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Join Scott Hanselman, Donovan Brown, or Lara Rubbelke as they host the engineers who build Azure, demo it, answer questions, and share insights.

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Get a secure baseline architecture for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Derek Martin joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Secure Baseline reference implementation from the Azure Architecture Center.  Learn what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to start your production deployment in a secure and compliant manner.  You'll also learn about the available additions for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS 3.2.1) compliance and multi-region cluster support.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:36]– Overview [0:02:41]– Getting to a production-ready, secure baseline[0:06:47]– Making it your own[0:10:12]– Multiregion clusters[0:12:38]– PCI-DSS compliance[0:15:23]– Wrap-upAzure Architecture CenterBaseline architecture for an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusterAKS baseline for multiregion clustersIntroduction of an AKS regulated cluster for PCI-DSS 3.2.1Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Baseline Cluster (GitHub)Create a free account (Azure)


10 Sep 2021

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Eliminate data silos with NFS 3.0 support for Azure Blob Storage

Yuan Zheng joins Scott Hanselman to discuss and demonstrate Blob storage support for the NFS 3.0 protocol, which enables you to run your applications on a single storage platform.  With no application rewrites necessary you will also help eliminate data silos.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:02:00]– Overview of NFS v3 support for Azure Blob Storage[0:04:42]– Demo: Enabling NFSv3 in your Storage account[0:05:49]– Demo: Secure access using virtual networks[0:07:20]– Demo: Blob storage compatibility with VMs using NFS v3[0:09:12]– Demo: Writing to Blob storage from within a VM[0:12:45]– Wrap-upModernize large-scale NFS workloads and eliminate data silos with Azure Blob StorageNetwork File System (NFS) 3.0 protocol support in Azure Blob StorageAzure Blob Storage overviewConfigure blob storage – Microsoft Learn moduleCreate a free account (Azure)


3 Sep 2021

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Quantum-inspired algorithms and the Azure Quantum optimization service

Delbert Murphy joins Scott Hanselman to show how quantum-inspired algorithms mimic quantum physics to solve difficult optimization problems. Quantum-Inspired Optimization (QIO) takes state-of-the-art algorithmic techniques from quantum physics and makes these capabilities available in Azure on conventional hardware, and callable from a Python client. You can use QIO to solve problems with hundreds of thousands of variables, combined into millions of terms, in a few minutes, with this easy-to-consume Azure service.[0:00:00]– Introduction [0:00:40]– What problems can you solve with quantum-inspired optimization?[0:05:35]– A concrete example: Secret Santa[0:08:52]– Demo, Part I: Solving Secret Santa with QIO[0:17:58]– Demo, Part II: Running the code[0:21:12]– Quantum-inspired algorithms[0:24:33]– Wrap-up Solve optimization problems by using quantum-inspired optimizationWhat are quantum-inspired algorithms?Ising formulations of many NP problems (Cornell University)A Tutorial on Formulating and Using QUBO Models (Cornell University)Sample code: delbert/secret-santa (GitHub)Azure Quantum optimization service samples (GitHub)Create a free account (Azure)


27 Aug 2021

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Accelerate time to insights with Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse

Josh Caplan, Sabin Nair, and Priyanka Langade join Scott Hanselman to show how you can use native Azure Synapse Analytical runtimes to analyze Dataverse data and get actionable insights.  Dataverse structures a variety of data and business logic to support interconnected applications and processes in a secure and compliant manner.  Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse is the fastest path to success for you to slice and dice large volumes of Dataverse data and run AI and ML on it. [0:00:00]– Intro[0:00:51]– Josh Caplan: Overview[0:03:20]– Sabin Nair: Dataverse and the Power Apps Portal[0:08:32]– Priyanka Langade: Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse[0:12:51]– Josh Caplan: Wrap-upAccelerate time to insight with Azure Synapse Link for DataverseWhat is Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse?Link a Microsoft Dataverse environment to Azure Synapse Analytics workspace and bring Dynamics 365 data to AzureCreate an Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse with your Azure Synapse Workspace (Preview)Microsoft Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse integration (YouTube)Create a free account (Azure)


