindgut digestion and reads up a bit to try to set the record straight. Finally, Ben presents a 5-star iTunes review from Kyle that gives Ryan a chance to gloat, so things are almost immediately back to normal. *sigh* More cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on Patreon! Music for this week's show: The Underdog - Spoon Sample In A Jar - Phish The Ocean (Moon Version) - The Bravery

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14 Jul 2018

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Ep 50: Science... sort of - X-Treme Manimals!

00:00:00 – Charlie is taking point this week to welcome everyone to the Science... sort of golden anniversary. Hooray! We made it to 50! Next stop... 51! (Obviously) 00:06:11 – There are a lot of animals in the world worth talking about. The Paleopals crank through as many as they can with this omni-list segment of some of our favorite extremophiles! (Not really extremophiles but the word was thematically appropriate.)  00:43:44 – Trailer Trash Talk is feeling monstrous this week so we take a trip to the Mexican border with the trailer for Monsters.  00:51:18 – We're sad to report that last year we lost a Chinese snake with a foot when it was tragically beaten to death with a shoe by a woman who caught it crawling up her wall. Hard to blame her.  00:56:29 – PaleoPOW brings us a question about the Hulk which makes Charlie angry (you won't like him when he's angry), a 'critical' review from a 'pal' of 'Pods' over at iTunes, and some good old fashioned spam debunkery! Thanks for listening, check out more great content updated regularly on our blog at http://paleocave.sciencesortof.com/ Music for the show: Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix) – Miike Snow Lisztomania (Alex Metric Rmx) - Phoenix Monster – Abandoned Pools Footloose – Kenny Loggins

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23 Aug 2010

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272 - The End Of Small Things

00:00:00 - Ben and Ryan are joined by Matt Candeias from the In Defense Of Plants podcast, the newest member of the Brachiolope Media Network! With introductions out of the way, we get hyped to hear Ben tell us about a neutron star collision, known as a kilonova, detected by LIGO.  00:31:12 - Drinks also contain neutrons, which collide with the neutrons in our mouths. Matt begins with some Oktoberfest style homebrew from a buddy of his. Ben is very excited by a flan-flavored drink from Japan. Good for Ben. Ryan has a sour barrel-aged cider called Hawk Knob, named after the highest point in WV. 00:39:31 - Now for some bad news, a new study has shown that pikas, a cute lagomorph related to bunnies, are locally extinct around Lake Tahoe, which probably spells doom for the rest of the species. We explain why and just generally lament the state of things.  00:58:34 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like local extinctions, part of you wishes they'd just get it over with. First, we power through Ben's connectivity issues to get Patron Richard H. a thesis title as thanks for supporting the show. His title is Neutron Star Collisions Increase Gold, Ultimately Decrease Pikas (Ochotona princeps): The Sad Story Of Alpine Pikas In A Warming Climate: The Thesis. Thanks, Richard! Next up, Matt has an e-mail from Xander O. about how small changes, like 1 degree of temperature, can have really big effects around the globe. Ryan ends things with a voicemail from Josh from VA, who has kind words for us all, so that's nice. Don't forget to check out the other shows in the network, The Titanium Physicists and In Defense Of Plants, and you can check out Ryan talking about five minutes of John Carpenter's The Thing beginning with minute 41 on The Thing Minute. Cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on Patreon! Music for this week's show: Collide - Corey Smith Waiting for October - Polaris Pokémon Theme Song - The Original Gameboy Game Recorded using Zencastr. Use promo code SCIENCE for 20% your order.

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16 Nov 2017

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Ep 109: Science... sort of - Clam Slams and PosterJams

