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Find and fix the root causes of your health issues with Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Evan Brand, CFMP, FNTP. Discover the missing puzzle pieces needed to take back your health and thrive. View our courses, protocols, and get consultations at evanbrand.com. We can fix gut issues like SIBO, Candida, Mold Toxicity, H Pylori, Parasites, and more.

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Evan Brand on Parasites, Hashimoto's and Autoimmunity

What you'll learn from my talk:Sources of parasite exposureFavorite parasite testImportance of healthy stomach acidI highly recommend you purchase the entire set of expert talks via digital download or USB drive by clicking here: http://evanbrand.com/parasite


15 Sep 2017

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Dr. Albert Mensah: Vegetables--Friend or Foe?

Dr. Albert Mensah, M.D. discusses why MTHFR genetic testing doesn't mean that much and why vegetables might not be your best choice, especially if you're dealing with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Get tested with my advanced adrenal and hormone testing back at http://notjustpaleo.com


29 Apr 2015

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Dr. Alan Christianson: Adrenal Lab Tests (Which Are Worth Doing?)

Alan Christianson is a New York Times Bestselling Author and a Phoenix, Arizona-based Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) who specializes in natural endocrinology with a focus on thyroid disorders. He is the author of The Adrenal Reset Diet, The Complete Idiots Guide to Thyroid Disease, and Healing Hashimotos A Savvy Patients Guide. Today we discuss the various types of adrenal testing and which tests are worth running and which do not have any science to back them up.


20 Apr 2016

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Dr J and Evan on Fixing Histamine Intolerance

evanbrand.comDr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand engage in a discussion about histamine. Listen as they talk about finding the root cause and driving factor of the issues related to histamine. Learn all about the symptoms associated with histamine issues and find out how problems with the adrenals, hormones, gut, diet, and lifestyle contribute to these issues.Know how some of the medications like anti-depressants, immune modulators, and beta-blockers are related to nutrient deficiency. Gain information regarding higher histamine foods and natural supplements. Apply some of the natural solutions and recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle that would address histamine issues.


20 Oct 2017

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Depression Signs, Symptoms and Solutions

Depression is what led me to begin my exploration into natural medicine. After the conventional doctors only had drugs to prescribe, which are ridden with side effects and poison your body, I decided to take my situation into my own hands. After training in Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy, I was able to completely reverse my symptoms of depression and now help clients all over the world recover from this potentially debilitating issue. Schedule a FREE consult: http://notjustpaleo.com/free-health-consultation/ Newsletter and free health guides: http://notjustpaleo.com/guides Evan Brand, NTP, CPT Email: office@notjustpaleo.com Website: http://notjustpaleo.com on http://www.instagram.com/notjustpaleo on http://www.twitter.com/notjustpaleo on http://www.facebook.com/notjustpaleo on http://plus.google.com/+EvanBrand on http://linkedin.com/in/notjustpaleo


12 Nov 2015

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Evan Brand: Benefits of Mediation, Favorite Herbs and Joining a Primal Lifestyle

I talk about some benefits of meditation and my favorite herbs. Rethinking stress and an introduction to applying the primal and paleo lifestyle. Happiness starts within yourself.


13 Dec 2012

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Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD on 5G, WiFi, & Retroviruses

Candidasummit.com has the full interview. ''WiFi, Cell Phone Towers, and 5G technology will lead to the suicide of American civilization as we know it''.


27 Jun 2018

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Dr J and Evan Discuss Reasons You May Be Fatigued

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand are connecting the dots as to why some people who have normal adrenals come back still a little bit tired throughout the day. This podcast touches upon the mitochondria and the thyroid, which are the major driving factors of why someone may be fatigued and tired even though their adrenals look good. Listen to learn more about dealing with fatigue and inability to cope with stress. Get a better understanding of the thyroid hormones and how they affect the body. Discover facts about fluoride and the effects of drinking fluoridated water. Also, you'll find out the benefits of adding mitochondrial support in this interview.


21 May 2016

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Dr. J and Evan on H Pylori and Candida

Visit evanbrand.com for consultations, professional-grade supplements, labs, and more. Today, Dr. J and I discuss the common bacterial infection caused H pylori and how it can be a HUGE roadblock to optimal health, ideal weight, good sleep, etc. H pylori can mess it all up...


19 Aug 2019

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