21 Aug 2021

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An introduction to the unified Azure SDK

Connie Yau joins Scott Hanselman to demonstrate the advantages of using the new Azure SDK by comparing rewrites of the same application, one using the legacy library and the other using the unified Azure SDK. In this example, Connie uses the Azure SDK for Java.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:01:45]– Cloud Clipboard sample app[0:03:07]– Adding authentication[0:06:02]– Common Azure core functions (pagination, logging, etc.)[0:07:51]– How it started vs. how it's going[0:08:54]– Idiomatic design principle[0:10:05]– Wrap-upDownload the Azure SDKAzure SDK for Java on GitHubAzure SDK code samplesAzure SDK design guidelinesConnie's Cloud Clipboard sample on GitHubCreate a free account (Azure)


13 Aug 2021

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Enable Zero Trust with Azure AD PIM and Azure Lighthouse

Azure AD Privileged Identity Management integration in Azure Lighthouse is now in public preview.  Meagan Olsen and Saif Kayani show Scott Hanselman how partners can now use just-in-time access permissions, combined with MFA, to securely deliver secure managed services.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:43]– Overview with Meagan Olsen[0:04:50]– Demo with Saif Kayani[0:17:55]– Wrap-upCreate eligible authorizationsUse Azure Lighthouse with your managed service businessAzure Lighthouse overviewAzure Lighthouse on Azure FridayCreate a free account (Azure)


6 Aug 2021

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Getting started with Azure Static Web Apps

Anthony Chu joins Scott Hanselman to show how to build, debug, and deploy a full-stack serverless application in minutes with Azure Static Web Apps.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:55]– Overview[0:03:03]– Demo - basic stuff[0:12:48]– Demo - a little more advanced[0:18:41]– Wrap-upWhat is Azure Static Web Apps?Azure Static Web Apps learning pathAzure Static Web Apps CLI (preview)Getting Started with Create React App repoCreate a free account (Azure)


30 Jul 2021

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Quantum programming with Q# and running on hardware with Azure Quantum

Mariia Mykhailova joins Scott Hanselman to discuss quantum computing and quantum programming with Microsoft Quantum Development Kit (QDK), from writing Q# code to running it on hardware via Azure Quantum.[0:00:00]– Intro[0:00:51]– Overview[0:05:43]– From algorithm to coding and unit tests[0:20:58]– Jupyter notebook support for Q#[0:34:17]– Wrap-upMicrosoft Quantum overviewAzure Quantum documentationQuantum computing foundationsQuantum KatasCreate a free account (Azure)


23 Jul 2021

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Issue and accept verifiable credentials using Azure Active Directory

Sydney Morton joins Scott Hanselman to show how verifiable credentials enable you to own and prove who you are in the digital world. See how to enable decentralized identity through seamless user and developer experiences.[0:00:00]– Intro[0:00:37]– Overview[0:03:01]– Demo – end user experience[0:06:14]– Demo – relying party experience[0:09:53]– Demo – admin experience[0:13:00]– Wrap-upAn introduction to decentralized identities | Azure FridayIdentity verification solutions - Microsoft SecurityAzure Active Directory Verifiable Credentials documentationDecentralized Identity FoundationCreate a free account (Azure)


16 Jul 2021

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Azure Cosmos DB cache, serverless MongoDB and Managed Apache Cassandra

Kirill Gavrylyuk and friends join Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure Cosmos DB updates: integrated cache, serverless for MongoDB API, and Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra with dual write proxy.[0:00:00]– Opening[0:01:33]– Integrated cache with Tim Sander[0:17:36]– Serverless for MongoDB API with Gahl Levy[0:24:00]– Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra with Theo van Kraay[0:37:35]– Wrap-upHow to configure the Azure Cosmos DB integrated cache (Preview)Azure Cosmos DB serverlessAzure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra documentationGitHub - Azure-Samples / cassandra-proxyLearning path: Work with NoSQL data in Azure Cosmos DBCreate a free account (Azure)


9 Jul 2021

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