00:00:00 - This week the Paleopals are joined by Giacomo Bernardi from UCSC. He filmed fish using tools for the very first time, and is happy to tell us all about just why that's so awesome. Make sure to watch the video on our site and experience the glory for yourself! 00:34:04 - Tool use is not just required for cracking clams, but also for cracking open cold ones, even if Patrick is the only one with a beer. Charlie and Ryan bourbon each other while Kelly tries to make due without her usual bartender. 00:40:33 - It's all for one and every Paleopal for themselves with this week's trailer, The Three Musketeers in 3D! Will it live up to the 1993 classic? 00:53:49 - Patrick reports on his trip to the annual meeting of the GSA (not Gamers Sitting Around), the Geological Society of America (though some would argue it should be Geologic Society of America). He gave a talk, but you listen to him talk just about every week, so we thought we'd give some other people a chance. He mixed it up in the poster sessions and interviewed a bunch of undergrads and grad students about their research in a range of topics, from the timing of glacial retreat in the Himalaya to the best way to paint rodent teeth. Small warning: audio quality is maybe not all that it could be given that Patrick is waking around a giant concrete floored hall with geologists drinking and talking in the background. 01:36:43 - PaleoPOWs are lot like poster sessions. Crowded, loud, and full of lingering doubts. Patrick has a website comment from Hannah concerning last week's Kraken discussion. Kelly has an e-mail from John about catching up on the show and collective nouns for mascots. Ryan has a tweet from @DocBuckets about the Podcast Awards (still some time left to vote!) concerning conflicting podcast interests. And Charlie has a voicemail from the Pangster who still can't tell the difference between Charlie and Patrick. Charlie is going to be on The Weekly Weinersmith! Ryan did an iFanboy special edition show! We're everyone! But our home is the Brachiolope Media Network, so stop by anytime. Music for this week's show: Come Together - Blur Big Eyed Fish - Dave Mathews Band The Night and the Liquor - Elvis Perkins No I in Threesome - Interpol Posters - Jack Johnson

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26 Oct 2011

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Ep 112: Science... sort of - Philosophy... sort of

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are joined by Massimo Pigliucci, of Rationally Speaking, to talk about philosophy, science, and philosophy of science. This here is the bulk of the episode, so enjoy as Dr. Pigliucci waxes poetic about the deep inner workings of the scientific system we all hold so dear. Be sure to read the blog and listen to the podcast of Rationally Speaking. But be especially sure to pick up Massimo's book: Nonsense on Stilts 01:06:07 - After we say goodbye to Massimo (and his glass of chianti), we say hello to our own Birra Artiganale, peppermint tea, and Abita, respectively. 01:09:55 - It's time to get inspired and literate with this week's trailer, the German (i.e. not funny) film Young Goethe in Love. 01:19:25 - Ryan starts with a mole rat from James C. (available for viewing on the Art... sort of page!), Kelly has an e-mail about philosophy of science (how appropriate!) from David H., and Charlie follows up on the difference between his voice and Patrick's(with a startling revelation!) Thanks for listening. Our blog may not be as rational as our guest's, but we do try: Paleocave.com Music for this week's show provided by: Thinking Loudly - El Ten Eleven Demons - Guster Young, Dumb, and In Love - Mat Kearney

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13 Nov 2011

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279 - On the Move for Science

00:00:00 - Patrick and Ryan are joined by Justin "The Yeti" Yeakel who has a new paper in Nature Communications about a model he and his co-authors have developed about starvation and body size in mammals, turns out, bigger is generally better. The interview was conducted during Justin's commute, so the connection comes and goes, but it's always good to catch up with one of the originals. You can follow Justin on Twitter (@jdyeakel) and check out his lab's website here. And if you want to read more about big ideas in ecology, check out James Brown's seminal book Macroecology. 00:44:56 - Saying goodbye to Justin is so upsetting we need a drink. But first, Justin (safely off the road) sends us a quick audio update with a drink of his own, the Go West! IPA from Anchor Brewing Company. Next up, Patrick runs with the big dogs and enjoys a 9% collaboration Brown IPA from Heavy Seas and Stone, but Ryan one-ups him per usual with a 10% Higher Ground from Franklin's. You can't win, Patrick, he has the high ground. 00:52:12 - For our second segment, Ryan chats with Dr. Eloise Marais from the University of Birmingham about her idea to use the GPS in a smartphone to dynamically track a person's exposure to air pollution. The first attempt had some interesting hiccups but shows promise. You can read the abstract from her AGU talk here, and check out Eloise's lab website here. 01:25:22 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like air pollution; you can't avoid it no matter how far you run. First up, we are thrilled to have Jeff C. on board as a patron, and he lets us know a little about his story with geology, including some unfortunate discrimination. Sorry to hear about that, but glad you found a better place still in STEM. Jeff also get's a thesis, which in this case is: Hothouse techniques to develop ideal allometric size-constrained pollution resistant Coffea arabica beans: Hothouses for cold beans. Thanks again, Jeff! Next, Cliff E. wanted us to know about the Mammal March Madness based on an NPR article he read, spearheaded by Prof. Katie Hinde and an all-around swell idea! Patrick's geochemistry students are getting ready to produce some podcasts, you can listen to the last class' episodes on Soundcloud here. And Ryan is giving a talk at the Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers in Roanoke, VA as part of the Science Museum of Western Virginia's STEM Tavern series on April 11th, so come on by if you're in the area! More cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on Patreon! Music for this week's show: One Call Away - Charlie Puth Higher - Creed No Particular Place To Go - Chuck Berry

