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Race Relations

Co-hosts Chris Drummond and Tim Struby tackle some of the most provocative and personal issues on race in America.

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Trump voter friends, the P-word, Black Santa

On this week's episode Chris and Tim try to understand Tim's hometown friends who voted for Trump, Phil Jackson drops the word 'Posse' and LeBron is pissed, and Black Santa comes to the Mall of America. Tune in! And get talking!!


6 Dec 2016

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Post election reckoning

In this week's episode Chris and Tim grapple with the stunning and potentially scary election results. Tune in. And get talking!


14 Nov 2016

Rank #2

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Birth of a Nation II, race talk ain't easy

On this week's episode Chris and Tim dive deep into Birth of a Nation and the challenges of doing a podcast on race. Tune in! And get talking!


20 Oct 2016

Rank #3

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NRA, Birth of a Nation, the 'poor door' building

On this week's episode, Chris and Tim chop up the NRA's relationship to black gun owners, the highly anticipated film Birth of a Nation, and the NYC's 'poor door' buildings. Tune in! And get talking!!


6 Oct 2016

Rank #4

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The Great Debate, Trump & Hill, Authors and cultural appropriation

On this week's episode Chris and Tim discuss The Great Debate, Hillary and Trump, and the controversy over authors and cultural appropriation. Plus some tidbits!!! Tune in! And get talking!!!!


29 Sep 2016

Rank #5

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Jay-Z, weed anyone?, prison work, taxis in NYC

On this week's episode Chris and Tim discuss Jay'Z's social activism, the business and impact of marijuana, prison work or indentured servitude, and taxi life in NYC. Tune in. And get talking!


22 Sep 2016

Rank #6