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31 Mar 2018

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Ep 28: Science... sort of - Fantasy Survival Guide

Most of our listeners are human (we think) so chances are you'd be pretty useless in a fantasy realm. We brought in someone who agrees but is there hope? This week's theme is "Fantasy Survival Guide." 00:00:00 - Ben barely had time, and is under contractual obligation, to just have water. The other Paleopals enjoy more high pressured beverages...  00:02:48 - This week we chat with Matt Sturges, writer of books and comics. He's smart AND talented, so listen up! 00:41:06 - Psychopaths get pleasure at any cost (we would know) but why? Charlie presents a new study that may hold the answer. 00:50:37 - Controversial as always, but no one can deny that this week's Trailer Trash Talk Kicks Ass! 00:58:49 - When physicists see something they don't understand they call if "dark _____" and make the universe that much more complicated for the rest of us. Thanks, jerks. 01:22:43 - PaleoPAL brings the iTunes love this week from 2 countries. Bonus feature: Hilbilly vocabular lessons for Canadians! Music this week provided by: Danger of the Water - The Futureheads Sick Muse - Metric (from the ablum "Fantasies", get it?) Evil - Interpol Kick Some Ass - Stroke 9 Parallel Universe - Red Hot chili Peppers See more fun stuff at www.sciencesortof.com

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22 Mar 2010

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Ep 47: Science... sort of - The Colors of the Wind

00:00:00 – The Paleopals are introduced as Ryan does his last show in California (for awhile) sitting in the same room as Charlie. Jacob returns too from the double east coast, which isn't as cool as a double rainbow but suffices. 00:06:00 - Jacob tells us about some sweet retro future rockets that can keep you cool on a hot summer's day. Or while reentering earth's atmosphere. Whichever.  00:20:34 - Next Ryan attempts to explain a new method for finding planets. Charlie attempts to help. We hope you attempted to learn something from it all. Also, some of the inner workings of West Virginia culture are illuminated, because you were dying to know. 00:37:17 - Instead of relying on the Paleopals to help you out why not rely on some Other Guys, which is the title of the movie in this week's Trailer Trash Talk! 00:46:26 - Jacob yet again takes us back to school teaching us the ins and outs of wind turbines (Hint: Wind goes both in AND out). Charlie and Ryan decide that if America wanted to be Communist, we’d be the best at it. Somehow those previous two sentences are related. 00:59:46 - The PaleoPOW delivers the goods with a little bit of criticism. We're scientists, we can take a critical beating, just keeps us honest. Thanks for listening! For more great content updated every day of the week check out our blog: http://paleocave.sciencesortof.com Music for this week's show: East Coast Anthem – Good Charlotte Rocketship – Guster In Search Of – Miike Snow Nice Guys Finish Last – Green Day Four Winds – Bright Eyes

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2 Aug 2010

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Ep 30: Science... sort of - Another Day, Another Podcast

Coming up with real themes every week is hard. 00:00:00 - The Paleopals bring the excitement this week and we also have a recipe to share. Charlie's Tequila... sort of: In one tumbler glass put 3 ice cubes, 2 squeezed limes, 2 shots of tequila & a pour of soda water. Enjoy! 00:08:06 - If alcohol isn't your thing try a magnet to the brain for impaired judgment. Ryan explains why psychiatrists shouldn't write horror stories. 00:21:22 - If the Paleopals want to wear tights while recording that's a personal choice and frankly none of your business, but Trailer Trash Talk is everyone business and this week we're talking Robin Hood! 00:37:35 - Alligators don't breathe often but when they do they're kind of single-minded about it. Patrick will make that make sense. 00:51:55 - PalePOW brings in a ringer for some added expertise. Welcome to Tom Katers of the awesome podcast Tom vs. The Flash to talk science and comics! Go listen to Tom: http://tomvsflash.blogspot.com/ Go listen to us again (once is never enough): http://www.sciencesortof.com/ Music this week provided by: Another Day - MEST Another State of Mind - Green Day The Bare Necessities - Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman Breathing - Yellowcard

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5 Apr 2010

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Ep 44: Science... sort of - Dinosaur Language

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are joined by Ryan North, a computational linguist and creator of Dinosaur Comics (as well as a Canadian).  The Americans have beers and the Canadians have other stuff, some more interesting than beer, and some less so. 00:08:45 - Ryan North talks to us about computers using linguists and helps us sort out articles involving computers (supposedly) cracking indecipherable dead languages and how and why to save languages that are going extinct. 01:11:23 - Northern Ryan joins the usual suspects for Trailer Trash Talk.  We attack Piranha 3D, with surprising results.  We trade more stock than usual, find out if it's long, short, or both. 01:24:23 - We check in with Ryan at The Amazing Meeting in Vegas and plug our live recording at Cal Academy Nightlife on July 15th.  Then, we settle in on what is really important, you (talking about or to us).  Ben reads a classic review which sparks a Roman history duel between Ryan and Ben. Music: Wavin' Flag - K'Naan I Fought Piranhas (Album Version) - The White Stripes

1hr 39mins

12 Jul 2010

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Ep 234: Science... sort of - Drunk and Unstable

00:00:00 - Let's get straight to it: scientists figured out a way to make booze using lasers, and they're calling it sunshine instead of moonshine because they're clever. Since that sounds like chemistry we brought Chad to the podcast table to explain what's going on. LISTEN AND LEARN. 00:40:53 - Chad begins by pre-empting his own paleoPOW with an e-mail from Dave asking about a brand of "Neuro--" drinks. Are they just vaguely tasty snake oil? Pretty much, but in the US they can still get away with all sorts of silly claims thanks to this law. Also, a brief discussion of chemophobia and MSG, good thing Chad is here. Ryan is drinking Dryk Julmust bought on clearance at IKEA spiked with some very old Panamanian rum, and then gets the part of Canada that likes rum wrong. Ben bought a weird pear soda from a Japanese Dollar Store. 00:57:42 - GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! There are some new elements on the periodic table! Chad explains the process of getting new elements officially approved, then the conversation mostly devolves into debating what the new elements should be named with mixed results... 01:41:15 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like moonshine, you got to know a guy to get some and they can be bad for your health. Ben begins with a limerick about him written by Xander. Ryan finishes the show on a somewhat somber note with a donation from Shlomo in memory of his father Ezra, who recently passed away. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts like The Titanium Physicists and The Collapsed Wavefunction, both of which you can contribute to on Patreon.  Music for this week's show: Sunshine - Matt Costa Bliss - Muse Crumbs off the table (feat. Aaron Livingston) - RJD2

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26 Jan 2016

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287 - Descent into Madness

00:00:00 - This week Ryan is joined by Will Harris and David Moscato (@DMos150) from the Common Descent podcast. First up, we learn about the paleontology research they both did as Masters students at East Tennessee State University working at their Gray Fossil Site. Long story short: Will did gators, David did snakes (and other lizards).  00:58:55 - This week Ryan is the sole beer drinker (rare in a group of paleontologists) and he's bringing the funk with a Swedish-brewed Funkstarter. He's bracketed on both sides by Will and David each having a Dr. Pepper. 01:07:48 - Next up, we chat about the fun and the challenges of paleontology podcasting. You can subscribe to their podcast, Common Descent, on Podbean, follow and like them on Facebook and Twitter, watch the Q&A Ryan participated in on Youtube, and even sign up to support them on Patreon! (Bonus: here's the mislabeled sloth tweet that so annoyed former guest Doc Sloth) 01:46:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like paleontology; sometimes they take a while. This time, Ryan reads an e-mail from Susan that brings up a very old discussion but also touches on the difficulties of trying to fit evolution into the curriculum when the focus is mainly "teaching to the test". Good, but frustrating, points. Thanks for writing in, Susan! More cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on Patreon! Music for this week's show: In the Hills f Tennessee - Jimmie Rodgers I'm a Pepper - Dr. Pepper Commercial Who Tells Your Story (feat. Common & Ingrid Michaelson) - The Roots

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27 Jul 2018

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Ep 108: Science... sort of - Man-Made Monsters

00:00:00 - The scientific world was 'rocked' when news came out of GSA reporting a giant hyper-intelligent cephalopod discovered in the Triassic. But does the story hold water? (hint: NO) The Paleopals are joined by former cast-member Justin to break down this prehistoric cryptid! 00:18:28 - Their first story took place deep in the drink, so the Paleopals decide to dive in too. Justin has scotch, Kelly celebrates Ben's PhD with mangosteen juice (and a backup for her tastebuds), while Charlie has yet to make his Campari (it's made of bugs!) and soda, and Ryan presumes he's keeping it thematic with New England rum. 00:24:28 - Ryan is convinced he'll get a thumbs up from Kelly in Trailer Trash Talk this week where the team discusses Being Elmo. Does he succeed? You  must listen to know for sure. 00:33:54 - People often complain about the age we live in, how it was better before, etc. But what age are we living in exactly? Apparently it's not obvious, even to the committee tasked with figuring it out. Is the Holocene over? Has the Anthropocene begun? We need to know now! Or soon, probably, guess we'll wait and see... 01:02:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Krakens, potentially very scary but seldom seen. This week Kelly cannibalizes an iTunes review from her new show written by Sam A. Charlie plugs The Podcast Awards being tirelessly promoted by Pang. It'd be cool to win, I guess. And finally Ryan has some instant feedback from@JustinDMcDonald about the Anthropocene. That's it for this week, thanks for listening! If you need more sci-goodness check out The Weekly Weinersmith, a proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network and recently written up on our blog the Paleocave! Music for this week's show: Giant Squid - RJD2 Scotch & Soda - Joe Ferrara Street Fame - 2pac The Modern Age - The Strokes

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19 Oct 2011

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314 - You win some, you lose some

00:00:00 - For this episode, we’re joined by Peter Brannen (@PeterBrannen1), author of the book The Ends of the World: Supervolcanoes, Lethal Oceans, and the Search for Past Apocalypses, which explains all the times when life has nearly been wiped out on our pale blue dot. Discussion ensues. 00:27:47 - In what may be the shortest drinks segment in the history of the show, we get right to it. Peter is having his favorite beer on planet earth, a Mexican Chocolate Stout from copper kettle brewing company in Aurora, CO. Ryan is also having a chocolatey beer from Off Color Brewing called Dino S’mores! 00:29:01 - Part 2 with Peter Brannen continues the chat about the worst days earth has ever had. No big deal. Probably not gonna happen again, except it probably will. Prepare. 01:03:39 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like mass extinctions; few get out alive. Ryan goes first with an e-mail from Joel S., who gives us an update on Tasmanian eucalyptus and their invasion of California as discussed in episode 296 and other forgotten comments, and then Ryan and Joe talk about Australia and other nonsense for a while. Joe has some feedback about Chessie from episode 312, left as a comment on Soundcloud by Taylor H. Ryan looks forward to the day where he can just type the show into existence, maybe coming soon? And we wrap up with a Patreon thesis for Charles L., who wants a t-shirt. Based on that and our discussion with Peter, his thesis is: Keep your shirt on: could smaller carbon footprints due to reduced fabric needs of deep v t-shirts significantly alter textile-based climatic impacts? And we’re happy to send Patrons shirts if we have them. More cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on our Patreon!

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7 Nov 2019

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278 - LOST

00:00:00 - This episode Ryan is joined by four (4!) guests to talk about their paper published in Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics about whether or not humans are to blame for the extinction of Caribbean mammals. What did they discover? You can read a summary of the work written by co-author Alexis Mychajliw here and then listen to find out even more! 00:31:08 - Island life goes better with a drink. Doing the show all these years means there are occasionally bottles with a very small amount of left in them being "saved for the show." This week, Ryan downs the final two ounces out of a batch 1 bottle of Barrell Bourbon, a very good overproof whiskey, if you like that sort of thing.  00:33:12 - Part two of Ryan's chat covers how a multi-first author collaboration even works, as well as what we can expect to see from their team next. We also discuss the recent hurricanes in the region, and what that means for both the people and for the science. You can help out by donating to Puerto Rican scientists and contributing to crowd-sourced projects to better understand hurricanes like this one. Follow along with each of the interviewees using these handy links! Aleix Mychajliw: Website and Twitter Siobáhn Cooke: Website and Twitter Liliana M. Dávalos: Lab website and Facebook Nate Upham: Website and Twitter 01:05:18 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like localized extinctions: entirely avoidable but sometimes inevitable. This week we're keeping it short with a simple thanks to Lisa K. for her recurring donation. Thanks, Lisa! No thesis this week since Ryan is solo, but if you want your own thesis title, head on over to Patreon and sign up for the Avogadro's Army level or higher. More cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on Patreon! Music for this week's show: Main Title from "LOST" - Michael Giacchino Buttons - The Weeks Barrel of a Gun - Guster Change the World (Lost Ones) - Anberlin

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15 Mar 2018

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